St Peter's Church burial ground, Felkirk, Yorkshire, England

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1AdamMary Adam1706131719id: DSC_62055866241081
Thomas Adam

2AdamMary Adamid: DSC_62025866221089d 17__ - Details indistinct.

3AdamThomas Adamid: DSC_62025866211081d 17__ - Details indistinct.

4AnbyJane Anby1687341721id: DSC_62325866471105
Robert Anby Of Havercroft.

5ArmitageAnn Armitage1831741905id: DSC_62625866751101
George Armitage1834851919

6ArmitageBenjamin Armitage1799941893id: DSC_62625866761093

7AtkinsonElizabeth Atkinson1653731726id: DSC_6210
(2 images)
John Gill Of Havercroft who left his lands in Pudsey to the Church for charitable purposes..
David Atkinson Of Louth , Lincolnshire.

8BackhouseBetty Backhouse1743701813id: DSC_61305865511088

9BeckettDaniel Beckett1705461751id: DSC_60985865201115An apothecary of Shafton.
Ann Beckett1710571767

10BeevorAnn Beevor1694651759id: DSC_62295866441089
Betty Beevor1725821807
John Beevor1687881775

11BellJane Bell1719671786id: DSC_6156
(2 images)
Robert Bell1715851800
James Bell1761821843

12BeltonMartha Belton1828251853id: DSC_61385865601075
William Belton Of Hainton in the County of Lincoln.

13BoydMary Boyd1870861956id: DSC_61675865871091

14BoydMaurice Bradley Parker Boyd1897211918id: DSC_61675865851085

15BoydWilliam Boyd1871691940id: DSC_61675865881078

16BridgewaterJohn William Bridgewater1866561922id: DSC_61855866061129
Eliza Bridgewater1870811951

17BridgewaterThomas Robert Bridgewater1844671911id: DSC_61855866051118
Myra Bridgewater1877511928
Percy Bridgewater1886621948
Mary Ann Bridgewater1847721919

18BroadheadBenjamin Broadhead1765531818id: DSC_61535865731083Of Hodroayd.
Hannah Broadhead1766561822

19BroadhurstFrank Broadhurst1898171915id: DSC_62465866591084
Walter Broadhurst1846791925
Hannah Broadhurst

20BrownleyKatharine Brownley1765241789id: DSC_62375866501092
James Brownley

21BushJoseph Bush1867351902id: DSC_61655865831081
Jeffery Bush Died in infancy.

22ChapmanMaria Chapman1848741922id: DSC_61675865861093

23CooperJonathan Carnley Cooper1858521910id: DSC_61965866141116
Elizabeth Cooper1857681925

24CorbridgeElizabeth Corbridge1852601912id: DSC_61335865541076
Hannah Elizabeth Corbridge188201882
Arthur Corbridge1851741925
Charles Louis Corbridge187281880

25CushworthJames Cushworth1753671820id: DSC_61455865671072Of Shafton.
Sarah Steel d 18__
Mary Cushworth1741811822
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26CusworthJohn Cusworth1787611848id: DSC_617858659911131
Elizabeth Cusworth1791651856

27DentonHerbert Denton1860691929id: DSC_61315865521122
Mary Denton1911181929
Herbert Denton1885711956
Emily Denton1854871941

28DoughtyMary Doughty1840641904id: DSC_62585866711095
Polly Doughty188251887
George Doughty1836811917
David Doughty1868181886

29DownsRichard Downs1725id: DSC_62075866261091Unnamed but recorded on burial register.

30DownsRichard Downs1734id: DSC_62075866271076Unnamed but recorded on burial register.

31DownsSarah Downs1734id: DSC_62075866281077Unnamed but recorded on burial register.
Jonathan Downs
Margaret Downs

32DransfieldJohn Dransfield1790711861id: DSC_6256
(2 images)
5866681106Of Vissitt Manor , Hemsworth.
Thomas Dransfield Of Barnby Hall , Cawthorne.
Margaret Dransfield1799731872

33DuffinRobert Michael Duffin1837361873id: DSC_6183
(2 images)
5866041086Of Horncastle.
Mary Anne Duffin1845481893

34DuffinThomas Duffin1792741866id: DSC_61805866011089
Jane Duffin1798641862

35DunhillJohn Dunhill1735521787id: DSC_6241
(2 images)

36DunhillJoseph Dunhill1826691895id: DSC_624058665410961Of Shafton.
Elizabeth Dunhill1826781904

37DunhillJoseph Dunhill1793621855id: DSC_6241
(2 images)
Betsey Dunhill182231825
Elizabeth Dunhill1795351830
Hannah Dunhill1797741871

38DunhillThomas Dunhill1722481770id: DSC_6243
(2 images)
Ann Dunhill1749241773
Thomas Dunhill1759391798

39DuttonFrances Dutton1765761841id: DSC_61105865311077
Mary Dutton1800721872
John Dutton Of Sandal Magna.

40DymondElizabeth Anne Dymond1838281866id: DSC_62185866371097
Thomas Dymond Of Brierley.

41DymondJames Dymond1834761910id: DSC_62195866381102Of Brierley.
Mary Baldock Dymond1856651921

42DymondJames Dymond1706721778id: DSC_6216
(3 images)
5866351095Of Brierley.
Elizabeth Dymond1755771832 Daughter of Francis Osstliffe of Hemsworth.
James Dymond1783601843
James Dymond1744631807
Robert Dymond1753301783
Elizabeth Dymond1716731789
Francis Osstliffe

43DymondJohn Dymond1750761826id: DSC_62145866341091

44DymondJohn Dymond1788541842id: DSC_62185866361097Of Brierley.
Thomas Dymond1833671900 Of Burntwood Hall.
Mary Dymond189501895

45DymondKate Dymond1931id: DSC_62205866391094Of Burntwood Hall.
John Dymond76
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46EarnshawElizabeth Earnshaw1799481847id: DSC_60995865211091
Rawden Earnshaw1799771876 Of Brierley.
George Rawdon Earnshaw1834151849
Robert Earnshaw1828341862 Died and is buried at Hackney , London.

47ElliotMary Elliot1687471734id: DSC_61995866181082
John Elliot
Thomas Elliot1721141735

48ElliotRobert Elliot1725671792id: DSC_62315866461118
Betty Elliot1778141792
Mary Elliot1768351803
John Elliot1773651838 Died in London.
Joseph Elliot177431777
Betty Elliot1746711817

49FieldJames Field1841711912id: DSC_62475866611092
Elizabeth Field1839781917

50GoodhallEdward Goodhall1855571912id: DSC_62485866621090
Frances Goodhall1906201926
Sarah Jane Goodhall1856341890
Ann Elizabeth Goodhall1867611928

51GovierBenjamin Govier1881361917id: DSC_62575866701092Killed in action in France.
Thomas Govier
Elizabeth Govier
Emily Govier

52GreenAnn Green1801751876id: DSC_61165865371069
Edwin Green1803611864
Charles Green
Margaret Green

53GreenCharles Green1796id: DSC_6117
(2 images)
5865381073b d 18__ d 18__ - Late Rector of Burgh Castle.

54GreenElizabeth Green179331796id: DSC_62095866301092
Edward Green179911800
Charles Green
Margaret Green

55GreenGeorge Green1640781718id: DSC_62135866331078
Jane Green1652661718

56GreenJohn Green1693751768id: DSC_62385866521087

57GreenJonathan Green1661611722id: DSC_62385866511085

58GreenJoseph Green1664631727id: DSC_6233
(2 images)
Ann Green1717641781
Joseph Green1701651766
Hesther Green1668671735

59GreenMary Greenid: DSC_61525865721072d 18__ - Details indistinct.
John Green d 18__ - Details indistinct.
Martha Green1769751844

60GreenSarah Green1812751887id: DSC_61485865701084
Abel Green1809651874
Charles Green1803541857
George Green1807741881

61GreensmithVernon Burnaby Greensmith1893171910id: DSC_6194
(2 images)
5866131087Fatally injured while motor cycling.
Joseph Greensmith1854751929
Elizabeth Greensmith1868801948

62GuestBessie Guest1867331900id: DSC_61405865621103
Joseph Beevers Of Ryhill.
William Guest
Louisa Ann Beevers
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63G______ G______1621781699id: DSC_6203
(2 images)
5866231080A very old gravestone with latin inscription and intricate carving. Unfortunately name not legible.

64HallCharlotte Hall1788621850id: DSC_61745865951084
William Hall1782821864
John Hall1814411855

65HallSarah Hall1715771792id: DSC_61285865491071
John Hall1718791797

66HallThomas Hall1793771870id: DSC_61085865281071
Mary Hall1798851883

67HallThomas Downs Hall1829731902id: DSC_6141
(3 images)
Mary Edith Hall1859791938
Sarah Margaret Hall1859801939 Died at Fishlake.
Mary Hall1828751903

68HallamFred Hallam1859551914id: DSC_62505866641097
Elizabeth Hallam

69HargreaveEdward Hargreave1800721872id: DSC_61795866001089
William Dawson1776761852
Henry Hargreave1845541899
Sarah Hargreave1801861887

70HargreaveLucy Hargreave1870711941id: DSC_61645865821069
Herbert James Hargreave1873781951

71HarrisonWilliam Harrison1806541860id: DSC_61205865401069Of South Hiendley.
Mary Harrison1808781886

72HaxworthJames Haxworth1750471797id: DSC_626158667410981
Christopher Haxworth Of Grimethorp.
Sarah Haxworth

73HelleleyGeorge Andrew Helleley1804701874id: DSC_61145865351068

74HemingwayJohn Hemingway1771401811id: DSC_62685866821085An inn keeper of Wakefield.
John Hemingway Of Havercroft.
Mary Hemingway
Ann Hemingway1763571820

75HemingwayJoseph Hemingway1776791855id: DSC_62675866811092
Catherine Gray1804711875
John Gray Of Sandal Magna.

76HepworthAnthony Hepworth1811751886id: DSC_61375865581095Of Hare Park.
Rebecca Sopps190311904
Jane Hepworth1814741888

77HepworthCharles Hepworth1810701880id: DSC_61345865551077
George Henry Hepworth1866701936
Ann Hepworth1822761898 Had 8 children who died in infancy.

78HepworthEmma Hepworth1904id: DSC_61375865591079
Anthony Hepworth

79HepworthMary Hepworth1738601798id: DSC_61365865571070
Richard Hepworth1741701811

80HinchliffeJohn Hinchliffe1645761721id: DSC_62005866191077Of Could Heenly (Cold Hiendley).
Sarah Hinchliffe1658531711

81HinchliffeJohn Hinchliffe1762331795id: DSC_62065866251078
Thomas Hinchliffe1764781842

82HinchliffeThomas Hinchliffe1681681749id: DSC_620158662010971
Rebecca Hinchliffe1724651789
Mary Hinchliffe1759171776
John Hinchliffe1719651784 Details indistinct.
Thomas Hinchliffe1723851808 Details indistinct.
Mary Hinchliffe1687901777
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83HorburyGeorge Horbury1852631915id: DSC_61695865901091
Annis Horbury1853701923

84HorburyJames Horbury1847681915id: DSC_62595866721085
Mary Everella Horbury1890131903
Mary Horbury1854771931

85HughesWalter Charles Hughes1905771982id: DSC_62465866601095
Bertha Hughes1909811990

86HunterSarah Ann Hunter1851691920id: DSC_61355865561079Died suddenly at Cleethorpes.
Stephenson Hunter

87JaggerGeorge Jagger1838651903id: DSC_6253
(2 images)
Ann Jagger1849821931

88JaggerRuby Malinda Jagger1902131915id: DSC_6253
(2 images)
Andrew W Jagger
Ida Jagger

89JenkinsonSarah Jenkinson1845471892id: DSC_61725865931080
Joseph Jenkinson1833671900

90JessopElizabeth Jessop1769391808id: DSC_61275865481085
Thomas Jessop

91KempBenjamin Kemp1869311900id: DSC_62655866791108
Edwin Kemp1917 Died of wounds received in action.
Henry Kemp1894171911
Bridget Agnes Kemp1867351902

92KenyonHenry Kenyon186521867id: DSC_61265865471089
William Kenyon
Ann Kenyon

93KnightHubert Knight1864391903id: DSC_62605866731079
Cissie Knight

94LaidmanThomas Laidman172741731id: DSC_62305866451087
John Laidman Excise Officer.

95LambertCharlotte Lambert182321825id: DSC_61495865711102
William Lambert
Alice Lambert

96LawIsaac Law1730891819id: DSC_61225865421078A carpenter of South Hiendley.
Sarah Law1769351804
John Law1766791845
Mary Law1733651798

97LitherlandErnest William Litherland1890291919id: DSC_6161
(2 images)
58657910871Died after service with the RAF in Salonica.
John Edward Litherland1864611925 Of Monckton Grange.
Edith Mary Litherland1870621932

98LittlewoodAnnie Littlewood1863271890id: DSC_61095865291071
John Henry Littlewood1834681902
Emily Littlewood1840841924

99MarsdenAnn Marsden56id: DSC_61465865681083d 18__
Mary Rebecca Marsden d 18__ age _9
John Marsden63 d 18__ - A cabinet maker.

100MarshallHannah Marshall1716581774id: DSC_62395866531090
William Marshall Of Wakefield.

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