Oxbridge C's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list

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201MartinHannah Martinfirst name on this monument188331886id: 102063412
John James Martinson of Hannah Martin1886

202MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument1820901910id: 102072813
Esther Martindaughter of John Martin1922
Esther Winifred Martinwife of John Martin1833931926

203MarwoodSusanna Marwoodfirst name on this monument1854511905id: 10207606
Edith Thurforddaughter of Susanna Marwood1877441921
Christopher Marwood1851711922

204MasonFlorence Masonfirst name on this monument1899171916id: 102057312
Brenda Hawcock1949
Gladys Hawcock1917902007
Jack Hawcock1922812003

205MasonIsabella Masonfirst name on this monument1838401878id: 102076630
Henry Masonhusband of Isabella Mason1834811915
Ada Elizabeth Masonwife of Isabella Mason1932

206McGruerDuncan McGruerfirst name on this monument1857351892id: 102056392

207McNaughtonCatherine McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1869661935id: 102071041
Doris Millicent McNaughtondaughter of Catherine McNaughton1901
John McNaughtonhusband of Catherine McNaughton1864871951

208MelhuishEmma Jane Melhuishfirst name on this monument1857691926id: 102061163
George H. Melhuishhusband of Emma Jane Melhuish1855741929

209MellorGeorge Eli Mellorfirst name on this monument1887id: 1020507133
Hannah Elizabeth Cairns Mellordaughter of George Eli Mellor1875311906
Mary Mellordaughter of George Eli Mellor188211883
Charlotte Hauxwell Mellorwife of George Eli Mellor1853951948

210MichaelMary Michaelfirst name on this monument1840761916id: 102069711
David Michaelhusband of Mary Michael1842981940

211MilliganJames Milliganfirst name on this monument1852321884id: 102055414

212ModralJessie Thompson Modralfirst name on this monument1835601895id: 102064172

213MooreNellie Moorefirst name on this monument1893691962id: 1020472123
Charles Walter Moorehusband of Nellie Moore1893751968

214MorganMary Morganfirst name on this monument1821601881id: 10205683

215MorrellJohn Morrellfirst name on this monument1808681876id: 1020788281
Susannah Morrelldaughter of John Morrell1845301875
Jane Morrellwife of John Morrell1817781895

216MuirheadJames Muirheadfirst name on this monument1847701917id: 1020579391
Mary Muirheadwife of James Muirhead

217MuirheadLillian Muirheadfirst name on this monument1899161915id: 1020470292
Alec Muirheadbrother of Lillian Muirhead1893221915
Harry Muirheadbrother of Lillian Muirhead1895211916
Margaret Muirheadsister of Lillian Muirhead188451889

218NoddingsClara Elizabeth Noddingsfirst name on this monument1876491925id: 102078931
Thomas Noddingshusband of Clara Elizabeth Noddings1877911968

219NorrisJames Norrisfirst name on this monument1845701915id: 10205275
James Norrisfather of James Norris1830641894
Catherine Norrismother of James Norris1812801892
Mary Ann Norriswife of James Norris1846761922

220OliverW.E.B Oliverfirst name on this monument187521877id: 10205473
Mabel Oliversister of W.E.B Oliver188021882

221PattersonJames Pattersonfirst name on this monument1845531898id: 1020618141
Isabel Pattersonwife of James Patterson1842631905
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222PayneWilliam Paynefirst name on this monument1834481882id: 1020510493
Elizabeth Paynedaughter of William Payne1866
Florence Paynedaughter of William Payne187411875
Jane Ella Paynedaughter of William Payne1858-351823
Thomas Godley Payneson of William Payne1875
Jane Ann Paynewife of William Payne1837751912

223PeacockRobert Henry Peacockfirst name on this monument1870201890id: 102058412
Robert Henry Peacockfather of Robert Henry Peacock1849661915
Jane Nicholson Peacockmother of Robert Henry Peacock1852501902
Jane Nicholson Lindsay Peacocksister of Robert Henry Peacock1877231900

224PedleySarah Pedleyfirst name on this monument1844411885id: 1020803272
Thomas Pedleyhusband of Sarah Pedley1840511891
Samuel Pedleyson of Sarah Pedley1883261909
William Pedleyson of Sarah Pedley1871
William Pedleyson of Sarah Pedley1878

225PerksHannah Perksfirst name on this monument1936id: 102057510

226PostleAnn Postlefirst name on this monument1835791914id: 102072516

227PottsThomas Coulthard Pottsfirst name on this monument1833731906id: 102070311
James Pottsson of Thomas Coulthard Potts1866291895
Margaret Pottswife of Thomas Coulthard Potts1836771913

228PowellJane Powellfirst name on this monument1829671896id: 10206523
Hannah Elizabeth Powelldaughter of Jane Powell1864571921
John Powellhusband of Jane Powell1819881907

229PriceElijah Pricefirst name on this monument1823501873id: 102053091
Margaret Pricewife of Elijah Price1831641895

230PriceHenry Pricefirst name on this monument1853441897id: 102059961
Margaret Pricedaughter of Henry Price189031893
Mary Jane Pricewife of Henry Price1850481898

231PrinceSamuel Russell Princefirst name on this monument1861241885id: 1020743181
John Charles Princebrother of Samuel Russell Prince1854821936
Samuel Russell Princefather of Samuel Russell Prince1832751907
Mary Princemother of Samuel Russell Prince1833621895
Henry Briggs1814821896

232PringleHelen Pringlefirst name on this monument1802921894id: 1020815171

233RaceEliza Racefirst name on this monument1845771922id: 102042418
Mary Racedaughter of Eliza Race
Sina Elizabeth Racedaughter of Eliza Race187141875
George Racehusband of Eliza Race1842861928
John William Raceson of Eliza Race1882401922

234ReadmanHenry H Readmanfirst name on this monument1856831939id: 102074621
Frederick J Readman1863191882
Blanche K Readmanwife of Henry H Readman1855821937

235ReadmanJoseph Readmanfirst name on this monument46id: 102070021
H E Readmanwife of Joseph Readman

236ReadmanOlive Readmanfirst name on this monument187961885id: 102074911
H H Readmanfather of Olive Readman
B K Readmanmother of Olive Readman

237ReayLionel Dodds Reayfirst name on this monument1827491876id: 10204384

238ReesAnn Reesfirst name on this monument1837481885id: 102056712
Henry Reeshusband of Ann Rees1835561891
John Reesson of Ann Rees1861291890
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239ReesHannah Reesfirst name on this monument1833551888id: 102052681THANK YOU SO MUCH, HAVING THE PHOTO OF THE GRAVE MAKES IT FEEL REAL INSTEAD OF JUST NAMES
Mary Ann Reesdaughter of Hannah Rees1865111876
William Reeshusband of Hannah Rees1834651899
Martha Gertrude Rees188841892
Thomas William Rees188211883

240ReveleyThomas Reveleyfirst name on this monument1917id: 10206983
Edna Mary Reveley1910881998
Rebecca Reveley1918
Thomas Reginald Reveley1906911997
Tony Reveley193221934

241RichardsonRachel Richardsonfirst name on this monument1845291874id: 10204655

242RichardsonThomas Richardsonfirst name on this monument1812681880id: 10205742

243RichesIsabella Richesfirst name on this monument1804741878id: 102049115

244RiddJohn Riddfirst name on this monument1825561881id: 10204816
Ann Riddwife of John Ridd1817731890

245RidsdaleBenjamin Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1819641883id: 1020508213
Eliza Ridsdalewife of Benjamin Ridsdale1814841898

246RileyAnn Rileyfirst name on this monument1848791927id: 1020398512
Gwendoline Mary Rileydaughter-in-law of Ann Riley1882641946
John Howcroft Rileyhusband of Ann Riley1928
George Walter Rileyson of Ann Riley1881921973

247RobertsFrances Robertsfirst name on this monument1853641917id: 1020661101
Thomas Robertshusband of Frances Roberts

248RobertsonR B Robertsonfirst name on this monument1793891882id: 10206355
Mary Renton Robertsondaughter of R B Robertson1818701888
William Robertson1816531869

249RobinsonElizabeth Robinsonfirst name on this monument1827621889id: 10205156
Isaac Robinsonhusband of Elizabeth Robinson1835591894

250RobinsonRalph Robinsonfirst name on this monument1874471921id: 10206895
Ralph Vincent Robinsonson of Ralph Robinson1901161917

251RobinsonRalph Robinsonfirst name on this monument1874471921id: 102065351
Ralph Vincent Robinsonson of Ralph Robinson1911161927

252RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1856301886id: 10205163

253RobsonHannah Robsonfirst name on this monument1861291890id: 102058092
Amy Robson191011911
Catherine Elizabeth Robson1886541940

254RobsonJohn T. Robsonfirst name on this monument1860891949id: 102058113
Annie Isabel Robsonwife of John T. Robson1871891960

255RobsonRoger Robsonfirst name on this monument1874141888id: 1020560222
Patience Lythdaughter of Roger Robson1859761935
Thomasina Robsondaughter of Roger Robson1871831954
Robert Davison Robsonfather of Roger Robson1832791911
Catherine Robsonmother of Roger Robson1832651897

256RogersJanette Rogersfirst name on this monument1856741930id: 102061611
John Rogershusband of Janette Rogers1861731934
Marcus Rogersson of Janette Rogers189341897

257RoperMargaret Alice Roperfirst name on this monument1860661926id: 1020676101
Mildred Alice Roperdaughter of Margaret Alice Roper189641900
Thomas William Roperhusband of Margaret Alice Roper1860881948
Percy William Roperson of Margaret Alice Roper1889

258RowlandsWilliam Rowlandsfirst name on this monument1825701895id: 102065113
Mary Rowlandswife of William Rowlands1824801904
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259RutherfordJohn Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1841511892id: 1020565241
Frances Rutherfordwife of John Rutherford1846531899

260RyderWilliam Thomas Ryderfirst name on this monument1891261917id: 102067992

261SamuelElizabeth Ann Samuelfirst name on this monument1906id: 10207574
Thomas Samuelhusband of Elizabeth Ann Samuel1933

262SandersonFrancis Sandersonfirst name on this monument1849491898id: 102047872
Amelia Sandersonwife of Francis Sanderson1851791930

263SandersonGeorge Sandersonfirst name on this monument1875301905id: 102070712
Edith Jane Sandersonwife of George Sanderson1879431922

264SandersonHenry Watson Sandersonfirst name on this monument1836541890id: 102053714
Ada Sandersondaughter of Henry Watson Sanderson1863751938
Francis Sandersonson-in-law of Henry Watson Sanderson1865821947
Mary Ann Sandersonwife of Henry Watson Sanderson1837651902

265SandersonMary Sandersonfirst name on this monument1816761892id: 102045921
Francis Sandersonhusband of Mary Sanderson1825731898

266SandersonPercy Sandersonfirst name on this monument187921881id: 10204794
Ellen Turner Kelly1887411928
Norman Sanderson188271889
Ruth Sanderson188831891

267SandersonWilliam Sandersonfirst name on this monument1835671902id: 1020403152
Emily Sandersondaughter of William Sanderson1860601920
Annie Sandersonwife of William Sanderson1840741914
Elizabeth Jane Sandersonwife of William Sanderson1832401872

268ScaifeChristopher Scaifefirst name on this monument1827581885id: 1020518101
Christopher Scaifeson of Christopher Scaife1863811944
Hannah Scaifesister of Christopher Scaife1834571891
Elizabeth Benson Scaifewife of Christopher Scaife1822781900

269ScaifeMartha Scaifefirst name on this monument1859841943id: 102051962
William James Scaifehusband of Martha Scaife1859911950

270ScholesElizabeth Ann Scholesfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 1020769961
William Scholeshusband of Elizabeth Ann Scholes1850771927
Charles William Scholesson of Elizabeth Ann Scholes1875451920
John Scholesson of Elizabeth Ann Scholes1886101896

271ScottEmma Scottfirst name on this monument1874301904id: 102041521
G F Rileyfather of Emma Scott
Walter Scotthusband of Emma Scott
E Rileymother of Emma Scott

272SedgwickLeonard Harry Sedgwickfirst name on this monument1854711925id: 10204353

273ShortFanny Shortfirst name on this monument1846611907id: 1020604411
Lily Maud Shortdaughter of Fanny Short1877231900
Mary Shortdaughter of Fanny Short1875231898
Charles Short1847881935
Joseph Short1826721898
Mary Short1829781907
Charles Albert Shortson of Fanny Short1879221901
Harry Edgar Shortson of Fanny Short1883181901

274SidawayJohn Sidawayfirst name on this monument1829881917id: 1020733113
William Sidawaygrand son of John Sidaway1879351914
Catherine Sidawaywife of John Sidaway1829871916

275SidawayJoseph Sidawayfirst name on this monument1877411918id: 102054193

276SidebothamMary Ann Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1840391879id: 102082012
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277SimpsonJane Simpsonfirst name on this monument1839351874id: 102042322
Louise Jane Simpsondaughter of Jane Simpson186721869

278SimpsonJane Simpsonfirst name on this monument1829811910id: 102073410
George Simpsonhusband of Jane Simpson
Jane Elizabeth Gowthorp1876621938
Thomas W Gowthorp1863721935

279SimpsonSamuel Simpsonfirst name on this monumentid: 1020701121
Isabella Simpsonwife of Samuel Simpson

280SimpsonSarah Simpsonfirst name on this monument1888id: 10207972
Ellen Simpsondaughter of Sarah Simpson1853881941
William Simpsonhusband of Sarah Simpson1882491931

281SimpsonThomas Simpsonfirst name on this monument1829691898id: 10206991
James Simpsonson of Thomas Simpson1856591915
Mary Simpsonwife of Thomas Simpson1825701895

282SimpsonThomas Simpsonfirst name on this monument1919631982id: 10205705
Thomas Simpsonson of Thomas Simpson6
Elizabeth Simpsonwife of Thomas Simpson1837791916

283SimpsonWilliam Simpsonfirst name on this monument1845861931id: 10207961
Clarinda Simpsonwife of William Simpson1864771941

284SirsAlbert Sirsfirst name on this monument17id: 10204546
John Sirsfather of Albert Sirs1868681936
Henrietta Sirsmother of Albert Sirs1869821951

285SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1853481901id: 10207642
Matthew Smithhusband of Elizabeth Smith1851821933

286SmithJanet Smithfirst name on this monument1890501940id: 10206083
Isaac Smithhusband of Janet Smith1886711957

287SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1838651903id: 10204123
Florence Smithdaughter of Mary Smith
Kate Smithdaughter of Mary Smith1874201894
Joseph Smithhusband of Mary Smith70
Arthur Smithson of Mary Smith
Herbert Smithson of Mary Smith1873361909

288SpencerJoseph Spencerfirst name on this monument1865401905id: 10207352
Elizabeth Spencerwife of Joseph Spencer

289SprentallElizabeth Sprentallfirst name on this monument1844401884id: 102080221
Margaret Helen Sprentall1841431884

290StaintonJohn Staintonfirst name on this monument1814631877id: 102046013
John Staintonson of John Stainton1845511896
Elizabeth Staintonwife of John Stainton1818631881

291StanfordHenry Stanfordfirst name on this monument1853471900id: 1020654323
Winifred Stanforddaughter of Henry Stanford1894521946
Bertram Stanfordson of Henry Stanford1891221913
Reginald Stanfordson of Henry Stanford1895131908
Elizabeth Stanfordwife of Henry Stanford1856711927

292StaplesHerbert Luke Staplesfirst name on this monument1886741960id: 1020626171
Ethel Stapleswife of Herbert Luke Staples1889741963

293SteelElizabeth Steelfirst name on this monument1846411887id: 1020750152
Jane Readmanmother of Elizabeth Steel1823751898

294StewartJane Stewartfirst name on this monument1823901913id: 102040542Jane STEWART (nee FORSTER) was born on 29.06.1823. in Arthuret, Longtown, Cumberland. Her father was James FORSTER and her mother was Mary FORSTER (nee PARK). She married John STEWART on 15.11.1855. in Stanwix, Cumberland. They had six children (one died young). She died on 26.12.1913. (Aged 90) at Cemetery Lodge, Oxbridge Cemetery. John was the Cemetery Superintendent/Head Gardener and they lived in Cemetery Lodge for over 50 years. I believe the stone heads either side of the front door of the lodge are of Jane and her husband John.
John Stewarthusband of Jane Stewart1831881919 John STEWART was born in Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland on 17.08.1830. He was the eldest child of John STEWART and Catherine STEWART (nee JOHNSTON). He married Jane STEWART (nee FORSTER) on 15.11.1855. in Stanwix, Cumberland. They had six children (one died young). John died on 26.03.1919. (Aged 88) at Cemetery Lodge (now South Lodge), Oxbridge Cemetery. He was the Cemetery Superintendent/Head Gardener and lived in Cemetery Lodge for over 50 years. I believe the stone heads either side of the front door of the lodge are of him and his wife Jane.

295StobbartMatthew Stobbartfirst name on this monument1823601883id: 1020509241
Elizabeth Mary Stobbartdaughter of Matthew Stobbart1850891939
Mary Ann Stobbartdaughter of Matthew Stobbart1859611920
Albert Peacockgrand son of Matthew Stobbart1881691950
James Stobbartson of Matthew Stobbart1859331892
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296StokerMary Stokerfirst name on this monument1912621974id: 1020439201
Michael Stokerhusband of Mary Stoker1932441976

297StokesHenry L. Stokesfirst name on this monument1875841959id: 102059518
Arthur Stokesbrother of Henry L. Stokes1871831954
Lavinia Stokeswife of Henry L. Stokes1878401918

298StottElizabeth Stottfirst name on this monument1826551881id: 102048312

299SudburyMary Watts Sudburyfirst name on this monument1854271881id: 10204828
Percy William Sudburyson of Mary Watts Sudbury187931882

300SugdenWilliam Sugdenfirst name on this monument1888801968id: 102044371
Grace Sugdenwife of William Sugden1881901971

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