St James the Great's Church burial ground, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
401SouthwellWilliam Southwellfirst name on this monument185618648id: 261
(one image)
Henry Thomas Southwellbrother of William Southwell186418662
Mary Hannah Southwellrelationship not known of William Southwell1832190775
Mary Ellen Uttleyrelationship not known of William Southwell1854191258
Thomas Uttleyrelationship not known of William Southwell1852191058
402SowdenMargaret Sowdenfirst name on this monument1998id: 27
(one image)
Judith Mary Crossleynephew of Margaret Sowden2009
403SowdenSutcliffe Sowdenfirst name on this monument1816186145id: 248
(one image)
George Sowdenbrother of Sutcliffe Sowden1822189977
Eliza Sowdensister of Sutcliffe Sowden1812187765
Mary Sowdensister of Sutcliffe Sowden1805190095
404SpencerBertha A Spencerfirst name on this monument1894197581id: 392
(one image)
405SpencerEthel A Spencerfirst name on this monument1906197468id: 388
(one image)
406SpencerHarriet Spencerfirst name on this monument1857189841id: 339
(one image)
Clara Spencerdaughter of Harriet Spencer1871191342
William Spencerhusband of Harriet Spencer1847192881
Miriam Farrarrelationship not known of Harriet Spencer1888194052
407SpencerHarry Spencerfirst name on this monument190219031id: 350
(one image)
Thomas Spencerbrother of Harry Spencer1890191626
William Spencerfather of Harry Spencer1860193171
Ann Spencersister of Harry Spencer1881192342
408SpencerJames Spencerfirst name on this monument1811186857id: 330
(one image)
Mary Spencerwife of James Spencer1806187569
Caroline Spencerrelationship not known of James Spencer1847192275
Herbert Spencerrelationship not known of James Spencer188818924
James Spencerrelationship not known of James Spencer1904
409SpencerJohn Spencerfirst name on this monument1816186347id: 269
(one image)
Ann Spencerwife of John Spencer1821187554
Annie Spencerrelationship not known of John Spencer187418773
Henry Spencerrelationship not known of John Spencer1845188035
John Spencerrelationship not known of John Spencer186918712
Thomas Spencerrelationship not known of John Spencer1855191358
410SpencerMatthew Spencerfirst name on this monument1867189427id: 293
(one image)
Harriet Spencersister of Matthew Spencer1857191558
Mary Ann Spencerrelationship not known of Matthew Spencer1833189562
Thomas Spencerrelationship not known of Matthew Spencer1835191479
411SpencerMatthew Spencerfirst name on this monument1894197581id: 391
(one image)
412SpencerSarah Ann Spencerfirst name on this monument1863188522id: 179
(one image)
Arthur Spencerrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Spencer188318896
George Spencerrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Spencer1800187777
Henry Spencerrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Spencer1871189625
413SpencerWilliam Spencerfirst name on this monument1903197673id: 400
(one image)
414StansfieldEdwin Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1857187720id: 26
(one image)
Hannah Stansfieldmother of Edwin Stansfield1816189579
William Stansfieldrelationship not known of Edwin Stansfield
415StansfieldEliza Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1835184510id: 70
(one image)
Jane Stansfieldrelationship not known of Eliza Stansfield1834188753
John Stansfieldrelationship not known of Eliza Stansfield1834188551
Olive Stansfieldrelationship not known of Eliza Stansfield1794187682
416StansfieldJames Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1854189541id: 201
(one image)
Bertha Gillrelationship not known of James Stansfield1963
William Henry Gillrelationship not known of James Stansfield1867193871
417StansfieldJames Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1913200491id: 524
(one image)
418StansfieldLilian Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1917200386id: 513
(one image)
419StansfieldMary Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1821186544id: 290
(one image)
William Stansfieldhusband of Mary Stansfield1820189070
Robert Stansfieldrelationship not known of Mary Stansfield1850189040
Sarah Stansfieldrelationship not known of Mary Stansfield1851190857
William Ingham Stansfieldrelationship not known of Mary Stansfield1881191837
420SteadHannah Steadfirst name on this monument1798186264id: 275
(one image)
Edward Steadhusband of Hannah Stead1792187482
421SteadJames Edward Steadfirst name on this monument1842188745id: 230
(one image)
Hannah Bancroftdaughter of James Edward Stead1864193167
Mary Ann Steadwife of James Edward Stead1841189150
422SteadJane Ann Steadfirst name on this monument186518661id: 315
(one image)
Harry Steadbrother of Jane Ann Stead187118721
John Steadbrother of Jane Ann Stead187818780
John Steadfather of Jane Ann Stead1892
Sarah Steadmother of Jane Ann Stead1821186342
423StockwellAudrey Stockwellfirst name on this monument1986id: 212
(one image)
Paul Stockwellhusband of Audrey Stockwell1989
424StottBetsy Stottfirst name on this monument188318874id: 253
(one image)
William Stottfather of Betsy Stott1858193880
Olive Stottmother of Betsy Stott1939
Ruth Stottsister of Betsy Stott1899
425StottHannah Stottfirst name on this monument1796185256id: 142
(one image)
Nanny Stottdaughter of Hannah Stott1820188767
James Stotthusband of Hannah Stott1796185458
John Stottson of Hannah Stott1817187760
Martha Ann Gibsonrelationship not known of Hannah Stott1861194988
426StottJames Stottfirst name on this monument1826189367id: 284
(one image)
Mary Stottwife of James Stott1830190878
Charlotte Anne Dawsonrelationship not known of James Stott1795188388
Elizabeth Midgeleyrelationship not known of James Stott1840190868
427StottJohn Stottfirst name on this monument185318530id: 137
(one image)
William Stottfather of John Stott1817189578
Sarah Stottmother of John Stott1823189774
428StrettonRachel Miller Strettonfirst name on this monument1936200266id: 157
(one image)
429StubbsSamuel Stubbsfirst name on this monument1829189263id: 260
(one image)
John William Sunderlandson-in-law of Samuel Stubbs1859189233
Sarah Stubbswife of Samuel Stubbs1829189869
430StuttardGladys May Stuttardfirst name on this monument189318941id: 304
(one image)
George Taylor Stuttardfather of Gladys May Stuttard1857190346
Emma Stuttardmother of Gladys May Stuttard1857193275
431StuttardHartley Stuttardfirst name on this monument1814188571id: 199
(one image)
Susy Stuttardwife of Hartley Stuttard1819189677
Hannah Jonesrelationship not known of Hartley Stuttard1848191264
432StuttardSarah Stuttardfirst name on this monument1854192167id: 117
(one image)
Willam Stuttardhusband of Sarah Stuttard
433SunderlandAnn Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1863187815id: 109
(one image)
John Sunderlandfather of Ann Sunderland1836189155
Elizabeth Sunderlandmother of Ann Sunderland1835191075
434SunderlandDora Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1922200886id: 536
(one image)
435SunderlandHenry Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1781184766id: 111
(one image)
436SunderlandRhyce Cameron Sunderlandfirst name on this monument199519950id: 264
(one image)
437SunderlandRobert Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1915198772id: 433
(one image)
438SutcliffeAnnie L Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1910200393id: 515
(one image)
439SutcliffeBen Albert Sutcliffefirst name on this monument11811882701id: 161
(one image)
Job Sutcliffefather of Ben Albert Sutcliffe1842189957
Hannah Sutcliffemother of Ben Albert Sutcliffe1849192071
440SutcliffeDan Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1861193170id: 257
(one image)
Sarah Jane Sutcliffewife of Dan Sutcliffe1858194183
441SutcliffeElizabeth Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1821190079id: 344
(one image)
Annie Gibsonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Sutcliffe1896191115
Ezra Gibsonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Sutcliffe1859191859
Kezia Gibsonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Sutcliffe1867193063
Sidney Gibsonrelationship not known of Elizabeth Sutcliffe1899191819
442SutcliffeGrace Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1789186475id: 258
(one image)
Joseph Sutcliffehusband of Grace Sutcliffe1869
Thomas Sutcliffeson of Grace Sutcliffe1817188972
443SutcliffeHannah Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1808190698id: 127
(one image)
444SutcliffeHannah Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1884198096id: 411
(one image)
445SutcliffeHarold Sutcliffefirst name on this monument188718870id: 168
(one image)
Young Sutcliffebrother of Harold Sutcliffe188618871
William Pillingrelationship not known of Harold Sutcliffe
446SutcliffeJames Edward Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1854189642id: 306
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Sutcliffewife of James Edward Sutcliffe1858193274
447SutcliffeJohn Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1775184772id: 110
(one image)
Elizabeth Sutcliffedaughter of John Sutcliffe66
Mary Sutcliffedaughter of John Sutcliffe1870
Elizabeth Sutcliffewife of John Sutcliffe1783185572
448SutcliffeJohn Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1802187977id: 118
(one image)
Emily Sutcliffedaughter of John Sutcliffe
Hannah Sutcliffedaughter of John Sutcliffe1918
Hannah Sutcliffewife of John Sutcliffe1797188083
449SutcliffeJohn Edwin Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1868193870id: 82
(one image)
Edith Alice Sutcliffewife of John Edwin Sutcliffe1874195783
450SutcliffeMary Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1817183821id: 12
(one image)
Grace Sutcliffedaughter of Mary Sutcliffe1843
Mary Sutcliffedaughter of Mary Sutcliffe1843186118
William Sutcliffehusband of Mary Sutcliffe1816188266
Thomas Sutcliffeson of Mary Sutcliffe1846185711
Mary Sutcliffesecond wife of Mary Sutcliffe1815187964
451SutcliffePeter W Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1922198765id: 435
(one image)
452SutcliffeRichard Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1827189871id: 337
(one image)
Richard Sutcliffeson of Richard Sutcliffe1860192161
Elizabeth Sutcliffewife of Richard Sutcliffe1828192193
453SutcliffeRichard Sutcliffefirst name on this monument187618782id: 53
(one image)
Mary Ann Sutcliffesister of Richard Sutcliffe1885190520
Elizabeth Sutclifferelationship not known of Richard Sutcliffe1856192973
May Sutclifferelationship not known of Richard Sutcliffe189819046
454SutcliffeSarah Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1819188566id: 198
(one image)
John Sutcliffehusband of Sarah Sutcliffe1814189783
455SutcliffeSarah Ann Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1826187650id: 93
(one image)
Edward Butterworthrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Sutcliffe1891195564
Florence Butterworthrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Sutcliffe1888195769
James Helliwellrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Sutcliffe1818189678
Betty Sutclifferelationship not known of Sarah Ann Sutcliffe1822188563
456SutcliffeSarah Elizabeth Sutcliffefirst name on this monumentid: 132
(one image)
457SutcliffeSusy Ellen Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1851186716id: 320
(one image)
Thomas Sutcliffebrother of Susy Ellen Sutcliffe1853187320
Jane Sutcliffesister of Susy Ellen Sutcliffe186718681
Sarah Grace Greenwoodrelationship not known of Susy Ellen Sutcliffe1862192765
458SutcliffeWilliam Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1825188661id: 338
(one image)
Elizabeth Ellen Sutcliffewife of William Sutcliffe1824190177
Henry Uttleyrelationship not known of William Sutcliffe1883197188
William Uttleyrelationship not known of William Sutcliffe1918198466
459SutcliffeWilliam Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1829186435id: 263
(one image)
Alice Sutcliffedaughter of William Sutcliffe186218631
Mary Hannah Sutcliffedaughter of William Sutcliffe1860192969
George Sutcliffeson of William Sutcliffe1862188422
Mary Sutcliffewife of William Sutcliffe1835190772
460SutcliffeWilliam Henry Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1871id: 352
(one image)
John Sutcliffebrother of William Henry Sutcliffe1880
Thomas Sutcliffebrother of William Henry Sutcliffe1880
William Sutcliffefather of William Henry Sutcliffe1843191774
Mary Ann Sutcliffemother of William Henry Sutcliffe1841192281
461SuttleJames Suttlefirst name on this monument1832190270id: 351
(one image)
Martha Suttleson of James Suttle1867193770
William Frederick Suttleson of James Suttle1868193264
Elizabeth Suttlewife of James Suttle1835190671
Martha Suttlerelationship not known of James Suttle
462SuttleJohn Suttlefirst name on this monumentid: 365
(one image)
William Frederick Suttleson of John Suttle1868193264
Elizabeth Suttlewife of John Suttle1906
Martha Suttlerelationship not known of John Suttle1867193770
Marylin Suttlerelationship not known of John Suttle1930
463SykesJean Sykesfirst name on this monument1920199474id: 473
(one image)
464SzychMay Szychfirst name on this monument1922199674id: 483
(one image)
465TaylorAlbert Taylorfirst name on this monument186818680id: 328
(one image)
Riley Taylorfather of Albert Taylor1817187861
466TaylorDesmond Taylorfirst name on this monument1924198561id: 422
(one image)
467TaylorGibson Taylorfirst name on this monument187018711id: 364
(one image)
Fred Taylorbrother of Gibson Taylor1880
Ellen Taylorsister of Gibson Taylor1868
Emily Taylorsister of Gibson Taylor187518761
Margaret Elizabeth Uttleyrelationship not known of Gibson Taylor1928193810
468TaylorGibson Taylorfirst name on this monument187818780id: 144
(one image)
Charley Taylorbrother of Gibson Taylor188118810
Richard Taylorfather of Gibson Taylor1858190042
Grace Hartleymother of Gibson Taylor1939
Joseph Hartleyrelationship not known of Gibson Taylor1924
469TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1868195486id: 215
(one image)
Harry Taylorson of James Taylor1905196762
John Taylorson of James Taylor
Walter Taylorson of James Taylor
Selina Taylorwife of James Taylor1890195060
Ida Taylorrelationship not known of James Taylor1900193131
James Taylorrelationship not known of James Taylor1938
470TaylorJohn Normanton Taylorfirst name on this monument186618671id: 302
(one image)
Henry Taylorfather of John Normanton Taylor1838189557
Betty Taylormother of John Normanton Taylor1833190471
Annie Kingsister of John Normanton Taylor1870194474
Beatrice Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Normanton Taylor1896198185
Herbert Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Normanton Taylor1893197784
Francis Kingrelationship not known of John Normanton Taylor1868195789
471TaylorJohn Thomas Mallinson Taylorfirst name on this monument187218731id: 63
(one image)
Joseph Mallinson Taylorbrother of John Thomas Mallinson Taylor187018733
Ann Mallinson Taylorsister of John Thomas Mallinson Taylor187718792
Elizabeth Ann Mallinson Taylorrelationship not known of John Thomas Mallinson Taylor1847191770
William Mallinson Taylorrelationship not known of John Thomas Mallinson Taylor1844191672
472TaylorLouisa Elizabeth Hart Taylorfirst name on this monument1873194572id: 236
(one image)
Arthur Taylorhusband of Louisa Elizabeth Hart Taylor1872195179
Clifford Taylorson of Louisa Elizabeth Hart Taylor1901198988
473TaylorMally Taylorfirst name on this monument1789185566id: 190
(one image)
Sarah Taylordaughter of Mally Taylor1822189573
474TaylorYoung Taylorfirst name on this monument186418684id: 326
(one image)
Henry Taylorbrother of Young Taylor187418762
John Taylorbrother of Young Taylor1866187610
Greenwood Taylorfather of Young Taylor1846190660
Ann Taylormother of Young Taylor1838191577
Mary Alice Taylorsister of Young Taylor1884189612
Mary Ann Taylorsister of Young Taylor187018755
Infant Taylorrelationship not known of Young Taylor1876
475TeasdaleMary E Teasdalefirst name on this monument1903198784id: 426
(one image)
476TennantMary Tennantfirst name on this monument187418751id: 21
(one image)
Catherine Tennantsister of Mary Tennant187218753
Margaret Tennantsister of Mary Tennant187418751
Sarah Tennantsister of Mary Tennant187818791
Ann Tennantsecond wife of Mary Tennant1825190277
Isabella Tennant Tennantrelationship not known of Mary Tennant1842188038
John Fawcett Tennantrelationship not known of Mary Tennant1829190778
477ThomasAnn Thomasfirst name on this monument1820188363id: 292
(one image)
Richard Thomashusband of Ann Thomas1830189868
Jane Noblerelationship not known of Ann Thomas1878191234
478ThomasArthur Foules Thomasfirst name on this monument1853190451id: 72
(one image)
Edith Thomaswife of Arthur Foules Thomas1864194985
479ThomasHenry Thomasfirst name on this monument1829186132id: 252
(one image)
Hannah Thomasdaughter of Henry Thomas1857188124
Mary Thomasdaughter of Henry Thomas1860192969
Sarah Thomasdaughter of Henry Thomas1852190957
Grace Thomaswife of Henry Thomas1830189161
480ThomasHenry Thomasfirst name on this monument1825187348id: 361
(one image)
Ruth Thomaswife of Henry Thomas1824189975
Herbert Henry Thomasrelationship not known of Henry Thomas
481ThomasSarah Ann Thomasfirst name on this monument1859189334id: 147
(one image)
John Thomashusband of Sarah Ann Thomas1855193681
482ThomasWilliam Thomasfirst name on this monument1795184146id: 29
(one image)
Elizabeth Thomasdaughter of William Thomas1835185520
Sarah Thomaswife of William Thomas1794186975
483ThompsonAnn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1827187245id: 189
(one image)
Hannah Thompsondaughter of Ann Thompson1862188220
Martha Thompsondaughter of Ann Thompson1863188421
Lavil Thompsonrelationship not known of Ann Thompson1829187748
484ThorntonMary Emma Thorntonfirst name on this monument1892191523id: 122
(one image)
Ben Thorntonfather of Mary Emma Thornton1861192766
Alice Ann Thorntonmother of Mary Emma Thornton65
485ThorntonSarah Thorntonfirst name on this monument187518772id: 44
(one image)
Tom Thorntonfather of Sarah Thornton1835188853
Emma Smithrelationship not known of Sarah Thornton1860194383
Frank Smithrelationship not known of Sarah Thornton1890194959
Alice Thorntonrelationship not known of Sarah Thornton1878195476
Esther Thorntonrelationship not known of Sarah Thornton1837190871
Fred Thorntonrelationship not known of Sarah Thornton1878194264
486TidswellLuke Tidswellfirst name on this monument1879id: 120
(one image)
Mary Tidswellwife of Luke Tidswell1827190376
487TierneyJane Tierneyfirst name on this monument1853188835id: 251
(one image)
Rosabella Tierneygrand daughter of Jane Tierney189819024
Michael Tierneyhusband of Jane Tierney1850192474
Mary Horrocksrelationship not known of Jane Tierney1873193764
Winifred Tierneyrelationship not known of Jane Tierney1827190679
488TippingLydia Ann Tippingfirst name on this monument1832188452id: 104
(one image)
Margaret Matilda Tippingdaughter of Lydia Ann Tipping187418795
George Tippingson of Lydia Ann Tipping1860188323
Margaret Matilda Tippingrelationship not known of Lydia Ann Tipping1892
489TippingSarah Tippingfirst name on this monument1859191556id: 123
(one image)
Thomas Clarksonrelationship not known of Sarah Tipping184818491
Hiram Picklesrelationship not known of Sarah Tipping1836186832
John Hiram Picklesrelationship not known of Sarah Tipping185818591
Mary Redmanrelationship not known of Sarah Tipping1828189668
490TurnerPhilip Turnerfirst name on this monument1960198828id: 446
(one image)
491TurtleCharles Philip Turtlefirst name on this monument1942198543id: 283
(one image)
492UttleyAlex S Uttleyfirst name on this monument1918198769id: 437
(one image)
493UttleyAnn Uttleyfirst name on this monument187818791id: 173
(one image)
Gertrude Lordrelationship not known of Ann Uttley1884190925
Elizabeth Ellen Uttleyrelationship not known of Ann Uttley19241853-71
Thomas Uttleyrelationship not known of Ann Uttley1936
William Uttleyrelationship not known of Ann Uttley1876191236
494UttleyCockcroft Uttleyfirst name on this monument185018511id: 170
(one image)
Abraham Uttleyfather of Cockcroft Uttley1810188575
Hannah Uttleymother of Cockcroft Uttley1813188875
495UttleyHenry Uttleyfirst name on this monument187118710id: 354
(one image)
Mary Grace Uttleysister of Henry Uttley187218731
Caroline Kershawrelationship not known of Henry Uttley
George Kershawrelationship not known of Henry Uttley1932
Betty Uttleyrelationship not known of Henry Uttley1813189582
John Uttleyrelationship not known of Henry Uttley1832189664
496UttleyJane Uttleyfirst name on this monument1886197892id: 407
(one image)
497UttleyJoan Uttleyfirst name on this monument1920200989id: 540
(one image)
498UttleyJohn Uttleyfirst name on this monument1840189252id: 282
(one image)
Fanny Uttleywife of John Uttley1843190057
John Uttley Kingrelationship not known of John Uttley191219142
Mary Kingrelationship not known of John Uttley1878195072
Sydney B Kingrelationship not known of John Uttley1876196185
499UttleyMabel Uttleyfirst name on this monument189818991id: 154
(one image)
Joseph Uttleybrother of Mabel Uttley189919001
Samuel Uttleybrother of Mabel Uttley1893191623
John Uttleyfather of Mabel Uttley75
Susan Uttleymother of Mabel Uttley
Arnold Sutcliffe Uttleyrelationship not known of Mabel Uttley23
500UttleyMary Uttleyfirst name on this monument1787184558id: 50
(one image)
Abraham Uttleyrelationship not known of Mary Uttley1784184662

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