Oxbridge E Cemetery, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list

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1AbbottCharles Abbottfirst name on this monument1819681887id: 103073937460241
Evereld Abbottwife of Charles Abbott1812851897

2AllanEthel Allanfirst name on this monument1864541918id: 103075137472341
James Allanhusband of Ethel Allan

3AtkinsonJames Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1866571923id: 10306293737011
Elizabeth Ann Atkinsonwife of James Atkinson1870671937

4BennettAmelia Bennettfirst name on this monument187111872id: 10306593739236
George Henry Bennettbrother of Amelia Bennett1873

5BensonAlice Maud Mary Bensonfirst name on this monument187951884id: 10306313737228
Jack Benson190691915

6BestAlice Ann Bestfirst name on this monument1852271879id: 10306803741378
Rosanna Moongrand mother of Alice Ann Best1803891892
Charles Bestson of Alice Ann Best1876

7BevanMary Bevanfirst name on this monument1857391896id: 10307453746623
Joshua Bevanhusband of Mary Bevan1853531906

8BevanSusan Bevanfirst name on this monument1853261879id: 10307303745238
Joshua Bevanbrother of Susan Bevan188051885
Thomas Thompson Bevanbrother of Susan Bevan1893
Walter Bevanbrother of Susan Bevan188361889

9BondElizabeth Bondfirst name on this monument1875721947id: 103063037371281
James Llewellyn Bondhusband of Elizabeth Bond1876731949

10BoneMary Bonefirst name on this monument1868571925id: 10306873741911

11BoothBryan Boothfirst name on this monument1850291879id: 103062037361293
Bryan John Boothfather of Bryan Booth1824731897
Catherine Boothmother of Bryan Booth1809801889
Thomas Boothsister of Bryan Booth1857251882

12BoothCharles Boothfirst name on this monument1859131872id: 103065037385201
Henry R Boothbrother of Charles Booth1854311885
John Boothbrother of Charles Booth1889
Jane Mullinderdaughter of Charles Booth1860781938
Lodowic Mullinder1833541887
John Mullinderson of Charles Booth1893
Robert Mullinderson of Charles Booth1896
Maria Mullinderwife of Charles Booth1834711905

13BottomleyAmbrose A Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1849371886id: 103073637457281
Eliza Ann Marley1854361890

14BowmanThomas Bowmanfirst name on this monument1813821895id: 103063837377312
Mary Isabella Bowmandaughter of Thomas Bowman1872301902
Alfred Augustus Bowmanson of Thomas Bowman1881251906
Edward Charles Bowmanson of Thomas Bowman1850841934
Frederick George Bowmanson of Thomas Bowman187911880
John Proud Bowmanson of Thomas Bowman1863701933
William Marsaw Bowmanson of Thomas Bowman1865181883
Isabella Bowmanwife of Thomas Bowman1842751917

15BowronElizabeth Bowronfirst name on this monument1867581925id: 103075837479592
Thomas Bowronhusband of Elizabeth Bowron1856701926

16BowronGeorge Henry Bowronfirst name on this monument188011881id: 10306933742429
John Bowronbrother of George Henry Bowron1885521937
Lancelot Bowronbrother of George Henry Bowron1888101898
George Bowronfather of George Henry Bowron1853621915
Ruth Bowronmother of George Henry Bowron1858761934
Margaret Aldersonsister of George Henry Bowron1877361913
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17BriggsJonathan Briggsfirst name on this monument1812701882id: 10307203744311

18BroadbentWilliam Broadbentfirst name on this monument188251887id: 103072337446541
William Broadbentbrother of William Broadbent1892251917
John Broadbentfather of William Broadbent1860721932
Emily Annie Broadbentmother of William Broadbent1861411902

19BroadbentWilliam Broadbentfirst name on this monument1817761893id: 10307263744883
Fanny Louise Broadbentgrand daughter of William Broadbent1890141904
Anne Broadbentwife of William Broadbent1822831905

20BrookeJohn Brookefirst name on this monument1844801924id: 10306673740029
Ada Annie Brookedaughter of John Brooke1868561924
Mabel Brookedaughter of John Brooke1874751949
William Horsfield Brookeson of John Brooke1871361907

21BrookeWilliam Horsfield Brookefirst name on this monument1871361907id: 10306683740167
Annie Rowntreewife of William Horsfield Brooke1879851964

22BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument1804761880id: 10306973742713

23BrownFlorence Brownfirst name on this monument1878871965id: 10306213736213

24BurdonMary Ann Burdonfirst name on this monument1816691885id: 103064137378292
Robert Burdonhusband of Mary Ann Burdon1821701891

25BurnettEliza Burnettfirst name on this monument1827761903id: 10307523747316

26BurrellTamar Burrellfirst name on this monument1811761887id: 10306923742391Born 7 March 1811, Darlington, Durham
Thomas Burrellhusband of Tamar Burrell Born 25 May 1811, Shilbottle, Northumberland Died 27 January 1865

27CampbellElizabeth Campbellfirst name on this monument1846391885id: 103062837369404
Ada Campbelldaughter of Elizabeth Campbell1892201912
Samuel Campbellhusband of Elizabeth Campbell1845571902
Albert Campbellson of Elizabeth Campbell1882221904
William John Campbellson of Elizabeth Campbell1869541923

28CansickRobert Cansickfirst name on this monument1801701871id: 103065437388252

29CatherickSarah Catherickfirst name on this monument1810731883id: 103067537408111

30CharltonN Charltonfirst name on this monument1836371873id: 10306483738313
Arthur Tynmouth Charltonson of N Charlton1862211883
Elizabeth Charltonwife of N Charlton1841561897

31ChipchaseLucy Chipchasefirst name on this monument1924id: 10307003742926
Louise Mackniece of Lucy Chipchase1928

32ClarkMinnie Clarkfirst name on this monument188111882id: 10307193744212
Clifford Bond191011911

33CloseCharles Closefirst name on this monument1825571882id: 10307153743916
Robert Eastonson of Charles Close1849351884
Maria Closewife of Charles Close1830681898

34CloughJoseph Hyland Cloughfirst name on this monument1815631878id: 10307553747639
Mary Hodgson Ougden1792791871
Maria Hodgson Cloughwife of Joseph Hyland Clough1820781898

35CollingRobert Collingfirst name on this monument1852391891id: 10306663739920
Emily Collingwife of Robert Colling1856821938

36DaviesCharlotte Daviesfirst name on this monument1828581886id: 103070737436233
Lottie Daviesdaughter of Charlotte Davies1874181892
William Davieswife of Charlotte Davies1823841907

37DavisonWilliam Davisonfirst name on this monument1816641880id: 10307533747421
Robert Burnett Davisonson of William Davison1865721937
Anne Davisonwife of William Davison1823771900

38DentJohn Dentfirst name on this monument1819631882id: 1030740374611162
Jane Ann Dimblebydaughter-in-law of John Dent1853571910
Frederick Wade Dentson of John Dent1866251891
John Henry Dentson of John Dent188731890
Maria Dentwife of John Dent1817871904
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39DixonJohn Dixonfirst name on this monument1831471878id: 10306893742111
Thomas William Dixon1861341895

40DixonThomas Dixonfirst name on this monument1828551883id: 103073137453204
Jane Dixonwife of Thomas Dixon1833841917

41DockrellFanny Dockrellfirst name on this monument1850541904id: 10306633739625
Geoge Hodgson Dockrellhusband of Fanny Dockrell1851241875

42DownesMary Jane Downesfirst name on this monument1847331880id: 10306823741545
William Downeshusband of Mary Jane Downes1852321884

43DunningWilliam Dunningfirst name on this monument1893591952id: 10306743740712
Dorothy Dunningwife of William Dunning1895651960

44EcclesfieldJohn Ecclesfieldfirst name on this monument1844581902id: 103067837411163
John Joseph Ecclesfieldgrand son of John Ecclesfield1904
Mary Jane Ecclesfieldwife of John Ecclesfield1848581906

45EvansJohn Evansfirst name on this monument1832521884id: 10306843741718
Amanda Evansdaughter of John Evans1883
Malvina Evansdaughter of John Evans1880
Ernest Ivor Evansson of John Evans1880

46EylesChristopher Eylesfirst name on this monument1865241889id: 103067037403331
Mary Eylesaunt of Christopher Eyles1818861904

47FennyJohn Fennyfirst name on this monument1809671876id: 103065737390252
Fannie Fennydaughter-in-law of John Fenny1848271875
Elizabeth Ethel Fennygrand daughter of John Fenny187531878
Elizabeth Fennywife of John Fenny1811731884

48FirthThomas Firthfirst name on this monument1861641925id: 103071637440325
Arthur Oswald Firth1894241918
Kate Rachel Firthwife of Thomas Firth1866731939

49FraserAlice Fraserfirst name on this monument1857311888id: 103074437465451
H A Fraserhusband of Alice Fraser

50GillThomas Gillfirst name on this monument1842341876id: 10306773741024
Elizabeth Louisa Robertsdaughter of Thomas Gill1872311903
Fred William Gillson of Thomas Gill187381881
Jane Ann Gillwife of Thomas Gill1844891933

51GlemetWilliam Glemetfirst name on this monument1854541908id: 10307323745413
Ada Glemetdaughter of William Glemet1890271917
Jane Glemetwife of William Glemet1855791934

52GrahamJohn Grahamfirst name on this monument1820661886id: 10306443737915
Agnes Grahamwife of John Graham1821691890

53GreensladeJohn Greensladefirst name on this monument186571872id: 10306723740543
Benjamin Greensladefather of John Greenslade
Elizabeth Greenslademother of John Greenslade

54GriegHenry James Griegfirst name on this monument1850321882id: 1030702374317

55HairIsabella Hairfirst name on this monument1837471884id: 103067137404121
John H Hair186041864
John H Hair1866181884
William T Hair187231875

56HaleGeorge Halefirst name on this monument1827811908id: 103070437433211
Thomas Haleson of George Hale1855591914
Jane Halewife of George Hale1833791912

57HallJames Hallfirst name on this monument1848381886id: 10306813741410

58HarlandHenry Frank Harlandfirst name on this monument1820611881id: 103069537426154
Ann Harland1816841900
James Harland1819451864
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59HarrisSarah Ann Harrisfirst name on this monument1848291877id: 10306693740210
Jacob Harrishusband of Sarah Ann Harris1837561893
Robert Harrisson of Sarah Ann Harris187161877

60HillMary Eliza Hillfirst name on this monument1846401886id: 10307563747781
Edith Mary Hilldaughter of Mary Eliza Hill1866791945
Alfred William Hillhusband of Mary Eliza Hill

61HillMeta Charlotte Hillfirst name on this monument1876id: 10307543747513
Charles Alfred Hill1877

62HindMary Hindfirst name on this monument1820581878id: 1030688374201021
Thomas Hindfather of Mary Hind1810901900
Hannah Hindmother of Mary Hind1821711892

63HodgsonAlice Helena Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1883id: 10307473746841

64HodgsonEdward Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1806741880id: 103074837469281
Edward Wheaks Hodgson1839341873
George Fowler Hodgson1842771919
William Alfred Hodgson1848321880
Charles Frederick Hodgsonson of Edward Hodgson1850731923
Martha Hodgsonwife of Edward Hodgson1814931907

65HodgsonRobert Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1838621900id: 10306173735812
Jane Ann Hartdaughter of Robert Hodgson1870221892
Thomas Hodgsonson of Robert Hodgson187551880
Mary Hodgsonwife of Robert Hodgson1839381877
Mary Hodgsonsecond wife of Robert Hodgson1838721910

66HolmesWilliam H Holmesfirst name on this monument1798801878id: 10306493738412
Susan Holmes1808661874

67HornseyJames Hornseyfirst name on this monument1817591876id: 10306473738228
Alice Louisa Hornseydaughter of James Hornsey185621858
Mary Hornseydaughter of James Hornsey1854231877
Robert Horsley Hornseyson of James Hornsey1853511904
Mary Hornseywife of James Hornsey1812791891

68HudsonHarriet Hudsonfirst name on this monument1830661896id: 1030701374307
Fredrick William Hudsonson of Harriet Hudson1865171882

69HumbleJohn Humblefirst name on this monument1856231879id: 10306903742216
Robert Humblebrother of John Humble1858291887
Mary Humblemother of John Humble1832541886

70IresonRobert Iresonfirst name on this monument1833881921id: 10307053743472
Katherine Iresonwife of Robert Ireson1887591946

71IrvineJohn Irvinefirst name on this monument1822621884id: 1030722374459
Isabella Irvinewife of John Irvine1827561883

72JacksonJohn Jacksonfirst name on this monument1820671887id: 10306643739714
Jane Ann Jacksondaughter of John Jackson1844331877
Mary Jacksondaughter of John Jackson1851241875

73JacksonRobert Thomas Jacksonfirst name on this monument187911880id: 10306833741623
Robert Elliott Jacksonbrother of Robert Thomas Jackson188831891

74JennettJohn Jennettfirst name on this monument1862201882id: 103070637435171
William Thomas Jennettfather of John Jennett1814741888

75KendallCatherine Teresa Kendallfirst name on this monument1841421883id: 103073837459441
Edith Kendalldaughter of Catherine Teresa Kendall187811879
Olive Lowe Kendalldaughter of Catherine Teresa Kendall188111882
Ethel Teresa Woolmandaughter of Catherine Teresa Kendall1873361909
Mark Kendallhusband of Catherine Teresa Kendall1842841926
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76LeekAnn Leekfirst name on this monument1812691881id: 103069937428201
George Leekhusband of Ann Leek

77LengAnn Lengfirst name on this monument1815681883id: 10307333745567
John Henry Lengson of Ann Leng1850321882

78LengJoseph Lengfirst name on this monument1862701932id: 10307433746454
Richard Lengfather of Joseph Leng
Frances Lengmother of Joseph Leng

79LengRichard Lengfirst name on this monument1828521880id: 10307423746335
Elizabeth Mary Taylordaughter of Richard Leng1856751931
Charles William Taylorson-in-law of Richard Leng1884
Frances Lengwife of Richard Leng1827761903

80LoweRebecca Lowefirst name on this monument1829591888id: 103074137462381
Bertha Kendallniece of Rebecca Lowe1955
Mabel Kendallniece of Rebecca Lowe1954

81MawsonGeorge Henry Mawsonfirst name on this monument1837311868id: 103066537398321
Mary Ellen Mawsondaughter of George Henry Mawson186691875
Ann Mawsonwife of George Henry Mawson1833841917

82MensleyJohn H Mensleyfirst name on this monument1865id: 10306223736312

83MiddletonJanet Margaret Middletonfirst name on this monument1855231878id: 10306623739510
William Middletonhusband of Janet Margaret Middleton

84MiddletonMary Ann Middletonfirst name on this monument1803711874id: 10306613739410

85MiddletonWilliam Middletonfirst name on this monument1854491903id: 1030625373666
Elizabeth Middletonwife of William Middleton1853551908

86MooreKnaggs Moorefirst name on this monument1851321883id: 1030729374516

87MorganMoses Morganfirst name on this monument1816681884id: 103073437456172
Ernest Allisongrand son of Moses Morgan1884341918
Hannah Morganwife of Moses Morgan1820711891

88MorrisHarriet Millicent Morrisfirst name on this monument1901751976id: 10307173744115
Charles Morrisfather of Harriet Millicent Morris
Harriet Morrismother of Harriet Millicent Morris

89MossWilliam Mossfirst name on this monument1892id: 1030749374709
Mary Vida Moss Davieswife of William Moss1909

90MowbrayWilliam White Mowbrayfirst name on this monument1818641882id: 103072737449223
John Mowbrayson of William White Mowbray1855281883
William Mowbrayson of William White Mowbray1851261877

91NicholsonElizabeth Nicholsonfirst name on this monumentid: 10307253744711
William Nicholsonson of Elizabeth Nicholson1882391921

92NormanMargaret Normanfirst name on this monument1839601899id: 10307573747819
Margaret Ellen Galveltdaughter of Margaret Norman1867801947
John Normanhusband of Margaret Norman1833801913
Frederick Normanson of Margaret Norman1871721943

93ParkAnn Smith Parkfirst name on this monument1852201872id: 10306583739162

94ParkinJohn Parkinfirst name on this monument187121873id: 1030660373939
Frederick George Parkinbrother of John Parkin187311874

95PerksEdward Perksfirst name on this monument1803711874id: 10306763740938
Elizabeth Perkswife of Edward Perks1804681872

96PickeringCharlotte Pickeringfirst name on this monument1821641885id: 103073737458231
Robert Pickeringhusband of Charlotte Pickering1824771901
Robert Pickeringson of Charlotte Pickering1863421905

97PotterGeorge Potterfirst name on this monument1805871892id: 1030728374506
El;izabeth Potterwife of George Potter1804791883
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98RileyElizabeth Rileyfirst name on this monument1838331871id: 103065537389181
Barzillia Rileyhusband of Elizabeth Riley

99RileyJohn Rileyfirst name on this monument1815591874id: 10306163735717
Sarah Rileywife of John Riley1828621890

100RileySarah Catherine Rileyfirst name on this monument1848531901id: 103061937360113Having researched this family, I now think that the middle name on Sarah Riley's monument might be incorrectly transcribed & would suggest that it is not Catherine but CALVERT, as it appears in her marriage & baptism records. It seems to have been a marker name in her family (she was Sarah Calvert Hirst, born in Ovenden near Halifax, West Yorkshire.
Barzillia Rileyhusband of Sarah Catherine Riley

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