Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Seaton Carew, Durham, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201HooperCharles Hooperfirst name on this monument1868761944id: 277
(3 images)
Edith Hooperwife of Charles Hooper1875791954

202HopperGeorge Hopperfirst name on this monument1836601896id: 32210681
Elizabeth Hopperwife of George Hopper1835731908

203HornsbyGeorge Hornsbyfirst name on this monument1838351873id: 3231068

204HubbackMark Gamwell Hubbackfirst name on this monument1835741909id: 326
(4 images)
Robert George Kerr Hubbackson of Mark Gamwell Hubback1881301911
Mary Jane Hubbackwife of Mark Gamwell Hubback1847841931

205HudsonAnn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1768981866id: 3301131

206HudsonMary Hudsonfirst name on this monument1838651903id: 3291065

207HumplebyJohn Humplebyfirst name on this monument1822521874id: 331
(4 images)
Mary Humplebydaughter of John Humpleby1841211862
Ann Kendalldaughter of John Humpleby1849261875
Mary Elizabeth Kendallgrand daughter of John Humpleby infant
John James Kendallgrand son of John Humpleby1868381906
Martha Humplebywife of John Humpleby1819841903

208HunterLillie Hunterfirst name on this monument1886301916id: 335
(2 images)
Harry Hunterhusband of Lillie Hunter

209HutchinsonEdith Wright Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1853281881id: 337
(2 images)
Arthur Hutchinsonhusband of Edith Wright Hutchinson1845551900
Mary Hutchinsonsecond wife of husband of Edith Wright Hutchinson1849441893
Ralph Thompson Walkerrelationship not known of Edith Wright Hutchinson First husband of Mary Hutchinson

210IleyThomas Ileyfirst name on this monument1862791941id: 3391087
Mary Elizabeth Ileywife of Thomas Iley1875741949

211IrvineLois Doreen Irvinefirst name on this monument1897id: 341
(3 images)
1074age 9m
David Gow Irvinefather of Lois Doreen Irvine1859431902
Lois Clare Irvinemother of Lois Doreen Irvine

212JethwaRamnik Jethwafirst name on this monument1937461983id: 3431075

213JohnsonAnnie Johnsonfirst name on this monument1833521885id: 3451069
Alice Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson1879 age 3m
Amelia Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson187211873
Annie Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson1866141880
Elizabeth Jane Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson1861221883
Emily Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson1858261884
Flossy Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson187851883
Lydia Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson1875101885
Margaret Johnsondaughter of Annie Johnson187041874
William Johnsonhusband of Annie Johnson1834681902
John George Johnsonson of Annie Johnson186321865

214JohnsonCharles William Johnsonfirst name on this monument1870371907id: 3441070

215JohnsonEdward Johnsonfirst name on this monument1933581991id: 3461073

216JohnsonMary Elizabeth Johnsonfirst name on this monument1928631991no image1068
George Duncanbrother-in-law of Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Thelma Duncansister of Mary Elizabeth Johnson

217JohnsonMathew Johnsonfirst name on this monument1885701955id: 1051079
Mary F Carterdaughter of Mathew Johnson1915751990
Ellen Hooddaughter of Mathew Johnson1922711993
Robert Hoodson-in-law of Mathew Johnson1929551984
Mary Elizabeth Johnsonwife of Mathew Johnson1887771964

218JonesEdgar Jonesfirst name on this monument190911910id: 3491070
Thomas Jonesfather of Edgar Jones
Emily Jonesmother of Edgar Jones
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219JoysonJohn W Joysonfirst name on this monument1923651988id: 3501081

220KayJames Kayfirst name on this monument1857701927id: 351
(2 images)
Catherine Kaywife of James Kay1862901952

221KellAgnes Kellfirst name on this monumentid: 3551072

222KellJohn Kellfirst name on this monument1816661882id: 353
(3 images)
Jessie Kelldaughter of John Kell1860161876
Margaret Kellwife of John Kell1828631891
Margaret Kerruishrelationship not known of John Kell mother of Mary
Mary Kewley Kerruishrelationship not known of John Kell1881 infant
Moses Kerruishrelationship not known of John Kell father of Mary

223KelleyJoseph Kelleyfirst name on this monument1860651925id: 356
(2 images)
Janet Alexandra Kelleydaughter of Joseph Kelley1902101912
Janet Kelleywife of Joseph Kelley

224KendallMartha Hannah Kendallfirst name on this monument1871801951id: 3581068
Richard John Kendallhusband of Martha Hannah Kendall1885691954

225KidsonAlfred Kidsonfirst name on this monument1883501933id: 3731077
Esther Ida Kidsonwife of Alfred Kidson

226KidsonAlice Hannah Kidsonfirst name on this monument1871511922id: 368
(5 images)
Laura Kidsonrelationship not known of Alice Hannah Kidson1867651932

227KidsonFrederick John Kidsonfirst name on this monument1865401905id: 365
(2 images)
Jane Watson Smithmother-in-law of Frederick John Kidson1838731911
Charles Prince Kidsonson of Frederick John Kidson1896181914
Elizabeth Ann Kidsonwife of Frederick John Kidson1863691932

228KidsonWilliam Kidsonfirst name on this monument1839631902id: 366
(2 images)
Mary Ann Kidsonwife of William Kidson1843901933

229KillenJohn Killenfirst name on this monument1864601924id: 3751091
John Bertram Killenson of John Killen
Clara Hannah Killenwife of John Killen1864771941

230KinchDorothy Annie Kinchfirst name on this monument1858601918id: 3771071

231KinchEmma Kinchfirst name on this monument1823791902id: 3761070
Charles Kinchhusband of Emma Kinch

232KirbyFrancis Clare Kirbyfirst name on this monument1877841961id: 37810711
Elizabeth Kirbywife of Francis Clare Kirby1894501944

233KnowlesWilliam Knowlesfirst name on this monument1771721843id: 3791071
Jane Knowleswife of William Knowles1793701863

234LaingJohn Laingfirst name on this monument1804831887id: 3801078
Richard Lainggrand son of John Laing187211873

235LaingLillian Laingfirst name on this monument1924631987id: 3811075

236LambAnne Grace Lambfirst name on this monument1822621884id: 3861079
Matthew Lambhusband of Anne Grace Lamb1819671886
John Lambson of Anne Grace Lamb184411845

237LambCharles Lambfirst name on this monument1857421899id: 382
(3 images)
Lena Lambdaughter of Charles Lamb1894101904
Minnie I Thompsondaughter of Charles Lamb1888931981
Charles W Lambson of Charles Lamb1884241908
Mary Jane Lambwife of Charles Lamb1858721930
Ernest William Thompsonrelationship not known of Charles Lamb1910611971
Edna M Wraggrelationship not known of Charles Lamb1914811995

238LambHenry Lambfirst name on this monument1850631913id: 384
(2 images)
Olymphia H Lambdaughter of Henry Lamb1879291908
Georgina Lambwife of Henry Lamb
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239LambRobert Lambfirst name on this monument1906id: 3871069
Mabel Lambwife of Robert Lamb1949

240LawsonMary Lawsonfirst name on this monument1802751877id: 389
(3 images)
1070also photo of gravestone in 1888
John Lawsonhusband of Mary Lawson1808821890

241LearJemima Eleanora Learfirst name on this monument1816531869id: 2
(2 images)
William Hodgsonbrother-in-law of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Olivere Eliza Leardaughter of Jemima Eleanora Lear
John Thomas Adamsfather of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Thomas Learhusband of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Hannah Adamsmother of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Ambrose Henry Learson of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Henry James Skinner Learson of Jemima Eleanora Lear
John Thomas Learson of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Thomas Adams Learson of Jemima Eleanora Lear
William Hodgson Learson of Jemima Eleanora Lear
Hannah Hodgsonrelationship not known of Jemima Eleanora Lear

242LeechPhyllis Leechfirst name on this monument1910221932id: 392
(5 images)
1084road accident)
Peter Francis Leechfather of Phyllis Leech1879641943
Emily Leechmother of Phyllis Leech1879921971
Ellen Leechrelationship not known of Phyllis Leech wife of Jack
Jack Leechrelationship not known of Phyllis Leech Husband of Ellen
John Charles Leechrelationship not known of Phyllis Leech1992-561936

243LethbridgeJ W Lethbridgefirst name on this monument1861711932id: 3981079
Edwin Lethbridgeson of J W Lethbridge1886241910
Ann E Lethbridgewife of J W Lethbridge1866711937

244LewisFrancis Lewisfirst name on this monument1845401885id: 4001084
Francis Lewisson of Francis Lewis1871 age 10m
Margaret Lewiswife of Francis Lewis1845561901

245LewisHenry Lewisfirst name on this monument1860781938id: 3991082
Lavinia Lewiswife of Henry Lewis

246LindleyEric Hanson Lindleyfirst name on this monument1890id: 4031073age 3m

247LithgoHannah Lithgofirst name on this monument1872881960id: 414
(5 images)
Fanny Lithgodaughter of Hannah Lithgo189831901
William Scott Lithgohusband of Hannah Lithgo1872881960
Arnold Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo1907741981
Arthur Stanley Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo1921611982
Dorothy Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo1907821989 wife of Arnold
Elizabeth Winifred Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo190511906
Mary Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo1902841986
Nance Lithgorelationship not known of Hannah Lithgo1990

248LithgoJames Lithgofirst name on this monument1771901861id: 4081140
Ann Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1812231835
Elizabeth Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1804771881
Frances Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1814231837
Mary Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1810271837
Isabella Stephensondaughter of James Lithgo1815871902
Robert Lithgoson of James Lithgo1808761884
William Lithgoson of James Lithgo1821241845
John Stephensonson-in-law of James Lithgo1816571873
Mary Lithgowife of James Lithgo1773571830
Hector C Lithgorelationship not known of James Lithgo
Robert E J H V Lithgorelationship not known of James Lithgo
Ruby Curzon Lithgorelationship not known of James Lithgo
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249LithgoJames Lithgofirst name on this monument1803801883id: 4071077
Jane Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1839751914
Mary Ann Lithgodaughter of James Lithgo1835891924
Margaret Hannah Nicholsondaughter of James Lithgo1848601908
Jane Lithgowife of James Lithgo1803691872

250LithgoJames Edward Lithgofirst name on this monument1868431911id: 419
(2 images)
Elizabeth Lithgowife of James Edward Lithgo1874801954

251LithgoJessie Lithgofirst name on this monument1884661950id: 412
(3 images)
John Lithgohusband of Jessie Lithgo1884841968
Donald Lithgorelationship not known of Jessie Lithgo1910891999
John Lithgorelationship not known of Jessie Lithgo reunited 1987
Linda Lithgorelationship not known of Jessie Lithgo reunited 1987
Mary Jane Lithgorelationship not known of Jessie Lithgo1913701983

252LithgoJohn Lithgofirst name on this monument1841611902id: 404
(3 images)
John Hardie Lithgoson of John Lithgo186931872
Jessie Lithgowife of John Lithgo1841621903

253LithgoR J Lithgofirst name on this monumentid: 40910781This is on the reverse of James Lithgo stone;father of twin sons who d. in infancy.
Curzon Lithgoson of R J Lithgo1889271916 son of R J Lithgo; killed in action
Hannah Ursula Lithgowife of R J Lithgo1853651918 wife of R J

254LithgoWilliam Edward Lithgofirst name on this monument1899411940id: 4211089
Mary Elizabeth Lithgowife of William Edward Lithgo
Jessie Scott Lowndesrelationship not known of William Edward Lithgo wife of Thomas
Thomas Lowndesrelationship not known of William Edward Lithgo1877811958

255LithgowR J Lithgowfirst name on this monument1845811926id: 420
(3 images)
Curzon C Lithgowson of R J Lithgow1890261916 Killed in action
Mary M Lithgowwife of R J Lithgow1864851949

256LodgeWilliam Lodgefirst name on this monument1875631938id: 4241083
Ada Lodgewife of William Lodge

257LohdenGertrude Lohdenfirst name on this monument187691885id: 4271073

258LohdenJacob Lohdenfirst name on this monument1837561893id: 4251078
Mary Lohdenwife of Jacob Lohden1840741914

259LohdenJohn Barthold Lohdenfirst name on this monument1867441911id: 4261072
Helene Anna Juliana Lohdenwife of John Barthold Lohden1867531920

260LongleyFrances Longleyfirst name on this monument1803741877id: 4281077
Edward Longleyhusband of Frances Longley
John Longleyson of Frances Longley infant

261LumleyIsabel Lumleyfirst name on this monument1870811951id: 4301080other details from familysearch.org

262LundHarry P Lundfirst name on this monument1875681943id: 4311085
Maud Lundwife of Harry P Lund1874891963

263MacartneyLilian Macartneyfirst name on this monument187131874id: 4321080
Unknown Macartneyfather of Lilian Macartney
Amelia Macartneywife of Lilian Macartney

264MannersJohn William Sanderson Mannersfirst name on this monument1842491891id: 434
(2 images)
Marianne Lindsay Mannersdaughter of John William Sanderson Manners1878 age 3m
William Mannersfather of John William Sanderson Manners

265MarshallDiddy Marshallfirst name on this monument1920802000id: 4371074

266MartinRose Alice Martinfirst name on this monument1881621943id: 4381071
Laura Martinson-in-law of Rose Alice Martin1860821942

267McbeanEmily Jane Mcbeanfirst name on this monument1875691944id: 4401071
Francis William Mcbeanhusband of Emily Jane Mcbean1879711950
Emily Metcalferelationship not known of Emily Jane Mcbean1905901995
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268MccormackJean Mccormackfirst name on this monument1930661996id: 4421071
Edmund Allenby Mccormackhusband of Jean Mccormack

269McleanJackie Mcleanfirst name on this monument1920611981id: 4411080

270McneilHenry Mcneilfirst name on this monument1886741960id: 4431114
Jane Audrey Mcneildaughter of Henry Mcneil1920
Thomas Henry Mcneilson of Henry Mcneil1920
Ethel Mcneilwife of Henry Mcneil1887841971

271MeddGertrude Meddfirst name on this monument1876id: 4441089age 7m - other details from burial register

272MiddletonGertrude Elizabeth Middletonfirst name on this monument1878381916id: 448
(5 images)
Christina Wallerdaughter of Gertrude Elizabeth Middleton1898651963
George Middletonhusband of Gertrude Elizabeth Middleton1874631937 also infant son
Herbert Wallerson-in-law of Gertrude Elizabeth Middleton1967

273MiddletonW T Middletonfirst name on this monument1856761932id: 446
(2 images)
Harold Hulme Middletonson of W T Middleton1893271920
Elizabeth Alma Middletonwife of W T Middleton1863791942

274MillsJohn Arnold Millsfirst name on this monument191211913id: 4521087
Frank Millsfather of John Arnold Mills
Mary Millsmother of John Arnold Mills

275MitchellGeorgina Lucy Mitchellfirst name on this monument1937id: 4541073
Thomas Mitchellhusband of Georgina Lucy Mitchell1859851944

276MitfordArchibald Henry Mitfordfirst name on this monumentid: 4551098

277MitfordMarie Mitfordfirst name on this monument1872271899id: 4551082

278MooreMary Moorefirst name on this monument1874681942id: 4561074
Bruce Moorehusband of Mary Moore1867771944

279MooresW Mooresfirst name on this monument1867651932id: 4571072
Margaret Mooreswife of W Moores1877841961

280MorganMinnie Morganfirst name on this monument1871661937id: 4581075

281MorlandWilliam Morlandfirst name on this monument1860711931id: 4591070
Annie Morlandwife of William Morland1861751936

282MorrellRobert Morrellfirst name on this monument1922291951id: 4601080
John W Morrellfather of Robert Morrell
Mary Jane Morrellmother of Robert Morrell1891821973
Catherine Morrellwife of Robert Morrell

283MorrisonWilliam James Morrisonfirst name on this monument1843621905id: 461
(2 images)
Emily Morrisondaughter of William James Morrison187961885
Ethel Morrisondaughter of William James Morrison188781895
Mary Ann Morrisonwife of William James Morrison1850561906

284MowbrayDennis Mowbrayfirst name on this monument1947511998id: 46310941
Jean Mowbraywife of Dennis Mowbray

285MuersHenry Frederick Muersfirst name on this monument1844491893id: 4641072

286MurphyJohn Matthew Murphyfirst name on this monument1928241952id: 4651070
Mary Isabella Storesmother of John Matthew Murphy1890751965

287NaisbittWilliam Harrison Naisbittfirst name on this monument1894241918id: 4671083

288NelsonAnn Nelsonfirst name on this monument1786761862id: 4691077

289NessMary Elizabeth Nessfirst name on this monument1867431910id: 4701077
Ralph Nesshusband of Mary Elizabeth Ness1869651934

290NewburyCharles Newburyfirst name on this monument1837651902id: 4711071
Augusta E Newburywife of Charles Newbury1875911966

291NewburyElizabeth Ann Newburyfirst name on this monument1850771927id: 4721079
Henry Newburyhusband of Elizabeth Ann Newbury1848311879
William Newburyson of Elizabeth Ann Newbury1874311905
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292NewtonGeorge Howe Newtonfirst name on this monument1896561952id: 4741079

293NicholsonMaurice Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1920661986id: 4751075
Bette Nicholsonwife of Maurice Nicholson1924731997

294NixonMary Ann Nixonfirst name on this monument1890471937id: 4761068

295NoddingsFen Noddingsfirst name on this monument1985id: 4771071

296NoddingsJohn George Noddingsfirst name on this monument1879361915id: 483
(3 images)
Margaret Porthouse Noddingswife of John George Noddings1882461928
Doris Noddingsrelationship not known of John George Noddings1911731984 wife of Ralph George Alexander
Ralph George Alexander Noddingsrelationship not known of John George Noddings1911892000

297NoddingsKeith Noddingsfirst name on this monument1939531992id: 4781111
Lily Winifred Noddingsdaughter of Keith Noddings1877211898

298NoddingsRalph Noddingsfirst name on this monument1909id: 479
(4 images)
10722photo of Ralph taken in 1888
Beatrice Eleanor Noddingsdaughter-in-law of Ralph Noddings1870631933
Fred Noddingsson of Ralph Noddings Photo of Fred with his father Ralph , taken in 1888
Elizabeth Noddingswife of Ralph Noddings

299O'connorPhyllis O'connorfirst name on this monument1926752001id: 4861070

300OdgersAmelia Odgersfirst name on this monument1855691924id: 4871083
William George Odgershusband of Amelia Odgers1862731935

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Seaton Carew, Durham, England.

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