Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Seaton Carew, Durham, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdamsAmelia E Adamsfirst name on this monument1884551939id: 8
(3 images)
John Henry Adamshusband of Amelia E Adams1880651945
George Roland Adamsrelationship not known of Amelia E Adams194911950

2AdamsEmma Adamsfirst name on this monument1865351900id: 71085
John T Adamshusband of Emma Adams

3AdamsWillie Adamsfirst name on this monument188411885id: 4
(3 images)
Hector Adamsfather of Willie Adams
Elizabeth Adamsmother of Willie Adams
Andrew Robsonrelationship not known of Willie Adams father of Margaret
Ann Robsonrelationship not known of Willie Adams mother of Margaret
Margaret M Foster Robsonrelationship not known of Willie Adams1885

4AddisonAnn Addisonfirst name on this monument1814711885id: 111083
John Addisonhusband of Ann Addison1819701889

5AldersonSarah Annie Aldersonfirst name on this monument1942id: 121067
Thomas Aldersonhusband of Sarah Annie Alderson1945

6AllenDerek Allenfirst name on this monument1930631993id: 131067

7AllenbyEdmund Allenbyfirst name on this monument1959442003id: 141069

8AllisonShepherd Allisonfirst name on this monument1848471895id: 151069

9AlsfordW Alsfordfirst name on this monument1876391915id: 161069

10AmysMary Ann Amysfirst name on this monument1820861906id: 171073

11AndersonMary Jane Andersonfirst name on this monument1840141854id: 181077
Robert Andersonbrother of Mary Jane Anderson1844251869
Dorothy Andersonmother of Mary Jane Anderson1806641870

12ArmstrongAnna Marie Armstrongfirst name on this monument1792821874id: 19
(2 images)

13ArnisonAnn Isobel Arnisonfirst name on this monument1879751954id: 211075
Herbert Arnisonhusband of Ann Isobel Arnison1879861965

14AtkinsonEdward Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1837711908id: 221066
Mary Eleanor Atkinsonwife of Edward Atkinson1902381940

15AylmerHerbert William Lough Aylmerfirst name on this monument1851151866id: 23
(4 images)
John Harrison Aylmerfather of Herbert William Lough Aylmer
Louisa Lucy Eleanor Aylmerrelationship not known of Herbert William Lough Aylmer1811521863
Unknown Aylmerrelationship not known of Herbert William Lough Aylmer father of Louisa

16BaileyJulius Ibbotson Baileyfirst name on this monument1823701893id: 271073
Isabella Hannah Baileywife of Julius Ibbotson Bailey1828771905

17BakewellMaria Bakewellfirst name on this monument1819461865id: 281074
John Bakewellhusband of Maria Bakewell1818731891

18BarnesMaria Barnesfirst name on this monument1801701871id: 291074
Jane Barnesrelationship not known of Maria Barnes1800751875

19BarnettCatherone Isabella Barnettfirst name on this monument1872241896id: 301077
William Barnetthusband of Catherone Isabella Barnett

20BarnettRobert Barnettfirst name on this monument1870641934id: 311072

21BarronCatherine Barronfirst name on this monument1858241882id: 321082
Robert Barronhusband of Catherine Barron
Harrold Barronson of Catherine Barron1882 infant
Maurice Stephenson Barronrelationship not known of Catherine Barron1886431929

22BarronRobert Smiles Barronfirst name on this monument1851741925id: 33
(2 images)

23BartonWalter Trotter Bartonfirst name on this monument1938581996id: 351072

24BattersbyGranville Walker Battersbyfirst name on this monument1908721980id: 361080
Rose Battersbywife of Granville Walker Battersby1912791991

25BeasleyDora Agnes Beasleyfirst name on this monument1879681947id: 371074
Ernest Joseph Beasleyhusband of Dora Agnes Beasley1874851959
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26BeeDonald Robert Beefirst name on this monument1932651997id: 421107

27BeeLorraine Beefirst name on this monument1959191978id: 431113
Margaret Gilmouraunt of Lorraine Bee1982

28BelkStephen Herbert Belkfirst name on this monument1851581909id: 44
(2 images)
Eric Herbert Belkson of Stephen Herbert Belk191501915 killed in action
Minnie Seymour Belkwife of Stephen Herbert Belk1934

29BellGeorge Bellfirst name on this monument1873691942id: 501075
Alex Bowettgrand son of George Bell1924201944 killed in action
Victor E Bentleynephew of George Bell1897181915
Mary Ellen Bellwife of George Bell1873691942

30BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1817431860id: 46
(4 images)
Elizabeth Ruth Belldaughter of John Bell1853201873
Jane Ann Belldaughter of John Bell1848171865
Margaret Johnson Belldaughter of John Bell185761863
John Bellson of John Bell1855241879

31BlaxlandAlexander Richardson Blaxlandfirst name on this monument1822771899id: 53
(2 images)
Elizabeth Blaxlandwife of Alexander Richardson Blaxland1843651908

32BoddyEthel Boddyfirst name on this monument1874631937id: 561073
John W Boddyhusband of Ethel Boddy1867831950

33BoddyRachel Boddyfirst name on this monument1857741931id: 571074
Elsie Mabel Boddydaughter of Rachel Boddy189581903
Mary Elizabeth Boddydaughter of Rachel Boddy1882501932
John E Boddyhusband of Rachel Boddy1857761933

34BoddyThomas Henry Boddyfirst name on this monument187551880id: 551074
Henry Boddyfather of Thomas Henry Boddy
Dorothy Boddymother of Thomas Henry Boddy
Beatrice Ann Boddyrelationship not known of Thomas Henry Boddy189821900
Beatrice Ann Boddyrelationship not known of Thomas Henry Boddy1901 infant

35BowserCharles Bowserfirst name on this monument188211883id: 6110681
Lawrence H L Bowserrelationship not known of Charles Bowser1892 infant

36BowserIsabella Bowserfirst name on this monument1817751892id: 59
(2 images)
Lazarus Bowserhusband of Isabella Bowser1820811901

37BowserLazarus Bowserfirst name on this monument1855681923id: 621066

38BoyesWilliam Boyesfirst name on this monumentid: 631070
Louisa Boyesrelationship not known of William Boyes

39BrattArthur Brattfirst name on this monument1877571934id: 641071
Jessie Brattwife of Arthur Bratt

40BrockJane Brockfirst name on this monument1872621934id: 651070
Frederick Brockhusband of Jane Brock1872781950
Thomas Frederick Brockson of Jane Brock1918 killed in action

41BrombyElsie Brombyfirst name on this monument1904761980id: 661079
Albert Brombyhusband of Elsie Bromby1907741981

42BroomheadJames Gordon Broomheadfirst name on this monument1951id: 671082
Ellen Dodman Broomheadwife of James Gordon Broomhead1902521954

43BroughEmily Gertrude Broughfirst name on this monument1864231887id: 681069
William R Broughhusband of Emily Gertrude Brough

44BroughtonWilliam Layton Broughtonfirst name on this monument186311864id: 691065

45BrownDouglas Mawer Brownfirst name on this monument1880631943id: 71
(2 images)
Janet Brownwife of Douglas Mawer Brown1883921975

46BrownEliza Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1899581957id: 701065

47BrowneMabel Lillian Brownefirst name on this monument1888661954id: 73
(6 images)
Norval Samuel Brownerelationship not known of Mabel Lillian Browne1891541945
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48BryanEva Bryanfirst name on this monument1921792000id: 791073
Mary Strahanrelationship not known of Eva Bryan1885481933

49BryanGeoffrey Bryanfirst name on this monument1935151950id: 801071
Frederick Bryanfather of Geoffrey Bryan
Annie Bryanmother of Geoffrey Bryan
Walter James Strahanrelationship not known of Geoffrey Bryan1876721948

50BulmerJohn Bulmerfirst name on this monument1907231930id: 841112
Harry Bulmerfather of John Bulmer1883691952
E Bulmermother of John Bulmer

51BulmerMargaret Bulmerfirst name on this monument1799791878id: 821073

52BulmerRobert Bulmerfirst name on this monument1871721943id: 831107
Jane Ellen Bulmerwife of Robert Bulmer1879921971

53BuntingArthur Buntingfirst name on this monument1842741916id: 87
(2 images)
Sarah Buntingwife of Arthur Bunting1844731917

54BuntingCharles Gilbert Buntingfirst name on this monument1889781967id: 891069
Edith Joyce Buntingwife of Charles Gilbert Bunting1906881994

55BuntingKittie Buntingfirst name on this monument1864641928id: 85
(2 images)
Charles John Buntingrelationship not known of Kittie Bunting1858641922

56BurdettAlice Hilda Burdettfirst name on this monument1931231954id: 901121
Albert Edwin Burdetthusband of Alice Hilda Burdett
Annie Eliza Gibsonmother of Alice Hilda Burdett1902621964

57BurlinsonArabella Burlinsonfirst name on this monument1806601866id: 92
(2 images)
George William Burlinsongrand son of Arabella Burlinson1873 age 11m
George Burlinsonhusband of Arabella Burlinson1809851894 photo shows George in 1888
George Burlinsonson of Arabella Burlinson1849591908

58BurlinsonDorothy Burlinsonfirst name on this monument1827831910id: 911065
Robert Thomasfather of Dorothy Burlinson
George Burlinsonhusband of Dorothy Burlinson

59BurnicleJohn Burniclefirst name on this monument1804761880id: 941067
Jane E Burnicledaughter-in-law of John Burnicle
Mary Jane Burniclegrand daughter of John Burnicle187941883
Arthur Burniclegrand son of John Burnicle1882 age 7m
Henry Burniclegrand son of John Burnicle1878 age 7m
Henry Burnicleson of John Burnicle1846371883

60BurnsMargaret A Burnsfirst name on this monument1900id: 95
(2 images)
M A G Burnsdaughter of Margaret A Burns190111902 age 21m
J Gascoigneparent of Margaret A Burns
M Gascoigneparent of Margaret A Burns

61BurtonEllen Burtonfirst name on this monument1851691920id: 10010662
Richard Burtonhusband of Ellen Burton1850711921

62BurtonEmily Burtonfirst name on this monument1854751929id: 10110671

63BurtonJohn Burtonfirst name on this monument1835761911id: 97
(2 images)
Anthony Burtonson of John Burton1867291896
Robert Thomas Burtonson of John Burton1865371902
Susannah Burtonwife of John Burton1836831919

64BurtonMargaret Jane Burtonfirst name on this monumentid: 10210661
John Burtonfather of Margaret Jane Burton
Margaret Burtonmother of Margaret Jane Burton

65BurtonThomas Burtonfirst name on this monument1880551935id: 9910651
Nancy Burtonwife of Thomas Burton1883771960

66ButcherGeorge Butcherfirst name on this monument1916311947id: 103
(2 images)
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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67CharlesworthCharles Charlesworthfirst name on this monument1806791885id: 106
(2 images)
Lucy Hardingdaughter of Charles Charlesworth1848221870
Robert Hardingson-in-law of Charles Charlesworth
Mary Charlesworthwife of Charles Charlesworth

68CharltonCharlotte Hedley Charltonfirst name on this monument1874481922id: 108
(3 images)
Robert Hedleyhusband of Charlotte Hedley Charlton1875731948
Harold Anton Pedersenrelationship not known of Charlotte Hedley Charlton1900801980
Janet Mary Pedersenrelationship not known of Charlotte Hedley Charlton1907601967
John Robert Pedersenrelationship not known of Charlotte Hedley Charlton1956361992

69ChiltonRobert Chiltonfirst name on this monument1888id: 1101120
Ann Chiltonwife of Robert Chilton1815441859

70ChirnsidePeter Chirnsidefirst name on this monument1806681874id: 112
(2 images)
1068all details unclear on stone
Ellen Chirnsiderelationship not known of Peter Chirnside1842361878
Janet Chirnsiderelationship not known of Peter Chirnside1806801886
Robert Cow Chirnsiderelationship not known of Peter Chirnside1844321876

71ChristelowThomas Christelowfirst name on this monument1873701943id: 11310691
Catherine Christelowwife of Thomas Christelow1875951970

72ClaridgeJanet Claridgefirst name on this monument1850691919id: 1141068
John Hoodbrother-in-law of Janet Claridge
Unknown Hoodsister of Janet Claridge

73ClarkAnnie Clarkfirst name on this monument1875731948id: 115
(4 images)
William Wilson Clarkhusband of Annie Clark1871951966

74CoatesAnnie Rebecca Coatesfirst name on this monument1897291926id: 1201070
Albert Coateshusband of Annie Rebecca Coates

75CoatesGeorge B Coatesfirst name on this monument1920771997id: 1191070
Dorothy Coateswife of George B Coates1928711999

76ColeRalph Colefirst name on this monument1883571940id: 121
(3 images)
Ralph Coleson of Ralph Cole1917281945 killed in action
Geoffrey Robert Thompsonson-in-law of Ralph Cole1917551972
Margaret Constance Colewife of Ralph Cole1888841972

77CollinElizabeth Collinfirst name on this monumentid: 1251065

78CollinElizabeth Collinfirst name on this monument1923id: 38
(4 images)
Isabella Beavendaughter of Elizabeth Collin1944
Frederick Batten Beavenson-in-law of Elizabeth Collin1944

79CollinElizabeth Collinfirst name on this monument1925id: 1241065

80CollinsonJane Collinsonfirst name on this monument1815511866id: 1291067

81CookGeorge Robinson Cookfirst name on this monument1869631932id: 131
(5 images)
Mary C Cooksister of George Robinson Cook1869801949
Amy Cookwife of George Robinson Cook1850831933

82CookIsabelle Cookfirst name on this monument1930id: 1301071
Lester J A Cookson of Isabelle Cook1869701939

83CornerJohn Cornerfirst name on this monument1794681862id: 1371070
Mary Cornerwife of John Corner1794741868

84CornerMary Cornerfirst name on this monument1831671898id: 1361068
Alice Mary Cornerdaughter of Mary Corner1872801952
Ellen Maria Cornerdaughter of Mary Corner1869851954
John Cornerhusband of Mary Corner1835661901
John William Cornerson of Mary Corner1867181885

85CornerRobert Cornerfirst name on this monument1837601897id: 1381068
Elizabeth Ann Cornerwife of Robert Corner

86CornforthWilliam Cornforthfirst name on this monument1923id: 1391080
Phoebe Cornforthwife of William Cornforth
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87CoultasAlfred Coultasfirst name on this monument1895721967id: 1421068
Jane Coultaswife of Alfred Coultas1895831978

88CoultasAlfred Coultasfirst name on this monument1924671991id: 1411066

89CoultasBrenda Coultasfirst name on this monument1948491997id: 1431066

90CoultasRosalind May Coultasfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 1401066

91CoveMargaret Elizabeth Covefirst name on this monument1874671941id: 1451067
Alfred Covehusband of Margaret Elizabeth Cove1872831955

92CoverdaleCaroline Coverdalefirst name on this monument1947id: 1461070

93CowanFlorence E Cowanfirst name on this monument1920711991id: 1441074
Keith W Cowanrelationship not known of Florence E Cowan1919771996

94CraggsFrancis Craggsfirst name on this monument1807781885id: 1471077not shown
John Crawfordson of Francis Craggs1841231864
Elizabeth Craggsrelationship not known of Francis Craggs1816841900

95CrawfordJohn Crawfordfirst name on this monument1765821847id: 1501091
Ann Crawfordwife of John Crawford1767811848

96CrawfordMargaret Bulmer Crawfordfirst name on this monument1848881936id: 1511074

97CrawfordSarah Jane Crawfordfirst name on this monument1853631916id: 15210691
Thomas Crawfordfather of Sarah Jane Crawford

98CrawfordThomas Crawfordfirst name on this monument1802621864id: 148
(2 images)
Elizabeth Crawfordwife of Thomas Crawford1810861896

99CrosbyGladys Hutton Crosbyfirst name on this monument190521907id: 1531076
William Crosbyfather of Gladys Hutton Crosby
Mary Ann Crosbymother of Gladys Hutton Crosby

100CummingsE C Cummingsfirst name on this monument1894201914id: 1541068

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Seaton Carew, Durham, England.

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