Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
201FraserCecil Samuel Fraserfirst name on this monument1916no image42402171
202FriendJames Andrew Friendfirst name on this monument1918no image424022260
203FryFrank Thomas Fryfirst name on this monument1916no image42402384
204FunkKarl Funkfirst name on this monument1919no image42402480
205FurssedonnJohn J Furssedonnfirst name on this monument1917no image424025139
206GambleRobert John Gamblefirst name on this monument1917no image424026341
Charles Gamblefather of Robert John Gamble
207GayGeorge Gayfirst name on this monument1889531942no image424027188
Samuel Gayfather of George Gay
Alice Gaymother of George Gay
208GaytherAlbert Gaytherfirst name on this monument1940no image42402883
209GentleRobert Sydney George Gentlefirst name on this monument1925181943no image424029185
Harry Gentlefather of Robert Sydney George Gentle
Daisy E M A Gentlemother of Robert Sydney George Gentle
210GeorgeW E Georgefirst name on this monumentno image42441350
211GeradaAndrew Geradafirst name on this monument1918no image42403061
212GibsonWilliam H Gibsonfirst name on this monument1940no image42403176
213GlasspoolHarry Glasspoolfirst name on this monument1902371939no image424032133
Lilian Gladys Glasspoolwife of Harry Glasspool
214GobleAlbert Ernest Goblefirst name on this monument1897191916no image424033116
Albert Ernest Goblefather of Albert Ernest Goble
Dorcas Goblemother of Albert Ernest Goble
215GommCharles Gommfirst name on this monument1896201916no image424034147
Charles Herbert Gommfather of Charles Gomm
Matilda Gommmother of Charles Gomm
216GrahamPatrick Grahamfirst name on this monument1917no image42403561
217GranfieldJohn Thomas Granfieldfirst name on this monument1917no image424036100
218GreenAlbert Edward Greenfirst name on this monument1918no image424037282
219GreenJohn Greenfirst name on this monument1917no image42403853
220GreenhillBenjamin Pelham K Greenhillfirst name on this monument1916no image424039151
221GrierArchibald J Grierfirst name on this monument1916no image424040129
222GriersonRobert Griersonfirst name on this monument1917261943no image424041259
James Griersonfather of Robert Grierson
Mary Griersonmother of Robert Grierson
223GrovesBertram Charles Grovesfirst name on this monument1916no image424042152
224GrovesWilliam Ernest Grovesfirst name on this monument1897191916no image424043125
William Grovesfather of William Ernest Groves
Lydia Grovesmother of William Ernest Groves
225HainsworthAlbert Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1916no image424044138
226Ham Fat Ham Fatfirst name on this monument1943no image424045159
227HanshatterAlbert Hanshatterfirst name on this monument1919no image42404677
228HansonF S Hansonfirst name on this monumentno image42441671
229HardingJohn Hardingfirst name on this monument1916no image42404785
230HardyAlfred Bertram Hardyfirst name on this monument1943no image424048266
231HardyWilliam Hardyfirst name on this monument1894221916no image424049228
Job Hardystep father of William Hardy
Ann P Hardystep mother of William Hardy
232HargreavesJoseph Harold Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1916no image42405079
233HargreavesWilliam Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1921191940no image424051143
Robert Hargreavesfather of William Hargreaves
Eva Hargreavesmother of William Hargreaves
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
234HarmanDavid John Harmanfirst name on this monument1916no image424052118
235HarperFelix Harperfirst name on this monument1918id: 225
(one image)
236HarrisJoseph Harrisfirst name on this monument1886311917no image4240543361
Arthur Harrisfather of Joseph Harris
Louisa Harrismother of Joseph Harris
Alice Harriswife of Joseph Harris
237HarrisRichard Douglas Harrisfirst name on this monument1917241941no image424055134
Robert William Harrisfather of Richard Douglas Harris
Grace Elizabeth Harrismother of Richard Douglas Harris
238HarrisSamuel John Harrisfirst name on this monument1884321916no image424056104
William Harrisfather of Samuel John Harris
Mrs Harrismother of Samuel John Harris
239HarrisonEdwin George Harrisonfirst name on this monument1885311916no image424057131
Edward H Harrisonfather of Edwin George Harrison
Mary A Harrisonmother of Edwin George Harrison
Charlotte A Harrisonwife of Edwin George Harrison
240HarrisonJohn William Harrisonfirst name on this monument1916no image42405863
241HarveyJames Edward Harveyfirst name on this monument1908331941no image4240591542
John Edward Harveyfather of James Edward Harvey
Ellen Harveymother of James Edward Harvey
Sophia Harveywife of James Edward Harvey
242HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument1917no image42406071
243HaslehurstWalter H Haslehurstfirst name on this monument1919211940no image424061218
Frank Haslehurstfather of Walter H Haslehurst
Elizabeth Ann Haslehurstmother of Walter H Haslehurst
244HatfieldBernard Alfred Hatfieldfirst name on this monument1923191942no image424062179
William James Hatfieldfather of Bernard Alfred Hatfield
Alice May Hatfieldmother of Bernard Alfred Hatfield
245HawkinsFrederick Joseph Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1888521940no image424063108
Joseph Hawkinsfather of Frederick Joseph Hawkins
Emily Hawkinsmother of Frederick Joseph Hawkins
Elizabeth Hawkinswife of Frederick Joseph Hawkins
246HaydenJohn Joseph Haydenfirst name on this monument1926181944no image424064284
John Haydenfather of John Joseph Hayden
Agnes Haydenmother of John Joseph Hayden
247HaylerJohn Haylerfirst name on this monument1916no image42406579
248HaywardCyril Le Gai Haywardfirst name on this monument1918no image424405138
249HazeonCyril Stafford Hazeonfirst name on this monument1884321916no image424066223
Thomas Stafford Hazeonfather of Cyril Stafford Hazeon
Clara Pugh Hazeonmother of Cyril Stafford Hazeon
250HeapT Heapfirst name on this monumentno image42441475
251HeffordAlfred H Heffordfirst name on this monument1916241940no image424067111
Harry Heffordfather of Alfred H Hefford
Mrs Heffordmother of Alfred H Hefford
252HekertFritz Hekertfirst name on this monument1917241941no image42406849
253HenrattyJ Henrattyfirst name on this monument1918no image42406975
254HenwoodSpencer H A Henwoodfirst name on this monument1923191942no image424070105
Harold John Henwoodfather of Spencer H A Henwood
Sarah Lily Henwoodmother of Spencer H A Henwood
255HerridgeFrederick Charles Herridgefirst name on this monument1917no image42407160
256HesseAlex Or Hans Hessefirst name on this monument1919no image42407279
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
257HewetsonEdward De Aulton Hewetsonfirst name on this monument1921231944no image424073184
Edward De Aulton Hewetsonfather of Edward De Aulton Hewetson
Charlotte Augusta Hewetsonmother of Edward De Aulton Hewetson
258HickmanW Hickmanfirst name on this monumentno image42441197
259HickmanWilliam Hickmanfirst name on this monument1916no image424074137
260HigginsRobert Walter Higginsfirst name on this monument1906361942no image424075157
Robert Higginsfather of Robert Walter Higgins
Polly Higginsmother of Robert Walter Higgins
Margureit Sybil Higginswife of Robert Walter Higgins
261HillDonald Hillfirst name on this monument1916231939no image42407699
Frank Hillfather of Donald Hill
Evelyn Hillmother of Donald Hill
Iris May Hillwife of Donald Hill
262HillJames Hillfirst name on this monument1922181940no image424077140
Edward Hillfather of James Hill
Mary Ann Hillmother of James Hill
263HillThomas Page Hillfirst name on this monument1881351916no image424078106
Dr John Hillfather of Thomas Page Hill
264HillyardRalph Thomas Hillyardfirst name on this monument1943no image42407984
265HinteOtto Hermann Hintefirst name on this monument1919no image42408058
266HoareWilliam H Hoarefirst name on this monument1923211944no image424081221
Henry Hoarefather of William H Hoare
Elizabeth Rosina Clarrisa Hoaremother of William H Hoare
267HockinArthur W H Hockinfirst name on this monument1917241941no image424082151
A L Hockinfather of Arthur W H Hockin
Marjorie Hockinwife of Arthur W H Hockin
268HoldstockFrederick William Tubbs Holdstockfirst name on this monument1900181918no image42408393
Charles Holdstockfather of Frederick William Tubbs Holdstock
Mary Holdstockmother of Frederick William Tubbs Holdstock
269HollandCecil Hollandfirst name on this monument1912271939no image424084348
Frank Hollandfather of Cecil Holland
Annie Hollandmother of Cecil Holland
Eveline Gertrude Hollandwife of Cecil Holland
270HolleyJ F Holleyfirst name on this monument1896201916no image424085195
Thomas Holleyfather of J F Holley
Maria Holleymother of J F Holley
271HollowayWilliam Hollowayfirst name on this monument1896201916no image42408668
Samuel Hollowayfather of William Holloway
Margaret Hollowaymother of William Holloway
272HoltomHenry Ernest Holtomfirst name on this monument1890261916no image424087193
William Richard Holtomfather of Henry Ernest Holtom
Maria Holtommother of Henry Ernest Holtom
273HookRobert Medway Hookfirst name on this monument1884321916no image424088143
Robert Hookfather of Robert Medway Hook
Susan Hookmother of Robert Medway Hook
274HorwoodFrancis Joseph Horwoodfirst name on this monument1916no image424089103
275HoughtonWilliam Houghtonfirst name on this monument1944no image42409064
276HowsonThomas Howsonfirst name on this monument1924191943no image424091142
Thomas Howsonfather of Thomas Howson
Rose Howsonmother of Thomas Howson
277HoyArthur Hoyfirst name on this monument1899181917no image424092143
Marie Hoymother of Arthur Hoy
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
278Hughes-RowlandsRichard Hughes-Rowlandsfirst name on this monument1892471939no image424093253
Richard Hughes-Rowlandsfather of Richard Hughes-Rowlands
Mary Hughes-Rowlandsmother of Richard Hughes-Rowlands
Jessie Hughes-Rowlandswife of Richard Hughes-Rowlands
279HuntAlbert Leonard Huntfirst name on this monument1923171940no image4240944211
Herbert Harry Huntfather of Albert Leonard Hunt
S J Huntmother of Albert Leonard Hunt
280HunterEdward Hunterfirst name on this monument1895211916no image42409588
Edward Hunterfather of Edward Hunter
Mary Jane Huntermother of Edward Hunter
281HunterGeorge Mitchell Hunterfirst name on this monument1916no image42409684
282HutchinsWilliam P Hutchinsfirst name on this monument1901391940no image424097187
Charlotte Firthmother of William P Hutchins
283InesonB G Inesonfirst name on this monumentno image424424219
284InnolesWilliam Frank Innolesfirst name on this monument1893231916no image424098123
James Innolesfather of William Frank Innoles
Alice Innolesmother of William Frank Innoles
285IvesWilliam W Ivesfirst name on this monument1916241940no image424099160
James Ivesfather of William W Ives
Clara Ivesmother of William W Ives
286JacksonDavid Jacksonfirst name on this monument1895461941no image42410091
Mary Ann Jacksonmother of David Jackson
Winifred Jacksonwife of David Jackson
287JacksonThomas W Jacksonfirst name on this monument1920191939no image424101106
Thomas Jacksonfather of Thomas W Jackson
Beatrice Jacksonmother of Thomas W Jackson
288JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument1878391917no image424102130
Thomas Jacksonfather of William Jackson
Elizabeth Jacksonmother of William Jackson
Barbara Jacksonwife of William Jackson
289JacobsenIvar Jacobsenfirst name on this monument1913281941no image424103117
290JamesJoseph George Jamesfirst name on this monument1917no image42410456
291JamesR Jamesfirst name on this monument1941no image42410558
292JamesReginald George Jamesfirst name on this monument1924201944no image42410668
George E W Jamesfather of Reginald George James
Maggie Jamesmother of Reginald George James
293JamiesonRobert Jamiesonfirst name on this monument1911311942no image42410772
Robert Jamiesonfather of Robert Jamieson
Jemima Jamiesonmother of Robert Jamieson
Isabella C Jamiesonwife of Robert Jamieson
294JarvisJohn Edward Jarvisfirst name on this monument1894221916no image424108253
John Jarvisfather of John Edward Jarvis
A E Jarvismother of John Edward Jarvis
295JeffriesWilliam J Jeffriesfirst name on this monument1912321944no image424109284
Frank Jeffriesfather of William J Jeffries
Kate Jeffriesmother of William J Jeffries
296JellyT W Jellyfirst name on this monument1916no image424110124
297JenkinsCecil Charles Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1922191941no image424111171
Frederick Augustus Jenkinsfather of Cecil Charles Jenkins
Hilda Rose Jenkinsmother of Cecil Charles Jenkins
298JenningsG T M Jenningsfirst name on this monument1916no image42411265
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
299JenningsHerbert James Jenningsfirst name on this monument1916no image42411375
300JohnsonCharles Johnsonfirst name on this monument1887551942no image424114105
John Johnsonfather of Charles Johnson
Rose Selina Johnsonmother of Charles Johnson
Elsie Johnsonwife of Charles Johnson

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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