C2 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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1ApseyNancy Apseyfirst name on this monument1905361941id: 515441
Mark Thompsongrand father of Nancy Apsey
Elizabeth Thompsongrand mother of Nancy Apsey

2AshtonAlbert Edward Ashtonfirst name on this monument1900371937id: 4649471

3AtkinsonArthur Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1866541920id: 502921
Annie Atkinsondaughter of Arthur Atkinson1898671965
Ralph Atkinsonson of Arthur Atkinson1895231918
Ellen Atkinsonwife of Arthur Atkinson1867751942

4BakerRichard Bakerfirst name on this monument1858631921id: 50113
Tamar Anne Bakerwife of Richard Baker1857641921

5BarkerJacob Barkerfirst name on this monument1850691919id: 49644
Thomas Henry Barkerson of Jacob Barker1884741958
Mary Ann Barkerwife of Jacob Barker1849701919

6BeadnallBobby Beadnallfirst name on this monument193341937id: 46126
Robert Beadnallfather of Bobby Beadnall1894601954
Ethel May Beadnallmother of Bobby Beadnall1896961992

7BedfordJosiah Bedfordfirst name on this monument1882551937id: 5021211
Emily Bedfordwife of Josiah Bedford

8BellHenry (Harry) Bellfirst name on this monument1889481937id: 46149
Kenneth Laurence Bellson of Henry (Harry) Bell1923271950

9BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1886341920id: 507210
Lilian Bellwife of William Bell

10BensleyJane Bensleyname from the records1866721938no imageno image 10

11BensleyJane Bensleyfirst name on this monument1866721938id: 46453
John Bensleyhusband of Jane Bensley1866741940

12BensleyJane Bensleyfirst name on this monument1866721938id: 46463

13BinksAnn Binksfirst name on this monument1919id: 4920343

14BlakelockMary A Blakelockfirst name on this monument1871761947id: 462937
John Blakelockhusband of Mary A Blakelock1870861956

15BlandThomas Blandfirst name on this monument1911261937id: 45884
Sarah Ann Blandwife of Thomas Bland1874691943

16BothamBert Emile Bothamfirst name on this monument191541919id: 492115
Harry Bothamfather of Bert Emile Botham1964

17BowaterThomas Bowaterfirst name on this monument1872681940id: 460727
John Henry Bowaterson of Thomas Bowater1920171937
Alice Susannah Bowaterwife of Thomas Bowater1880691949

18BowersAnnie Bowersfirst name on this monument1850721922id: 51296
John Bowershusband of Annie Bowers1851861937
John Bowersson of Annie Bowers1876401916

19BowesJohn Bowesfirst name on this monument1919381957id: 46115
Elizabeth Boweswife of John Bowes

20BowkerAlfred Bowkerfirst name on this monument1873641937id: 458611
Susannah Bowkerwife of Alfred Bowker1877761953

21BowmanMargaret Bowmanfirst name on this monument1948101958id: 510015
Jim Bowmanfather of Margaret Bowman
Lena Bowmanmother of Margaret Bowman

22BowmanMargaret Bowmanfirst name on this monument1928101938id: 508717
Jim Bowmanfather of Margaret Bowman
Lena Bowmanmother of Margaret Bowman

23BristonEdith Bristonfirst name on this monument1888311919id: 49666
John T Bristonhusband of Edith Briston1886571943
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24BroomfieldWilliam Thomas Broomfieldfirst name on this monument1892771969id: 500925
Sarah Jane Broomfieldwife of William Thomas Broomfield1893831976

25BroughtonGeorge Edward Broughtonfirst name on this monument1880541934id: 4595332

26BrownClara Brownfirst name on this monument1871621933id: 5080101
William T Brownhusband of Clara Brown1870741944
Lee Brownson of Clara Brown191281920

27BrownIsaiah Brownfirst name on this monument1861641925id: 50276
Harriet Ann Brownwife of Isaiah Brown1860691929

28BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1866531919id: 49626
Horace Brownson of James Brown1907131920

29BrownWilliam Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1866531919id: 49134
Margaret Ellen Brownwife of William Henry Brown1870681938

30BruceAnnie Brucefirst name on this monument1869671936id: 489061
Henry Brucehusband of Annie Bruce1867781945

31ButtonCharles A Buttonfirst name on this monument1892451937id: 458492Charles Aaron Button was the youngest son of Charles Aaron Button and Sarah Ann Button (nee Thomas).He was the younger brother both of David and Aaron Button.
Frances Buttonwife of Charles A Button1895441939

32CannLucy Cannfirst name on this monument1929id: 4919151
Frederick L Cannfather of Lucy Cann1919

33CareyMary Careyfirst name on this monument1934id: 4590141
Frank Careyhusband of Mary Carey

34CarterEliza Carterfirst name on this monument1894651959id: 5007181
Jack Carterhusband of Eliza Carter1889611950

35CarterLilian Jane Carterfirst name on this monument1895711966id: 500262
Lilian Jane Carterdaughter of Lilian Jane Carter191651921
Thomas Henry Carterhusband of Lilian Jane Carter1895801975

36CarterLydia Ellen Carterfirst name on this monument1916181934id: 46057
Ernest Carterfather of Lydia Ellen Carter1886691955
Lydia E Cartermother of Lydia Ellen Carter1885701955

37CassJohn Cassfirst name on this monument1884531937id: 4663161
Kate Emma Casswife of John Cass1889831972

38CastlingAda Castlingfirst name on this monument1894391933id: 466071
Robert S Castlinghusband of Ada Castling

39ChamberlinHannah E Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1891691960id: 46472

40CharvellGeorge Charvellfirst name on this monument1873781951id: 51497
Clara Charvellwife of George Charvell1881831964

41ChristonJames H Christonfirst name on this monument1872661938id: 490614
Katie Christondaughter of James H Christon1901871988
Letitia Mary Christonwife of James H Christon1877681945

42ChristonJanet Christonfirst name on this monument1869501919id: 491715
Frederick Christonhusband of Janet Christon1863811944
George Ingram Christonson of Janet Christon1891251916

43ClarkAda P Clarkfirst name on this monument1869841953id: 490515

44ClarkLucy Mary Clarkfirst name on this monument1936id: 488912

45ClarkeEdgar Clarkefirst name on this monument1920181938id: 491071
Robert Daniel Clarkefather of Edgar Clarke1883911974

46CoatesMary Coatesfirst name on this monument1886601946id: 45925
James (Barney) Coateshusband of Mary Coates1886591945

47ColeAlex Colefirst name on this monument1891461937id: 46136
Louisa Colewife of Alex Cole1894751969

48ColemanJohn Colemanfirst name on this monument1860591919id: 498717
Dorothy Colemanwife of John Coleman
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49ColmanRobert Colmanfirst name on this monument1919id: 495917
Rosetta C Colmanwife of Robert Colman1951

50ColtmanFrances Annie Coltmanfirst name on this monument1922161938id: 46234
Henry Coltmanfather of Frances Annie Coltman1941
Annie Coltmanmother of Frances Annie Coltman

51ColtmanFred B Coltmanfirst name on this monument1925331958id: 513512
Arthur Coltmanfather of Fred B Coltman1895701965
Emily Coltmanmother of Fred B Coltman1893711964

52ConsittEdward (Ted) Consittfirst name on this monument1873631936id: 502451
Mary Consittwife of Edward (Ted) Consitt1879841963

53CoulthardJohn B Coulthardfirst name on this monument1872521924id: 51062

54CoxEdith Coxfirst name on this monument1939id: 463841
William Henry Coxhusband of Edith Cox

55CummingsJohn Craig Cummingsfirst name on this monument1898681966id: 5008131
Margaret Doreen Cummingsdaughter of John Craig Cummings1924
Lucy Cummingswife of John Craig Cummings1900681968

56DaviesJoseph Llewelyn Daviesfirst name on this monument1855651920id: 50758
Margaret Davieswife of Joseph Llewelyn Davies1857651922

57DaviesSimon Thomas Daviesfirst name on this monument1867711938id: 46253
Charlotte Alice Daviesdaughter of Simon Thomas Davies1892711963
Mary Ann Davieswife of Simon Thomas Davies1866781944

58DaviesWilliam Daviesfirst name on this monument1844751919id: 499611
George William Goldsbroughgrand son of William Davies1899181917
Elizabeth Davieswife of William Davies1850751925

59DavisFrederick (Baldy) Davisfirst name on this monument1881571938id: 49082
Ian Richard Davisgrand son of Frederick (Baldy) Davis
J C H Charlie Robinson1880581938
Mary Ann Daviswife of Frederick (Baldy) Davis1884751959

60DavisHarold B Davisfirst name on this monument1874481922id: 51322

61DavisonThomas Davisonfirst name on this monument1879591938id: 510314
Margaret Davisonwife of Thomas Davison

62DawsonGeorge Dawsonfirst name on this monument1858621920no image3
Isabella Dawsonwife of George Dawson1868561924

63DayElizabeth Dayfirst name on this monument1864731937id: 49021
William Dayhusband of Elizabeth Day1862781940
George Dayson of Elizabeth Day1889571946

64DeehanLilian Agnes Deehanfirst name on this monument1907301937id: 49013

65DickinsonRobert Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1936id: 49824
Robert Dickinsonson of Robert Dickinson1944
Leonora Dickinsonwife of Robert Dickinson1944

66DickinsonRobert Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1843761919id: 496814
Jane Ann Dickinsonwife of Robert Dickinson1848621910

67DobsonG E Dobsonfirst name on this monument1895241919id: 49145

68DoddJoseph William Doddfirst name on this monument1873641937id: 46685
Mary Ann Doddwife of Joseph William Dodd1878731951

69DodgsonMaurice Dodgsonfirst name on this monument1858801938id: 49074
Esther Jane Dodgsondaughter of Maurice Dodgson1888501938
Esther Jane Dodgsonwife of Maurice Dodgson1863791942

70DoveGeorge Nicholson Dovefirst name on this monument1869721941id: 49574

71DuttonJames Duttonfirst name on this monument1938id: 46312

72EasonHarry Easonfirst name on this monument1888481936id: 4983261Born 31 August 1887 in Middlesbrough, England Married Florence in 1909 Middlesbrough
Florence Jane Easonwife of Harry Eason1890841974 nee Wild
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73EasonWilliam Easonfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 4928201William Thomas Eason Bap 8 Mar 1848, Trinity Church, Milton, Kent, England Married 19 Apr 1868 Sittingbourne, Kent,England
Harriet Easonwife of William Eason1849721921 nee Browning Bap 4 Jun 1849 Sturry, Kent, England

74EvansGeorge William Evansfirst name on this monument1911261937id: 46241
Arthur Evansfather of George William Evans1862611923

75EvansMarion Evansfirst name on this monument1873631936id: 497873
Irene Nesta Newboulddaughter of Marion Evans1903731976
Benjamin Lewis Evanshusband of Marion Evans1871731944

76EvansWinifred Evansfirst name on this monument1917211938id: 489741
Arthur Evansfather of Winifred Evans1887621949

77ExleyWilliam Cowling Exleyfirst name on this monument1871661937id: 457923

78ForganJohn William Forganfirst name on this monument1880581938id: 462019
Margaret Forganwife of John William Forgan1884541938

79ForrestRobert Forrestfirst name on this monument1899231922id: 512341

80FranceWilfrid Francefirst name on this monument1895591954id: 463010
Mabel Francewife of Wilfrid France1895961991

81FranklandHelena Franklandfirst name on this monument1898401938id: 46198
Henry French Franklandwife of Helena Frankland

82FrenchRobert Frenchfirst name on this monument1916id: 49443
Robert Illtyd Frenchson of Robert French1895231918
Martha Frenchwife of Robert French1932

83FultonJohn T Fultonfirst name on this monument1862571919id: 49936
Susannah Fultonwife of John T Fulton1865701935

84FurnieMary Elizabeth Furniefirst name on this monument1890291919id: 499913

85GambleMartha Gamblefirst name on this monument1890461936id: 511751
Matthew Gamblehusband of Martha Gamble1887711958

86GathergoodSarah Rebecca Gathergoodfirst name on this monument1863751938id: 51022
George Edward Gathergoodhusband of Sarah Rebecca Gathergood1861781939

87GearWalter Gearfirst name on this monument1856691925id: 512024
Ellen Gearwife of Walter Gear

88GeeLaura Geefirst name on this monument1945id: 46322

89GibsonWilliam Gibsonfirst name on this monument1919id: 49894
Emma Gibsonwife of William Gibson1942

90GilbertGladys Gilbertfirst name on this monument1897231920id: 50323
Jane Isabella Leng1881801961

91GlasperGeorge William Glasperfirst name on this monument1851681919id: 504221
Sarah Ann Glasperwife of George William Glasper1855711926

92GoodmanAnnie E Goodmanfirst name on this monument1896941990id: 49562

93GoodmanJohn William Goodmanfirst name on this monument1865711936id: 459351
Jane Ann Goodmanwife of John William Goodman

94GraingerMary Alice Graingerfirst name on this monument1877631940id: 45808
Violet Annie Rochedaughter of Mary Alice Grainger1907301937

95GrangerEsther A Grangerfirst name on this monument1848811929id: 50719
Esther A Lockwooddaughter of Esther A Granger

96GranvilleJames Edward Granvillefirst name on this monument1881561937id: 4979332
Caroline Granvillewife of James Edward Granville1884791963

97GraysonErnest F Graysonfirst name on this monument1877591936id: 4653102
Ernest Graysonson of Ernest F Grayson1904301934

98GreensmithMary Ann Greensmithfirst name on this monument1871481919id: 4965161
Harry Greensmithstep son of Mary Ann Greensmith192031923

99GriffithsGeorge E Griffithsfirst name on this monument1920id: 51083

100GriffithsWilliam Griffithsfirst name on this monument1865721937id: 508314
Margaret Griffithsdaughter of William Griffiths1892451937
Emma Griffithswife of William Griffiths1868871955

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for C2 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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