St James the Great's Church burial ground, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
101CrabtreeHarold H Crabtreefirst name on this monument1916198771id: 427
(one image)
102CrabtreeMartha Ann Crabtreefirst name on this monument1837185518id: 186
(one image)
William Picklesaunt of Martha Ann Crabtree1789186071
William Crabtreebrother of Martha Ann Crabtree1840186222
103CrabtreeMary Crabtreefirst name on this monument1886197993id: 408
(one image)
104CrabtreeRobert Crabtreefirst name on this monument1827185831id: 229
(one image)
Elizabeth Crabtreerelationship not known of Robert Crabtree1832189361
Mary Hannah Helliwellrelationship not known of Robert Crabtree1852187624
Betsy Nuttallrelationship not known of Robert Crabtree1861191958
105CrabtreeSarah Crabtreefirst name on this monument1879189213id: 280
(one image)
Nanny Crabtreerelationship not known of Sarah Crabtree1868196597
William Crabtreerelationship not known of Sarah Crabtree1854192874
106CranleyJohn Charles Cranleyfirst name on this monument1925198459id: 227
(one image)
Patricia Cranleywife of John Charles Cranley
107CrossleyGrace Crossleyfirst name on this monument1790185464id: 195
(one image)
Hannah Crossleydaughter of Grace Crossley1821189271
Sarah Crossleydaughter of Grace Crossley1837189558
John Crossleyhusband of Grace Crossley1794186268
Joseph Baron Crossleyrelationship not known of Grace Crossley1893195562
108CrossleyJane Crossleyfirst name on this monument1809185748id: 211
(one image)
William Crossleyhusband of Jane Crossley1818185941
Fred Firthrelationship not known of Jane Crossley1884195268
Freda Firthrelationship not known of Jane Crossley1926198155
Jane Firthrelationship not known of Jane Crossley1886196175
John Firthrelationship not known of Jane Crossley191419228
109CrowtherBenjamin Crowtherfirst name on this monument1836188549id: 209
(one image)
Sarah Crowtherwife of Benjamin Crowther1841189049
Mary Greenwoodrelationship not known of Benjamin Crowther1817189477
110CrowtherSarah Crowtherfirst name on this monument1775184166id: 94
(one image)
Hannah Helliwelldaughter of Sarah Crowther1801186968
William Greenwoodson of Sarah Crowther1805184439
Hugh Crossleyrelationship not known of Sarah Crowther187718781
111CryerEileen Cryerfirst name on this monumentid: 543
(one image)
112CryerStanley Cryerfirst name on this monument1919200485id: 520
(one image)
113DakinMarian Dakinfirst name on this monumentid: 542
(one image)
114DaviesLeslie G Daviesfirst name on this monument1918199375id: 469
(one image)
115DaviesMarjorie L Daviesfirst name on this monument1921200685id: 529
(one image)
116DawsonFrances Dawsonfirst name on this monument1870191949id: 357
(one image)
Marie Dawsondaughter of Frances Dawson190119010
James Dawsonhusband of Frances Dawson1870194878
117DawsonJeffrey Dawsonfirst name on this monument1926199569id: 478
(one image)
118DawsonSarah Dawsonfirst name on this monument187818780id: 112
(one image)
William Dawsonfather of Sarah Dawson1806188579
Alice Simkinrelationship not known of Sarah Dawson
Ethel Simkinrelationship not known of Sarah Dawson1944
Raphael Simkinrelationship not known of Sarah Dawson1879193859
119DeakinDoris M Deakinfirst name on this monument1922200280id: 508
(one image)
120DeakinGladys Deakinfirst name on this monument1920201292id: 523
(one image)
121DeardenWilliam Deardenfirst name on this monument1852188634id: 126
(one image)
Ann Deardendaughter-in-law of William Dearden1875196691
Vera Deardengrand daughter of William Dearden1905198681
George Arthur Deardenson of William Dearden1873193865
Ellen Deardenwife of William Dearden1848192375
122DewhirstBetsy Dewhirstfirst name on this monument1905197570id: 398
(one image)
123DewhirstJames Dewhirstfirst name on this monument1818186547id: 288
(one image)
Hannah Dewhirstdaughter of James Dewhirst184318441
Beryl Helliwelldaughter of James Dewhirst1907
James Dewhirstson of James Dewhirst1860187111
Harriet Dewhirstwife of James Dewhirst1819190687
Amanda Helliwellrelationship not known of James Dewhirst1845193287
John Helliwellrelationship not known of James Dewhirst1847191366
124DewhirstJohn Dewhirstfirst name on this monument1842191068id: 92
(one image)
Helen Dewhirstrelationship not known of John Dewhirst1849193485
125DewhirstMaria Dewhirstfirst name on this monument1864188925id: 130
(one image)
James Walter Dewhirstson of Maria Dewhirst
Frederick Dewhirstrelationship not known of Maria Dewhirst1855192267
Matilda Dewhirstrelationship not known of Maria Dewhirst1864193672
126DingleyWilfred Dingleyfirst name on this monument1933198855id: 443
(one image)
127DriverThomas Driverfirst name on this monument1802186967id: 133
(one image)
Charlotte Driverwife of Thomas Driver1802187169
128DunckleyDoris Dunckleyfirst name on this monument1913199683id: 485
(one image)
129DunkleyWill Dunkleyfirst name on this monument1911199180id: 458
(one image)
130DurhamBetty Durhamfirst name on this monument1927199972id: 496
(one image)
131DutchmanAgnes Dutchmanfirst name on this monument1922200280id: 510
(one image)
132DutchmanWilliam Dutchmanfirst name on this monument1926200377id: 514
(one image)
133EastwoodArthur Eastwoodfirst name on this monument186318641id: 278
(one image)
Albert Eastwoodrelationship not known of Arthur Eastwood186518683
134EastwoodDoris Eastwoodfirst name on this monument1919200384id: 516
(one image)
135EastwoodJames Eastwoodfirst name on this monument1921200382id: 517
(one image)
136EckersleyConstance Eckersleyfirst name on this monumentid: 550
(one image)
137EckersleyPeter Eckersleyfirst name on this monument1927200982id: 538
(one image)
138EllisHarry Ellisfirst name on this monument1909197566id: 394
(one image)
139FarrarNanny Farrarfirst name on this monument1797186467id: 86
(one image)
Sarah Sutcliffesister of Nanny Farrar1800187474
Harry Boocockrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1888195870
Sarah Boocockrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1886196983
Eunice Simkinrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1854192167
Ruth Simkinrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1886196882
Thomas Simkinrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1864191753
William Henry Simkinrelationship not known of Nanny Farrar1898191618
140FieldenElizabeth Fieldenfirst name on this monument1859190243id: 356
(one image)
John Fieldenhusband of Elizabeth Fielden1860193171
141FieldenElizabeth Fieldenfirst name on this monument186918723id: 66
(one image)
Eli Fieldenfather of Elizabeth Fielden1843192178
Jane Fieldenmother of Elizabeth Fielden1840191979
Agnes Fieldensister of Elizabeth Fielden1853187724
142FieldingFrances Mary Fieldingfirst name on this monument188218820id: 165
(one image)
James Fieldingrelationship not known of Frances Mary Fielding1853190956
Susey Fieldingrelationship not known of Frances Mary Fielding1847190356
143FieldingHarriet Fieldingfirst name on this monument1825189570id: 303
(one image)
Hannah Fieldingdaughter of Harriet Fielding1857192164
John Fieldinghusband of Harriet Fielding1824190278
144FieldingJames Fieldingfirst name on this monument1823188360id: 169
(one image)
Jane Fieldingwife of James Fielding1824190177
Mary Ellen Fieldingrelationship not known of James Fielding1829189465
Richard Fieldingrelationship not known of James Fielding1827186740
145FieldingJames Fieldingfirst name on this monument1834189561id: 287
(one image)
Robert Fieldingson of James Fielding1856192771
Hannah Fieldingwife of James Fielding1830189666
Martha Fieldingrelationship not known of James Fielding1861192968
146FirthJohn William Firthfirst name on this monument18711870-1id: 3
(one image)
Herbert Firthrelationship not known of John William Firth1875190429
Reuben Firthrelationship not known of John William Firth
Sarah Ann Firthrelationship not known of John William Firth
147FisherIan Maclaren Fisherfirst name on this monument1917195942id: 95
(one image)
Margaret Harral Fisherrelationship not known of Ian Maclaren Fisher1918197860
148FisherMary Fisherfirst name on this monument1894198894id: 447
(one image)
149FisherWilliam Fisherfirst name on this monument188318830id: 194
(one image)
Whiteley Fisherfather of William Fisher1850192878
Mary Fishermother of William Fisher1851191665
150FisherWillie Fisherfirst name on this monument1891197685id: 401
(one image)
151FosterHannah Fosterfirst name on this monument1800186464id: 279
(one image)
Grace Fostersister of Hannah Foster84
Sarah Fostersister of Hannah Foster1810187767
152GalbraithEthel Galbraithfirst name on this monument1907199588id: 476
(one image)
153GarforthWilliam Garforthfirst name on this monumentid: 237
(one image)
Elizabeth Horsfallrelationship not known of William Garforth1923
154GathrogerWalter Gathrogerfirst name on this monument185518561id: 200
(one image)
Elizabeth Gathrogerrelationship not known of Walter Gathroger1864
John Gathrogerrelationship not known of Walter Gathroger1826187549
155GaukrogerThomas Gaukrogerfirst name on this monument1835187136id: 353
(one image)
Agnes Gaukrogerdaughter of Thomas Gaukroger
156GibbonFrank Gibbonfirst name on this monument1925199772id: 491
(one image)
157GibsonMary Gibsonfirst name on this monumentid: 345
(one image)
Ellen Gibsonsister of Mary Gibson
Fred Gibsonrelationship not known of Mary Gibson1942
John Gibsonrelationship not known of Mary Gibson1940
158GibsonSam Michael Gibsonfirst name on this monument199019900id: 177
(one image)
Julian Robert Gibsonfather of Sam Michael Gibson1957200548
159GibsonSarah Ellen Gibsonfirst name on this monument1865191752id: 107
(one image)
Arthur Gibsonson of Sarah Ellen Gibson1887191730
Ben Gibsonson of Sarah Ellen Gibson1895191722
Willie Gibsonson of Sarah Ellen Gibson1894191723
Stott Gibsonrelationship not known of Sarah Ellen Gibson1858192870
160GibsonSarah Hannah Gibsonfirst name on this monument1886id: 204
(one image)
John William Gibsonbrother of Sarah Hannah Gibson
Thomas Gibsonfather of Sarah Hannah Gibson1827189770
Hannah Gibsonmother of Sarah Hannah Gibson1829189768
Emily Gibsonsister of Sarah Hannah Gibson
Mary Hannah Gibsonsister of Sarah Hannah Gibson185718647
161GillBarbara Jean Gillfirst name on this monument1923200279id: 511
(one image)
162GillBertha Gillfirst name on this monument187818780id: 45
(one image)
Joseph Gillfather of Bertha Gill1821189877
Mabel Gillsister of Bertha Gill188018811
Ellen Louisa Gillrelationship not known of Bertha Gill1827189669
163GillFred Gillfirst name on this monumentid: 313
(one image)
Sutcliffe Gillfather of Fred Gill1856192569
164GillGreenwood Gillfirst name on this monument1856191054id: 317
(one image)
Mary Gilldaughter of Greenwood Gill1907
Ellen Gillwife of Greenwood Gill1848190860
165GillIsabella Gillfirst name on this monument1905197570id: 397
(one image)
166GillThomas Gillfirst name on this monument1846191165id: 262
(one image)
Beatrice Gilldaughter of Thomas Gill189018911
Hannah Gilldaughter of Thomas Gill1879194970
Grace Gillwife of Thomas Gill1916
167GillWilliam Gillfirst name on this monument183818402id: 17
(one image)
Jonathan Gillbrother of William Gill1820184222
Sally Gillmother of William Gill
168GillyonEthel Gillyonfirst name on this monument1914199278id: 465
(one image)
169GouldMary Ann Gouldfirst name on this monument1871id: 243
(one image)
George Gouldbrother of Mary Ann Gould1889
Thomas Gouldbrother of Mary Ann Gould189318974
William Gouldbrother of Mary Ann Gould188618882
William Gouldfather of Mary Ann Gould1849193889
Alice Gouldmother of Mary Ann Gould1844192278
170GreenwoodAlice Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1823188764id: 238
(one image)
William Greenwoodhusband of Alice Greenwood1821191190
Thomas Greenwoodson of Alice Greenwood1852191967
Sarah Sutclifferelationship not known of Alice Greenwood
171GreenwoodBarbara Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1814188066id: 148
(one image)
Livingstone Greenwoodgrand son of Barbara Greenwood188118821
Edward Holt Greenwoodson of Barbara Greenwood1855188126
Hannah Greenwoodrelationship not known of Barbara Greenwood1858193173
James Greenwoodrelationship not known of Barbara Greenwood1868190739
172GreenwoodBetty Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1814189076id: 74
(one image)
Emmanuel Greenwoodson of Betty Greenwood1838192789
Jane Greenwoodrelationship not known of Betty Greenwood1927
William Greenwoodrelationship not known of Betty Greenwood1870194979
173GreenwoodBetty Greenwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 68
(one image)
Harry Greenwoodson of Betty Greenwood
William Greenwoodrelationship not known of Betty Greenwood
174GreenwoodCrossley Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1855192166id: 138
(one image)
Francis Greenwoodson of Crossley Greenwood
Sarah Jane Greenwoodwife of Crossley Greenwood1854192672
175GreenwoodDorothy Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1899197576id: 393
(one image)
176GreenwoodEdith Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1899197172id: 375
(one image)
177GreenwoodEdith Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1900199292id: 462
(one image)
178GreenwoodEleanor M Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1901197776id: 402
(one image)
179GreenwoodElizabeth Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1823186845id: 329
(one image)
Clara Greenwoodgrand daughter of Elizabeth Greenwood1879190829
John Greenwoodhusband of Elizabeth Greenwood1819189172
Annie Greenwoodrelationship not known of Elizabeth Greenwood190419095
180GreenwoodElizabeth Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1847188235id: 159
(one image)
181GreenwoodElsie Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1909200798id: 531
(one image)
182GreenwoodEsther Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1830188151id: 245
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Greenwooddaughter of Esther Greenwood185318618
Fred Greenwoodrelationship not known of Esther Greenwood1870
Sarah Ann Greenwoodrelationship not known of Esther Greenwood1857191861
William Henry Greenwoodrelationship not known of Esther Greenwood1849191566
183GreenwoodFlorence Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1895198287id: 395
(one image)
184GreenwoodGrace Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1860id: 79
(one image)
Edith Runnels Dennisrelationship not known of Grace Greenwood1848192274
Susan Dennisrelationship not known of Grace Greenwood1834191278
Grace Hitchenrelationship not known of Grace Greenwood1861
185GreenwoodHannah Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1858id: 103
(one image)
James Taylorrelationship not known of Hannah Greenwood
John Taylorrelationship not known of Hannah Greenwood1801187978
Mary Taylorrelationship not known of Hannah Greenwood79
186GreenwoodJames Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1884195975id: 7
(one image)
Mary Ann Greenwoodwife of James Greenwood1886196579
187GreenwoodJames Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1896198993id: 370
(one image)
188GreenwoodJane Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1880193959id: 185
(one image)
Beryl May Colerelationship not known of Jane Greenwood1909196455
Reginald Charles William Colerelationship not known of Jane Greenwood1909199384
189GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1807187265id: 22
(one image)
Grace Greenwoodwife of John Greenwood1811188675
190GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1807187972id: 77
(one image)
191GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1789185465id: 171
(one image)
Catherine Greenwoodwife of John Greenwood1789185768
Dorothy Violet Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood1897198184
Frederick Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood1852192169
Gilbert Hooson Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood1905196964
John Herbert Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood1882191735
Margaret Lucy Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood18331942109
William Smithrelationship not known of John Greenwood1889191728
192GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1856id: 175
(one image)
Sally Greenwoodwife of John Greenwood1807187164
Elizabeth Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood1898
Harry Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood
Martha Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood
Richard Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood1839188041
Thomas Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood1809187970
193GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1844185713id: 213
(one image)
Robert Greenwoodfather of John Greenwood1816187256
Hannah Greenwoodmother of John Greenwood1824187046
Mitchell Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Greenwood1847187225
194GreenwoodLily Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1894197884id: 406
(one image)
195GreenwoodLouisa Greenwoodfirst name on this monument189218953id: 291
(one image)
Thomas Greenwoodfather of Louisa Greenwood1857192770
Annie Greenwoodmother of Louisa Greenwood1854192167
196GreenwoodMarshall Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1828186234id: 273
(one image)
Evelyn Florence Bamfordrelationship not known of Marshall Greenwood1895199398
Robert Beardsellrelationship not known of Marshall Greenwood1868194678
197GreenwoodMary Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1825189166id: 240
(one image)
John Greenwoodhusband of Mary Greenwood1824190480
Mary Mitchellrelationship not known of Mary Greenwood1785186176
Thomas Mitchellrelationship not known of Mary Greenwood1786186579
198GreenwoodMary Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1836188448id: 322
(one image)
Robert Greenwoodrelationship not known of Mary Greenwood1831190877
199GreenwoodSarah Jane Greenwoodfirst name on this monument185018500id: 134
(one image)
Israel Greenwoodfather of Sarah Jane Greenwood1896
Mary Greenwoodmother of Sarah Jane Greenwood1897
Ellen Greenwoodsister of Sarah Jane Greenwood
Hannah Greenwoodsister of Sarah Jane Greenwood1832185422
Emily Greenwoodrelationship not known of Sarah Jane Greenwood1863194784
Herbert Greenwoodrelationship not known of Sarah Jane Greenwood
200GreenwoodWilliam Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1898id: 299
(one image)
Selina Greenwoodwife of William Greenwood1839192283

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