St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England

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301HarrisHilda Harrisfirst name on this monument1925762001id: 7251071w of James
James Harrishusband of Hilda Harris

302HarrisonGeorge Harrisonfirst name on this monument1832751907id: 50710661
Sarah Ann Harrisondaughter-in-law of George Harrison1887811968 w of Frank
Frank Harrisonson of George Harrison1871871958 s of George and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Harrisonwife of George Harrison1834411875 w of George

303HarrisonHarriet Harrisonfirst name on this monument1830481878id: 1021075
Hannah Bibby1806731879
Thomas Bibby1810741884 h of Hannah

304HarrisonJames Harrisonfirst name on this monument1806691875id: 4401073
Harriet Harrisondaughter of James Harrison1852151867 d of James and Mary
John Partingtonson of James Harrison186421866 age 2y 1 m - s of John and Mary
Mary Harrisonwife of James Harrison1812591871 w of James

305HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1796641860id: 41110871
Alice Harrisondaughter of John Harrison1826791905 d of John and Jane
Rachel Harrisondaughter of John Harrison1831791910 d of John and Jane
Betty Pearson17551081863
Jane Harrisonwife of John Harrison1799891888 w of John

306HarrisonRichard Harrisonfirst name on this monument1818551873id: 3651072
Louisa Harrisondaughter of Richard Harrison183901839 age 10d - d of Richard and Mary Ann
Sarah Harrisondaughter of Richard Harrison d of Richard and Mary Ann
Mary Harrison1776631839 w of Roger
Roger Harrison1772781850 h of Mary
William Harrisonson of Richard Harrison185611857 s of Richard and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Harrisonwife of Richard Harrison1817571874 w of Richard

307HarrisonRobert Harrisonfirst name on this monument1830751905id: 3351105
Robert Harrisonson of Robert Harrison186051865 s of Rbt a chemist
Alice Harrisonwife of Robert Harrison1832601892 w of Robert

308HartRichard Hartfirst name on this monument1822661888id: 5501072
Catherine Hart1800661866 w of John
Catherine Hart1846521898
John Hart
Mary Hart
Matthew Hart187811879 age 1y 7m - s of Wm and Mary
William Hart
Matthew Hartson of Richard Hart185761863 s of Richard and Betty
Betty Hartwife of Richard Hart1824661890 w of Richard

309HartleyAlice Louisa Rose Hannah Hartleyfirst name on this monument186181869id: 5981080d of John and Ann
John Hartleyfather of Alice Louisa Rose Hannah Hartley
Ann Hartleymother of Alice Louisa Rose Hannah Hartley1818551873 w of John
Fanny Hartley1885901975
John William Hartley1883631946 h of Fanny

310HartshornDavid Hartshornfirst name on this monument1827641891id: 6261089
John William Hartshornson of David Hartshorn1878141892 s of David and Eliza
Joseph Hartshornson of David Hartshorn1861441905 s of David and Eliza
Mary Ann Hartshornwife of David Hartshorn1818481866 w of David
Eliza Hartshornsecond wife of David Hartshorn1843721915 w of David

311HartshornWilliam Hartshornfirst name on this monument1791781869id: 54211742
Alice Hartshorndaughter of William Hartshorn183601836 age 8w - d of William and Ann
Ann Hartshorndaughter of William Hartshorn1836 d of William and Ann
Jane Hartshorndaughter of William Hartshorn183701837 age 15w - d of William and Ann
Esther Stringerdaughter of William Hartshorn1825671892 d of William and Ann
Isabella Ann Stringergrand daughter of William Hartshorn1880371917 d of Esther
William Stringergrand son of William Hartshorn1860371897 s of Esther
Joseph Hartshornson of William Hartshorn1816261842 s of Wm and Ann
Ann Hartshornwife of William Hartshorn1791861877 w of William
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312HaughtonJames Haughtonfirst name on this monument1821671888id: 6041091h of Alice
Clara Haughtondaughter of James Haughton189601896 inf - d of James and Alice
Emma Booth1872821954 w of George
George Booth1872761948 h of Emma
Hannah Ratcliffe1846751921 w of Thomas
Thomas Ratcliffe1844821926
Alice Wharmby
John E Wharmby
Tom Wharmby191021912 age 2y 6m - John E and Alice
Alice Haughtonwife of James Haughton

313HaydockThomas Haydockfirst name on this monument1834421876id: 49711092
Elizabeth Haydock
Ernest Haydock189301893 age 4m - s of James and Elizabeth
James Haydock
Sarah Jane Jones1861671928
Ellen Haydockwife of Thomas Haydock1835571892 w of Thomas

314HayesJohn Hayesfirst name on this monument1980id: 8901067
Lilian Hayes2012

315HayesThomas Hayesfirst name on this monumentno image1068

316HealdAbsolem Healdfirst name on this monument1844681912id: 5851076
Emma Jane Healddaughter of Absolem Heald1817561873 d of Absolem and jane
Mary Ann Healddaughter of Absolem Heald186911870 age 8m - d of Absolem and jane
Sarah Healddaughter of Absolem Heald187311874 d of Absolem and jane
Jane Healdwife of Absolem Heald1842451887 w of Absolem

317HeanorBetty Heanorfirst name on this monument1760741834id: 4771074

318HeathcoteJames Heathcotefirst name on this monument1824561880id: 4011078
Betty Heathcotedaughter of James Heathcote1848641912 d of James and Betty
Betty Heathcotewife of James Heathcote1826751901 w of James

319HeathcoteJohn Heathcotefirst name on this monument1829641893id: 4991080
Florence Edith Heathcote188221884 d of Joseph and Mary
Robert Heathcote1860551915 s of John and Hannah
Mary Heathcoteson of John Heathcote71
Thomas Heathcoteson of John Heathcote1852161868 s of John and Hannah
Hannah Heathcotewife of John Heathcote1828791907 w of John

320HeathcoteJohn Heathcotefirst name on this monumentno image10731
Sarah Heathcote

321HeathcoteSamuel Heathcotefirst name on this monument1798641862no image10921

322HeathcoteSamuel Heathcotefirst name on this monument1798641862no image1070

323HeatonRaymond Heatonfirst name on this monument1888891977id: 7721085
Gladys Heaton1899981997

324HelmElijah Helmfirst name on this monument1838731911id: 49411225
Elizabeth Helmwife of Elijah Helm1837431880 w of Elijah
Alice Helmsecond wife of Elijah Helm1831601891 w of Elijah

325HemingwayAlice Hemingwayfirst name on this monument1831421873id: 6421074
Elizabeth Ann Hemingwaydaughter of Alice Hemingway186131864 age 2y 10m - d of John and Alice
John Hemingwayhusband of Alice Hemingway
Albert Hemingwayson of Alice Hemingway1866101876 s of John and Alice
Arthur Hemingwayson of Alice Hemingway186581873 s of John and Alice
Walter Hemingwayson of Alice Hemingway187051875 s of John and Alice
William Hurst Hemingwayson of Alice Hemingway185951864 age 4y 6m - s of John and Alice

326HenshallWilliam Henshallfirst name on this monument1828541882no image1086
Jane Bibbydaughter of William Henshall1899311930 w of John and d of Wm and Hannah
Ann Henshall1860781938
William Valentineson-in-law of William Henshall1860331893 sil of Wm and Hannah
John Bibbyson-in-law of William Henshall
Hannah Henshallwife of William Henshall1828791907 w of William
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327HenshawEnoch Henshawfirst name on this monument1823591882id: 1531099
Jannette Henshawdaughter of Enoch Henshaw185901859 age 3w - d of Enoch and Sarah
Mary Ann Lawtondaughter of Enoch Henshaw1851311882 d of Enoch and Sarah
Sarah Henshawwife of Enoch Henshaw1824701894 w of Enoch

328HenshawFrancis Henshawfirst name on this monument1827441871id: 42711111
Ellen Hewittgrand daughter of Francis Henshaw1877181895 gd of Francis
Frank Hewittgrand son of Francis Henshaw187401874 age 4m - gs of Francis
Enoch Henshawson of Francis Henshaw186201862 age 1m - s of Francis
John Henshawson of Francis Henshaw185241856 s of Francis
Mary Holt Henshawwife of Francis Henshaw1819811900 w of Francis

329HenshawWilliam Henshawfirst name on this monument1845611906id: 5901096
Jane Henshawdaughter of William Henshaw1870261896 d of William and Harriet
Arthur Davies Henshawson of William Henshaw187211873 age 10m - s of William and Harriet
William Henshawson of William Henshaw186841872 s of William and Harriet
William Henshawson of William Henshaw1875101885 s of William and Harriet
Harriet Henshawwife of William Henshaw1844831927 w of William

330HewittThomas Griffith Hewittfirst name on this monument1852181870id: 1861071
James Hewitt1856411897
William Carr Hewitt1868111879

331HeyesElizabeth Heyesfirst name on this monument1823231846id: 1351108w of John
John Heyeshusband of Elizabeth Heyes

332HeywoodBetty Heywoodfirst name on this monument1782661848id: 4091079
Sarah Davies1848671915
Betty Heywood1805761881
Robert Heywood1809721881

333HeywoodJohn Heywoodfirst name on this monument1825381863id: 29010831
Mary Heywood1847191866
Margaret Ann Stones186321865 age 2y 9m

334HighamBarry Highamfirst name on this monument1972372009id: 8341082

335HigsonPeter Higsonfirst name on this monument1851741925id: 52511231
Peter Higson1813731886
William Higsonson of Peter Higson187331876 age 2y 9m - s of Peter and Esther
Esther Higsonwife of Peter Higson1851271878 w of Peter

336HillAlice Hillfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 7191069
Ernest Hill1931822013

337HillHenry Hillfirst name on this monument1837681905id: 5151070
Alice Hilldaughter of Henry Hill1856221878 d of Henry and Mary
John Hillson of Henry Hill1854311885 s of Henry and mary
Mary Hillwife of Henry Hill1835491884 w of Henry

338HillRobert Hillfirst name on this monument1806731879id: 4141075h of Myra
Myra Hillwife of Robert Hill1817751892

339HiltonSamuel Hiltonfirst name on this monument1815641879id: 5081074
Sarah Hiltondaughter of Samuel Hilton1863151878
Alfred Hilton
Betsy Hilton1858561914 w of Alfred
Robert Hiltonson of Samuel Hilton1860121872 s of Samuel and mary
Mary Hiltonwife of Samuel Hilton1825591884 w of Samuel

340HiltonWilliam Hiltonfirst name on this monument1911621973id: 7711066
Mary Hilton1910751985

341HindleVera Hindlefirst name on this monument1919862005id: 8161083
Frank Hindle1921641985
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342HindleyAlice Hindleyfirst name on this monument1830251855id: 4571076w of Joseph
Joseph Hindleyhusband of Alice Hindley

343HipwoodGeorge Hipwoodfirst name on this monument1866611927id: 3931072h of Emma
Walter Hipwoodson of George Hipwood189461900 s of George and Emma
Jeraman Plattson-in-law of George Hipwood1919701989 sil of George
Emma Hipwoodwife of George Hipwood1846841930 w of George

344HobsonJoseph Hobsonfirst name on this monument1852261878id: 6221080
William Hobsondaughter of Joseph Hobson187811879 age 1y 1m - d of Joseph and Ellen
Ethelinda Baker1830581888
Ellis Hobsonson of Joseph Hobson1876261902 s of Joseph and Ellen
Ellen Hobsonwife of Joseph Hobson1850581908 w of Joseph

345HobsonJoseph Hobsonfirst name on this monument1852261878id: 6091116
Ethelinda Baker58
Ellis Hobsonson of Joseph Hobson1876261902 s of Joseph and Ellen
William Hobsonson of Joseph Hobson187721879 age 1y 11m - s of Joseph and Ellen
Ellen Hobsonwife of Joseph Hobson1850581908 w of Joseph

346HodgkissEllis Hodgkissfirst name on this monument1827501877id: 25411252
Margaret Alice Hodgkissdaughter of Ellis Hodgkiss187501875 age 5w - d of Ellis and Mary
Thomas Hodgkissson of Ellis Hodgkiss186531868 s of Ellis and Mary
Thomas Hodgkissson of Ellis Hodgkiss187401874 age 10m - s of Ellis and Mary
George Hurstson of Ellis Hodgkiss1843111854 s of Thomas and Rachel
Thomas Hurstson of Ellis Hodgkiss1819531872
Mary Hodgkisswife of Ellis Hodgkiss1828471875 w of Ellis
Rachel Hurstwife of Ellis Hodgkiss1814761890 w of Thomas

347HodgkissLivesey Hodgkissfirst name on this monument1800351835id: 54111561
Mary Hodgkissdaughter of Livesey Hodgkiss1825541879 d of Livesey and Alice
Alice Clarke
Amy Clarke189611897 age 1y 7m - d of James and Alice
James Clarke
Elizabeth Holt1859301889 w of Robert
Robert Holt
John Hodgkissson of Livesey Hodgkiss1827491876 s of Livesey and Alice
Alice Hodgkisswife of Livesey Hodgkiss1805631868 w of Livesey

348HodgkissMildred Hodgkissfirst name on this monument187821880no image1110age 21m - d of Samuel and Matilda
John Hodgkissbrother of Mildred Hodgkiss188011881 s of Samuel and Matilda
Samuel John Hodgkissfather of Mildred Hodgkiss1855541909
Matilda Hodgkissmother of Mildred Hodgkiss1852501902
Arthur Heywood
Clara Heywood1892271919 w of Arthur
Frederick Hodgkiss1916
Mary Hannah Hodgkisssister of Mildred Hodgkiss187701877 d of Samuel and Matilda

349HodgkissThomas Hodgkissfirst name on this monument1831801911id: 23512111
Ann Hodgkissdaughter of Thomas Hodgkiss1862161878 d of Thomas and Mary
Margaret Hodgkissdaughter of Thomas Hodgkiss1865371902 d of Thomas and Mary
Mary Hodgkisswife of Thomas Hodgkiss1834561890 w of Thomas

350HoeyTrevor Hoeyfirst name on this monument1943692012id: 7181116

351HoldenJohn Holdenfirst name on this monument1805761881id: 49311131
Ann Holdenwife of John Holden1814691883 w of John

352HolkerSamuel Holkerfirst name on this monument1819431862id: 55210791
Mary Ann Holkerdaughter of Samuel Holker1840581898 d of Samuel and Ellen
Rosina Seddongrand daughter-in-law of Samuel Holker
Alfred Seddongrand son of Samuel Holker1875331908 gs of samuel and husband of Rosina
Jakob Holkerson of Samuel Holker1848261874 s of Samuel and Ellen
Ellen Holkerwife of Samuel Holker1817731890 w of Samuel
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353HolkerWilliam Holkerfirst name on this monument1772591831id: 2441080
Ann Holkerwife of William Holker1792521844 w of John

354HollidayKathleen Hollidayfirst name on this monument2008id: 8131079

355HolmeElizabeth Holmefirst name on this monument1839851924id: 5951070

356HolmeGeorge Henry Holmefirst name on this monument187101871id: 1931123age 15w - s of George and Jane
Jacob Almond Holmebrother of George Henry Holme187561881 s of George and Jane
George Holmefather of George Henry Holme
Jane Holmemother of George Henry Holme
Elizabeth Hannah Holmesister of George Henry Holme1865831948 d of George and Jane

357HolmeRobert Holmefirst name on this monumentid: 5941074
Robert Holmefather of Robert Holme
Elizabeth Holmemother of Robert Holme relict of Robert
Robert Holmeson of Robert Holme1 age 18m - s of Rbt and Elizabeth
Robert Holmeson of Robert Holme185511856 age 10m - s of Rbt and Elizabeth
William Holmeson of Robert Holme184601846 age 9m - s of Rbt and Elizabeth - parish clerk
William Robert Holmeson of Robert Holme185301853 age 10m 20d - s of Rbt and Elizabeth

358HoltAbraham Holtfirst name on this monument1830671897id: 3171090
Mary Ann Holtdaughter of Abraham Holt1850171867 d of Abraham and Mary
Sarah Jane Holtdaughter of Abraham Holt185621858 d of Abraham and Mary
Deborah Lythgo1854571911 w of William
William Lythgo
Thomas Holtson of Abraham Holt185811859 s of Abraham and Mary
William Holtson of Abraham Holt185181859 s of Abraham and Mary
Mary Holtwife of Abraham Holt1829781907 w of Abraham

359HoltAnn Holtfirst name on this monument1769701839id: 1571100w of James
James Holthusband of Ann Holt
Ann Halliday
John Halliday1820541874
William Halliday
William Halliday1825211846 s of Wm and Ann
Dinah Partington
Elizabeth Partington185631859 d of Thomas and Dinah
Joseph Partington187421876 age 16m - s of Thomas and Dinah
Thomas Partington

360HoltJames Holtfirst name on this monument1826551881id: 1631082
Emily Holtdaughter of James Holt186931872 d of James and Elizabeth
Willliam Thomas Holtson of James Holt1855461901
Elizabeth Holtwife of James Holt1834681902 w of James

361HoltJames Holtfirst name on this monument1780791859id: 3761079
Ann Holtwife of James Holt1774771851 w of James

362HoltJohn Holtfirst name on this monument1900581958id: 7341067
Mary Ann Holt1932551987

363HoltJoyce Holtfirst name on this monument1935371972id: 7391113
Susan Whittakerdaughter of Joyce Holt1955512006
Harold Holtfather of Joyce Holt1903741977
Margaret Holtmother of Joyce Holt1903901993

364HoltMary Holtfirst name on this monument1844431887id: 50110711w of Noah
Maude Mary Holtdaughter of Mary Holt187871885 d of Noah and Mary
Noah Holthusband of Mary Holt
Walter Holtson of Mary Holt188071887 s of Noah and Mary

365HoltRichard Holtfirst name on this monument1809551864id: 2921073
Hannah Holtdaughter of Richard Holt185601856 age 10m - d of Richard and Mary
Lucy Holtdaughter of Richard Holt1858801938 d of Richard and Mary
Sarah Holtdaughter of Richard Holt185481862 d of Richard and Mary
John Holtson of Richard Holt1849251874 s of Richard and Mary
William Holtson of Richard Holt1846251871 s of Richard and Mary
Mary Holtwife of Richard Holt1822731895 w of Richard
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366HoltRoger Holtfirst name on this monument1794571851id: 1851076
Martha Holtdaughter of Roger Holt1839211860 d of Roger and Martha
Mary Holtdaughter of Roger Holt1823211844 d of Roger and Martha
James Holtson of Roger Holt1825201845 s of Roger and Martha
John Holtson of Roger Holt1833211854 s of Roger and Martha
Martha Holtwife of Roger Holt1796521848 w of Roger

367HopeThomas Hopefirst name on this monument1814751889id: 2931081
Ann Hopedaughter of Thomas Hope1840281868 d of Thomas and Jane
Maria Hopedaughter of Thomas Hope1846241870 d of Thomas and Jane
James Hopeson of Thomas Hope186511866 age 1y7m - s of Thomas and Ann Ellen
Jane Hopewife of Thomas Hope1811451856 w of Thomas
Ann Ellen Hopesecond wife of Thomas Hope

368HopwoodGeorge Hopwoodfirst name on this monument1890741964id: 6911080
Irene Gledhill
Joseph Gledhill18261621988 h of Irene
Minnie Hopwoodwife of George Hopwood1890831973 w of George

369HopwoodStephen Hopwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 8841069

370HorneAnthony Hornefirst name on this monument1803311834id: 46111011
John Horneson of Anthony Horne183311834 age 8m - s of Anthony

371HorrobinRonald Horrobinfirst name on this monument1931651996id: 8531139

372HorrocksAdam Horrocksfirst name on this monument1809521861no image11002
Alice Horrocksdaughter of Adam Horrocks1847381885 d of Adam and Ann
Jane Horrocksdaughter of Adam Horrocks1841311872 d of Adam and Ann
William Horrocksson of Adam Horrocks1839481887 s of Adam and Ann
Ann Horrockswife of Adam Horrocks1813621875 w of Adam

373HorrocksJames Horrocksfirst name on this monument1829831912id: 2631100h of Mary
Maria Horrocksdaughter of James Horrocks1860131873 d of James
Sarah Ann Ogdendaughter of James Horrocks1852481900 d of James
Edith Alice Ogdengrand daughter of James Horrocks189801898 age 21d
Mary Horrockswife of James Horrocks

374HoughtonJames Houghtonfirst name on this monument1831481879id: 1071072
Alice Sixsmith1872741946 w of James
James Sixsmith1865771942
Esther Houghtonwife of James Houghton1830661896 w of James

375HoughtonJohn Richard Houghtonfirst name on this monument1850341884no image1071

376HoughtonWilliam Houghtonfirst name on this monument1826651891no image1089
Alice Houghtondaughter of William Houghton1847181865 d of Wm and Martha
Elizabeth Houghtondaughter of William Houghton1858181876 d of Wm and Martha
John Berry186911870 age 1y 9m
Betsy Cowell187521877 age 1y 7m
John Cowell187831881
George Thomason187321875 age 16m
Martha Houghtonwife of William Houghton1822621884 w of William

377HowardDaniel Howardfirst name on this monument1794761870id: 48710901
Daniel Howard1786741860
Daniel Howardson of Daniel Howard183601836 age 6w - s of Daniel and Ann
James Howardson of Daniel Howard1818111829 s of Daniel and Ann
James Howardson of Daniel Howard183301833 age 11w - s of Daniel and Ann
Robert Howardson of Daniel Howard182601826 age 1y 6m - s of Daniel and Ann
Thomas Howardson of Daniel Howard182921831 s of Daniel and Ann
Ann Howardwife of Daniel Howard1797411838 w of Daniel
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378HowardDavid Howardfirst name on this monument1835421877id: 5161067
Sarah Howard1823561879
Elizabeth Young1864511915 w of John
John Young1864701934
Mary Thorpewife of David Howard1834621896 w of James

379HowardEveline Howardfirst name on this monument89id: 8931065

380HowardGeoffrey Harwood Howardfirst name on this monument1906531959id: 6741075

381HowardLeslie Howardfirst name on this monument1908681976id: 8851066
May Howardwife of Leslie Howard1917811998 w of Leslie

382HowardRobert Howardfirst name on this monument1768641832id: 47811082
Lewis Settle1832651897
Alice Howardwife of Robert Howard1771601831 w of Robert

383HowardRobert Howardfirst name on this monument1809431852id: 24610701
Sarah Ann Howarddaughter of Robert Howard1846701916 d of Robert and Ellen
John Howardson of Robert Howard1849481897 s of Robert and Ellen
Ellen Howardwife of Robert Howard1810691879 w of Robert

384HowardWilliam Howardfirst name on this monument1833561889id: 40711171
Alice Howarddaughter-in-law of William Howard1872781950 w of John E
John E Howardson of William Howard1872671939 s of Wm and Louisa and h of Alice
Louisa Howardwife of William Howard1834781912 w of William

385HowarthAlan James Howarthfirst name on this monument1961271988id: 8001072
Jennie Howarth2006
John Howarth1933571990

386HowarthAlbert Howarthfirst name on this monument1921591980id: 89110761

387HowarthJoseph Howarthfirst name on this monument1831601891no image1068h of Margaret
Frederick William Reeves
Margaret Reeves
Reginald Howarth Reeves189331896 s of Frederick Wm and Mgt
Reginald Howarthson of Joseph Howarth188421886 s of Joseph and Margaret
Margaret Howarthwife of Joseph Howarth1833281861 w of Joseph
Margaret Howarthsecond wife of Joseph Howarth1841771918 2nd w of Joseph

388HowarthSarah Howarthfirst name on this monument1822111833no image10963d of Ellis and Eliza
John Howarthbrother of Sarah Howarth183221834 s of Ellis and Eliza
John Howarthbrother of Sarah Howarth183621838 s of Ellis and Eliza
Ellis Howarthfather of Sarah Howarth1801501851
Eliza Hannah Howarthmother of Sarah Howarth1806631869 w of Ellis
Eliza Howarthsister of Sarah Howarth184731850 age 3y 1m - d of Ellis and Eliza

389HowellThomas Howellfirst name on this monument1811581869id: 28711161
Dan Cowell age 9m - s of Wm and Mary Hannah
Doris Cowell189801898 age 16d - d of Thomas and Linda
Eva Cowell189701897 age 3m - d of Wm and Mary
Linda Cowell
Mary Hannah Cowell
Thomas Cowell
William Cowell
Charlotte Howellwife of Thomas Howell1812431855 w of Thomas
Rachel Howellsecond wife of Thomas Howell1834241858 w of Thomas
Betty Howellthird wife of Thomas Howell1819621881 w of Thomas

390HowellsAllen Howellsfirst name on this monument1930732003id: 7581111
Barbara Howells1933722005

391HowellsHarold Howellsfirst name on this monument1928701998id: 8561077
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392HughesJimmy Hughesfirst name on this monument1941722013no image1087

393HughesJoseph Hughesfirst name on this monument1794661860no image1085
Amelia Fallowsdaughter of Joseph Hughes1841361877 d of Joseph and Elizabeth
Georgiena Hughesdaughter of Joseph Hughes186101861 age 2d - d of Joseph and Elizabeth
Joe William Hughesson of Joseph Hughes1863111874 s of Joseph and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Hugheswife of Joseph Hughes1816601876 w of Joseph

394HughesMagdalena Hughesfirst name on this monument1932752007id: 7151076

395HughesSamuel Hughesfirst name on this monument1827601887no image10801
Hannah Chadwickdaughter of Samuel Hughes1871781949 d of Thomas and Martha
Lily Chadwickdaughter of Samuel Hughes1872121884 d of Thomas and Martha
Thomas Chadwickdaughter of Samuel Hughes1842361878
Samuel James Hughesdaughter of Samuel Hughes185671863 s of Samuel and Mary
Sarah Ann Hughesdaughter of Samuel Hughes1849851934 d of Samuel and Mary
Edith Jones188211883 age 14m - d of Wm and Mary Jane
Mabel Jones187921881 age 1y 8m - d of Wm and Mary Jane
Mary Jane Jones
William Jones
Thomas Chadwickson of Samuel Hughes1873251898 s of Thomas and Martha
William Henry Chadwickson of Samuel Hughes1868111879 s of Thomas and Martha
Martha Chadwickwife of Samuel Hughes1841821923 w of Thomas
Mary Hugheswife of Samuel Hughes1824821906 w of Samuel

396HulmeJames Hulmefirst name on this monument1825481873id: 54710961
George Crompton1855441899
Hannah Crompton1857641921 w of George
James Edward Crompton189931902 age 2y 8m - s of George and Hannah
Eliza Hulmewife of James Hulme1821871908 w of James

397HulmeJohn Hulmefirst name on this monument1819741893id: 25311051
Alice Hulme1820621882

398HulmeJohn Hulmefirst name on this monument1798831881id: 5491172
Ann Hulmedaughter of John Hulme1837661903 d of John and Hannah
Maria Hulmedaughter of John Hulme1841731914 d of John and Hannah
Mary Hulmedaughter of John Hulme1838751913 d of John and Hannah
Hannah Hulmewife of John Hulme1798641862 w of John

399HuntingGeorge Huntingfirst name on this monument1813711884id: 2281084
Elizabeth Hunting1828431871
John Snape1808711879
Miriam Huntingwife of George Hunting1831571888 w of George

400HurstRichard Hurstfirst name on this monument1812551867no image1066
James Hurstson of Richard Hurst1836361872 s of Richard and May Ann
Mary Ann Hurstwife of Richard Hurst1815841899 w of Richard

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England.

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