Evenwood Cemetery, Evenwood, Durham, England

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Monument list

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1AldersonRobert Edward Aldersonfirst name on this monument1896221918id: 22571091
Edmund Aldersonfather of Robert Edward Alderson1862641926
Sarah Aldersonmother of Robert Edward Alderson1863721935

2AllinsonJohn Edwin Allinsonfirst name on this monument1883621945id: 2206
(3 images)
Elizabeth Ann Allinsonwife of John Edwin Allinson1883691952

3AllisonIsaac Allisonfirst name on this monument1859811940id: 22641083
Elizabeth Eva Allisondaughter of Isaac Allison1895321927
Mary Jane Allisondaughter of Isaac Allison1882181900
Elizabeth Ann Allisonwife of Isaac Allison1863801943

4AllisonIsaac Allisonfirst name on this monument1897731970id: 19681071
George Storey1916811997 Husband of Vera
Vera Storey1922872009
Margaret Allisonwife of Isaac Allison1900751975

5AndersonElizabeth Ann Andersonfirst name on this monument1867391906id: 21381074
Thomas Saunders Andersonhusband of Elizabeth Ann Anderson1867751942

6AndersonJohn Andersonfirst name on this monument1834651899id: 25971084
Mary Ellen Allangrand daughter of John Anderson189941903
William Pybus Andersongrand son of John Anderson189491903
Mary Andersonwife of John Anderson1841781919

7AndersonRobert Andersonfirst name on this monument1860701930id: 21201070
Mary Sarah Andersonwife of Robert Anderson1869801949

8AndersonThomas Saunders Andersonfirst name on this monument1905601965id: 21401071
Elizabeth Andersonwife of Thomas Saunders Anderson1907871994

9ArklessRalph Arklessfirst name on this monument1881731954id: 27981078

10ArmstrongJohn William Armstrongfirst name on this monument1876731949id: 21711068
Elizabeth Ellen Armstrongwife of John William Armstrong1880691949

11ArnisonMatthew Edward Arnisonfirst name on this monument1888661954id: 22131074
Mary Lizzie Arnisonwife of Matthew Edward Arnison1889831972

12AtkinsonHarry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1925571982id: 29061066

13AtkinsonJane Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1878691947id: 215810701
Thomas Atkinsonhusband of Jane Atkinson1876781954

14AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1846751921id: 219910702
Esther Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1850871937

15AultonElsie Aultonfirst name on this monument1918701988id: 29151071

16BarnesFred Barnesfirst name on this monument1901231924id: 22601068
Reuben Barnesbrother of Fred Barnes died in infancy
Sydney Barnesbrother of Fred Barnes died in infancy
Mark Barnesfather of Fred Barnes
Eliza Jane Barnesmother of Fred Barnes

17BarnesWilliam Ernest Barnesfirst name on this monument1898551953id: 26941074
Elizabeth Hannah Barnes1903771980

18BaylesBilly Baylesfirst name on this monument1924691993id: 29211068

19BaylesRobert Baylesfirst name on this monument1903701973id: 22301071

20BeadleStella Beadlefirst name on this monument1927711998id: 29381075

21BeastonMargaret Beastonfirst name on this monument1904881992id: 27631067

22BellHammond Bellfirst name on this monument1867681935id: 21831068
Mary Ann Bellwife of Hammond Bell1867691936

23BellJack Bellfirst name on this monument1925651990id: 29431070

24BellMetcalfe Bellfirst name on this monument1821821903id: 257710851
Ann Bellwife of Metcalfe Bell1828781906
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25BellMichael Bellfirst name on this monument1873441917id: 21841068
Margaret Bellwife of Michael Bell

26BellSyd Bellfirst name on this monument1987id: 29321068no age given

27BennettLena Bennettfirst name on this monument1910691979id: 28991069
William Bennetthusband of Lena Bennett1908781986

28BennettMary Jane Bennettfirst name on this monument1888851973id: 28781066
Fred Bennetthusband of Mary Jane Bennett1891851976

29BestSidney Bestfirst name on this monument1916341950id: 27231067

30BirdGeorge Birdfirst name on this monument1927711998id: 26041068
Vera Birdwife of George Bird1927671994

31BlackettJohn William Blackettfirst name on this monument1911711982id: 28461067

32BogleEna Boglefirst name on this monument1928631991id: 27701066

33BoltonNorman Boltonfirst name on this monument1925681993id: 29351106
Annie Boltonwife of Norman Bolton1933601993

34BondThomas Edward Bondfirst name on this monument1868641932id: 21971066late of Accrington
Margaret A Bondwife of Thomas Edward Bond1869711940

35BowmanRalph Bowmanfirst name on this monument1984id: 29291071no age given

36BowmanReginald Bowmanfirst name on this monument1914801994id: 26081066

37BradwellArnold Bradwellfirst name on this monument1929561985id: 22381068
Betty Bradwellwife of Arnold Bradwell

38BrittonJohn Brittonfirst name on this monument1862701932id: 21921075
Elizabeth Ann Brittonwife of John Britton1957 age hidden by ground

39BrownHenry Brownfirst name on this monument1850811931id: 21931073
Margaret Ellen Brownwife of Henry Brown1853831936

40BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1880731953id: 21871084
Adeline Brownwife of James Brown1880741954

41BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument1842681910id: 27861069
William Brownhusband of Mary Brown1832791911
William Archibald Parker Brownson of Mary Brown1880251905

42BrownMary Elizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument1886301916id: 19391067
William Brownhusband of Mary Elizabeth Brown1880821962

43BrownRalph Brownfirst name on this monument1861551916id: 21101076
Susannah Brownwife of Ralph Brown1860771937

44BrownRaymond Ian Brownfirst name on this monument1941461987id: 29371075
James Linsley Brown1915811996

45BrownRichard Brownfirst name on this monument1882781960id: 28311081
Isabella Brownwife of Richard Brown1886751961

46BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1871791950id: 26951069
Ellen Margaret Brown1880771957

47BrownlessAlbert Brownlessfirst name on this monument1902621964id: 28281068

48BruceMiles Brucefirst name on this monument1891id: 2679
(4 images)
1068age obscured
Jane Brucewife of Miles Bruce year and age obscured

49BrunskillJohn William Hilton Brunskillfirst name on this monument1894491943id: 197810721

50BusseyJoseph Busseyfirst name on this monument1892721964id: 28261077

51CarpenterEdward James Carpenterfirst name on this monument1969id: 27681067no age given

52CarrickMary Annie Carrickfirst name on this monument1908421950id: 27171123
Robert Pinkneyfather of Mary Annie Carrick
Alfred Carrickhusband of Mary Annie Carrick
Beatrice Pinkneymother of Mary Annie Carrick

53CaseJohn Casefirst name on this monument1801751876id: 29511066

54CassonHodgson Cassonfirst name on this monument1897651962id: 17901090
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55CaygillJenny Caygillfirst name on this monument1921751996id: 26051083
Reginald Alva Caygillhusband of Jenny Caygill1912821994

56ChambersAlbert Chambersfirst name on this monument1880521932id: 21221078
Edward Chambers1913301943
Lily Chamberswife of Albert Chambers

57ChambersJohn William Chambersfirst name on this monument1882771959id: 28361093
Alice Chamberswife of John William Chambers1887781965

58ChapmanMary Chapmanfirst name on this monument1879761955id: 27321072

59ClarkHannah Mary Clarkfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 28111082
Somerville Clarkhusband of Hannah Mary Clark1879861965

60ClarkMargaret Jane Clarkfirst name on this monument1881511932id: 21251067
William Clarkhusband of Margaret Jane Clark1878701948

61ClarksonThomas Clarksonfirst name on this monument1891861977id: 22261073

62ClayGeorge Clayfirst name on this monument1850701920id: 22621074
Mary Ann Claywife of George Clay1851811932

63ClennellGwynneth Adams Clennellfirst name on this monument193511936id: 21241072aged 15 months
G Clennellfather of Gwynneth Adams Clennell
V Clennellmother of Gwynneth Adams Clennell

64CliffGraham Clifffirst name on this monument1934381972id: 27741069

65ClintonJohn Clintonfirst name on this monument1918691987id: 29241070
Mary Clintonwife of John Clinton

66ClintonMary Hannah Clintonfirst name on this monument1910831993id: 25981074

67CoeThomas Gordon Coefirst name on this monument1911801991id: 27621075
Mary Hilda Coewife of Thomas Gordon Coe1914811995

68CollisGeorge Jennings Collisfirst name on this monument1871471918id: 2787
(2 images)
Florence Colliswife of George Jennings Collis1870871957 other names below unreadable

69CookeHarry Cookefirst name on this monument1918721990id: 29461069

70CookeMary Jane Cookefirst name on this monument1864391903id: 17991075
Joseph Sayersfather of Mary Jane Cooke
William Henry Cookehusband of Mary Jane Cooke
Mary Jane Sayersmother of Mary Jane Cooke

71CookeWilliam Henry Cookefirst name on this monumentid: 22391065year and age not clear
Edmund Cookeson of William Henry Cooke1909401949
Mary Ellen Cookewife of William Henry Cooke88 year not clear

72CoulsonPhebe Coulsonfirst name on this monument1893451938id: 22631073
David John Coulsonhusband of Phebe Coulson

73CoxJohn Coxfirst name on this monument1931id: 19511066no age given
Cicely Cox1932 no age given
Eddie Cox1922 no age given

74CreeDinah Creefirst name on this monument1875731948id: 19591068

75CrispAlbert Henry Crispfirst name on this monument1906341940id: 27051076only son
Thomas James Crispfather of Albert Henry Crisp
Elizabeth Crispmother of Albert Henry Crisp

76CrispEliza Jane Crispfirst name on this monument1886701956id: 27061091
Edwin Crisp1894661960

77CrispElizabeth Crispfirst name on this monument1878731951id: 27161070
Albert Henry Crisphusband of Elizabeth Crisp1878921970

78CrispJohn Clarke Crispfirst name on this monument1876861962id: 27091089
Arthur William Crisp1889831972

79CrispThomas James Crispfirst name on this monument1875741949id: 27041070
Amelia Crispdaughter of Thomas James Crisp
Emily Crispdaughter of Thomas James Crisp
Florence May Crispdaughter of Thomas James Crisp
Eliazbeth Crispwife of Thomas James Crisp1878811959
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80CrosbyThomas Crosbyfirst name on this monument1854611915id: 21901072
Sarah Elizabeth Crosbydaughter of Thomas Crosby1878231901
Elizabeth Crosbywife of Thomas Crosby1854731927

81DayJane Anne Dayfirst name on this monument1907441951id: 21541065
James Dayhusband of Jane Anne Day1980 no age given

82DeightonGordon F Deightonfirst name on this monument1916561972id: 22341071

83DenhamJohn Denhamfirst name on this monument1904751979id: 17771068
Nora Denham1906691975

84DenhamJohn Denhamfirst name on this monument1904751979id: 28961066
Nora Denhamwife of John Denham1906691975

85DentJohn Thomas Dentfirst name on this monument1918721990id: 29421069
Ena Dentwife of John Thomas Dent1923671990

86DentStephen Maddison Dentfirst name on this monument1861741935id: 19421087
Laura Annie Rowedaughter of Stephen Maddison Dent1888201908
Elizabeth Hannah Dentwife of Stephen Maddison Dent1866781944

87DentThomas Dentfirst name on this monument1874641938id: 19641067
Maurice Dent
Margaret Eleanor Dentwife of Thomas Dent1883791962

88DickinsonAnnie Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1879771956id: 27301089
Thomas Smith Dickinsonhusband of Annie Dickinson1875811956

89DinningPaul Dinningfirst name on this monument198011981id: 29491072

90DixonElizabeth Ellen Dixonfirst name on this monument1885711956id: 28071067
John Henry Dixonhusband of Elizabeth Ellen Dixon1881781959

91DowsonIsabel Dowsonfirst name on this monument1885651950id: 27441111
Jack Dowsonhusband of Isabel Dowson

92DowsonJohn Dowsonfirst name on this monument1868701938id: 21951112
Minnie Dowsonwife of John Dowson1872741946

93DowsonJoseph Dowsonfirst name on this monument1856781934id: 25781073
Isabelle Dowsonwife of Joseph Dowson1865711936

94DowsonThomas W Dowsonfirst name on this monument1868761944id: 19501075
Elizabeth Dowsonwife of Thomas W Dowson1869801949

95EmersonFanny Emersonfirst name on this monument1866801946id: 21591087
Ebenezer Emersonhusband of Fanny Emerson1870781948

96EtheringtonElsie Etheringtonfirst name on this monument1931591990id: 29451076

97EtheringtonRalph Etheringtonfirst name on this monument1848841932id: 22651075
Jane Etheringtonwife of Ralph Etherington1850831933

98EtheringtonRalph Etheringtonfirst name on this monument1848841932id: 19621074
Jane Etheringtonwife of Ralph Etherington1850831933

99FeatherstoneElizabeth Hannah Featherstonefirst name on this monument1864761940id: 21571075
Margaret Featherstonedaughter of Elizabeth Hannah Featherstone189251897
John Featherstonehusband of Elizabeth Hannah Featherstone1863831946

100FenwickThomas Fenwickfirst name on this monument1911391950id: 27481074
Alice Fenwickwife of Thomas Fenwick

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Evenwood Cemetery, Evenwood, Durham, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is DL14 9RX - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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