St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Whickham, Durham, England

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1AdamsonElizabeth Adamsonfirst name on this monument1668701738id: 219838833611201
Ann Scafe1710721782
Elizabeth Scafe1663901753
John Scafe1707661773
John Richard Scafe son of Richard
Richard Scafe1774 of London
William Scafe175131754 son of John

2AdamsonJohn Adamsonfirst name on this monument1813421855id: 220338834111301
Ann Hardydaughter of John Adamson1838421880 2nd Daughter died at Auckland Park; interred at St Andrews Auckland
Benjamin Thomas Adamsonson of John Adamson58 Eldest son; died at Shotley bridge. Year not clear
Joseph Hardyson-in-law of John Adamson
Jane Adamsonwife of John Adamson86 year not clear

3AdamsonRebecca Adamsonfirst name on this monument1786361822id: 220438834211122
Mary Elizabeth Adamsondaughter of Rebecca Adamson year not clear
Hannah Adamsondaughter-in-law of Rebecca Adamson1815711886
Benjamin Adamsonhusband of Rebecca Adamson1786661852
Thomas Adamsonson of Rebecca Adamson1813631876

4AlexanderHannah Alexanderfirst name on this monument179081798id: 22513883881101
John Alexanderfather of Hannah Alexander year and age not clear at bottom of stone
Mary Alexandermother of Hannah Alexander year and age not clear at bottom of stone
Ann Alexandersister of Hannah Alexander1803151818

5AndersonPatricia Ann Andersonfirst name on this monument1945521997id: 24813886051087

6AndrewFrederick Andrewfirst name on this monument1940672007id: 24213885461096

7AppletonWilliam Appletonfirst name on this monument1977id: 25763886891104no age given
Anne Appletonwife of William Appleton1980 no age given

8ArcherMark Archerfirst name on this monument1844661910id: 229438842910911
Isabella Custard Archerwife of Mark Archer1843871930

9ArcklessRobert Arcklessfirst name on this monument1755381793id: 217238831110902

10ArklessIsabella Arklessfirst name on this monument1831691900id: 222038835711242
John Arklesshusband of Isabella Arkless1829851914

11ArklessJohn Arklessfirst name on this monument1817471864id: 234338847211251
Ellen Arklessdaughter of John Arkless1859281887 third daughter
Isabella Arklessdaughter of John Arkless1850171867 eldest daughter
Lizzie Arklessdaughter of John Arkless1861221883 youngest
Mary Ann McCollick1856331889
Ann Arklesswife of John Arkless1825901915

12ArmstrongCharlotte Armstrongfirst name on this monument1872281900id: 26483887541089
Thomas Armstronghusband of Charlotte Armstrong

13ArmstrongElizabeth Armstrongfirst name on this monument1828681896id: 265338875910852
John Armstronghusband of Elizabeth Armstrong1821541875 interred at Frizington
Janet Armstrong details not clear
Matthew Armstrongson of Elizabeth Armstrong1853501903 interred at Johannesburgh South Africa

14ArmstrongMary Jane Armstrongfirst name on this monument1854431897id: 23863885141095two children died in Infancy
Thomas Armstronghusband of Mary Jane Armstrong1844591903

15ArmstrongSamuel Dixon Armstrongfirst name on this monument1867671934id: 26063887161115
Thomas Faylebrother-in-law of Samuel Dixon Armstrong1854291883 interred at Frizzington
Isabella Faylesister of Samuel Dixon Armstrong1854801934

16ArmstrongThomas Armstrongfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 255438866810831died at Mainsforth; Ferryhill
Jane Armstrongwife of Thomas Armstrong1856711927

17AtkinsonJonathan Atkinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 25923887041121died in Infancy
Winifred Atkinsondaughter of Jonathan Atkinson1881921973
Olive Williamsdaughter of Jonathan Atkinson1889711960
Philip Williamsson-in-law of Jonathan Atkinson18641011965
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18AtkinsonJonathan Thomas Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1860731933id: 25923887031087
Edith Atkinsondaughter of Jonathan Thomas Atkinson1885471932
Isabella Atkinsonwife of Jonathan Thomas Atkinson1855861941

19AtkinsonThomas Atkinsonfirst name on this monument54id: 2243
(2 images)
3883801097year not clear
Christopher Atkinsonbrother of Thomas Atkinson1845671912 interred at Dunston
George Atkinsonbrother of Thomas Atkinson1854541908
Robert Atkinsonfather of Thomas Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinsonmother of Thomas Atkinson
Elizabeth Natresssister of Thomas Atkinson1855551910 interred at Dunston

20AtkinsonWilfred Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1893241917id: 23713884991118DEAL/1690(S) Private. R.M.L.I
Thomas Atkinsonfather of Wilfred Atkinson1856651921

21BainbridgeJohn Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1797731870id: 22283883651143late of Derwenthaugh
Ann Bainbridgedaughter of John Bainbridge1825 infant daughter
Dorothy Bainbridgedaughter of John Bainbridge1835651900
Jane Bainbridgedaughter of John Bainbridge1834751909
John Bainbridgeson of John Bainbridge1836101846
Isabella Bainbridgesister of John Bainbridge1806621868 died at Blaydon
Mary Bainbridgewife of John Bainbridge1796811877

22BainbridgeRobert Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1736751811id: 219638833411381
Elizabeth Bainbridgewife of Robert Bainbridge1728661794

23BainbridgeThomas Emery Bainbridgefirst name on this monument2001id: 24453885701114no age given
Marjorie Bainbridge2001 no age given

24BarkerLeslie Barkerfirst name on this monument1919781997id: 24783886021091
Beatrice Mary Barkerwife of Leslie Barker the late Beatrice

25BarrasCatherine Barrasfirst name on this monument1815321847id: 226738840311492eldest daughter
William Barrasfather of Catherine Barras
Catherine Barrasmother of Catherine Barras

26BatesHarriet Batesfirst name on this monument1809751884id: 22663884021116
Bates details not clear ? Light Dragoons
Eliza Barbara Bates83 year not clear
Septima Caroline Bates1817741891

27BelgianPaul Brian Belgianfirst name on this monument1971251996id: 24713885951096

28BellJames Robson Bellfirst name on this monument1948391987id: 24703885941082

29BellJohn Haswell Bellfirst name on this monument1861601921id: 25903887011098
Mary Annie Bellwife of John Haswell Bell1868831951

30BellMary Bellfirst name on this monument1879331912id: 23173884491078Parents details not complete; part of stone missing
David Bellhusband of Mary Bell

31BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1744741818id: 222938836610991
Jane Bellwife of William Bell1754691823

32BennWilliam Bennfirst name on this monument1869321901id: 26183887281125
Elizabeth Bennwife of William Benn of Egroment Cumberland

33BennettMaria Pease Bennettfirst name on this monument1932id: 25563886701106age not clear 6?
Hugh Percy Bennetthusband of Maria Pease Bennett1865871952

34BestAnn Bestfirst name on this monument1764811845id: 220238834011451

35BewleyIsaac Bewleyfirst name on this monument1862441906id: 22603883961117
Allan Bewleyson of Isaac Bewley died in Infancy
Allan Denny Bewleyson of Isaac Bewley died in Infancy
Isaac Bewleyson of Isaac Bewley1891271918 Captain D.L.I.
Margaret Bewleywife of Isaac Bewley1861661927

36BirtleyJohn Birtleyfirst name on this monument1797851882id: 217538831410992
Frances Birtleydaughter of John Birtley1843251868
Margaret Ann Birtleydaughter of John Birtley182471831
John Birtleyfather of John Birtley75 year not clear
Mary Birtleymother of John Birtley78 year not clear 187?
Benjamin Watson Birtleyson of John Birtley1832641896
John Birtleyson of John Birtley26 year not clear
Mary Birtleywife of John Birtley1799751874
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37BirtleyWilliam Birtleyfirst name on this monument1834771911id: 22213883581079

38BlackJohn Alexander Blackfirst name on this monument1928491977id: 24623885861084

39BlackbirdWilliam Blackbirdfirst name on this monumentid: 224838838511001year and age not clear
Isabella Blackbirddaughter of William Blackbird died in Infancy
Edward Blackbirdson of William Blackbird died in Infancy
John Blackbirdson of William Blackbird died in Infancy
Thomas Edward Blackbirdson of William Blackbird187731880 son of William and Mary
Ann Blackbirdfirst wife of William Blackbird1843271870
Mary Ann Blackbirdsecond wife of William Blackbird1864301894

40BlackettRobert Blackettfirst name on this monument1798691867id: 223938837711381of Dunston
Mary Ann Blackettdaughter of Robert Blackett1828161844
Catherine Blackettwife of Robert Blackett1799331832

41BlenkinsopJohn Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1796751871id: 217938831811123of Dunston
Mary Blenkinsopdaughter-in-law of John Blenkinsop1900 age obscured
Thomas Blenkinsopgrand son of John Blenkinsop1863
John Blenkinsopson of John Blenkinsop1819561875
Harriet Blenkinsopwife of John Blenkinsop1879 age obscured

42BlenkinsopJoseph Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1807571864id: 218038831911355of Dunston
Joseph Blenkinsopgrand son of Joseph Blenkinsop1861171878
John Blenkinsopson of Joseph Blenkinsop1836421878 died in France
Agnes Blenkinsopwife of Joseph Blenkinsop1811921903

43BlenkinsopSamuel Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1832471879id: 226338839911331
Lydia Jane Blenkinsopdaughter of Samuel Blenkinsop1935 Youngest daughter; no age given
Mary Blenkinsopdaughter of Samuel Blenkinsop1855701925 second daughter
Isabella Sutherlanddaughter of Samuel Blenkinsop1854471901 eldest daughter wife of the late William
George Blenkinsopson of Samuel Blenkinsop1860491909 second son
William Sutherlandson-in-law of Samuel Blenkinsop Surgeon Capheaton
Sarah Blenkinsopwife of Samuel Blenkinsop1832611893

44BonesAnn Bonesfirst name on this monument1751421793id: 21743883131078
Edward Boneshusband of Ann Bones

45BouchWilliam Bouchfirst name on this monument1779791858id: 25133886331087of Harrington

46BournAlice Bournfirst name on this monument1851721923id: 230838844010791
Gertrude Bourndaughter of Alice Bourn1892561948
William Bournhusband of Alice Bourn1848771925 Historian

47BournSarah Jane Bournfirst name on this monument1876751951id: 258138869310901
Joseph Bournhusband of Sarah Jane Bourn1877821959

48BoydAlexander Boydfirst name on this monument1907491956id: 255938867311051
Janet Dunndaughter of Alexander Boyd1934692003
Martha Boydwife of Alexander Boyd1910731983

49BoyleSam B Boylefirst name on this monument1954522006id: 24603885841074

50BransomStella Alexandra Bransomfirst name on this monument1914701984id: 24683885921083
Harry Smith Bransomhusband of Stella Alexandra Bransom1921842005

51BrownJosephine Brownfirst name on this monument1909531962id: 25633886771136
John William Rutherford Brownhusband of Josephine Brown1902691971

52BrownMargaret Brownfirst name on this monument1687741761id: 21923883301114
Thomas Brownhusband of Margaret Brown
Catherine Young1734681802

53BrownTom Brownfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 24313885561085

54BruntonThomas Bruntonfirst name on this monument1834231857id: 251138863110851
John Bruntonfather of Thomas Brunton1800891889
Mary Bruntonmother of Thomas Brunton1796801876
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55BucktonEdith Isabella Bucktonfirst name on this monument19011022003id: 245038857510852

56BuntingRobert Buntingfirst name on this monument1805531858id: 23443884731085of Raughton-Head Cumberland

57BurdonRichard Burdonfirst name on this monument1862631925id: 25243886411085
Jennie Burdondaughter of Richard Burdon1904261930
Sarah Jane Burdonwife of Richard Burdon1868681936

58BurnThomas M Burnfirst name on this monument1889481937id: 22893884241081
John Burnfather of Thomas M Burn1858591917
Ann Burnmother of Thomas M Burn1860781938 died at Nanaimo B.C. Canada

59ButcherRonald Butcherfirst name on this monument1985id: 25083886281080

60CaffreyElizabeth Caffreyfirst name on this monument1881791960id: 25613886751088

61CampbellJohn Hodgson Campbellfirst name on this monument1855721927id: 261338872310811Artist
Sarah Ann Campbellwife of John Hodgson Campbell1858801938

62CapillBert Capillfirst name on this monument1902101912id: 23473884761079
Robert Capillfather of Bert Capill1872601932
Janet Capillmother of Bert Capill

63CarrFrances Henrietta Carrfirst name on this monument1821561877id: 22653884011083
John Carrfather-in-law of Frances Henrietta Carr
Cuthbert John Carrhusband of Frances Henrietta Carr1817711888 Rector of Witton Gilbert for 37 years

64CarrHenry Carrfirst name on this monument1868531921id: 25433886571065
Racheal Amelia Carrwife of Henry Carr

65CarrMargaret Carrfirst name on this monument1907261933id: 26083887181073

66CarruthersMargaret Carruthersfirst name on this monument1853431896id: 238438851210781
William Carruthershusband of Margaret Carruthers1854481902

67CarruthersWilliam Carruthersfirst name on this monument1819641883id: 25573886711139
Catherine Carruthersdaughter of William Carruthers187041874
Elizabeth Carruthersdaughter of William Carruthers186731870
Mary Carruthersdaughter of William Carruthers1863181881
William Carruthersson of William Carruthers died in Infancy
Jane Carruthersfirst wife of William Carruthers1817391856
Hannah Carrutherssecond wife of William Carruthers1841351876

68CastlesHelen Castlesfirst name on this monument1832711903id: 236938849711181
Jane Ann Hedleydaughter of Helen Castles1910 eldest daughter interred at Benwell
Thomas Castleshusband of Helen Castles1830761906
Richard Hunter Hedleyson-in-law of Helen Castles

69CaygillEllen Caygillfirst name on this monument1937id: 25253886421090stone broken

70CharltonEliza Charltonfirst name on this monument1845551900id: 262138873110892
William Charlton Charltonhusband of Eliza Charlton1840681908

71ClarkElsie Clarkfirst name on this monument190291911id: 26423887491092
Joseph Clarkfather of Elsie Clark1851811932 died at Rowlands Gill
Margery Clarkmother of Elsie Clark

72ClarkJohn Clarkfirst name on this monument1847701917id: 229738843210751
Ann Clarkwife of John Clark1844701914

73ClarkWilliam Clarkfirst name on this monument1837631900id: 23513884801099
William Joblingfather-in-law of William Clark
Elizabeth Joblingmother-in-law of William Clark
Elizabeth Clarkwife of William Clark1825691894 eldest daughter

74ClasperHenry Clasperfirst name on this monument1812581870id: 225238838911222

75CliffGeorge Clifffirst name on this monument1846651911id: 229038842510981Accidently killed at Swalwell Colliery
Mary Cliffwife of George Cliff1848821930

76CliffordEvelyn Cliffordfirst name on this monument1936752011id: 24343885591078

77CockwillJames Henry Cockwillfirst name on this monument1920791999id: 24873886111107Born in Cardiff
Charlotte Cockwilldaughter of James Henry Cockwill1961472008
Constance May Cockwillwife of James Henry Cockwill the late Constance
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78CoffinElizabeth A Coffinfirst name on this monument1867701937id: 25313886461096
William John Coffinhusband of Elizabeth A Coffin1863831946

79CollinRobinson Collinfirst name on this monument1782371819id: 224938838610942
John Summers Collin1806531859 The name below hidden is probably John's wife Ann. Her maiden name is unknown but possibly Stott. She was buried on 13 April 1875.
Isabella Collinwife of Robinson Collin1784491833

80CollinWilliam Brabat Collinfirst name on this monument1842681910id: 234938847810881
Betsy Greenhill Collinwife of William Brabat Collin1840841924

81CollingwoodMaud Mary Collingwoodfirst name on this monument1874411915id: 23723885001079
John W Collingwoodhusband of Maud Mary Collingwood

82CollingwoodRobert P Collingwoodfirst name on this monument1885701955id: 256038867410792
Ethel Jane Collingwoodwife of Robert P Collingwood1888761964

83ConingAlfred Coates Coningfirst name on this monument1841561897id: 22543883901102
Jane Coningwife of Alfred Coates Coning1842561898

84CookElizabeth Cookfirst name on this monument1862571919id: 228338841810801
Robert S Cookhusband of Elizabeth Cook
Catherine Blairmother of Elizabeth Cook

85CookElizabeth Archer Cookfirst name on this monument1850321882id: 219438833210773
Francis Cookhusband of Elizabeth Archer Cook1850641914 of Dunston. Died at Darlington
Thomas Archer Cook1882

86CookHannah Cookfirst name on this monument1812711883id: 22383883751084third daughter
John Newton Farmerfather of Hannah Cook
William Cookhusband of Hannah Cook1819801899

87CookThomas Cookfirst name on this monument1853331886id: 223838837610882
Jane Ann Cookdaughter-in-law of Thomas Cook details not visible
Thomas Newton Farmer1804841888
John Cookson of Thomas Cook1848611909

88CooperJoe Cooperfirst name on this monument1842591901id: 2643
(3 images)
3887501238Woollen Merchant of Newcastle upon Tyne; born at Fartown Green Huddersfield
Adelaide Louise Mary Cooperdaughter of Joe Cooper1864731937 died at Edingburgh
Jenny Urquhartdaughter of Joe Cooper1865721937 died at Huddersfield
Susan Ann Cooperwife of Joe Cooper1843801923 died at Corbridge

89CorbetPatricia Mary Corbetfirst name on this monument1929772006id: 24593885831076

90CrassLancelot Crassfirst name on this monument1909871996id: 24723885961112
Edith Crass1992 age obscured

91CrosierJohn Crosierfirst name on this monument1729771806id: 21733883121141
Elizabeth Arms1774381812
Isabella Liddell180661812
John Liddell father of Isabella

92CurryJames Curryfirst name on this monument1917id: 23673884951080
Ernest Briggs1931

93CurryMary Curryfirst name on this monument1862391901id: 262538873510861
George Curryhusband of Mary Curry1861801941 late of Birtley
John Charlton Curryson of Mary Curry1895101905

94DaglishLena Daglishfirst name on this monument1898301928id: 25373886511092
Thomas Daglishhusband of Lena Daglish

95DandJames Beveridge Dandfirst name on this monument1882511933id: 259338870511201photo blurred
Ellen Danddaughter of James Beveridge Dand1914191933
Ada Dandwife of James Beveridge Dand1887531940

96DaveyWilliam Arthur Daveyfirst name on this monument1932762008id: 24253885501079

97DavidsonWilliam Henry Davidsonfirst name on this monument1879651944id: 25703886831083
Mary Davidsonwife of William Henry Davidson1884601944

98DavisonCaroline Michelle Davisonfirst name on this monument1964432007id: 24233885481092
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99DavisonJames Davisonfirst name on this monument1774771851id: 222538836210791Master of a Mason Lodge

100DavisonJoseph M Davisonfirst name on this monument1876391915id: 23633884911100
James Essonfather-in-law of Joseph M Davison1837821919
Jane Essonmother-in-law of Joseph M Davison1845691914
Joseph Davisonson of Joseph M Davison190871915
Norman Davisonson of Joseph M Davison191051915
Louisa Davisonwife of Joseph M Davison

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