St Patrick's Church burial ground, New Stevenston, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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801McMahonEdward McMahonfirst name on this monument1931732004id: IMG_01664060591072

802McMahonGeorge McMahonfirst name on this monument196251967id: IMG_06074064961082

803McMahonJohn McMahonfirst name on this monument1893731966id: IMG_01684060611070
Rita McMahondaughter of John McMahon1934391973
Maria McMahonwife of John McMahon1901801981

804McMahonRose McMahonfirst name on this monument1903521955id: IMG_039340628311011
Andrew McMahonhusband of Rose McMahon1969

805McManusFrancis McManusfirst name on this monument1889681957id: IMG_08274067151080
Annie McManuswife of Francis McManus1891801971

806McManusFrancis McManusfirst name on this monument1884791963id: IMG_09644068521102
Mary Summers1920771997
Margaret McManuswife of Francis McManus1890841974

807McManusHugh McManusfirst name on this monument1911531964id: IMG_02224061151085
Patrick McManusbrother of Hugh McManus1898701968
Elizabeth McManussister of Hugh McManus1903671970
Martha McManussister of Hugh McManus1909731982

808McManusJohn McManusfirst name on this monument1894861980id: IMG_08854067731095
Elizabeth McWilliams1954

809McManusMary McManusfirst name on this monument1913581971id: IMG_06624065511078
George McManushusband of Mary McManus1910791989

810McMenemyJames McMenemyfirst name on this monument1882831965id: IMG_07674066561105
James McMenemyson of James McMenemy1938632001
Margaret McMenemywife of James McMenemy1902881990

811McMenemyJohn McMenemyfirst name on this monument1904601964id: IMG_05784064671092
Lizzie McMenemywife of John McMenemy1908601968

812McMenemyJohn McMenemyfirst name on this monument1918421960id: IMG_03394062311079

813McMenemyThomas McMenemyfirst name on this monument1909861995id: IMG_034040623210951
Betty McMenemydaughter of Thomas McMenemy1938722010
Sarah McMenemywife of Thomas McMenemy1917872004

814McMillanJoseph Patrick McMillanfirst name on this monument1896711967id: IMG_01424060351104
Marie McMillanwife of Joseph Patrick McMillan1898841982

815McMinnElizabeth McMinnfirst name on this monument1896611957id: IMG_03784062701078
James McMinnhusband of Elizabeth McMinn1891801971

816McMonagleJohn McMonaglefirst name on this monument1959id: IMG_036740625910791
William Kaneson-in-law of John McMonagle1966
Elizabeth McMonaglewife of John McMonagle1967

817McMullanBernard McMullanfirst name on this monument1894641958id: IMG_05124064011094
Mary Ann McMullanwife of Bernard McMullan1901801981

818McMullenCatherine McMullenfirst name on this monument1941612002id: IMG_00834059761089

819McMullenJohn McMullenfirst name on this monument1950181968id: IMG_00654059581079

820McMullenJohn McMullenfirst name on this monument1895701965id: IMG_01884060811092
Mary Boylesister-in-law of John McMullen1890771967
Grace McMullenwife of John McMullen1896891985

821McMullenMary McMullenfirst name on this monument1905531958id: IMG_04824063711079

822McMullenPatrick McMullenfirst name on this monument1903651968id: IMG_00844059771089
Margaret McMullenwife of Patrick McMullen1910821992

823McNallyJames McNallyfirst name on this monument1915561971id: IMG_00324059251072
Peggy McNallywife of James McNally1918892007

824McNallyMary McNallyfirst name on this monument1904501954id: IMG_07864066741088
Francis McNallyhusband of Mary McNally1898671965
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825McNaughtonCharles McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1905531958id: IMG_050540639411011

826McNultyCharles P McNultyfirst name on this monument1915641979id: IMG_07154066041066

827McNultyWilliam McNultyfirst name on this monument1897691966id: IMG_100340688910871

828McPakeJoseph McPakefirst name on this monument1911571968id: IMG_01604060531108
Agnes McPakewife of Joseph McPake1916852001

829McQuadeHugh McQuadefirst name on this monument1892651957id: IMG_09604068481086
Catherine McQuadewife of Hugh McQuade1895641959

830McQuadeMary McQuadefirst name on this monument1928511979id: IMG_05164064051082
George McQuadehusband of Mary McQuade1924852009

831McQuadeMary Agnes McQuadefirst name on this monument1879771956id: IMG_05154064041080
Felix McQuadehusband of Mary Agnes McQuade1881861967

832McShaneElizabeth McShanefirst name on this monument1884751959id: IMG_085040673810992
Arthur McShanehusband of Elizabeth McShane1877841961
Arthur McShaneson of Elizabeth McShane1913501963

833McShaneFrancis McShanefirst name on this monument1892761968id: IMG_013240602511042
James McShaneson of Francis McShane1929601989
Anni McShanewife of Francis McShane1893891982

834McShaneHarry McShanefirst name on this monument1955id: IMG_09834068701069
John McShaneson of Harry McShane1989
Annabella McShanewife of Harry McShane1982

835McShaneJohn McShanefirst name on this monument1909671976id: IMG_085640674410802

836McShaneWilliam McShanefirst name on this monument1899581957id: IMG_04434063331088
Mary McShanewife of William McShane1969

837McSherryTerance McSherryfirst name on this monument1932601992id: IMG_07234066121090
Elizabeth McSherrywife of Terance McSherry1935702005

838McTaggartMarie McTaggartfirst name on this monument1922371959id: IMG_036040625211012
Bernard McTaggarthusband of Marie McTaggart1921591980
Patrick McTaggartson of Marie McTaggart1947231970

839McTamneyOwen McTamneyfirst name on this monument1913561969id: IMG_00404059331076
Alan McTamneyson of Owen McTamney1970
Elizabeth McTamneywife of Owen McTamney1913831996

840McTearMaria McTearfirst name on this monument1913531966id: IMG_05864064751078

841McVeyBernard McVeyfirst name on this monument1891711962id: IMG_05404064291069
Mary Hamiltonniece of Bernard McVey
Mary McVeywife of Bernard McVey1896741970

842McVeyJohn McVeyfirst name on this monument1915471962id: IMG_054440643310802
Roseanne Hanlonsister-in-law of John McVey1925802005
Lizzie McVeywife of John McVey1919882007

843McVeyMargaret McVeyfirst name on this monument1916481964id: IMG_115240703810901
Paul Clemensongrand son of Margaret McVey1967281995
John McVeyhusband of Margaret McVey1912591971

844McVittieWinifred McVittiefirst name on this monument1896741970id: IMG_00624059551068
Hugh McVittie1924441968

845McWhinnieRobert McWhinniefirst name on this monument1900601960id: IMG_036540625710941
Agnes McWhinniedaughter of Robert McWhinnie1921852006
Sarah McWhinniewife of Robert McWhinnie1901901991

846MeechanChristopher Meechanfirst name on this monument1896691965id: IMG_02094061021110
Michael Meechanson of Christopher Meechan2007
Mary Meechanwife of Christopher Meechan1896761972

847MeechanJoseph Meechanfirst name on this monument1897651962id: IMG_03584062501097
Daniel Meechanson of Joseph Meechan1936451981
Winifred Meechanwife of Joseph Meechan1905851990
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848MeechanJoseph Meechanfirst name on this monument1891631954id: IMG_09414068291099
Ann Kellydaughter of Joseph Meechan1931321963
Mary Meechanwife of Joseph Meechan1892731965

849MeechanMary Meechanfirst name on this monument1966id: IMG_06014064901073
Edward Meechanhusband of Mary Meechan1968

850MeechanWilliam Meechanfirst name on this monument1937221959id: IMG_03574062491136
Joseph Meechanbrother of William Meechan1929571986

851MeliaCathy Meliafirst name on this monument1937221959id: IMG_094540683310831
Bridget Melia1904771981
William Melia1902701972

852MerrileesJohn Merrileesfirst name on this monument1961id: IMG_10654069511077

853MerrileesJohn Grant Merrileesfirst name on this monument1898661964id: IMG_11854070711069
Isabella Merrileeswife of John Grant Merrilees1909801989

854MillarWilliam Millarfirst name on this monument1904581962id: IMG_05424064311077
Margaret Sankusdaughter of William Millar1936702006
Rosina Millarwife of William Millar1906641970

855MillerJames Millerfirst name on this monument1928661994id: IMG_07274066161084

856MillerMargaret Millerfirst name on this monument1958id: IMG_04884063771077

857MillerThomas Millerfirst name on this monument1903651968id: IMG_00534059461074
Thomas Millerson of Thomas Miller1933511984
Susan Millerwife of Thomas Miller1905891994

858MitchellIsabelle Mitchellfirst name on this monument1907731980id: IMG_07014065901071
Patrick Mitchellhusband of Isabelle Mitchell1906901996
Patrick Mitchellson of Isabelle Mitchell1946451991

859MitchellKay Frances Mitchellfirst name on this monument196511966id: IMG_11794070651080

860MitchellMargaret Mitchellfirst name on this monument1995id: IMG_034940624110931
Charles 1995

861MitchellMatthew Mitchellfirst name on this monument1886751961id: IMG_03364062281073
Veronica Mitchellwife of Matthew Mitchell1886781964

862MitchellPatrick Mitchellfirst name on this monument1891781969id: IMG_00154059081082
Patrick Mitchellson of Patrick Mitchell1919691988
Mary Mitchellwife of Patrick Mitchell1890921982

863MitchellPatrick Mitchellfirst name on this monument1914541968id: IMG_01204060131086
Katarina Bungard1886841970
Charles Mitchell1942642006

864MitchellPeter Mitchellfirst name on this monument1907561963id: IMG_10914069771077
Annie Mitchellwife of Peter Mitchell1913771990

865MocevicieneMary Mocevicienefirst name on this monument1890691959id: IMG_09484068361076

866MolloyPeter Molloyfirst name on this monument1903561959id: IMG_06864065751082
Susan Molloywife of Peter Molloy1908711979

867MonaghanPatrick Monaghanfirst name on this monument1899551954id: IMG_09064067941083
May L Monaghanwife of Patrick Monaghan1903691972

868MontagueCatherine Montaguefirst name on this monument1966id: IMG_08924067801093
David Dollan1975
Mary Dollan1954

869MooneyAgnes Mooneyfirst name on this monument1918491967id: IMG_06574065461079
John Mooneyhusband of Agnes Mooney1915671982

870MooneyCatherine Mooneyfirst name on this monument1896721968id: IMG_01244060171134
Edward Mooneyhusband of Catherine Mooney1899691968
Patrick Mooneyson of Catherine Mooney1925721997

871MooneyHugh Mooneyfirst name on this monument1889651954id: IMG_092340681110831
Robert Mooneyson of Hugh Mooney1942231965
Catherine Mooneywife of Hugh Mooney1901821983
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872MooneyJames Mooneyfirst name on this monument1885741959id: IMG_10514069371073
Jane Mooneydaughter of James Mooney1913701983
Peter Mooneyson of James Mooney1915651980
Mary Mooneywife of James Mooney1888751963

873MooneyJohn Mooneyfirst name on this monument1915621977id: IMG_11814070671083
Thomas Dunbarbrother-in-law of John Mooney1910541964
Rosina Mooneywife of John Mooney1918902008

874MooneyJohn Mooneyfirst name on this monument1906581964id: IMG_11184070041071
Catherine Mooney1908881996

875MooreCatherine Moorefirst name on this monument1906471953id: IMG_07874066751084
Patrick Moorehusband of Catherine Moore1899881987

876MooreEllen Moorefirst name on this monument1893611954id: IMG_08684067561076
John T Moorehusband of Ellen Moore1892701962

877MooreJohn Moorefirst name on this monument1913521965id: IMG_11974070821070

878MooreRichard J Moorefirst name on this monument1935191954id: IMG_08224067101080
Peter Moorefather of Richard J Moore1894791973
Mary Mooremother of Richard J Moore1898751973
Margaret Mooresister of Richard J Moore1924822006

879MooreThomas Moorefirst name on this monument1906581964id: IMG_11424070281069

880MootyMary Mootyfirst name on this monument1910481958id: IMG_10294069151074
Patrick Mootyhusband of Mary Mooty1910531963

881MoranSarah Moranfirst name on this monument1882721954id: IMG_09124068001077
Margaret Morandaughter-in-law of Sarah Moran1929732002
Pierce Moranhusband of Sarah Moran1881761957
Michael Moranson of Sarah Moran1923571980

882MorganJames Joseph Morganfirst name on this monument1915841999id: IMG_03764062681078
Louise McCallum1980
Tracy McCallum1980
Elizabeth Morgan1958
Catherine Morganwife of James Joseph Morgan1920812001

883MorganJohn Morganfirst name on this monument1899771976id: IMG_06984065871080
John Carr2011

884MorganPatrick Joseph Morganfirst name on this monument1905631968id: IMG_00874059801097
Patrick Eamon Morgan1939692008
Elizabeth Morganwife of Patrick Joseph Morgan1915852000

885MorrisCharles Morrisfirst name on this monument1917411958id: IMG_10444069301071
Mary Morriswife of Charles Morris1920741994

886MorrisRosina Morrisfirst name on this monument1903641967id: IMG_06344065231082
May Morrisdaughter of Rosina Morris193511936
Samuel Morrishusband of Rosina Morris1900751975

887MorrisonEdward Morrisonfirst name on this monument1883711954id: IMG_089040677811181
Patrick Morrisonson of Edward Morrison1905571962
Agnes Morrisonwife of Edward Morrison1883781961

888MorrisonHannah Morrisonfirst name on this monument1885931978id: IMG_02024060951073

889MorrisonJohn Morrisonfirst name on this monument1909581967id: IMG_06384065271068

890MouldsPatrick Mouldsfirst name on this monument1906521958id: IMG_10484069341081
Annie Mouldswife of Patrick Moulds1906841990

891MountIsabella Mountfirst name on this monument1953id: IMG_080140668910811
John Mounthusband of Isabella Mount1956
Hugh Mountson of Isabella Mount1954

892MoynachFrancis Moynachfirst name on this monument1904581962id: IMG_05394064281075
Mary Moynachwife of Francis Moynach1906831989
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893MoynaghJames Moynaghfirst name on this monument1892681960id: IMG_029240618410911
Joseph Moynaghbrother of James Moynagh1910711981
Katy Moynaghsister of James Moynagh1891741965

894MuldowneyJoseph Muldowneyfirst name on this monument1911801991id: IMG_06764065651075
Mollie Muldowneywife of Joseph Muldowney1991

895MulheronStephen Mulheronfirst name on this monument1888831971id: IMG_06584065471080
Mary Mulherondaughter of Stephen Mulheron1996

896MulheronStephen Mulheronfirst name on this monument1914561970id: IMG_00194059121098
Greta Mulheronwife of Stephen Mulheron1915661981

897MullanPatrick Mullanfirst name on this monument1916471963id: IMG_05534064421078

898MullenHelen Mullenfirst name on this monument1892691961id: IMG_02784061701071
Rose Mullendaughter of Helen Mullen1914731987

899MullenJames Mullenfirst name on this monument1906591965id: IMG_11924070781070
James Mullenson of James Mullen1936521988
Catherine Mullenwife of James Mullen1917741991

900MullenJane Mullenfirst name on this monument1915431958id: IMG_10424069281079

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