St Patrick's Church burial ground, New Stevenston, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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901MullenJoseph Mullenfirst name on this monument1995id: IMG_06111072

902MullenJoseph Mullenfirst name on this monument1909571966id: IMG_01781074
Apolonija Mullenwife of Joseph Mullen1909571966

903MullenRichard Mullenfirst name on this monument1910581968id: IMG_01651071
Ellen Mullenwife of Richard Mullen1914751989

904MulveyPatrick Mulveyfirst name on this monument1912531965id: IMG_11731108
Nellie McGhee
Margaret Mulveywife of Patrick Mulvey1913892002

905MulveyThomas Mulveyfirst name on this monument1902601962id: IMG_05451082
Catrina Mulveygrand daughter of Thomas Mulvey1969
James Shawgrand son of Thomas Mulvey196231965

906MurphyAnnie Murphyfirst name on this monument1921561977id: IMG_05991086
Patrick Murphyhusband of Annie Murphy1916691985

907MurphyDelia Murphyfirst name on this monument1928681996id: IMG_07121083
Thomas Murphyhusband of Delia Murphy1929742003

908MurphyDenis Murphyfirst name on this monument1950171967id: IMG_06271067
Elizabeth Murphy1920751995

909MurphyEdward Murphyfirst name on this monument1912491961id: IMG_05241085
Margaret Murphywife of Edward Murphy1921781999

910MurphyJames Murphyfirst name on this monument1901631964id: IMG_11701077
Bridget Murphywife of James Murphy1902951997

911MurphyJames Murphyfirst name on this monument1879751954id: IMG_08711078
Martha Murphygrand daughter of James Murphy1960
Mary Murphywife of James Murphy1882821964

912MurphyJames Murphyfirst name on this monument1889781967id: IMG_06091075
James Murphyson of James Murphy1933762009

913MurphyJames Murphyfirst name on this monument1927531980id: IMG_07221102
Catherine McGlinchey1918932011
May Murphywife of James Murphy1925681993

914MurphyJames Joseph Murphyfirst name on this monument1911481959id: IMG_08421066

915MurphyJoseph Murphyfirst name on this monument1892721964id: IMG_05611078
Stephen Murphyson of Joseph Murphy1931712002
Jane Murphywife of Joseph Murphy1902911993

916MurphyMargaret Murphyfirst name on this monument1882761958id: IMG_04381074
John Murphyhusband of Margaret Murphy1874861960
James Murphyson of Margaret Murphy1908681976

917MurphyMargaret Murphyfirst name on this monument1921651986id: IMG_00941098
John Dalyhusband of Margaret Murphy1920711991

918MurphyMary Murphyfirst name on this monument1896671963id: IMG_10981086
Thomas Murphyhusband of Mary Murphy1887671954

919MurphyMary Murphyfirst name on this monument1964id: IMG_11221071

920MurphyPatrick Murphyfirst name on this monument1954id: IMG_09381075
John Murphyson of Patrick Murphy1975
Bridget Murphywife of Patrick Murphy1954

921MurphyPeter Murphyfirst name on this monument1957id: IMG_03971077
Sarah Murphywife of Peter Murphy1907811988

922MurphyPeter Murphyfirst name on this monument1880831963id: IMG_02331074
Mary Therese Huntgrand daughter of Peter Murphy1940231963
Ellen Murphywife of Peter Murphy1886961982

923MurphyThomas Murphyfirst name on this monument1918491967id: IMG_07481077
Jim Murphyson of Thomas Murphy Interred in New Zealand
Thomas Murphyson of Thomas Murphy Interred in New Zealand
Catherine Murphywife of Thomas Murphy1917811998
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924MurphyThomas Murphyfirst name on this monument1899621961id: IMG_02701079
John McKay1891791970
Michael McKay1905801985
Cyril Murphywife of Thomas Murphy1902831985

925MurrayCatherine Murrayfirst name on this monument1897571954id: IMG_083410921
James B Murrayhusband of Catherine Murray1898701968

926MurrayFrancis Murrayfirst name on this monument1903751978id: IMG_06661095Holy Ghost Father
James Brown1942682010 Holy Ghost Father
Colin Smith1934672001 Holy Ghost Father

927MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1930361966id: IMG_01811067

928MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1903641967id: IMG_06241097
Mary E Murraywife of John Murray1908831991

929MurrayJoseph Murrayfirst name on this monument1881771958id: IMG_10271073
Hugh Murray1904851989
Joseph Murray1913671980
Mary Murray1917832000

930MurrayMalcolm Beaton Murrayfirst name on this monument1912481960id: IMG_033710941
Mary Murraywife of Malcolm Beaton Murray1918852003

931MurrayMartha Murrayfirst name on this monument1893671960id: IMG_09741083
Michael Murrayhusband of Martha Murray1897801977

932MurrayThomas Murrayfirst name on this monument1887831970id: IMG_005610681
Elizabeth Murraywife of Thomas Murray1890781968

933MurrySal Murryfirst name on this monument1932782010id: IMG_04991084

934MurtaghJohn J Murtaghfirst name on this monument1897651962id: IMG_02761086
William Raefather-in-law of wife of John J Murtagh1888731961
Mary Murtaghwife of John J Murtagh1985

935MuslekGeorge Muslekfirst name on this monument1889741963id: IMG_02311076
Mariona Muslek1889801969

936MylesPeter Mylesfirst name on this monument1904571961id: IMG_10751078
Mary Myleswife of Peter Myles1905721977

937NailenJames Nailenfirst name on this monument1928752003id: IMG_07291095
Mary Nailenwife of James Nailen1928772005

938NearyElizabeth Nearyfirst name on this monument1907581965id: IMG_01891087
James Nearyfather of Elizabeth Neary1877921969
Ann Nearymother of Elizabeth Neary1882881970

939NeeJames Neefirst name on this monument1968id: IMG_00821076
Martha Neewife of James Nee1976

940NeesonElizabeth Neesonfirst name on this monument1972id: IMG_081810952
Patrick Neeson1977

941NessDavid Nessfirst name on this monument1918401958id: IMG_04911089
Mary Oatessister-in-law of David Ness1915761991
Margaret Nesswife of David Ness1920832003

942NolanDominic Nolanfirst name on this monument1900581958id: IMG_102510871
John Nolanson of Dominic Nolan1939682007
Catherine Nolanwife of Dominic Nolan1899851984

943NolanMargaret Nolanfirst name on this monument1923521975id: IMG_00981095
Francis brother of Margaret Nolan1919591978

944NolanMary Nolanfirst name on this monument1955id: IMG_039110861
John Tabergrand son of Mary Nolan
Leonard Tabergrand son of Mary Nolan
Cornelius Nolanhusband of Mary Nolan1901711972
Mary Therese Muir2003
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945NovasatiasMarcella Novasatiasfirst name on this monument1895651960id: IMG_02861082

946NugentCatherine Nugentfirst name on this monument1903641967id: IMG_06501071
Sadie Nugentdaughter of Catherine Nugent1926621988
Owen Nugenthusband of Catherine Nugent1898781976
John Nugentson of Catherine Nugent1932621994
Michael Nugentson of Catherine Nugent1931421973

947NugentPatrick Nugentfirst name on this monument1959id: IMG_09171096
Catherine Nugentdaughter of Patrick Nugent1959

948O'BrienAnn O'Brienfirst name on this monument1892711963id: IMG_03611076
Thomas O'Brien1926581984

949O'BrienEdward O'Brienfirst name on this monument1924431967id: IMG_06391077
Mary O'Brienwife of Edward O'Brien1925661991

950O'BrienJohn G O'Brienfirst name on this monument1872821954id: IMG_09031079
Catherine Murphy1902851987
Hugh Murphy1900831983
Mary O'Brienwife of John G O'Brien1876781954

951O'ConnellEileen O'Connellfirst name on this monument1958id: IMG_04101074
Alexander O'Connellfather of Eileen O'Connell1930531983

952O'ConnorJames O'Connorfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_09651077
Polly O'Connor

953O'DonnellHugh O'Donnellfirst name on this monument1888661954id: IMG_09371080
Mary Crossansister-in-law of Hugh O'Donnell1892831975
Susan O'Donnellwife of Hugh O'Donnell1897661963

954O'DonnellWilliam O'Donnellfirst name on this monument1905621967id: IMG_014011502
Bridget Catherine O'Donnellwife of William O'Donnell1910902000

955O'DowdJulia O'Dowdfirst name on this monument1896711967id: IMG_04601114
John O'Dowdhusband of Julia O'Dowd1879841963

956O'DowdVeronica O'Dowdfirst name on this monument1920591979id: IMG_04611079
John O'Dowdhusband of Veronica O'Dowd1914711985

957O'HaganJohn O'Haganfirst name on this monument1916581974id: IMG_09071094
Margaret O'Haganwife of John O'Hagan1919801999

958O'HaraJames O'Harafirst name on this monument1926421968id: IMG_00781074

959O'HareHannah O'Harefirst name on this monument1907531960id: IMG_03181079
Patrick O'Harehusband of Hannah O'Hare1901721973

960O'KaneLeo O'Kanefirst name on this monument1967id: IMG_060510781
Annie Kelly1978
Bernard Kelly1985

961O'KeaneJohn O'Keanefirst name on this monument1886691955id: IMG_040210824
Hannah O'Keanedaughter of John O'Keane1919922011
Mary Ann O'Keanewife of John O'Keane1892911983

962O'NeilEdward O'Neilfirst name on this monument1910651975id: IMG_02051078
Frances O'Neilwife of Edward O'Neil1918842002

963O'NeilMichael O'Neilfirst name on this monument1893701963id: IMG_02421085
Annie O'Neilwife of Michael O'Neil1887971984

964O'NeillBridget O'Neillfirst name on this monument1893731966id: IMG_019810931
John O'Neillhusband of Bridget O'Neill1892841976
William O'Neillson of Bridget O'Neill1920721992

965O'NeillCharles O'Neillfirst name on this monument1908531961id: IMG_028810691
Rose O'Neillsister of Charles O'Neill1910691979

966O'NeillEdward O'Neillfirst name on this monument1901651966id: IMG_017611551
Elizabeth O'Neilldaughter of Edward O'Neill1937521989
Hannah O'Neillwife of Edward O'Neill1902711973
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967O'NeillJames O'Neillfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_08731082
Katie Rossmother-in-law of James O'Neill
Julia O'Neillwife of James O'Neill

968O'NeillJohn O'Neillfirst name on this monument1899651964id: IMG_112510781
Elizabeth O'Neilldaughter of John O'Neill1948231971
Michael McIlhoneygrand son of John O'Neill198141985

969O'NeillJohn O'Neillfirst name on this monument1873881961id: IMG_0261
(2 images)
Martha O'Neilldaughter of John O'Neill1912811993
Mary O'Neilldaughter of John O'Neill1910841994
Mary O'Neillwife of John O'Neill1886801966

970O'NeillMaria O'Neillfirst name on this monument1886741960id: IMG_03351094
James O'Neillhusband of Maria O'Neill1883871970
Hugh O'Neillson of Maria O'Neill1909861995

971O'NeillPatrick O'Neillfirst name on this monument1957id: IMG_04341087
Jane O'Neilldaughter of Patrick O'Neill1920761996
Mary O'Neillwife of Patrick O'Neill1967

972O'NeillPatrick O'Neillfirst name on this monument1892641956id: IMG_03901090
Margaret McCreadie1933651998
Thomas O'Neillson of Patrick O'Neill1927361963
Elizabeth O'Neillwife of Patrick O'Neill1895851980

973O'NeillPeter O'Neillfirst name on this monument1911861997id: IMG_101310861
Ann Burkesister-in-law of Peter O'Neill1910902000
Ellen O'Neillwife of Peter O'Neill1914851999

974O'NeillPeter O'Neillfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_099210711
Mary O'Neilldaughter of Peter O'Neill1908791987
Agnes O'Neillwife of Peter O'Neill

975O'NeillSusan O'Neillfirst name on this monument1894611955id: IMG_08741073
Stephen O'Neillhusband of Susan O'Neill1892651957

976O'NeillThomas O'Neillfirst name on this monument1905551960id: IMG_09681153
Martin Wharrygrand son of Thomas O'Neill
Mary O'Neillwife of Thomas O'Neill1910831993

977O'NeillWilliam O'Neillfirst name on this monument1905631968id: IMG_00481079
James O'Neill1943511994
Jeannie O'Neillwife of William O'Neill1910821992

978O'RaweFelix O'Rawefirst name on this monument1914491963id: IMG_056210891
Isabella O'Rawewife of Felix O'Rawe1918661984

979O'RaweJames O'Rawefirst name on this monument1918461964id: IMG_11781089
Bridget Philomena O'Rawewife of James O'Rawe1925822007

980O'ReillyAlice O'Reillyfirst name on this monument1881731954id: IMG_080710791
Mary O'Reillydaughter of Alice O'Reilly1916671983
Terence O'Reillyhusband of Alice O'Reilly1886831969

981O'ReillyJohn O'Reillyfirst name on this monument1961id: IMG_08061072

982O'ReillyMichael O'Reillyfirst name on this monument1910711981id: IMG_08081083
Terence Patrick O'Reillyson of Michael O'Reilly1943561999

983O'RourkeGeorge O'Rourkefirst name on this monument1964id: IMG_11291087
Winifred O'Rourkewife of George O'Rourke2003

984O'RourkeJohn O'Rourkefirst name on this monument1906471953id: IMG_08841076

985O'RourkeJohn O'Rourkefirst name on this monument1898571955id: IMG_09881088
Helen O'Rourkewife of John O'Rourke1899751974

986O'RourkeKevin O'Rourkefirst name on this monument1971302001id: IMG_10281086
Alice O'Rourkemother of Kevin O'Rourke1940712011
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987ParkMadge Parkfirst name on this monument1877871964id: IMG_07661079

988PatersonAgnes Patersonfirst name on this monument1982id: IMG_09421093
Frank Patersonson of Agnes Paterson1943491992
George Patersonson of Agnes Paterson1935221957

989PatersonElizabeth Patersonfirst name on this monument1889641953id: IMG_08051078
James Patersonhusband of Elizabeth Paterson1890821972

990PatrickPeter Patrickfirst name on this monument1893661959id: IMG_10361078

991PellegriniMillie Pellegrinifirst name on this monument1963id: IMG_02471075
Alfred Pellegrini1982

992PickeringWilliam F Pickeringfirst name on this monument1901531954id: IMG_086310831
Mary O'Regangrand daughter of William F Pickering1964
Ann Pickeringwife of William F Pickering1910541964

993PisaneschiVittorio Pisaneschifirst name on this monument1876801956id: IMG_07901065
Arturo Pisaneschi1963

994PlunkettFelix Plunkettfirst name on this monument1891621953id: IMG_078210921
Annie Plunkettdaughter-in-law of Felix Plunkett1920651985
Sarah Plunkettwife of Felix Plunkett1890751965

995PollockMariona Pollockfirst name on this monument1885731958id: IMG_09281075
Sally Walkerdaughter of Mariona Pollock1917882005
Anthony Pollockhusband of Mariona Pollock1917
James John Walkerson-in-law of Mariona Pollock1918551973

996PotseyMargaret Potseyfirst name on this monument1908551963id: IMG_02461070
John Potseyhusband of Margaret Potsey1904711975

997PrenticeJohn Prenticefirst name on this monument1954id: IMG_08141156
Elizabeth Prenticewife of John Prentice1987

998PrestonJohn Prestonfirst name on this monument1881731954id: IMG_08491114
Hannah Prestonwife of John Preston1882741956

999PrintyEdward Printyfirst name on this monument1877781955id: IMG_03871086

1000PrintyJames Printyfirst name on this monument1892711963id: IMG_02511075
Joseph O'Brienbrother-in-law of James Printy1899651964
Catherine Printywife of James Printy1897701967

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