St Mary's Church burial ground, Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AldousJohn Aldousfirst name on this monument1821681889id: Tsm1061077

2AldousLucy Mary Aldousfirst name on this monument1877551932id: Tsm281078
Walter Edward Aldoushusband of Lucy Mary Aldous1881701951
Walter Henry Aldousson of Lucy Mary Aldous1904571961

3AldousMary Aldousfirst name on this monument1811441855id: Tsm421078Wife of John Aldous.
Ann Marstersaunt of Mary Aldous1773821855 Relict of the late John Marsters.

4AvisElizabeth Avisfirst name on this monument1777901867id: Tsm8711311Day of death may have been the 10th. Wife of William Avis.
William Avis1787721859

5BarberWilfred James Barberfirst name on this monument1908111919id: Tsm791079Son of Ernest and Annie Barker.

6BarkerIsaac Barkerfirst name on this monument1844611905id: Tsm741083

7BartramThomas W Bartramfirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171077WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

8BatesJohn Batesfirst name on this monument1844611905id: Tsm651083
Emma Mary Ann Bates1854831937

9BatesJohn W Batesfirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171083WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

10BaxterAnn Baxterfirst name on this monument1730671797id: Tsm881098Wife of John Baxter.

11BensleyJohn Bensleyfirst name on this monument1815661881id: Tsm991080

12BensleyJohn Bensleyfirst name on this monument1815661881id: Tsm111082

13BowenWilliam Bowenfirst name on this monument1780161796id: Tsm231077

14BoyceAlice Rebecca Boycefirst name on this monument1867281895id: Tsm691087Eldest daughter of John and Mary Ann Boyce.

15BoyceArthur George Boycefirst name on this monument1865481913id: Tsm761090
Laura Elizabeth Boycewife of Arthur George Boyce1868871955

16BoyceEdith Boycefirst name on this monument1874731947id: Tsm771102
Albert John Boycehusband of Edith Boyce1876761952

17BoyceEthel Eliza Boycefirst name on this monument1887211908id: Tsm711093Wife of Frank Boyce.
John George Boyceson of Ethel Eliza Boyce1908 Aged 14 months.

18BoyceHorace Alfred William Boycefirst name on this monument188201882id: Tsm671089Son of John and Mary Ann Boyce.

19BoyceJohn Boycefirst name on this monument1841631904id: Tsm701079
Mary Ann Boycewife of John Boyce1842831925

20BoyceKate Boycefirst name on this monument1873401913id: Tsm751085Wife of Albert J Boyce.

21BoyceMartha May Boycefirst name on this monument1871181889id: Tsm6810802nd daughter of John and Mary Ann Boyce.

22BoyceRebecca Boycefirst name on this monument1822331855id: Tsm5710811Wife of Thomas Boyce.

23BoyceThomas Boycefirst name on this monument1817701887id: Tsm581080Son of Edward and Esther Boyce.

24BoysHellen Boysfirst name on this monument1661id: Tsm2010811Wife of John Boys. Slab in the remains of the church near where the altar would have been.

25BoysJohn Boysfirst name on this monument1660id: Tsm211083Slab in the remains of the church near where the altar would have been.

26BrownAlbert Brownfirst name on this monument1874771951id: Tsm171103
Margaret Brownwife of Albert Brown1876791955

27BrownAlice Brownfirst name on this monument1869731942id: Tsm1151079

28BrownMaria Brownfirst name on this monument1827631890id: Tsm481079
John Brownhusband of Maria Brown1824741898

29BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1843181861id: Tsm1131076Daughter of Charles and Deborah Brown.

30BurgessEliza Burgessfirst name on this monument1808741882id: Tsm661078Wife of James Burgess.

31CardThomas Cardfirst name on this monument1832541886id: Tsm961084
Lois Cardwife of Thomas Card1837461883

32ClarkeStephen Clarkefirst name on this monument1783id: Tsm1001078

33CoeErnest W Coefirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171079WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

34CutmoreNoah Cutmorefirst name on this monument1796481844id: Tsm1021077

35DenneyAmelia Denneyfirst name on this monument1863741937id: Tsm251111Wife of Arthur William Denney.

36DenneyIvan Charles Denneyfirst name on this monument1923101933id: Tsm261086

37DyerArthur D Dyerfirst name on this monument1915id: Tsm1171086WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

38DyerBarney James Dyerfirst name on this monument1878791957id: Tsm491101
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39DyerDaniel Dyerfirst name on this monument1825371862id: Tsm521081

40DyerEmily Ann Dyerfirst name on this monument1862741936id: Tsm431083

41DyerEmily Ann Dyerfirst name on this monument1828231851id: Tsm371092Daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dyer.

42DyerFrederick Elijah Dyerfirst name on this monument1887741961id: Tsm1161085
Arthur D Dyer1915 WW1 - Killed in Belgium. The word Reunited is on the stone so I assume they were brothers.

43DyerMary Jane Dyerfirst name on this monument1856871943id: Tsm501081

44DyerMatilda Dyerfirst name on this monument1851891940id: Tsm511085
Eligah Dyerhusband of Matilda Dyer1853871940

45DyerRobert G Dyerfirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171076WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

46DyerSusan Dyerfirst name on this monument1828831911id: Tsm531089Widow of Daniel Dyer.

47EdwardsJames Edwardsfirst name on this monument1809841893id: Tsm801084
Sarah Anne Edwardswife of James Edwards1829681897

48FordWilliam Fordfirst name on this monument1766591825id: Tsm1031091

49GardnerLetitia Gardnerfirst name on this monument1788891877id: Tsm8110781Relict of John Gardner.
Richard Gardnerson of Letitia Gardner1824271851
William Gardnerson of Letitia Gardner1809331842

50HaimesFlorence Emily Haimesfirst name on this monument1859651924id: Tsm941080
Frederick Haimeshusband of Florence Emily Haimes1858891947 Month of death is illegible but he died on the 20th day of it.

51HaimesJohn Dorham Haimesfirst name on this monument1891211912id: Tsm9810893rd son of Frederick and Florence Haimes.

52HarveyAnn Harveyfirst name on this monument1841151856id: Tsm391081Daughter of William and Jane Harvey. Some details from online sources.

53HarveyArthur Harveyfirst name on this monument1874601934id: Tsm271093
Ethel Maud Harveywife of Arthur Harvey1958

54HarveyEliza Harveyfirst name on this monument1833701903id: Tsm361080Widow of Robert Harvey.

55HarveyElizabeth Harveyfirst name on this monument1851271878id: Tsm321079Wife of George Harvey.

56HarveyElizabeth Harveyfirst name on this monument1840251865id: Tsm401077Daughter of William and Jane Harvey. Some details from online sources.

57HarveyGeorge Harveyfirst name on this monument1843521895id: Tsm331075

58HarveyJane Harveyfirst name on this monument1796741870id: Tsm301077Wife of William Harvey. It looks like someone has tried to change her age at death by painting a 2 over the 4 of 74.

59HarveyRobert Harveyfirst name on this monument1836571893id: Tsm351085Husband of Eliza Harvey.

60HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument1781891870id: Tsm291087

61HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument1824681892id: Tsm341075Eldest son of the late William Harvey.

62HauntonDavid Hauntonfirst name on this monument1828621890id: Tsm641077
Mary Hauntonwife of David Haunton1831651896

63HillJames Hillfirst name on this monument1846161862id: Tsm721071Eldest son of James and Elizabeth Hill.

64HubbardAlbert George Hubbardfirst name on this monument1886781964id: Tsm121078
Florence Hubbardwife of Albert George Hubbard1882861968

65HubbardCharles F Hubbardfirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171084WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

66HubbardEllen Hubbardfirst name on this monument1850251875id: Tsm4410741Daughter of Thomas and S A Hubbard.
William Hubbardbrother of Ellen Hubbard1857231880

67HubbardGeorge Hubbardfirst name on this monument1860821942id: Tsm11081
Caroline Hubbardwife of George Hubbard1861871948

68HubbardJane Hubbardfirst name on this monument1866561922id: Tsm471068

69HubbardLily Mary Ann Hubbardfirst name on this monument1894431937id: Tsm21078

70HubbardSarah Ann Hubbardfirst name on this monument1820861906id: Tsm461073Wife of Thomas Hubbard.

71HubbardStephen Hubbardfirst name on this monument1786671853id: Tsm851077
Martha Hubbarddaughter of Stephen Hubbard1828 Aged 6 months. Daughter of Stephen and Martha Hubbard.
John Hubbardson of Stephen Hubbard182511826 And 6 months. Son of Stephen and Martha Hubbard.
Ann Hubbardwife of Stephen Hubbard1787351822
Martha Hubbardsecond wife of Stephen Hubbard1785561841

72HubbardThomas Hubbardfirst name on this monument1854591913id: Tsm1071072
Charles Frederick Hubbardson of Thomas Hubbard1896221918 WW1 2/6th Stafford Regiment. Killed in action in France.

73HubbardThomas Hubbardfirst name on this monument1817731890id: Tsm451089
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74HumphreysRobert Humphreysfirst name on this monument1860681928id: Tsm901081
James William Humphreysson of Robert Humphreys1909291938 Died at Malta.

75LainMartha Lainfirst name on this monument1820871907id: Tsm611070Wife of Robert Lain.

76LainRobert Lainfirst name on this monument1814841898id: Tsm621074

77LainWilliam Lainfirst name on this monument1849531902id: Tsm601075

78LawesJohn Lawesfirst name on this monument1819731892id: Tsm931069

79LawesMary Ann Lawesfirst name on this monument1811721883id: Tsm921090Wife of Edward Lawes (Adjacent grave is of Edward Laws)

80LawsEdward Lawsfirst name on this monument1812721884id: Tsm911077

81Le GrysFrances Le Grysfirst name on this monument1824791903id: Tsm141071Wife of James Le Grys.

82Le GrysHonner Le Grysfirst name on this monument1785251810id: Tsm61068Wife of James Le Grys.

83Le GrysJames Le Grysfirst name on this monument1749751824id: Tsm861070

84Le GrysJames Le Grysfirst name on this monument1789791868id: Tsm81077
Frances Le Grysthird wife of James Le Grys1808391847

85Le GrysJames Le Grysfirst name on this monument1816791895id: Tsm151118

86MargitsonDavid Margitsonfirst name on this monument1818681886id: Tsm10110731
Elizabeth Margitsonwife of David Margitson1822671889

87MooreEmma Moorefirst name on this monument1874541928id: Tsm41091Wife of Jacob Moore.
Jacob Moore1869821951

88MooreWilliam George Moorefirst name on this monument1904541958id: Tsm191081

89NicholsGeorge Nicholsfirst name on this monument1821811902id: Tsm1051072Adjacent grave to Hannah Nichols.

90NicholsHannah Nicholsfirst name on this monument1827771904id: Tsm1041071Wife of George Nichols.

91ParkerElizabeth J Parkerfirst name on this monument1841811922id: Tsm2411131Former surname Parley.
Colin I Parley1936411977
Lily C Parley1910962006
Mary I Parley1868671935
Reginald A Parley1903701973
Thomas B Parley1867841951

92PlatoJane Platofirst name on this monument1851781929id: Tsm821070
James Plato1843871930

93PorterThomas Clarence Porterfirst name on this monument1827891916id: Tsm31105
Mary Elizabeth Porterwife of Thomas Clarence Porter1858891947

94ReadEmily May Readfirst name on this monument1875691944id: Tsm831071
Henry John Read1867801947

95ReeveErnest Reevefirst name on this monument1867481915id: Tsm1091067Son of William and Susan Reeve.

96ReeveWilliam Reevefirst name on this monument1840671907id: Tsm1101067
Susan Reevewife of William Reeve1844781922

97RobertsonJohn Robertsonfirst name on this monument1816791895id: Tsm1081066
Emma Robertsonwife of John Robertson1820811901

98RoeJohn Mudditt Roefirst name on this monument1865731938id: Tsm781069

99SelfHorace Selffirst name on this monumentid: Tsm1171080WW1 - Visit for more information about this soldier.

100SheldrakeHerbert Sheldrakefirst name on this monument1872721944id: Tsm181099

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