St John (1)'s Church burial ground, Lynesack, Durham, England

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1AbbotSarah Elizabeth Abbotfirst name on this monument187671883id: 1291082
B Abbotfather of Sarah Elizabeth Abbot
P Abbotmother of Sarah Elizabeth Abbot

2AdamsGeorge Adamsfirst name on this monument1814801894id: 1271069
Elizabeth Adamswife of George Adams1816771893

3AlcockThomas Alcockfirst name on this monument1808651873id: 401075
Hannah Alcockdaughter of Thomas Alcock1833111844 Eldest Daughter. Intered at Arkengarthdale
Hannah Alcockdaughter of Thomas Alcock1845151860 Sixth Daughter intered at Cockfield
Mary Alcockwife of Thomas Alcock1813851898

4AldersonCaleb Aldersonfirst name on this monument1858351893id: 1311104
Sarah Ann Aldersonwife of Caleb Alderson

5AldersonCaleb Aldersonfirst name on this monument1824601884id: 1451092
Ann Aldersonwife of Caleb Alderson1828681896

6AldersonJohn Edward Aldersonfirst name on this monument1893661959id: 18111123
Amelia Aldersonwife of John Edward Alderson1894741968

7AldersonJohn William Aldersonfirst name on this monument1891631954id: 9691069

8AldersonSarah Aldersonfirst name on this monument1860491909id: 871074
Luke Aldersonhusband of Sarah Alderson1862691931

9AldersonThomas Edward Aldersonfirst name on this monument1894651959id: 18131087
Elizabeth J Aldersonwife of Thomas Edward Alderson1895771972

10AldersonWilliam Aldersonfirst name on this monumentid: 8851101Year and age not visible
Henry Aldersonfather of William Alderson
Margaret Aldersonmother of William Alderson

11AllenW Harry Allenfirst name on this monumentid: 9311113
Anne J Allen

12AllisonDiana Allisonfirst name on this monument1873371910id: 130
(2 images)
John J C Allisonhusband of Diana Allison1860711931

13AllsoppElizabeth Allsoppfirst name on this monument1825651890id: 20011082
Francis Allsopphusband of Elizabeth Allsopp1825771902

14ArmstrongGeorge Robert Armstrongfirst name on this monument1905781983id: 9371069
Mary Elizabeth Martha Armstrongwife of George Robert Armstrong1912912003

15ArmstrongGeorge Robert Armstrongfirst name on this monument1905781983id: 1481072Plate attached to church gate. Churchwarden of church 1952 - 1983

16ArmstrongJohn Armstrongfirst name on this monument1869681937id: 10041069

17ArmstrongRalph Armstrongfirst name on this monument1877631940id: 9361082
Hannah Jane Armstrongwife of Ralph Armstrong1874731947

18ArmstrongRebecca Armstrongfirst name on this monument1879541933id: 14961080

19ArnisonHilda May Arnisonfirst name on this monument1896id: 14541083of Quarry Lane. Daughter of John and Sarah Arnison
John Arnisonfather of Hilda May Arnison
Sarah Arnisonmother of Hilda May Arnison

20ArnisonMatthew Arnisonfirst name on this monument1832791911id: 20821088
Elizabeth Arnisonwife of Matthew Arnison1839731912

21AtkinsonAnn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1842691911id: 981072
Trueman Atkinsonhusband of Ann Atkinson

22AtkinsonHenry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1821681889id: 20831070
Elizabeth Atkinsonwife of Henry Atkinson1839731912

23AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1845631908id: 18701071
John Atkinsonson of John Atkinson187101871
Ann Atkinsonwife of John Atkinson1847591906

24AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1866751941id: 27091069
Elizabeth Jane Atkinsonwife of John Atkinson1949 age not visible
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25BarnetKate Lilian Barnetfirst name on this monument1879481927id: 9991073

26BatesElizabeth Batesfirst name on this monument1846411887id: 501
(2 images)
John William Dowsongrand son of Elizabeth Bates1904361940 Lost at Sea
John Bateshusband of Elizabeth Bates1845491894

27BatesJames Batesfirst name on this monument1877641941id: 26271067
Mary P Bateswife of James Bates

28BatesJohn Batesfirst name on this monument1873491922id: 91095
Ada Bateswife of John Bates1878861964

29BatesRuth Batesfirst name on this monument1869191888id: 519
(2 images)
Jeremiah Batesfather of Ruth Bates1847571904
Mary Ann Batesmother of Ruth Bates1848501898

30BeadleHenry Beadlefirst name on this monument1883801963id: 9601074
Ethel Beadlewife of Henry Beadle1892881980 Wife of Henry Beadle

31BeadleMarion Hannah Beadlefirst name on this monument1893801973id: 9531083

32BeadleThomas Tarn Beadlefirst name on this monument1904541958id: 9551077

33BeadleThomas William Beadlefirst name on this monument1886721958id: 9521083

34BellAda Janet Bellfirst name on this monument1892641956id: 24921136
Albert Bellhusband of Ada Janet Bell1882941976

35BellAnnie Bellfirst name on this monument1893481941id: 27081069

36BellArthur Bellfirst name on this monument1876821958id: 9591077
Elizabeth Ann Bell1876921968

37BellJane Elizabeth Bellfirst name on this monument1854331887id: 20101068
John Bellhusband of Jane Elizabeth Bell
Fred Bellson of Jane Elizabeth Bell1887291916

38BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1854851939id: 15021067
Margaret Bellwife of John Bell1862761938

39BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1797531850id: 9041077
Margery Bellwife of John Bell1802721874

40BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1846641910id: 2662
(2 images)

41BellJohn William Bellfirst name on this monument1882481930id: 14711069
Mabel Alma Bellwife of John William Bell1882521934

42BlackettCicely Blackettfirst name on this monument1872821954id: 27171066

43BlackettCuthbert Blackettfirst name on this monument1855821937id: 2749
(2 images)
Mary Blackettwife of Cuthbert Blackett1856801936

44BlackettCuthbert Blackettfirst name on this monument1814611875id: 272410691of Summer Hill
Thomas Blackettson of Cuthbert Blackett1850191869 Son of Cuthbert and Hannah
Hannah Blackettwife of Cuthbert Blackett1817441861

45BlackettCuthbert Blackettfirst name on this monument1855821937id: 27481074
Mary Blackettwife of Cuthbert Blackett1856801936

46BlackettDowson Blackettfirst name on this monument1892701962id: 27251079

47BlackettEdward Blackettfirst name on this monument1842741916id: 5241084
Rachel Blackettwife of Edward Blackett

48BlackettEtta Blackettfirst name on this monument1961id: 18171080

49BlackettEzra Blackettfirst name on this monument1879191898id: 5621069Killed at Storey Lodge Colliery
Brian Blackettfather of Ezra Blackett
Sarah Ann Blackettmother of Ezra Blackett

50BlackettHannah Blackettfirst name on this monument1815871902id: 1887
(2 images)
John Blacketthusband of Hannah Blackett

51BlackettJohn Blackettfirst name on this monument1841701911id: 18711078
Martha Blackettwife of John Blackett1841751916

52BlackettJohn Thomas Blackettfirst name on this monument1890601950id: 2486
(2 images)
Amy Blackettwife of John Thomas Blackett1889841973
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53BlackettJoseph Blackettfirst name on this monument1857561913id: 559
(2 images)
Sarah Blacketthusband of Joseph Blackett

54BlackettMargaret Ann Blackettfirst name on this monument1862541916id: 6071080
George Blacketthusband of Margaret Ann Blackett1862721934
George Blackettson of Margaret Ann Blackett1889151904

55BlackettMargaret Ann Blackettfirst name on this monument1862541916id: 532
(2 images)
George Blacketthusband of Margaret Ann Blackett1862721934
George Blackettson of Margaret Ann Blackett1889151904

56BlackettMartha Blackettfirst name on this monument1837511888id: 509
(2 images)
Cuthbert Blacketthusband of Martha Blackett

57BlackettMary Blackettfirst name on this monument1876251901id: 27761071
Thomas Blacketthusband of Mary Blackett

58BlackettMary Ann Blackettfirst name on this monument1819681887id: 1141089
Robert Blacketthusband of Mary Ann Blackett1815881903
George Blackettson of Mary Ann Blackett1859 age 6 weeks
Thomas Blackettson of Mary Ann Blackett1851331884

59BlackettMary Jane Blackettfirst name on this monument1854441898id: 5391075
Cuthbert Blacketthusband of Mary Jane Blackett
John Blackettson of Mary Jane Blackett1881101891

60BlackettRobert Blackettfirst name on this monument1852471899id: 2503
(2 images)
Mary Blackettdaughter of Robert Blackett1881281909

61BlackettRose Elizabeth Blackettfirst name on this monument1878781956id: 24901073
Thomas Blacketthusband of Rose Elizabeth Blackett

62BlackettThomas Blackettfirst name on this monument1879721951id: 6121068
Rose Elizabeth Blackettwife of Thomas Blackett

63BlackettThomas Blackettfirst name on this monument1879721951id: 18491077
Rose Elizabeth Blackettwife of Thomas Blackett

64BlackettThomas Blackettfirst name on this monument1867731940id: 27071071
Cicely Blackettwife of Thomas Blackett

65BlackettWilliam Blackettfirst name on this monument1819781897id: 421079
Cuthbert Blackettson of William Blackett1840521892
Margaret Blackettwife of William Blackett1821811902

66BlandEdward Littlefaire Blandfirst name on this monument1850831933id: 5521076
Margaret Blandwife of Edward Littlefaire Bland

67BlandElizabeth Jane Blandfirst name on this monument1876181894id: 5401085
Edward Littlefare Blandfather of Elizabeth Jane Bland Spelt Littlefaire on other stones
Margaret Blandmother of Elizabeth Jane Bland

68BlandJohn Blandfirst name on this monument1852171869id: 381079
James Blandbrother of John Bland Died in Infancy
Samuel Blandbrother of John Bland1865281893
Jeremiah Blandfather of John Bland1816681884
Elizabeth Blandmother of John Bland1828631891
Elizabeth Jane Blandsister of John Bland1859221881

69BlandMargaret Blandfirst name on this monument1856441900id: 5491071
Edward Littlefaire Blandhusband of Margaret Bland

70BlenkinsoppMary Dawson Blenkinsoppfirst name on this monument1896281924id: 26361076

71BoultbeeFanny Boultbeefirst name on this monument1836371873id: 1391079
James Boultbeehusband of Fanny Boultbee Vicar of Wrangthorn , Leeds
Floy Robson1870781948 Died at Epsom

72BowserCatherine Bowserfirst name on this monument1842521894id: 1281073
Annie Maria Bowserdaughter of Catherine Bowser187711878
Meggie Bowserdaughter of Catherine Bowser187261878
James W Bowserhusband of Catherine Bowser
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73BowserJames Whitfield Bowserfirst name on this monument1840661906id: 19111070

74BrownBarbara Ellen Brownfirst name on this monument191271919id: 2077
(2 images)
Robert Edward Brownfather of Barbara Ellen Brown
Florence Ellen Brownmother of Barbara Ellen Brown
Celia Florence Hanton Brownsister of Barbara Ellen Brown1909101919

75BrownEdith Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1885161901id: 66
(2 images)
Thomas Brownfather of Edith Ann Brown1855971952
Mary Ann Brownmother of Edith Ann Brown

76BrownElizabeth Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1883761959id: 6321069
Dorothy May Browndaughter of Elizabeth Ann Brown1908191927
Christopher Brownhusband of Elizabeth Ann Brown1877831960

77BrownFeron Brownfirst name on this monument1902541956id: 27591077

78BrownFlorence Ellen Brownfirst name on this monument1887651952id: 18481067
Robert Edward Brown1882811963

79BrownFreda Brownfirst name on this monument194171948id: 27041066

80BrownGeorge Robert Brownfirst name on this monument1882731955id: 27131076
Mary Jane Brownwife of George Robert Brown1883861969

81BrownHerbert Brownfirst name on this monument1891601951id: 18281078

82BrownJohn James Brownfirst name on this monument1870771947id: 18551092
Thomasena Sarah Brownwife of John James Brown1874791953

83BrownMargaret Ann Brownfirst name on this monument189041894id: 1448
(2 images)
Robert Brownfather of Margaret Ann Brown of Butterknowle
Mary H Brownmother of Margaret Ann Brown

84BrownRobert Brownfirst name on this monument1832791911id: 78
(2 images)
Margaret Brownwife of Robert Brown1839771916

85BrunskillAda Mary Brunskillfirst name on this monument1871581929id: 522
(2 images)
Hannah Jane Brunskilldaughter of Ada Mary Brunskill1903391942
Thomas Brunskillhusband of Ada Mary Brunskill1868791947

86BrunskillJohn William Brunskillfirst name on this monument1907511958id: 9561069

87BrunskillRachel Brunskillfirst name on this monument1809751884id: 11021075
Elizabeth Brunskilldaughter of Rachel Brunskill185361859
Thomas Brunskillhusband of Rachel Brunskill1804811885
John Brunskillson of Rachel Brunskill1859
Joseph Brunskillson of Rachel Brunskill1849101859
Wiilliam Brunskillson of Rachel Brunskill1844151859

88BrunskillRobert Brunskillfirst name on this monument1822791901id: 25091072
Rachel Brunskilldaughter of Robert Brunskill1859131872
Elizabeth Brunskillwife of Robert Brunskill1820821902

89BulmerJohn T Bulmerfirst name on this monument1874711945id: 9471088

90BurrellJohn Burrellfirst name on this monument1847561903id: 27521071
Charlotte Burrellwife of John Burrell1853831936

91ButtleHarriet Buttlefirst name on this monument1841471888id: 14391072
Thomas Buttlehusband of Harriet Buttle
Robert Charles Buttleson of Harriet Buttle1888

92ButtleMargaret Buttlefirst name on this monument1877841961id: 27231073
Ellenor Buttledaughter of Margaret Buttle1917832000 daughter of Arthur F and Margaret Buttle
Arthur F Buttlehusband of Margaret Buttle1879821961

93CarrWilson Carrfirst name on this monument1923271950id: 19051067

94CarterAddison Carterfirst name on this monument1876691945id: 9451119
Matilda Carterwife of Addison Carter1881781959

95CarterAnthony Carterfirst name on this monument1844731917id: 721082
Elizabeth Carterfirst wife of Anthony Carter1845181863
Margaret Cartersecond wife of Anthony Carter1847691916
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96CarterCuthbert Simpson Carterfirst name on this monument1841581899id: 27441081
Jane Carterwife of Cuthbert Simpson Carter1845751920

97CarterJohn Carterfirst name on this monument1863661929id: 14741078

98CarterJohn Carterfirst name on this monument1870421912id: 991085
Simpson Carterfather of John Carter
Jane Cartermother of John Carter

99CarterOlive Carterfirst name on this monument1909461955id: 271610861
William Alfred Carterhusband of Olive Carter1906781984

100ChapmanAnn Chapmanfirst name on this monument1827641891id: 1101110
William Chapmanhusband of Ann Chapman
Christopher Chapmanson of Ann Chapman1866201886

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