Evenwood Cemetery, Evenwood, Durham, England

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Monument list

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301RobinsonMargaret Robinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 22711079no age or year given

302RobinsonMary Robinsonfirst name on this monument1826841910id: 2295
(2 images)
Sarah Elizabeth Robinsondaughter of Mary Robinson1857601917
George Robinsonhusband of Mary Robinson The Late George

303RobinsonMary Ann Robinsonfirst name on this monument1884711955id: 17911067

304RobinsonNancy Robinsonfirst name on this monument1911902001id: 25761067

305RobinsonReuben Robinsonfirst name on this monument1909671976id: 17781079

306RobinsonSarah Ellen Robinsonfirst name on this monument1857691926id: 19611076
James Nixon Robinsonhusband of Sarah Ellen Robinson1857701927

307RobinsonSarah Ellen Robinsonfirst name on this monument1857691926id: 22941068
James Nixon Robinsonwife of Sarah Ellen Robinson1857701927

308RobinsonWilliam A Robinsonfirst name on this monument1844521896id: 23001075
Sarah Ann Robinsonwife of William A Robinson

309RobinsonWilliam Adamson Robinsonfirst name on this monument1884591943id: 21371104
Selina Robinsonwife of William Adamson Robinson

310RobsonJames Robsonfirst name on this monument1929571986id: 28811069

311RobsonMick Robsonfirst name on this monument1944381982id: 28801077

312RobsonThomas Robsonfirst name on this monument1897471944id: 21531075
Elizabeth A Robsonwife of Thomas Robson

313RoeMary Ann Roefirst name on this monument1871521923id: 1956
(3 images)
Hilda Roedaughter of Mary Ann Roe1903251928
George William Roehusband of Mary Ann Roe1866771943

314RoeThomas William Roefirst name on this monument1906711977id: 22321072

315RuecroftJames William Ruecroftfirst name on this monument1878731951id: 27331071
Minnie Ruecroftwife of James William Ruecroft year and age hidden below ground

316RutterCarol Ann Rutterfirst name on this monument1952id: 27381075age not visible

317RutterThomas Henry Rutterfirst name on this monument1890411931id: 210610981
Annie Rutterwife of Thomas Henry Rutter1891781969

318RycroftJohn George Rycroftfirst name on this monument1881411922id: 21091068

319SamsJohn Alfred Samsfirst name on this monument1919741993id: 260110701

320SamsMaureen Samsfirst name on this monument1926752001id: 260210711

321SandersJonathan Bradley Sandersfirst name on this monument1881771958id: 28081069
Sophia Sanderswife of Jonathan Bradley Sanders1882781960

322SayersMargaret Ann Sayersfirst name on this monument186651871id: 25831083Interred at St Helens
Thomas Sayersbrother of Margaret Ann Sayers1843201863
Joseph Sayersfather of Margaret Ann Sayers1828791907
Mary Jane Sayersmother of Margaret Ann Sayers
Ann Sayerssister of Margaret Ann Sayers187321875

323SayersThomas Sayersfirst name on this monument1863201883id: 27801088
William Doddsfriend of Thomas Sayers1864251889 Subscribed to the stone erected to Thomas
Thomas Etheringtonfriend of Thomas Sayers1863231886 Subscribed to the stone erected to Thomas

324SelbyAnn Selbyfirst name on this monument1848241872id: 25861094
John Bowmanfather of Ann Selby
John Selbyfather-in-law of Ann Selby1802491851 Interred at Croft
James Selbyhusband of Ann Selby
Alice Bowmanmother of Ann Selby
Ann Selbymother-in-law of Ann Selby1804871891
John Selbyson of Ann Selby1872

325SewellJohn Cecil Abraham Sewellfirst name on this monument1891271918id: 21261080
Jonathan Sewellfather of John Cecil Abraham Sewell
Sarah Sewellmother of John Cecil Abraham Sewell
Jane Sewellwife of John Cecil Abraham Sewell1894771971
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326SharpeCharles Henry Sharpefirst name on this monument1882671949id: 2240
(3 images)
Lily Sharpewife of Charles Henry Sharpe1887751962

327SidgwickMary Jane Sidgwickfirst name on this monument1856821938id: 2305
(2 images)
Matthew Sidgwickhusband of Mary Jane Sidgwick The late

328SlaterArthur Slaterfirst name on this monument1924371961id: 28141080

329SmithHarry Smithfirst name on this monument1906841990id: 29401071
Olive Smithwife of Harry Smith1905911996

330StainthorpeFrank Stainthorpefirst name on this monument1862801942id: 21701130
Elizabeth Stainthorpewife of Frank Stainthorpe1861841945

331StainthorpeGertrude Stainthorpefirst name on this monument1893521945id: 21691138
William Henry Stainthorpehusband of Gertrude Stainthorpe

332StainthorpeJohn George Stainthorpefirst name on this monument1885691954id: 22511089

333StoddartEdward Stoddartfirst name on this monument1853741927id: 1944
(2 images)
Annie Stoddartwife of Edward Stoddart1852751927

334StokeldElizabeth Jane Stokeldfirst name on this monument1876781954id: 27991076

335StokeldEllen Stokeldfirst name on this monument1880661946id: 21561067
Thomas E Stokeldwife of Ellen Stokeld1877821959

336StokeldGeorge Stokeldfirst name on this monument1906801986id: 29111070

337StonebankElizabeth Stonebankfirst name on this monument1956id: 275810801no age given

338StonebankJoseph Stonebankfirst name on this monument1874641938id: 276010881
Alice Bell1899291928
Christopher Stonebank190521907
Elizabeth Stonebank1876801956
Joseph Eric Stonebank1918171935

339StonesHarry Stonesfirst name on this monument1936181954id: 27961081

340StonesJohn Stonesfirst name on this monument1875421917id: 2103
(3 images)
Mary Hannah Stoneswife of John Stones1881561937

341StonesRichard Stonesfirst name on this monument1908671975id: 28971066

342StonesSarah Jane Stonesfirst name on this monument1886651951id: 21651068
Thomas Stoneshusband of Sarah Jane Stones1878781956

343StonesWilliam Stonesfirst name on this monument1904591963id: 28321076
Linda Stoneswife of William Stones1905841989

344StoreyMarion Storeyfirst name on this monument194641950id: 19701071
George Storeyfather of Marion Storey
Vera Storeymother of Marion Storey

345StoreyMary Jane Storeyfirst name on this monument1884731957id: 22161072
William Storeyhusband of Mary Jane Storey1899631962

346StringerAnn Stringerfirst name on this monument1897801977id: 22251067

347SunterRaine Sunterfirst name on this monument1856811937id: 19771067
Margaret Sunterwife of Raine Sunter1862841946

348SwainstonRalph Swainstonfirst name on this monument1989id: 29361076no age given

349SwalwellCharlotte Mary Swalwellfirst name on this monument1889471936id: 21321135
Benjamin Swalwellhusband of Charlotte Mary Swalwell

350TalbotRenee Talbotfirst name on this monument1935581993id: 29261066

351TallentireAnnie Tallentirefirst name on this monument1905581963id: 284310741
Thomas William Tallentire1900751975

352TallentireBilly Tallentirefirst name on this monument1938551993id: 292210691

353TallentireJohn Arthur Tallentirefirst name on this monument1906531959id: 216110671
Jane Tallentirehusband of John Arthur Tallentire

354TarnLilian Ethel Tarnfirst name on this monument1885741959id: 273710741
Albert Tarnhusband of Lilian Ethel Tarn1886751961
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355TarnMary Ann Tarnfirst name on this monument1860641924id: 20951065
William Tarnhusband of Mary Ann Tarn1860771937

356TarnMary Ann Tarnfirst name on this monument1860641924id: 19671070
William Tarrhusband of Mary Ann Tarn1860771937

357TateDoris Isabel Tatefirst name on this monument1917471964id: 27241132
Joseph Tate1912771989

358TateIvy Tatefirst name on this monument1915521967id: 27261068
Robert Tatehusband of Ivy Tate1909661975

359TateJane Tatefirst name on this monument1879791958id: 27271069
Robert Tatehusband of Jane Tate1879801959

360TaylorAlbert Taylorfirst name on this monument1902581960id: 27531071
Gladys Taylorwife of Albert Taylor1904801984

361TaylorGeorge Taylorfirst name on this monument1891681959id: 28331076
Elizabeth Ann Masonsister of George Taylor

362TeasdaleMary Ann Teasdalefirst name on this monument1833571890id: 18051071
Robert Teasdalehusband of Mary Ann Teasdale1830611891

363ThompsonCecil Thompsonfirst name on this monument1926251951id: 27221066
Bert Thompsonfather of Cecil Thompson
Evelyn Thompsonmother of Cecil Thompson
Margaret Thompsonwife of Cecil Thompson

364ThompsonWoodmass Thompsonfirst name on this monument1896631959id: 28341066
Elizabeth Ann Thompsonwife of Woodmass Thompson1896741970

365TowersBarbara Towersfirst name on this monument1938501988id: 18081070

366TowersEdgar Towersfirst name on this monument1917791996id: 17701066

367TowersHarry Towersfirst name on this monument1906id: 17951074age not clear 1?

368TowersMary Jane Towersfirst name on this monument1884691953id: 27201067

369TowersThomas Towersfirst name on this monument1847781925id: 2253
(3 images)
Louisa Towers1848681916

370TurnbullMary Jane Turnbullfirst name on this monument1874731947id: 21391111
Thomas Turnbullfather of Mary Jane Turnbull
Mary Jane Turnbullmother of Mary Jane Turnbull

371VartDora Vartfirst name on this monument1979id: 289410811no age given

372VartRalph Vartfirst name on this monument1978id: 289510801no age given

373VaseyMary Vaseyfirst name on this monument1859481907id: 21291071
James Vaseyfather of Mary Vasey the late
Elizabeth Vaseymother of Mary Vasey1832771909
Amy Vasey1916 Wife of Arthur
Arthur Vasey1919

374VaseyMary Elizabeth Vaseyfirst name on this monument1875791954id: 22521067
Samuel Vaseyhusband of Mary Elizabeth Vasey

375VaseySamuel Vaseyfirst name on this monument1866681934id: 21311071

376VickersEric Vickersfirst name on this monument1929631992id: 29191067

377WalkerHolmes Metcalfe Walkerfirst name on this monument1887651952id: 27181066
Gertrude Annie Walkerwife of Holmes Metcalfe Walker1896901986

378WallingJoseph Wallingfirst name on this monumentid: 29091085age and year not visible

379WallingMary Wallingfirst name on this monument1855551910id: 21021076
Thomas Wallinghusband of Mary Walling1857691926

380WaltonThomas Waltonfirst name on this monument1933151948id: 21551131
Bert Waltonfather of Thomas Walton
Gladys Waltonmother of Thomas Walton

381WardleGeorge Tom Wardlefirst name on this monument1864431907id: 20981081
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382WatsonEthel Watsonfirst name on this monument1905821987id: 29131070

383WatsonThomas William Watsonfirst name on this monument1898621960id: 28381089
Margaret Watsonwife of Thomas William Watson1908952003

384WelchGeorge Hall Welchfirst name on this monument1876801956id: 22461068
Lily Welchwife of George Hall Welch1882601942

385WelchGeorge Hall Welchfirst name on this monument1876801956id: 27611068
Lily Welchwife of George Hall Welch1882601942

386WelfordJane Ann Welfordfirst name on this monumentid: 28351079No year or age given
Robert Welfordhusband of Jane Ann Welford
Isabella Kirbysister of Jane Ann Welford

387WelfordJane Ann Welfordfirst name on this monumentid: 21811082No year or age given
Robert Welfordhusband of Jane Ann Welford The late
Isabella Kirbysister of Jane Ann Welford

388WelshNorah Welshfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 293910781
Harry Welsh1921812002
Robert W Welsh1917701987

389WhiteElsie May Whitefirst name on this monument1910641974id: 28981068

390WhiteGeorge Whitefirst name on this monument1909471956id: 19531066

391WhiteheadMargaret Ann Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1873521925id: 25811066
Matthias Whiteheadhusband of Margaret Ann Whitehead1883741957

392WhiteheadRonald William Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1931211952id: 27951073

393WilkinsonMary Wilkinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 29571068Year and Age not readable. Wife of Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinsonhusband of Mary Wilkinson1875 Age not clear

394WillanElizabeth Jane Willanfirst name on this monument1858691927id: 25801156
Thomas Willanhusband of Elizabeth Jane Willan1855851940

395WillanFrederick Matthew Willanfirst name on this monument1902id: 27851112no age given
Joseph Willanfather of Frederick Matthew Willan
Margaret Willanmother of Frederick Matthew Willan

396WilliamsHilda Williamsfirst name on this monument1987id: 29141070no age given

397WilliamsJohn Williamsfirst name on this monument1874711945id: 22451065
Mary Ann Williamswife of John Williams1883641947

398WilliamsonLouisa K Williamsonfirst name on this monument1907771984id: 29301077
John H Williamsonhusband of Louisa K Williamson1901871988

399WilsonElizabeth M Wilsonfirst name on this monument1922571979id: 22361117

400WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1896651961id: 28161067

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Evenwood Cemetery, Evenwood, Durham, England.

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The postcode for this cemetery is DL14 9RX - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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