Balmoral (section 7) Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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301TeitzelCharles Teitzelfirst name on this monument1870581928id: 3105
(2 images)
1073Cemetery records - Buried - 24 / 05 / 1928
Susannah Mary Teitzel1874911965 Cemetery records - Buried - 28 / 04 / 1965

302TerryFrances L L Terryfirst name on this monument1873661939id: 2372
(2 images)
10864My dear Wife and our Mother. Died 15th June 1939
Albert C Terryhusband of Frances L L Terry1873821955 Also our dear Father. Died 2nd May 1955

303ThomasJames A Thomasfirst name on this monument1846911937id: 2478
(5 images)
1073Died 30th Sept 1937
Rebecca Selina Thomaswife of James A Thomas1849961945 Also his beloved Wife. Died 18th April 1945

304ThompsonMay Thompsonfirst name on this monument1956id: 1843
(2 images)
1073My dear Wife and our Mother. Died 21st Feb 1956

305ThrelfallEthel Jane Threlfallfirst name on this monument1905281933id: 2993
(3 images)
1134In loving memory of Mum - Dad and Sister Ethel. Cemetery records - Buried 16 / 01 / 1933. Age 28.
Gos Charles Kreigherfather of Ethel Jane Threlfall1870751945 In loving memory of Mum - Dad and Sister Ethel. Cemetery records - Buried 26 / 05 / 1945. Age 75.
Clara Jane Kreighermother of Ethel Jane Threlfall1876841960 In loving memory of Mum - Dad and Sister Ethel. Cemetery records - 24 / 02 / 1960. Age 84.

306ThurkettleRonald M Thurkettlefirst name on this monument1905511956id: 1968
(2 images)
1068My beloved Husband and our dear Father. Died 27-8-1956

307TillDoris Babe Tillfirst name on this monument1908511959id: 1876
(2 images)
11081Died 31-1-1959
Cyril Geolrge Till1901731974 Died 28-12-1974

308TomsDian Suveay Tomsfirst name on this monument194891957id: 2010
(4 images)
1077Our darling Daughter. Accidentally killed 2nd May 1957
Blanche Toms1922842006 My dear beloved Wife. Much loved Mother; Nan and Great Nan who passed away 18th August 2006

309TovellEmily Tovellfirst name on this monument1884501934id: 3043
(2 images)
1075My dear Wife. Passed on June 21st 1934 Aged 50

310TrappPaul Roland John Trappfirst name on this monument1947101957id: 1943
(4 images)
10791Our darling Son and Brother. Passed away 11-3-1957
Audrey Estelle Trapp1925762001 Beloved Wife of the late Reginald Charles Trapp. 24-01-1925 - 03-07-2001
R C Trapp1925621987 434810. W.O. Royal Australian Air Force. 20th May 1987

311TrautweilerCharles H T Trautweilerfirst name on this monument1882571939id: 2374
(2 images)
1075Died 11 Sept 1939

312TruasheimMary Truasheimfirst name on this monument1872861958id: 1860
(2 images)
1073Our dear Mother. Died 21-6-1958

313TysonDarrell Tysonfirst name on this monument1903541957id: 1817
(2 images)
1079Died 19th July 1957. Erected by his loving Mother.

314UsherClarence Usherfirst name on this monument1867711938id: 2491
(2 images)
1069Died 28th March 1938. Aged 71 years
Emily Usherwife of Clarence Usher1876861962 And his beloved Wife. Died 29th Nov. 1962. Aged 86 years

315ValentineMonica Henrietta Valentinefirst name on this monument1901501951id: 2405
(2 images)
11173Our dear Mother
Donald Alfred Valentineson of Monica Henrietta Valentine193161937 Our dear Brothers
Raymond Noel Valentineson of Monica Henrietta Valentine193621938 Our dear Brothers

316Van HomrichHarriet Van Homrichfirst name on this monument1860881948id: 2435
(2 images)
Henry George Van Homrich1837841921

317Van HomrichJessie Melrose Van Homrichfirst name on this monument1899371936id: 2461
(3 images)
1065Beloved Wife and Mother. Died 28th Sept 1936

318VinesWilliam Edgar Vinesfirst name on this monument1898591957id: 1893
(2 images)
1074Our dear parents. William Edgar Vines died 13th March 1957. Aged 59
Venus Lally Vineswife of William Edgar Vines1911551966 Died 11th July 1966

319WaldieAnnie E Waldiefirst name on this monument1876811957id: 1985
(5 images)
1120Died 13-8-1957
Dorothy Rostrondaughter of Annie E Waldie1909601969 Her Daughter. Died 12-1-1969
Gladys Payarddaughter-in-law of Annie E Waldie1917751992 His Wife. Died 14-4-1992
Albert Payardson of Annie E Waldie1916831999 Son of Annie. Died 25-7-1999
William Rostronson-in-law of Annie E Waldie1907891996 Her Husband. Died 19-7-1996
Albert Youngson-in-law of Annie E Waldie1929762005 Son-in-law. Died 11-4-2005

320WalshMavis Dagmar Walshfirst name on this monument1913451958id: 1996
(3 images)
1100My dear Wife. Passed away 23rd Dec 1958
Frederick Francis Walshhusband of Mavis Dagmar Walsh1917731990 And her Husband. Passed away 21st July 1990

321WardR G Wardfirst name on this monument1905521957id: 2204
(2 images)
1066Reginald Gywnne Ward - Cemetery Records

322WardRichard Frederick Wardfirst name on this monument1854781932id: 3051
(2 images)
1071Died Aug 29 1932. Aged 78 years
Ann Elizabeth Ward1864691933 Died May 7. 1933. Aged 69

323WatkinsAlice Josephine Watkinsfirst name on this monument190061906id: 3159
(2 images)
10831Who died July 19 1906. Aged 6 years

324WatsonDora Watsonfirst name on this monument1879571936id: 2896
(3 images)
10701Wife of Harold V. Watson. Born 25th June 1879. Died 30th August 1936

325WatsonHoratio Nelson Watsonfirst name on this monument1839761915id: 2925
(2 images)
10681Born 24th May 1839. Died 4th October 1915
Henrietta Jane Watsonwife of Horatio Nelson Watson1852751927 And his Wife. Born 15th October 1852. Died 18th March 1927

326WattHerbert Wattfirst name on this monument1931id: 3012
(5 images)
1150Died 13th May 1961
Catherine Watt1940 Died 17th Dec 1940
Isabella Helen Watt1948 Died 15th Oct 1948
Herbert Allan Wattson of Herbert Watt1938 Also their son. Died 10th June 1938
Emma Wattwife of Herbert Watt1934 Wife of Herbert Watt. Died 5th March 1934
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327WattJames Mcritchie Wattfirst name on this monument1876561932id: 2992
(2 images)
1073My dear Husband and my dear Father. Born Edinburgh; Scotland. Died 3rd Dec 1932. Aged 56 yrs

328WeaverArthur Weaverfirst name on this monument1886531939id: 2355
(2 images)
1072My dear Husband. Born 13th Aug 1886. Died 26th Sep 1939
Alice May Weaverwife of Arthur Weaver1888911979 And his dear Wife. Born 3rd May 1888. Died 2nd Sept 1979. Together again.

329WebberSquire Webberfirst name on this monument1884711955id: 2034
(3 images)
10741Our dear Father. Passed away 9th July 1955
Ruth Bowdendaughter of Squire Webber1916831999 Daughter. Passed away 5th Feb 1999
Ethel Webberwife of Squire Webber1889671956 Our dear Mother. Passed away 26th May 1956.

330WeedonCatherine Weedonfirst name on this monument1864671931id: 2984
(2 images)
1079Wife of William Arthur Weedon. Died 7th Octber 1931. Aged 67 years.
William Arthur Weedonhusband of Catherine Weedon1858751933 Died 4th October 1933. Aged 75 years.

331WelchElizabeth Welchfirst name on this monument1874671941id: 2256
(2 images)
10902Died 10th June 1941 Originally from Somerset Uk Immigrated to Australia in 1911
James Welchhusband of Elizabeth Welch1868761944 And her dear Husband. Died 30th June 1944 Immigrated to Australia in 1911 from Somerset UK

332WellsBert Wellsfirst name on this monument1883571940id: 2344
(4 images)
1065My dear Husband and our Father. Died 31st July 1940
Catherine Violet Wellswife of Bert Wells1884891973 Also our dear Mother. Died 17th Oct 1973

333WestAlfred D Westfirst name on this monument1860671927id: 2500
(4 images)
1079Father. Died 30-3-1927. Aged 67 years
Janet D G Westwife of Alfred D West1874901964 Mother. Died 26-7-1964. Aged 90 Years

334WestawayJohn Stanley Westawayfirst name on this monument1931241955id: 1790
(4 images)
10972My dear Husband. Father of Douglas and Malcolm and our son. Died 22nd Nov 1955
Myrtle Isobel Westaway1912861998 Beloved Wife of Stanley. Who passed away 19-12-1998
Stanley Mark Westaway1903611964 Also my beloved Husband and our Father. Died 9th June 1964

335WhimpHannah Whimpfirst name on this monument1836751911id: 2923
(2 images)
1070Died 28th July 1911. Aged 75 years
Doreen May Whimpgrand daughter of Hannah Whimp190931912 Grand-daughter of above. Died 9th Dec 1912 Aged 3 years

336WhiteIvy Josephine Whitefirst name on this monument1905531958id: 19981086My dear Wife and our Mother. Passed away 12th Oct 1958

337WhitingEllen Louisa Whitingfirst name on this monument1880511931id: 3030
(2 images)
1072Died 18th August 1931. Aged 514 years
Thomas Arthur Whiting1874621936 Died 1st Oct 1936. Age 62 years

338WhitneyJ E Whitneyfirst name on this monument1909531962id: 2323
(4 images)
1070122313 Corporal. Royal Australian Air Force. 21st August 1962. Dearly loved and sadly missed by his Wife Vera
Robert Francis Wells1922511973 Our dear Brother. Died 19th July 1973

339WhittakerDick Whittakerfirst name on this monument1861781939id: 2350
(3 images)
1067Died 19th Aug 1939

340WhittyJessie Florence Whittyfirst name on this monument1946id: 3176
(2 images)
10741age 1899 - Our parents 12-2-1899 - 12-1-1946
Laurence Whittyhusband of Jessie Florence Whitty1901741975 14.1.1901 - 17.9.1975

341WilsonHarriett Ellen Wilsonfirst name on this monument1894621956id: 2037
(2 images)
1069A beloved Wife and Mother. Died 29th May 1956
Stanley Wilsonhusband of Harriett Ellen Wilson1894781972 Our Father. Died 15th Nov 1972

342WilsonLouisa Wilsonfirst name on this monument1886721958id: 1878
(2 images)
1072My dear Wife Died 9th Oct 1958
Richard Charles Wilson1884811965 My dear Father. Died 10th June 1965

343WinstanleyVernon Winstanleyfirst name on this monument1862761938id: 2421
(3 images)
10701Died 10th January 1938
Doris Elizabeth White1904751979 Daughter of Vernon and Sarah Kate Who passed away 25th Feb 1979
Sarah Kate Winstanleywife of Vernon Winstanley1865751940 Died 14th August 1940

344WrightJohn William Wrightfirst name on this monument1869581927id: 2903
(2 images)
1067The beloved Husband of Rebecca Elizabeth Wright. Died 22ns July 1927; aged 58 years
Rebecca Elizabeth Wrightwife of John William Wright1868881956 Also his beloved Wife. Died 2nd March 1956 aged 88 years

345WylieAllan Carswell Wyliefirst name on this monument1862631925id: 2525
(9 images)
1155Born at Largs; Scotland; 4th October 1862; who departed this life 19th June 1925
Ernest Richard Bullock1950 Passed away 19-12-1950
Mary Stuart Bullock1978 His Wife. Passed away 14-10-1978
Malcolm Mcleod Wylie1959 Passed away 28th July 1959
May Wylie1896911987 His Wife. Born 23rd April 1896. Died 4th March 1987
Mary Wyliewife of Allan Carswell Wylie1869741943 His Wife; Born 24th June 1869 - Manchester. Died 20th Aug 1943 - Cooroaroo

346YoungElizabeth Youngfirst name on this monument1871691940id: 2514
(2 images)
1089Our Mother. Died 4th Aug 1940. Aged 69
Kitty Youngdaughter of Elizabeth Young1898331931 Her Daughter. Died 7th Oct 1931. Aged 33

347YoungHarold James Youngfirst name on this monument1894241918id: 30801083Our dear Son. Killed in action in France. 10th June 1918. Aged 24
Roy R T Proudfootbrother-in-law of Harold James Young1875791954 Died 20th May 1954. Aged 79 years.
James Youngfather of Harold James Young1860861946 Died 17th Nov 1946. Aged 86 years
Sarah Elizabeth Youngmother of Harold James Young1859831942 Also their Parents. Died 6th March 1942. Aged 83 years
Martha Alice Proudfootsister of Harold James Young1889391928 Also our dear loved Daughter. Beloved Wife of Roy Proudfoot. Died 25th March 1928. Aged 39 years

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