All Saints' Church burial ground, Granby, Nottinghamshire, England

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1AdamsonMary Adamsonfirst name on this monument1763341797id: PG 4355605631070Wife of George Adamson
George Adamsonhusband of Mary Adamson

2ArnallJoseph Arnallfirst name on this monument1769261795id: FG 3015604241096

3ArnallJoseph Arnallfirst name on this monument1769261795id: FG 3575604551085

4ArnallMary Arnallfirst name on this monument1763751838id: FG 3555604531092Relict of the late Samiel Arnall
Samuel Arnallhusband of Mary Arnall

5ArnallMary Arnallfirst name on this monument1763751838id: FG 2995604221098Relict of the late Samuel Arnall
Samuel Arnallhusband of Mary Arnall

6ArnallSamuel Arnallfirst name on this monument1749321781id: FG 3565604541083

7ArnallSamuel Arnallfirst name on this monument1731501781id: FG 3005604231080and interred at Willoughby in this county
Hannah Arnallwife of Samuel Arnall1728881816 Relict of the above Samuel Arnall

8ArnallSamuell Arnallfirst name on this monument1789171806id: FG 3025604251097

9BatemanElizabeth Batemanfirst name on this monument1734121746id: FG 3495604491075Daughter of Will.m and Sarah Bateman
William Batemanfather of Elizabeth Bateman
Sarah Batemanmother of Elizabeth Bateman

10BatemanMary Batemanfirst name on this monument1737251762id: FG 3035604261070The daughter of William and Sarah Bateman
William Batemanfather of Mary Bateman
Sarah Batemanmother of Mary Bateman

11BatemanWilliam Batemanfirst name on this monument1821491870id: FG 2535603901068
Hannah Batemanwife of William Bateman1821621883

12BatemanWilliam Batemanfirst name on this monument1797781875id: FG 2655604011074
Mary Batemanwife of William Bateman1792801872

13BatesAnn Batesfirst name on this monument1802821884id: FG 308
(2 images)
5604271123The faithful wife of William Bates
William Bateshusband of Ann Bates1800841884

14BatesCatharine Ann Batesfirst name on this monument184641850id: FG 3095604281089Only daughter of William and Ann Bates
William Batesfather of Catharine Ann Bates
Ann Batesmother of Catharine Ann Bates

15BatesDaniel Batesfirst name on this monument1799671866id: GCW 2605605741069

16BatesJames Batesfirst name on this monument1768591827id: GCW 2595605731077
Edward Batesson of James Bates Who died in his infancy
Catharine Bateswife of James Bates1766871853

17BatesJohn Batesfirst name on this monument1795791874id: GCW 2615605751079

18BeamWilliam Beamfirst name on this monument1710341744id: FG 2945604181086

19BeecroftStephen Beecroftfirst name on this monument1801751876id: PG 3625605101082
Ann Beecroftwife of Stephen Beecroft1807711878

20BellmanEliz H Bellmanfirst name on this monument1722731795id: FG 3115604291086

21BirchAnn Birchfirst name on this monument1802851887id: FG 3365604441152Relict of Valentine Birch
Valentine Birchhusband of Ann Birch

22BirchValentine Birchfirst name on this monument1749731822id: FG 3345604431080

23BirdThomas Birdfirst name on this monument1746541800id: PG 4335605611072

24BlagdenCharles Blagdenfirst name on this monument1794521846id: FG 323
(2 images)
5604331083Of Long Clawson , Surgeon Third son of the late John Blagden of Chichester Esq.
John Blagdenfather of Charles Blagden Inscription detail

25BlagdenEl;izabeth Blagdenfirst name on this monument1883id: FG 317
(2 images)
5604321076Wife of the late Charles Blagden of Long Clawson and the child(?) of *** William and Aliza *** of this place
Charles Blagdenhusband of El;izabeth Blagden

26BonserJohn Bonserfirst name on this monument1891id: FG 3655604611147April 20th 1891?

27BritonElizabeth Britonfirst name on this monument1695831778id: FG 368
(2 images)
5604621083Wife of the Reverend John Briton
John Britonhusband of Elizabeth Briton

28BrownElizabeth Brownfirst name on this monumentid: FG 3625604571082Widow of William Brown of Collingh
William Brownhusband of Elizabeth Brown

29BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument1769371806id: FG 2545603911069Daughter of Thomas and Sarah? Brown
Thomas Brownfather of Mary Brown
Sarah Brownmother of Mary Brown
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30BudgettRobert Lear Budgettfirst name on this monument1841421883id: FG 2595603961089The dearly beloved husband of Rebecca Thorpe Budgett who died after a long and painful illness
Rebecca Thorne Budgettwife of Robert Lear Budgett

31BuxtonMarkham Buxtonfirst name on this monument1870181888id: FG 2145603701071The beloved son of Thomas and Civil Buxton (of Granby)
Thomas Buxtonfather of Markham Buxton
Civil Buxtonmother of Markham Buxton

32CarringtonHenry Carringtonfirst name on this monument1765731838id: PG 3135604791098
Sarah Carringtonwife of Henry Carrington1765771842

33CarterWilliam Carterfirst name on this monument1849301879id: FG 2565603931089
Hannah Carterwife of William Carter1826671893

34ChettleSarah Chettlefirst name on this monument1797721869id: PG 3125604781088The relict of Thomas Chettle
Thomas Chettlehusband of Sarah Chettle

35ClayIsaac Clayfirst name on this monument1794241818id: PG 3435604941076Son of William and Mary Clay
William Clayfather of Isaac Clay
Mary Claymother of Isaac Clay

36CopleyThomas Copleyfirst name on this monument1778661844id: FG 3425604461080
Ann Copleywife of Thomas Copley1776731849

37CopleyWilliam Copleyfirst name on this monument1808771885id: FG 3385604451092
Ellen Copleywife of William Copley1815651880

38DawnJonathon Dawnfirst name on this monument1763831846id: FG 2585603951090
Mary Dawndaughter of Jonathon Dawn Who died in her infancy
Job Dawnson of Jonathon Dawn181931822
Mary Dawnwife of Jonathon Dawn1779641843

39DawnWilliam Dawnfirst name on this monument1805861891id: FG 2395603831081
Mary Dawnwife of William Dawn1809491858

40DoubledayRichard Doubledayfirst name on this monument1744621806id: PG 4395605671079
Ann Doubledaywife of Richard Doubleday1751711822

41FaulkesIsaac Faulkesfirst name on this monument1709601769id: PG 43456056210941

42FaulkesRichard Fiulkes Faulkesfirst name on this monument1724121736id: PG 4375605651085The son of Robert and Mary Faulkes
Robert Faulkesfather of Richard Fiulkes Faulkes
Mary Faulkesmother of Richard Fiulkes Faulkes

43FaulksMary Faulksfirst name on this monument1737171754no image5605681083The wife of Richard. Date and year hidden beneath ground
Richard Faulkshusband of Mary Faulks

44FaulksRichard Faulksfirst name on this monumentid: PG 4415605691076The son of Richard Faulks
Richard Faulksfather of Richard Faulks

45FaulksThomas Faulksfirst name on this monument1760281788id: PG 443
(2 images)
5605711096Son of Richard and Elizabeth Faulks
Richard Faulksfather of Thomas Faulks
Elizabeth Faulksmother of Thomas Faulks

46FawkesEllin Fawkesfirst name on this monument1667611728id: PG 4185605501086The wife of Richard Fawkes
Richard Fawkeshusband of Ellin Fawkes

47FawkesRobert Fawkesfirst name on this monument1726id: PG 4365605641104Robert and Mary son and daughter of Robert and Mary Fawkes
Robert Fawkesfather of Robert Fawkes
Mary Fawkesmother of Robert Fawkes
Mary Fawkessister of Robert Fawkes1727 Nigh to this stone these 3 babes lie who both di'd in their infancy

48FawlkesElizabeth Fawlkesfirst name on this monument1698261724id: PG 4145605471089Ye daughter of Richard and Hellen Fawlks
Richard Fawlkesfather of Elizabeth Fawlkes
Hellen Fawlkesmother of Elizabeth Fawlkes

49FawlkesRichard Fawlkesfirst name on this monument1667541721id: PG 4175605491084

50FawlkesRichard Fawlkesfirst name on this monument1702221724id: PG 41656054810811Son of Richard and Hellen Fawlkes
Richard Fawlkesfather of Richard Fawlkes
Hellen Fawlkesmother of Richard Fawlkes

51FawlkesThomas Fawlkesfirst name on this monument1696261722id: PG 41356054610791The son of Richard Fawlkes by Hellen his wife
Richard Fawlkesfather of Thomas Fawlkes
Hellen Fawlkesmother of Thomas Fawlkes
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52FlowerEliz Flowerfirst name on this monument1727id: FG 3645604591070Wife of William Flower of Barnston. Age too faint to read
William Flowerhusband of Eliz Flower

53FlowerElizabeth Flowerfirst name on this monument1762351797id: FG 312
(2 images)
5604301081Sacred tro the memory of Elizabeth the wife of William Flower
William Flowerhusband of Elizabeth Flower

54FlowerWilliam Flowerfirst name on this monument1717121729id: FG 3595604561083Son of William and Mary Flower
William Flowerfather of William Flower
Mary Flowermother of William Flower

55FlowerWilliam Flowerfirst name on this monument1718id: FG 3635604581082of Barnston

56FlowerWilliam Flowerfirst name on this monumentid: FG 3655604601077William Flower junior of Barnston

57FlowerWilliam Flowerfirst name on this monument1759611820id: FG 3165604311073

58FosterJohn Fosterfirst name on this monument181531818id: FG 3275604371076Son of William and Elizabeth Foster
William Fosterfather of John Foster
Elizabeth Fostermother of John Foster

59FosterWill M Fosterfirst name on this monument1770871857id: FG 3265604361083
Eliz H Fosterwife of Will M Foster1776741850

60GilmonElizabeth Gilmonfirst name on this monument1842291871id: PG 3535605011090The beloved daughter of Francis and Ann Taylor of Sutton
Francis Taylorfather of Elizabeth Gilmon
Ann Taylormother of Elizabeth Gilmon

61GoodacreJohn Goodacrefirst name on this monument1775491824id: FG 3715604641090d 176*
Frances Goodacrewife of John Goodacre1776471823 In less than two Months were Eleven Children bereaved of their Parents

62GoodacreWilliam Goodacrefirst name on this monument1803361839id: FG 34656044810801

63GreenMary Greenfirst name on this monument1794351829id: PG 4245605541076Also two sons who died in their infancy

64HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1674371711id: PG 4025605391074
Matthew Hallhusband of Ann Hall

65HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1819id: PG 403560540107810 months
Mary Eliz Th Hallsister of Elizabeth Hall182011821 1 year and 7 months

66HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1749341783id: PG 4015605381076Wife of Matthew Hall
Matthew Hallhusband of Elizabeth Hall

67HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1811181829id: PG 391
(6 images)
56053411224Son of Matthew and Sarah Hall
Matthew Hallfather of Henry Hall
Sarah Hallmother of Henry Hall
Agnes Anne Hall1856261882 Daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall
Gertrude Hall1861 Sister of Agnes Ann. Died in infancy

68HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1741841825id: PG 388
(2 images)
Elizabeth Hall1774781852

69HallMatthew Hallfirst name on this monument1731851816id: PG 40056053710862

70HallRichard Hallfirst name on this monument1734311765id: PG 3995605361075Son of Mathew and Ann Hall
Ann Hallmother of Richard Hall

71HallSarah Hallfirst name on this monument1813111824id: PG 40556054110742Son and Daughter of Matt'w and sarah Hall
Thomas Hallbrother of Sarah Hall1825 Aged 5 months
Matthew Hallfather of Sarah Hall
Sarah Hallmother of Sarah Hall

72HallSydney Charles Hallfirst name on this monument1866301896id: FG 24156038410691Son of Matthew and Elizabeth Hall who died ar Sutton (Note Sutton is likely to be Sutton-cum-Granby)
Matthew Hallfather of Sydney Charles Hall
Elizabeth Hallmother of Sydney Charles Hall

73HallWilliam Hallfirst name on this monument1742781820id: PG 39856053510761

74HandburyAnn Handburyfirst name on this monument1752841836id: PG 4265605561075Relict of John Handbury
John Handburyhusband of Ann Handbury

75HandburyWilliam Handburyfirst name on this monument1729761805id: PG 4305605591090

76HansonSarah Hansonfirst name on this monument1667611728id: PG 4455605721080Ye wife of George Hanson
Sarah Hansondaughter of Sarah Hanson1704241728 Ye daughter of Geo.Hanson by Sarah his wife
George Hansonhusband of Sarah Hanson
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77HarveyMary Harveyfirst name on this monument1794451839id: PG 31656048111001The daughter of Richard and Mary Harvey
Richard Harveyfather of Mary Harvey
Mary Harveymother of Mary Harvey

78HarveyRichard Harveyfirst name on this monument1764681832id: PG 3185604831089
Mary Harveywife of Richard Harvey1769781847

79HarveySarah Harveyfirst name on this monument1809561865id: PG 3195604841084Daughter of Richard and Mary Harvey
Richard Harveyfather of Sarah Harvey
Mary Harveymother of Sarah Harvey

80HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument1805251830id: PG 31756048210891

81HatenJulia Hatenfirst name on this monumentid: PG 4115605451077Daughters of William and Eleanor Haten who died in their infancy
William Hatenbrother of Julia Haten184411845
William Hatenfather of Julia Haten
Eleanor Hatenmother of Julia Haten
Lois Hatensister of Julia Haten
Sabina Hatensister of Julia Haten

82HicklingElizabeth Hicklingfirst name on this monumentid: PG 2985604731070Wife of William Hickling
William Hicklinghusband of Elizabeth Hickling

83HicklingElizabeth Hicklingfirst name on this monumentid: FG 2865604121078Wife of William Hickling
William Hicklinghusband of Elizabeth Hickling

84HicklingMartha Hicklingfirst name on this monument172411725id: FG 2845604101075The daughter of Willm and Mary Hickling
William Hicklingfather of Martha Hickling
Mary Hicklingmother of Martha Hickling
Ann Hicklingsister of Martha Hickling1731 Died April 16th? 1731.

85HicklingMary Hicklingfirst name on this monument1759271786id: PG 3025604761081Daughter of William and Elizabeth Hickling
William Hicklingfather of Mary Hickling
Elizabeth Hicklingmother of Mary Hickling

86HicklingMary Ann Hicklingfirst name on this monument1742851827id: PG 3015604751089Relict of Wm Hickling
William Hicklinghusband of Mary Ann Hickling

87HicklingWilliam Hicklingfirst name on this monument1700641764id: FG 285560411106765th year of his age

88HicklingWilliam Hicklingfirst name on this monument1723411764id: PG 2995604741076

89HopenellRobert Hopenellfirst name on this monument1642671709id: FG 3245604341079
Hannah Hopenellwife of Robert Hopenell1788

90HourdAnn Hourdfirst name on this monument1803651868id: FG 2195603731091

91HourdRichard Hourdfirst name on this monument1839361875id: FG 2225603741067Richard Hourd Junr

92HourdThomas Hourdfirst name on this monument1842201862id: FG 2185603721065Son of Richard and Ann Hourd
Richard Hourdfather of Thomas Hourd
Ann Hourdmother of Thomas Hourd

93HourdWilliam Hourdfirst name on this monument1786541840id: PG 3345604881066
Eliz,th Hourdwife of William Hourd1778711849

94HoyteMaria Hoytefirst name on this monument1831641895id: FG 2055603631105The beloved wife of John Hoyte
John Hoyhusband of Maria Hoyte
John George Hoyteson of Maria Hoyte Who died in infancy

95HoyteMary Hoytefirst name on this monument1813411854id: FG 2095603661072Daughter of Mordin and Ann Hoyte
Mordin Hoytefather of Mary Hoyte
Ann Hoytemother of Mary Hoyte

96HoyteMordin Hoytefirst name on this monument1776731849id: FG 20656036410711
Ann Hoytewife of Mordin Hoyte1781681849

97HoyteSamuel Hoytefirst name on this monument1812371849id: FG 2075603651072Son of Mordin and Ann Hoyte
Mordin Hoytefather of Samuel Hoyte
Ann Hoytemother of Samuel Hoyte

98HuckerbyElizabeth Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1816671883id: GCW 267
(3 images)
5605771085The beloved wife of John Huckerby
John Huckerbyhusband of Elizabeth Huckerby
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99HuckerbyJohn Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1813791892id: GCW 263
(3 images)
5605761071Our dear father

100JohnsonGeorge Johnsonfirst name on this monument1738521790id: FG 2925604161073

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