Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Blaydon, Durham, England

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101CharltonJames Henry Charltonfirst name on this monument1868551923id: 34161066died in Infancy

102ChattHannah Temple Chattfirst name on this monument1907301937id: 38081081no age given
John Robert Chatthusband of Hannah Temple Chatt

103ChiltonEdward Chiltonfirst name on this monument1919852004id: 37111072Photo blurred

104ChristerAndy Christerfirst name on this monument1944642008id: 36871072Photo blurred
Maureen Christerwife of Andy Christer1947612008

105ClarkElizabeth Parker Clarkfirst name on this monument1884531937id: 36681068unable to read age
George William Clarkhusband of Elizabeth Parker Clark1885661951

106ClarkJim Clarkfirst name on this monument1907831990id: 35531082Year obscured 201?
Marjorie Clarkwife of Jim Clark1912922004

107ClarkSarah Clarkfirst name on this monument1874601934id: 338610661died in Infancy
Moira Clarkgrand daughter of Sarah Clark1929281957
Joseph Watson Clarkhusband of Sarah Clark1874711945

108ClaveringHenry Augustus Claveringfirst name on this monument1824691893id: 3444
(2 images)
1068Stone very difficult to read

109ColganEdward Colganfirst name on this monument1892731965id: 36391067no age given

110ColleyIsabella Jane Colleyfirst name on this monument1859221881id: 34691073son of Thomas and Elizabeth

111ColquhounJames Colquhounfirst name on this monument1866651931id: 38061080no age given
Dorothy Forddaughter of James Colquhoun1909401949
Deborah Colquhounwife of James Colquhoun1872781950

112ConveryEmily Converyfirst name on this monument1894671961id: 36281073year and age not clear
James Converybrother of Emily Convery1892741966

113CopelandE R Copelandfirst name on this monument1916241940id: 361110662064820. Gunner. 67th Seachlight Reg.t R.A.

114CoxFrancis John Coxfirst name on this monument1919661985id: 36981066year obscured
Eleanor Pearson Coxwife of Francis John Cox1927792006

115CoyneJohn Coynefirst name on this monument1941612002id: 37241066died in South Africa

116CrawfordRobert Steel Crawfordfirst name on this monument1869141883id: 34831065Died in Infancy
Jacob Crawford1848541902 Husband of Sarah
Sarah Crawford1841791920
William Crawford1875171892

117CunninghameJohn Cunninghamefirst name on this monument1844791923id: 37591080no age given
Alexander Bain Cunninghameson of John Cunninghame1870351905
Nancy Cunninghamewife of John Cunninghame1845631908

118CurryNora Curryfirst name on this monument1913491962id: 36321075Killed in action in France

119DaglishAnne Daglishfirst name on this monument1932692001id: 373510731no age given

120DaglishJane Daglishfirst name on this monument1819651884id: 342611051age not given
Thomas Daglishhusband of Jane Daglish1819761895

121DaglishJohn Daglishfirst name on this monument1826551881id: 34901102age not clear
William John Daglishson of John Daglish1864231887
Alice Daglishwife of John Daglish1821851906

122DaglishStephen Purvis Daglishfirst name on this monument1884871971id: 377410701no age given

123DanskinRobert Danskinfirst name on this monument1874201894id: 34931098Daughter of Margaret and Rutter
John Atkinson Danskinbrother of Robert Danskin1876
John A Danskinfather of Robert Danskin1847691916
Elizabeth Danskinmother of Robert Danskin1847721919

124DavidsonMary Davidsonfirst name on this monument1856751931id: 34291098Killed in action (M.N.)
Robert Davidsonhusband of Mary Davidson1861711932

125DavisonJoseph Davisonfirst name on this monument1871731944id: 34421075296167. Airman 2nd class. Royal Air Force.
George Davisonson of Joseph Davison1911311942 Royal Navy , presumed killed at sea.
James Davisonson of Joseph Davison1897201917 Killed in action in France
Alice Davisonwife of Joseph Davison1874761950
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126DavisonLaura Davisonfirst name on this monument19031002003id: 36881074Photo blurred
Billy Davisonhusband of Laura Davison1900781978

127DavisonMargaret Davisonfirst name on this monument1820591879id: 34481070Killed in action H.M.S. Malaya. Buried at sea
John Davisonhusband of Margaret Davison1812681880

128DavisonWilliam Davisonfirst name on this monument193331936id: 37701071Husband of Lucy

129DawsonFrances Mary Dawsonfirst name on this monument1953id: 38531066no age given

130DevlinRobin Devlinfirst name on this monument1945421987id: 35361070photo blurred

131DeweyMary Annie Deweyfirst name on this monument1909671976id: 38411067age not clear

132DickClarence Robson Dickfirst name on this monument1885601945id: 36591068year and age obscured
Alice Dickwife of Clarence Robson Dick1897871984

133DixonG Dixonfirst name on this monument1908351943id: 341110821606375 Gunner. Royal Artillery

134DixonMatthew Ions Dixonfirst name on this monument1889611950id: 38221071the late

135DobsonEleanor Dobsonfirst name on this monument1847711918id: 33801071I.A.O.C Died in Lahore Military Hospital
Richard Dobsonhusband of Eleanor Dobson1844831927

136DobsonJohn Clarke Dobsonfirst name on this monument1880651945id: 36601067year and age obscured
Frances Mary Dobsonwife of John Clarke Dobson1882721954

137DoddAnn Doddfirst name on this monument1833691902id: 35041069of Portsmouth. Late Admiralty Overseer of the Northen District
Margaret Ann Rowlanddaughter of Ann Dodd1940 no age given
Henry Doddhusband of Ann Dodd1835821917
Thomas M Rowlandson-in-law of Ann Dodd1937 no age given

138DoddWilliam Doddfirst name on this monument1914641978id: 36501090no age given
Thomas Dodd1920802000

139DoddsFlorence Doddsfirst name on this monument1902871989id: 34731075died at Whitley Bay

140DoddsGeorge Doddsfirst name on this monument1932id: 36671068unable to read age
Caroline Dixom1858821940

141DoddsJames Doddsfirst name on this monument1939321971id: 38161065no age given

142DriverMolly Driverfirst name on this monument1944672011id: 36791067Photo blurred

143DuddyWilliam Duddyfirst name on this monument1921731994id: 35441068no surname given
Peggy Duddywife of William Duddy Year obscured 201?

144DukeJohn Robert Dukefirst name on this monument1926812007id: 36911066Photo blurred
Muriel Dukewife of John Robert Duke1929802009

145DunnHenry George Dunnfirst name on this monument1951id: 36561068no age given
Mary A Dunnwife of Henry George Dunn1954 no age given

146DunnWilliam Dunnfirst name on this monument1836771913id: 35641085died at Ripon interred at Sharow. No age given
Lizzie Cowansdaughter of William Dunn1863391902
Nellie Dunndaughter of William Dunn1877171894
James William Dunnson of William Dunn1858321890 Missionary in Uganda. Interred at Usambiro , Central Africa
Robert Dunnson of William Dunn1870261896
Thomas Cowansson-in-law of William Dunn
Eleanor Dunnwife of William Dunn1842591901

147EarlIris Earlfirst name on this monument1935401975id: 38681075Year obscured
John Earlhusband of Iris Earl
John Earlson of Iris Earl1960452005

148EdgarBelle Edgarfirst name on this monument1921792000id: 37401093no age given

149ElliottElizabeth Anne Elliottfirst name on this monument1940351975id: 38701072Year obscured
Angela Elliottdaughter of Elizabeth Anne Elliott1961462007

150ElsomGeorge William Elsomfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 37071073Photo blurred
Mary Agnes Elsomwife of George William Elsom1923842007

151EmbletonMary Embletonfirst name on this monument1823691892id: 37611083photo slightly blurred
Lydia Armstrongdaughter of Mary Embleton1852541906
Mary Ann Rutterdaughter of Mary Embleton1855231878
Isabella Thompsondaughter of Mary Embleton1853381891
Luke Embletonhusband of Mary Embleton1832681900
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152EmmersonHarry Edward Emmersonfirst name on this monument1916731989id: 38181071no age given
George Edward Emmersonson of Harry Edward Emmerson1946
Eugenie Appoline Emmersonwife of Harry Edward Emmerson1917811998

153EnglishGladys L Englishfirst name on this monument1916651981id: 35161065year and age not clear
Joseph Englishhusband of Gladys L English1910721982
James Englishson of Gladys L English64 year obscured

154ErringtonTom Erringtonfirst name on this monument1857561913id: 35631068detail missing
Elizabeth Erringtonwife of Tom Errington1934 died at Ripon interred at Sharow. No age given

155FarrellOwen Farrellfirst name on this monument1906571963id: 36371065no age given

156FeeRobert Feefirst name on this monument1911751986id: 36251074year and age not clear

157FenwickAudrey Fenwickfirst name on this monument1936702006id: 37091089Photo blurred

158FenwickEliza Fenwickfirst name on this monument1895231918id: 34281113Killed in action (M.N.)

159FinchFrank Finchfirst name on this monument1967id: 35101066photo blurred
Elizabeth Finchwife of Frank Finch1993

160FinlayFrederick J Finlayfirst name on this monument1951241975id: 38691074Year obscured
Nathan Finlaybrother of Frederick J Finlay1994172011

161FitzpatrickWilliam Fitzpatrickfirst name on this monument1941672008id: 36781072photo blurred

162FloydGeorge E Floydfirst name on this monument1937692006id: 36991072year obscured

163ForsterMary Jane Forsterfirst name on this monument1883681951id: 38471067no year or age given

164ForsterMatthew Forsterfirst name on this monument1863731936id: 36711069unable to read age
Gertrude Forsterdaughter of Matthew Forster1896711967
Elizabeth Forsterwife of Matthew Forster1863861949

165ForsterThomas Forsterfirst name on this monument1891id: 348810861age not clear
George Forsterson of Thomas Forster1859211880
Thomas Forsterson of Thomas Forster1861191880
Mary Ann Forsterwife of Thomas Forster1804801884

166FosterJames Marshall Fosterfirst name on this monument1882321914id: 35911069Private. Killed in France
William Fosterfather of James Marshall Foster1856701926
Dorothy Fostermother of James Marshall Foster1851841935

167FrazerGertrude Frazerfirst name on this monumentid: 38451071no year or age given
Henry Frazer no year or age given

168FrenchEthel Marian Frenchfirst name on this monument1923842007id: 36891075Photo blurred
Joe Frenchhusband of Ethel Marian French1924882012

169FrenchTimothy Dyer Frenchfirst name on this monument1909861995id: 35451067Year obscured 201?
Rita French1920812001

170GardnerSarah Gardnerfirst name on this monument1921721993id: 35551068Year obscured 201?
Joe Gardnerhusband of Sarah Gardner1920761996

171GeeFrank Surrey Geefirst name on this monument1907211928id: 34271096Accidently Killed
John Hall Geebrother of Frank Surrey Gee1922211943 Killed in action (M.N.)
John Hall Geefather of Frank Surrey Gee
Jane Geemother of Frank Surrey Gee
Jennie Geesister of Frank Surrey Gee192441928
Eliza Fenwick Storeysister of Frank Surrey Gee1918852003

172GeeJohn Geefirst name on this monument1858361894id: 37661065Husband of Mary Jane
Isabella Geedaughter of John Gee188821890
George Geeson of John Gee1893
Jane Geewife of John Gee1861531914

173GibbonsAlan Gibbonsfirst name on this monument195531958id: 38491076no year or age given

174GibsonAlexander Gibsonfirst name on this monument1848811929id: 37911095daughter of Charles and Sarah Jane
Charles Carruthers
Sarah J Carruthers1895821977 Wife of Charles
Frances Jane Gibsonwife of Alexander Gibson1870711941
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175GillisonMary Ethel Gillisonfirst name on this monument1878661944id: 36631070Stone eroded details not clear
Septimus Gillisonhusband of Mary Ethel Gillison1879711950

176GoldieMary Elizabeth Goldiefirst name on this monument1881321913id: 35961087Died at Gateshead
William Goldiehusband of Mary Elizabeth Goldie

177GoodfellowJames Goodfellowfirst name on this monument1909701979id: 36521069photo blurred
Winifred Goodfellowwife of James Goodfellow1911681979

178GoodwinAnnie Goodwinfirst name on this monument1918942012id: 36721095unable to read age

179GormanleyRobertina Gormanleyfirst name on this monument1930802010id: 36811071Photo blurred

180GrayJohn Thomas Grayfirst name on this monument1895671962id: 36301068photo blurred
Jackie Grayson of John Thomas Gray1921191940 Killed in action in France
Martha Graywife of John Thomas Gray1898891987

181GreensittThomas Greensittfirst name on this monument1846701916id: 360510751year obscured 195? No age given
Mary Ann Greensittwife of Thomas Greensitt1847811928

182GreenwoodFrank Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1933692002id: 36751067unable to read age
Florence Greenwoodwife of Frank Greenwood1938732011

183GregoryWilliam H Gregoryfirst name on this monument1908661974id: 38591067no age given
Margaret Jane Gregorywife of William H Gregory1907851992

184GreyRobert Greyfirst name on this monument1933551988id: 35381066photo slightly blurred

185HaganJoseph Haganfirst name on this monument1928722000id: 37391076no age given

186HailesRobert Hailesfirst name on this monument1908331941id: 34371076296167. Airman 2nd class. Royal Air Force.

187HallCaroline Hallfirst name on this monument1886841970id: 38431066age not clear

188HallJoseph Hallfirst name on this monument1835621897id: 35931065Private. Killed in France
Alice Hallwife of Joseph Hall1845821927 Died at Gateshead

189HallMolly Hallfirst name on this monument1907111918id: 34391067296167. Airman 2nd class. Royal Air Force.
George Hallfather of Molly Hall
Elizabeth Hallmother of Molly Hall

190HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1902591961id: 36291066year and age not clear
Frances M Hallwife of Thomas Hall1907701977

191HallWilfred Victor Hallfirst name on this monument1900741974id: 36141066year and age not clear
Elizabeth Hall1905771982

192HamiltonEdna Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1941612002id: 37251065died in South Africa

193HamnettHarry Hamnettfirst name on this monument1896471943id: 34381067296167. Airman 2nd class. Royal Air Force.

194HarbottleAlfred Harbottlefirst name on this monument1881591940id: 33981067Died at Sea
Sarah Harbottlewife of Alfred Harbottle1883851968

195HardmanWilliam Hardmanfirst name on this monument1874601934id: 36081075Interred at St Nicholas Cemetery Newcastle
Gladys May Hardmandaughter of William Hardman1899371936
Sarah Jane Hardmanwife of William Hardman1875761951

196HardyIsabella Galley Hardyfirst name on this monument1862351897id: 34471107of Consett
Annie Isabel Hardydaughter of Isabella Galley Hardy189541899
Job Hardyhusband of Isabella Galley Hardy1865451910
Andrew Hardy190221904 son of Job and Ann
W Hardy1916 Killed in action H.M.S. Malaya. Buried at sea
Ann Pattison Hardysecond wife of husband of Isabella Galley Hardy1863801943

197HeanaghanJames Robert Heanaghanfirst name on this monument1892741966id: 36421070no age given

198HeathMargaret Alice Heathfirst name on this monument1893511944id: 34011066499112 Private. Labour Corps. Slightly blurred
Thomas Heathhusband of Margaret Alice Heath1891621953

199HetheringtonMary Esther Hetheringtonfirst name on this monument1851221873id: 34701069Of Consett

200HillNancy Hillfirst name on this monument1940id: 38261079Accidently Killed
John Hill1959

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