Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

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101FitzGeraldKate FitzGeraldfirst name on this monument1892id: Glas285457031097
Charles Clarke FitzGeraldhusband of Kate FitzGerald1823811904

102FitzsimonsAnne Fitzsimonsfirst name on this monument1825211846id: Glas2835459571105
John Fitzsimonsbrother of Anne Fitzsimons1828291857
John Fitzsimonsfather of Anne Fitzsimons1789651854
Bridget Fitzsimonsmother of Anne Fitzsimons40
Thomas Fitzsimonsson of Anne Fitzsimons21
Garrett Reillyrelationship not known of Anne Fitzsimons1793841877 Son of Matthew Reilly.
Margaret Reillyrelationship not known of Anne Fitzsimons1769911860 Wife of Matthew Reilly.
Matthew Reillyrelationship not known of Anne Fitzsimons1776621838
Matthew Reillyrelationship not known of Anne Fitzsimons

103FlahertyMartin Flahertyfirst name on this monument1805401845id: Glas1945458681092
Elizabeth Flahertydaughter of Martin Flaherty Died young.
Stephen Flahertyson of Martin Flaherty Died young.
Elizabeth Kavanaghrelationship not known of Martin Flaherty1786521838 Wife of Garrett Kavanagh.
Garrett Kavanaghrelationship not known of Martin Flaherty1785521837

104FloodMargaret Floodfirst name on this monument1842id: Glas455457201072She died in her 50's.
Ces Flooddaughter of Margaret Flood1820181838
Laurance Floodson of Margaret Flood1819231842
Paul Floodson of Margaret Flood21 Died 20th April.

105FlynnMargaret Flynnfirst name on this monument1833351868id: Glas2765459501073Wife of Martin Flynn
Martin Flynnhusband of Margaret Flynn

106FogartyMary Fogartyfirst name on this monument1902id: Glas175456921079
Michael Fogartyhusband of Mary Fogarty1882
Margaret Cullenrelationship not known of Mary Fogarty1855791934

107FordElizabeth Fordfirst name on this monument1757911848id: Glas1265458011079Widow of William Ford.
William Fordhusband of Elizabeth Ford

108FordPatrick Fordfirst name on this monument1769761845id: Glas2485459221078
Mark Fordson of Patrick Ford1811451856

109FottrellMargaret Fottrellfirst name on this monument1832271859id: Glas855457601076Wife of Christopher Fottrell.
Christopher Fottrellhusband of Margaret Fottrell

110FoxAgnes Foxfirst name on this monument1814501864id: Glas15554582910991Mother of John Fox.
Joseph Foxbrother of Agnes Fox184661852
John Joseph Foxgrand son of Agnes Fox186731870

111FoxGeralding Mary Foxfirst name on this monument1925201945id: Glas745457491077WW2 Number W.279823. Auxillary Territorial Service.

112FoxP Foxfirst name on this monument1901421943id: Glas7054574510751WW2 Number 13039933. Pioneer Corps.

113FoxRichard Foxfirst name on this monument1843371880id: Glas1545458281070Husband of MaryAnne Fox.
John Joseph Foxson of Richard Fox1875 Aged 3 months.
Mary Anne Foxwife of Richard Fox

114GallagherHugh Gallagherfirst name on this monument1795501845id: Glas1665458401078Husband of Bridget Gallagher.
Bridget Gallagherwife of Hugh Gallagher

115GamlyPeter Gamlyfirst name on this monument1864id: Glas65456811078Husband of Ellen.
Ellen Gamlywife of Peter Gamly

116GannonThomas Gannonfirst name on this monument186711868id: Glas1455458201077And 5 months. Son of Thomas Gannon.
Thomas Gannonfather of Thomas Gannon
Mary Anne Gannonsister of Thomas Gannon186531868 Died in October.

117GarrettJoseph Garrettfirst name on this monument1854181872id: Glas2415459151091Brother of John Garrett.
John Garrettbrother of Joseph Garrett
Peter Garrettbrother of Joseph Garrett1855341889

118GeratyMary Geratyfirst name on this monument1793421835id: Glas2625459361070Wife of Patrick Geraty.
Patrick Geratyhusband of Mary Geraty
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119GibneyTeresa Gibneyfirst name on this monument1821331854id: Glas2145458881073Wife of William Gibney.
Thomas Gibneybrother-in-law of Teresa Gibney1826361862
William Gibneyhusband of Teresa Gibney
Mary Laynsister of Teresa Gibney1817191836

120GillispyWilliam Gillispyfirst name on this monument1818391857id: Glas785457531070Also his brother Hugh.

121GlynnMary Anne Glynnfirst name on this monument1825181843id: Glas2525459261091
Patrick Glynnfather of Mary Anne Glynn1858
Catherine Glynnsister of Mary Anne Glynn1816371853

122GoffBridget Gofffirst name on this monument1784501834id: Glas2575459311093Mother of Mrs Davis.
Anne Quinnrelationship not known of Bridget Goff1785801865

123GoldricksMary Ann Goldricksfirst name on this monument1866id: Glas1835458571067
Andrew Goldricksbrother of Mary Ann Goldricks1866 Aged 8 months.
Edward Goldricksbrother of Mary Ann Goldricks187011871 And 6 months.
Thomas Goldricksbrother of Mary Ann Goldricks1859331892
Andrew Goldricksfather of Mary Ann Goldricks1844501894
Bridget Goldricksmother of Mary Ann Goldricks1839481887

124GravesPatrick Gravesfirst name on this monument1850id: Glas1005457751078Aged 8 months.
Catherine Gravesdaughter of Patrick Graves Died young.
Mary Gravesdaughter of Patrick Graves Died young.
John Gravesfather of Patrick Graves1811661877
Mary Gravesmother of Patrick Graves1829581887

125GreenPeter Greenfirst name on this monument183421836id: Glas2845459581085Son of Anne Green.
Elizabeth Briengrand aunt of Peter Green1777591836 Aunt of Anne Green.
Anne Greenmother of Peter Green
William Kellyrelationship not known of Peter Green1798391837

126GroganLaurence Groganfirst name on this monument1786501836id: Glas2795459531080Husband of Rachel Grogan.
Rachel Groganwife of Laurence Grogan

127GunningM Gunningfirst name on this monument1918id: Glas1215457961092WW1 Number 7034. Royal Irish Regiment. He served under the surname Lawless.

128HallJane Hallfirst name on this monument1809351844id: Glas2175458911068Wife of William Hall.
Rosanna Halldaughter of Jane Hall Died in June.
William Hallhusband of Jane Hall
Rosanna Hallmother-in-law of Jane Hall1779651844
John Hallson of Jane Hall Died in October.

129HallanJames Hallanfirst name on this monument183511836id: Glas2335459071084And 2 months. Son of Thomas Hallan.
Thomas Hallanfather of James Hallan
June Laulerrelationship not known of James Hallan1806441850 name could be Jane Lawler - cousin in Law to Thomas Hallan.

130HalleyJ Halleyfirst name on this monument1888311919id: Glas625457371070WW1 Number WR/315468. Royal Engineers.

131HalpenMichael Halpenfirst name on this monument1807331840id: Glas2255458991077Husband of Mary Halpen. Children who died young are also mentioned.
Mary Halpenwife of Michael Halpen

132HaltonCatherine Haltonfirst name on this monument1828471875id: Glas1725458461072
Nannie Haltondaughter of Catherine Halton1857201877
Catherine Mary Kavanaghgrand daughter of Catherine Halton187861884 And 4 months.
Thomas Haltonhusband of Catherine Halton1818651883

133HamiltonAnne Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1843721915id: Glas178
(2 images)
Mary Anne Hamiltonaunt of Anne Hamilton
Robert Hamiltoncousin of Anne Hamilton
William Hamiltonfather of Anne Hamilton
Robert Hamiltongrand father of Anne Hamilton
Anne Hamiltongrand mother of Anne Hamilton
Catherine Hamiltonmother of Anne Hamilton
John Hamiltonuncle of Anne Hamilton
Robert Hamiltonuncle of Anne Hamilton
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134HandleyP J Handleyfirst name on this monument1838351873id: Glas12
(2 images)
5456871081Erected by his cousin Michael Murphy.
Michael Murphycousin of P J Handley

135HanrattyMargaret Hanrattyfirst name on this monument1834id: Glas2015458751083Wife of Patrick Hanratty.
Patrick Hanrattyhusband of Margaret Hanratty
Julia Hanrattysister of Margaret Hanratty1823401863 Surname may not be Hanratty.

136HartfordElizabeth Hartfordfirst name on this monument1786721858id: Glas38
(2 images)
5457131094Relict of Thomas Hartford and mother of William Hartford.
Thomas Hartfordhusband of Elizabeth Hartford
William Hartfordson of Elizabeth Hartford

137HarveyJulia Harveyfirst name on this monument183411835id: Glas2475459211080And 6 months. Daughter of Arthur Harvey.
Arthur Harveyfather of Julia Harvey

138HealyBridget Healyfirst name on this monument1825451870id: Glas18954586311181
Thomas Whelanbrother-in-law of Bridget Healy1800501850
William Moranfather of Bridget Healy1778801858
Marianne Moranmother of Bridget Healy1786541840
Bridget Whelanniece of Bridget Healy Died young.
Marianne Whelanniece of Bridget Healy Died young.
Catherine Moransister of Bridget Healy1811291840
Christopher Moranuncle of Bridget Healy1782771859

139HearnCatherine Hearnfirst name on this monument1835171852id: Glas985457731083Daughter of Michael Hearn.
Michael Hearnfather of Catherine Hearn
Margaret Powellrelationship not known of Catherine Hearn1775611836

140HearneEllen Hearnefirst name on this monument1817651882id: Glas535457281090
Essy Weirdaughter of Ellen Hearne1834261860
William Weirgrand son of Ellen Hearne Died young.

141HeffernanE Heffernanfirst name on this monument1889301919id: Glas775457521082WW1 Number 7220. Royal Irish Regiment.

142HickeyDenis Hickeyfirst name on this monument1854361890id: Glas144
(2 images)
John Francis Hickeyson of Denis Hickey188431887 And 6 months.
William Hickeyson of Denis Hickey1886321918
Catherine Hickeywife of Denis Hickey1852351887

143HickeyJohn Hickeyfirst name on this monument1809701879id: Glas236
(3 images)
Loisa Hickeydaughter of John Hickey
Marcella Hickeydaughter of John Hickey
Joseph Hickeyfather of John Hickey
Esther Hickeymother of John Hickey
John Joseph Hickeyson of John Hickey
John Michael Hickeyson of John Hickey1912
Anne Hickeysister of John Hickey
Maria Hickeywife of John Hickey1818681886

144HindsMary Ann Hindsfirst name on this monument1827301857id: Glas865457611073Sister of K L Hinds and 9th child of the late David Hinds.
David Hindsfather of Mary Ann Hinds

145HolliganMichael Holliganfirst name on this monument1786461832id: Glas1705458441071
Catherine Holligandaughter of Michael Holligan Died young.
Elizabeth Holligandaughter of Michael Holligan1830111841
Catherine Holliganwife of Michael Holligan1796671863

146HolohanKate Josephine Holohanfirst name on this monument1840701910id: Glas445457191067

147HoskinsMaryann Hoskinsfirst name on this monument184011841id: Glas1625458361088And 4 months. Daughter of William Hoskins.
William Hoskinsfather of Maryann Hoskins
Patrick Devinegrand father of Maryann Hoskins1774751849

148HowlinJohn Howlinfirst name on this monument1792771869id: Glas3005459741078Father of John Howlin.
John Howlinson of John Howlin
Mary Howlinwife of John Howlin1795741869
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149HughesElizabeth Hughesfirst name on this monument1782581840id: Glas1845458581068
Thomas Hugheshusband of Elizabeth Hughes1774751849

150HughesJames Hughesfirst name on this monument182951834id: Glas835457581067
James Hughesfather of James Hughes1772651837

151HughesJames Hughesfirst name on this monument1853id: Glas55456801098
Alicia Hughesdaughter of James Hughes1879
Harriett Hughesdaughter of James Hughes Died young.
Frederick Hughesson of James Hughes Died young.
James Hughesson of James Hughes Died young.
Belinda Hughesrelationship not known of James Hughes1878
Marcus Walter Hughesrelationship not known of James Hughes1903

152HuttonJ Huttonfirst name on this monument1917id: Glas635457381067WW1 Number 3812. Leinster Regiment.

153JamesMary Jamesfirst name on this monument1788441832id: Glas1595458331071Wife of William James.
William Jameshusband of Mary James

154JohnstonM Johnstonfirst name on this monument1918id: Glas815457561068WW1 Number 21701. Royal Irish Fusiliers.

155KaneJ Kanefirst name on this monument1883311914id: Glas665457411070WW1 Number 6391. Royal Irish Rifles.

156KavanaghAnn Kavanaghfirst name on this monument1809281837id: Glas1715458451106Sister of Daniel Kavanagh.
Daniel Kavanaghbrother of Ann Kavanagh

157KavanaghMary Kavanaghfirst name on this monument1806741880id: Glas335457081086Wife of Daniel Kavanagh.
Elizabeth Kavanaghdaughter of Mary Kavanagh1844441888
Daniel Kavanaghhusband of Mary Kavanagh

158KavanaghSimon Kavanaghfirst name on this monument183211833id: Glas875457621074And 6 months. Son of Simon Kavanagh.
Simon Kavanaghfather of Simon Kavanagh

159KeanyMary Keanyfirst name on this monument1938id: Glas1175457921072

160KearneyBridget Kearneyfirst name on this monument182941833id: Glas2945459681075Daughter of William Kearney.
Francis Kearneybrother of Bridget Kearney1835 Aged 4 weeks.
William Kearneyfather of Bridget Kearney
Julia Kearneysister of Bridget Kearney183211833 And 6 months.

161KearneyPeter Kearneyfirst name on this monument1855id: Glas1425458171081Died young.
Margaret McCoyaunt of Peter Kearney1792641856
John Kearneybrother of Peter Kearney1855 Died young.
Thomas Kearneyfather of Peter Kearney
Catherine Kearneymother of Peter Kearney1806561862 Wife of Thomas Kearney.

162KearnsJoseph Kearnsfirst name on this monumentid: Glas2725459461071Died young. Son of Edward Kearns.
Susan Kearnsaunt of Joseph Kearns1800351835 Year of death may be wrong.
Edward Kearnsfather of Joseph Kearns
Catherine Kearnsmother of Joseph Kearns1797531850

163KearnsSarah Kearnsfirst name on this monument1830401870id: Glas995457741102
Mary Carthydaughter of Sarah Kearns1855821937
George Carthygrand son of Sarah Kearns Died young
William Carthygrand son of Sarah Kearns Died young.
Bernard Carthy Jnrgrand son of Sarah Kearns1890291919
Barnard Carthyson-in-law of Sarah Kearns1853551908
George Kernsrelationship not known of Sarah Kearns1828751903 Kerns or Kearns is mis-spelt.

164KeatingCharles Keatingfirst name on this monument1840461886id: Glas1135457881077
Rosanna Keatingdaughter of Charles Keating1880131893
Teresa Keatingwife of Charles Keating1850431893

165KeatingPeter Keatingfirst name on this monument1830501880id: Glas1975458711069Son of Edward Keating.
Edward Keatingfather of Peter Keating
Edward Keatingson of Peter Keating1859171876

166KeeleyR Keeleyfirst name on this monument1895251920id: Glas2165458901069WW1 Number T/1610. Royal Army Service Corps.
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167KeelyJames Walter Keelyfirst name on this monument1842201862id: Glas274
(3 images)
5459481074Year of death may be incorrect.
Edward Keelyrelationship not known of James Walter Keely1844281872 Son of Maryann and James Keely.
James Keelyrelationship not known of James Walter Keely
Maryann Keelyrelationship not known of James Walter Keely1808561864 Wife of James Keely.

168KeenanPatrick Keenanfirst name on this monument1798441842id: Glas1985458721076Husband of Margaret Keenan.
William Keenanbrother of Patrick Keenan1787461833
Margaret Keenanwife of Patrick Keenan

169KellyC Kellyfirst name on this monument1920id: Glas715457461070WW1 Number 200334. Labour Corps.

170KellyJohn Kellyfirst name on this monument1803571860id: Glas11
(2 images)
5456861068Also six of their children who died young.
Letitia Kellywife of John Kelly1814711885

171KellyJoseph Kellyfirst name on this monument1840id: Glas1025457771067Aged 5 months. Son of Catherine Kelly.
Catherine Kellymother of Joseph Kelly

172KellyPatrick Kellyfirst name on this monument1796571853id: Glas2455459191068Father of Patrick Kelly.
Patrick Kellyson of Patrick Kelly
Sarah Kellywife of Patrick Kelly1798571855

173KellyRichard Kellyfirst name on this monument1826101836id: Glas2555459291127
John Kellyfather of Richard Kelly1779781857

174KenneallyMaryanne Kenneallyfirst name on this monument1862171879id: Glas505457251095
Catherine Noonanaunt of Maryanne Kenneally1863701933
Bridget Kenneallymother of Maryanne Kenneally1838761914

175KennedyCharles Kennedyfirst name on this monument1874id: Glas206
(2 images)
William Kennedyson of Charles Kennedy1877
Maria Kennedywife of Charles Kennedy1868

176KennedyEliza Kennedyfirst name on this monument1834id: Glas1385458131069Aged 8 months. Daughter of Dennis Kennedy.
Dennis Kennedyfather of Eliza Kennedy

177KennedyMargaret Kennedyfirst name on this monument1835111846id: Glas545457291085
Michael Kennedyfather of Margaret Kennedy1815431858
Anne Kennedymother of Margaret Kennedy1804461850
Catherine Kennedysister of Margaret Kennedy1846201866
Patrick Kennedyrelationship not known of Margaret Kennedy1875 Grandchild of Michael Kennedy. Died aged 5 months.

178KennyPatrick Kennyfirst name on this monument1798501848id: Glas565457311073Husband of Catherine Kenny.

179KeyburnJohn Keyburnfirst name on this monument183521837id: Glas1395458141078Son of George Keyburn.
George Keyburnfather of John Keyburn
Mary Anne Keyburnsister of John Keyburn183161837

180KiernanThomas Kiernanfirst name on this monument1847421889id: Glas495457241075

181KilmartinDaniel Kilmartinfirst name on this monument1898id: Glas1305458051084Died in April
Catherine Kilmartindaughter of Daniel Kilmartin1944
Josephine Kilmartindaughter of Daniel Kilmartin1904 Died in August.
Mary Anne Kilmartindaughter of Daniel Kilmartin1902 Died in November.
Rose Anne Kilmartindaughter of Daniel Kilmartin1928 Died in October.
Peter Kilmartinson of Daniel Kilmartin1941
Elizabeth Kilmartinwife of Daniel Kilmartin1929

182KinahanAnne Kinahanfirst name on this monument1864161880id: Glas2695459431085
James Kinahanfather of Anne Kinahan1832681900
Margaret Kinahanmother of Anne Kinahan1836641900

183KirwanAnne Kirwanfirst name on this monument183511836id: Glas1095457841078And 4 months.
Peter Kirwanbrother of Anne Kirwan1840 Aged 6 months.
Peter Kirwanfather of Anne Kirwan
Anne Kirwanmother of Anne Kirwan1846 Wife of Peter Kirwan.

184KirwanJohn Kirwanfirst name on this monumentid: Glas1115457861114
Bridget Behandaughter of John Kirwan
Catherine Behangrand daughter of John Kirwan
Mary Agnes Behangrand daughter of John Kirwan
James Behangrand son of John Kirwan
John Behangrand son of John Kirwan
James Behanson-in-law of John Kirwan Father of Sister Mary Agnes and John Behan.
Catherine Kirwanwife of John Kirwan
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185KirwanThomas Kirwanfirst name on this monument183431837id: Glas1675458411068
Michael Kirwanbrother of Thomas Kirwan1829161845
John Kirwanfather of Thomas Kirwan1799501849

186LanganLawrence Langanfirst name on this monument1829201849id: Glas2354569810791
Thomas Joseph Langanbrother of Lawrence Langan7
Patrick Langanfather of Lawrence Langan1805841889
Maria Langansister of Lawrence Langan21
Marianne Langansister of Lawrence Langan11
Teresa Mary Langansister of Lawrence Langan25
Marcella Langanwife of Lawrence Langan1809781887

187LeddyThomas Leddyfirst name on this monument184451849id: Glas1515458251074
John Leddybrother of Thomas Leddy1839101849
Patrick Leddybrother of Thomas Leddy1848421890
James Leddyfather of Thomas Leddy1812541866
Mary Anne Leddymother of Thomas Leddy1827651892
Anne Leddysister of Thomas Leddy185241856

188ListonAlice Mary Listonfirst name on this monument187341877id: Glas75456821096Daughter of Nicholas Liston
Nicholas Listonfather of Alice Mary Liston
Mary Frances Listonsister of Alice Mary Liston187341877 And 3 months. Daughter of Nicholas Liston.
Edmund Campbellrelationship not known of Alice Mary Liston1877241901 Age may be wrong. Son of Daniel D Liston.
Daniel D Listonrelationship not known of Alice Mary Liston
James Listonrelationship not known of Alice Mary Liston1871101881 And 10 months. Son of Daniel D Liston.

189LoughmanEllen Loughmanfirst name on this monument1797701867id: Glas2995459731083Wife of George Loughman.
Hannah Loughmandaughter of Ellen Loughman1840181858
George Loughmanhusband of Ellen Loughman

190LynchElizabeth Lynchfirst name on this monument186211863id: Glas1195457941075And 2 months.
William Lynchfather of Elizabeth Lynch1823501873

191LynchMary Lynchfirst name on this monument1806321838id: Glas1205457951138
Eliza Lynchdaughter-in-law of Mary Lynch1824691893
Edward Lynchgrand son of Mary Lynch1846251871
Patrick Lynchgrand son of Mary Lynch Died young.
Patrick Lynchhusband of Mary Lynch1785771862
James Lynchson of Mary Lynch1825481873

192LynchMichael Lynchfirst name on this monument1824751899id: Glas136
(2 images)
James William Lynchson of Michael Lynch1865211886
Michael Lynchson of Michael Lynch12 Buried in Thurles.
Bridget Lynchwife of Michael Lynch1827651892 Interred in grave L134 and a half.

193LyonsMichael Lyonsfirst name on this monument1810461856id: Glas1475458221070
Mary Jane Lyonsdaughter of Michael Lyons1841281869
Catherine Lyonswife of Michael Lyons1810601870

194MaddenMichael Maddenfirst name on this monument1801451846id: Glas1935458671112Husband of Mary Madden. Due to alteration the year of death can also be read 1856 or 1844 or 1846.
Anne Maddendaughter of Michael Madden Died young.
Mary Maddenwife of Michael Madden

195MageeJohn Mageefirst name on this monument1805201825id: Glas4054571510841Date may be incorrect. Son of Thomas Magee.
John Toolebrother-in-law of John Magee1778541832
Thomas Mageefather of John Magee

196MaherMargaret Maherfirst name on this monument1788841872id: Glas2705459441071Mother of Ellen Maher.
Ellen Maherdaughter of Margaret Maher
Sarah McCullaghdaughter of Margaret Maher1838341872
Elizabeth Maherdaughter-in-law of Margaret Maher1837471884
Maria Mahergrand daughter of Margaret Maher1858101868
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197MahonSarah Mahonfirst name on this monument1835id: Glas2345459081092
Catherine Fosterrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1939
Leo Fosterrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1896
Margaret Fosterrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1903
Catherine Gibbonsrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1864
Bedelia Mahonrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1874
Joseph Mahonrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1850
Mariame Mahonrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1872
Peter Mahonrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1879
Teresa Mahonrelationship not known of Sarah Mahon1868

198MaloneEliza Malonefirst name on this monument1834671901id: Glas1885458621073
Elizabeth Malonedaughter of Eliza Malone186431867
Patrick Malonehusband of Eliza Malone1839801919

199MartinAnne Mary Martinfirst name on this monument1818191837id: Glas145456891073Daughter of John Martin.
John Martinfather of Anne Mary Martin

200MartinJoseph Walter O'malley Martinfirst name on this monument49id: Glas244
(3 images)
5459181124Died on 16th September. Son of Doninick and Monica.
Dominick Martinrelationship not known of Joseph Walter O'malley Martin1806711877
Margaret Josephine Martinrelationship not known of Joseph Walter O'malley Martin1828241852 Daughter of Edward O'Malley.
Monica Martinrelationship not known of Joseph Walter O'malley Martin
Edward O'Malleyrelationship not known of Joseph Walter O'malley Martin

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