Oxbridge C's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list

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101FosterRalph Fosterfirst name on this monument1857331890id: 10206632
William John Fosterson of Ralph Foster1853721925

102FryerJohn Fryerfirst name on this monument1829491878id: 1020798101

103GarbuttThomas Garbuttfirst name on this monument1841751916id: 1020406112
Harry Garbuttson of Thomas Garbutt11
Annie Garbuttwife of Thomas Garbutt1846861932

104GentRobert Gentfirst name on this monument1896201916id: 1020812121
Robert Gentfather of Robert Gent1858811939
Esther Ann Gentmother of Robert Gent1866531919

105GeorgeThomas Georgefirst name on this monument1834491883id: 102062852
Ben L. Fryerson-in-law of Thomas George1863511914
Mercy Georgewife of Thomas George1836811917

106GibbonThomas Gibbonfirst name on this monument1855691924id: 10204847
Jane Alice Gibbondaughter of Thomas Gibbon1880391919
Norman Gibbonson of Thomas Gibbon1890281918
Sylvia Gibbonwife of Thomas Gibbon1851801931

107GibsonArthur Gibsonfirst name on this monument1886201906id: 10206565
Macey Gibson1845881933
Sallie Gibson1876241900

108GoddardMary Goddardfirst name on this monument1852481900id: 102076843
George Goddardhusband of Mary Goddard1842771919

109GoodallCharles Smith Goodallfirst name on this monument1873171890id: 10206782
W M Goodallfather of Charles Smith Goodall
Annie Goodallmother of Charles Smith Goodall

110GoodallJohn Young Goodallfirst name on this monument1875511926id: 102061912
John Derek Goodallgrand son of John Young Goodall1905251930
John Young Goodallson of John Young Goodall1900631963
Elizabeth Goodallwife of John Young Goodall1878791957

111GoodingElizabeth Ann Goodingfirst name on this monument1865171882id: 1020474183
Sydney Goodingfather of Elizabeth Ann Gooding1830711901
Martha Goodingmother of Elizabeth Ann Gooding1833721905

112GoodingWalter Goodingfirst name on this monument1829451874id: 102046444
Amy Goodingwife of Walter Gooding1832661898

113GrantJohn Grantfirst name on this monument1863301893id: 102064011
Elizabeth Grantwife of John Grant1861571918

114GrayMargaret Grayfirst name on this monument1787861873id: 102045215
Alexander John Gray186921871
David Alexander Gray1867311898
Eliza Gray1894491943
Frances Theresa Gray1872
Margaret Gray1833861919

115GreenAnnie Greenfirst name on this monument1868571925id: 10206931
James Greenhusband of Annie Green1870641934

116GreenfieldJane Greenfieldfirst name on this monument1819591878id: 102046931Jane Greenfield first wife of the Rev. Thomas Greenfield died 3 June 1876 (note the date) not 1878. He remarried Betsy Branfoot1877 in Sunderland
Thomas Greenfieldhusband of Jane Greenfield

117GregoryWilliam Watson Gregoryfirst name on this monument1864211885id: 10208142
Henry Gregoryson of William Watson Gregory1877

118GriffinElizabeth Barrass Griffinfirst name on this monument1874261900id: 102039021
William Griffinhusband of Elizabeth Barrass Griffin
John Griffin1835801915
Martha Jane Griffin1879361915
Mary Ann Griffin1837781915
Stanley Griffinson of Elizabeth Barrass Griffin1900
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119GrubbJohn Grubbfirst name on this monument1841511892id: 10206229
Elizabeth Grubbwife of John Grubb

120HadleyEdward John Hadleyfirst name on this monument1887421929id: 102067271
Edith May Hadleywife of Edward John Hadley1894331927

121HadleyS. Hadleyfirst name on this monument1892251917id: 10206819

122HaleyMichael Haleyfirst name on this monument1845631908id: 10207263
Elizabeth Haleywife of Michael Haley1850811931

123HamiltonCharles Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1875421917id: 1020545112
Annie E. Hamiltonwife of Charles Hamilton1880811961

124HansellAnn Hansellfirst name on this monument1834381872id: 1020550234
John James Hansellfather of Ann Hansell1834641898
Margaret Hansellmother of Ann Hansell1849491898
John Hansellson of Ann Hansell1875
Mary Hansellsister of Ann Hansell1870251895

125HarbottleCatherine Harbottlefirst name on this monument1859691928id: 1020643131
Hilda Mary Harbottledaughter of Catherine Harbottle1867301897
Thomas Harbottlehusband of Catherine Harbottle1856771933

126HardyWilliam Hardyfirst name on this monument1848501898id: 10206855
Henry Ernest Hardyson of William Hardy1873321905

127HarlandArthur George Harlandfirst name on this monument1866201886id: 1020512332
Joseph Hornsby Harlandfather of Arthur George Harland1840841924
Ann Harlandmother of Arthur George Harland1842771919
James Harland1865561921
Alfred Joseph Hornsey1870131883

128HarlandElizabeth Ann Harlandfirst name on this monument1868211889id: 1020561174
John Harlandfather of Elizabeth Ann Harland1843731916
Mary Jane Harlandmother of Elizabeth Ann Harland1843811924
John William Harlandson of Elizabeth Ann Harland1873721945

129HarrisonJohn Braban Harrisonfirst name on this monument1848701918id: 102054614
Mary Ellen Harrison
Elizabeth Harrisonwife of John Braban Harrison1851691920

130HarrisonWilliam Ewart Harrisonfirst name on this monument1917id: 102048711

131HastingsCatherine E. Hastingsfirst name on this monument1865831948id: 10206056
William Henry Hastingshusband of Catherine E. Hastings1869831952

132HeadlamBarbara Headlamfirst name on this monument1891id: 1020436115
Eleanor Elizabeth Headlamdaughter of Barbara Headlam1926
Ethel Headlamdaughter of Barbara Headlam1908
Margaret Headlamdaughter of Barbara Headlam
Wilson B. Headlamhusband of Barbara Headlam1898
William Headlamson of Barbara Headlam1894

133HeadlamSarah Annie Headlamfirst name on this monument1928id: 102043761
W B Headlamfather of Sarah Annie Headlam

134HealdMary Jane Healdfirst name on this monument1863271890id: 10207424
Benjamin F Healdbrother of Mary Jane Heald1861441905
Benjamin W Healdfather of Mary Jane Heald1840661906

135HeatonJonas Heatonfirst name on this monument1823561879id: 102047321
Mary Ann Heatonwife of Jonas Heaton1826601886

136HemsleyIsabella Hemsleyfirst name on this monument1853281881id: 1020490513
Jane Ann Hemsley1851431894

137HeslopAnn Heslopfirst name on this monument1786851871id: 102039581
Thomas Heslophusband of Ann Heslop
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138HeslopPhilip Heslopfirst name on this monument1805711876id: 1020396232
Elizabeth Mary Thorpdaughter of Philip Heslop1874701944
George William Heslop186531868
Isabella Lockie Heslop1866111877
John Henry Heslop187221874
Robert Ruddock Heslop186351868

139HillMary Ann Hillfirst name on this monument1835601895id: 102060011
Joseph Hillhusband of Mary Ann Hill

140HodgsonEleanor Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1823791902id: 102067510
Mary Richmonddaughter of Eleanor Hodgson1851871938
William Hodgsonhusband of Eleanor Hodgson1820851905
James Hodgson1849451894
John Thomas Hodgson1864341898
William Wilson Hodgson186271869
Thomas Richmondson-in-law of Eleanor Hodgson1851881939

141HopkinsonAmy Alberta Hopkinsonfirst name on this monument1898211919id: 10204764
Martha Jane Hopkinsonmother of Amy Alberta Hopkinson1862781940
Ida May Hopkinsonsister of Amy Alberta Hopkinson1900261926

142HudsonAnnie Hudsonfirst name on this monument1839701909id: 1020493471
Ada Margaret Hudsondaughter of Annie Hudson186991878
Annie Elizabeth Hudsondaughter of Annie Hudson1879681947
Eva Elizabeth Hudsondaughter of Annie Hudson186871875
William Potts Hudsonhusband of Annie Hudson1841771918

143HuntleyRichard Huntleyfirst name on this monument1791791870id: 102052018
Mary Huntleywife of Richard Huntley1792941886

144HuntonW Huntonfirst name on this monument1890281918id: 10207325

145HuttonIsabella Huttonfirst name on this monument1863681931id: 10206808
Robert Huttonhusband of Isabella Hutton1865831948

146I'ansonJane Tace I'ansonfirst name on this monument1825601885id: 102063371
Ada I'ansondaughter of Jane Tace I'anson1926
Edith I'ansondaughter of Jane Tace I'anson1912
Fanny I'ansondaughter of Jane Tace I'anson1853311884
Jane Isabella I'ansondaughter of Jane Tace I'anson1924
John Dixon I'ansonhusband of Jane Tace I'anson1816741890

147JacksonJ R Jacksonfirst name on this monumentid: 102072921
J A Jackson
M E Jackson

148JacksonLucy Jacksonfirst name on this monument1825861911id: 102072712
Agnes Jackson1827851912

149JacquesEllen Jacquesfirst name on this monument188221884id: 1020529401
Thomas Jacquesfather of Ellen Jacques1862651927
Mary Jacquesmother of Ellen Jacques1849581907
Hannah Jacques1831621893
Olive Jacques1905271932

150JamesJane Jamesfirst name on this monument1840551895id: 10205771
John Jameshusband of Jane James1835821917
William Jamesson of Jane James1864451909

151JamesMary Jamesfirst name on this monument1809741883id: 102051112
Henry Jamesson of Mary James1832531885

152JamesThomas Milburn Jamesfirst name on this monument1899id: 10206442

153JamesWilliam Medici Jamesfirst name on this monument1874id: 102043472
Joseph Henry Jamesbrother of William Medici James187911880
William Jamesfather of William Medici James1844541898
Isabella Jamesmother of William Medici James1840781918
Charlotte Jamessister of William Medici James1871581929
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154JenningsC.F Jenningsfirst name on this monument1890271917id: 10206373

155JenningsElizabeth Emma Jenningsfirst name on this monument1863721935id: 102063612
Thomas Jenningshusband of Elizabeth Emma Jennings

156JewittJohn Jewittfirst name on this monument1834741908id: 102070411
Jane Jewittwife of John Jewitt1832771909

157JewittJohn Jewittfirst name on this monument1862631925id: 1020782251
Arnold Jewittson of John Jewitt1897211918
Eleanor Jewittwife of John Jewitt1863711934

158JohnDavid Johnfirst name on this monument1819711890id: 10205665
Mary Evans1851781929
Thomas Evans1851591910
Elizabeth Johnwife of David John1821891910

159JohnsonHenry Johnsonfirst name on this monument187251877id: 10205393
Elizabeth Johnson1813821895
Frances Emma Johnsonsister of Henry Johnson187771884

160JonesDavid Jonesfirst name on this monument1828701898id: 102057291
Mary Jonesdaughter of David Jones1849611910
Margaret Joneswife of David Jones1818621880

161JonesFrancis Jonesfirst name on this monument1829611890id: 102053621
Sarah Joneswife of Francis Jones1839711910

162JonesHarold Jonesfirst name on this monument188721889id: 102061331
Charles Jonesbrother of Harold Jones1896
Norman Stanley Jonesbrother of Harold Jones189531898
Daniel Jonesfather of Harold Jones1854901944
Mary Isabella Jonesmother of Harold Jones1860721932
Hilda Jonessister of Harold Jones188881896

163JonesJames Jonesfirst name on this monument1825601885id: 1020612114
Arthur Edward Jonesson of James Jones1869271896
Margaret Joneswife of James Jones1829641893

164KeirRichard Keirfirst name on this monument1861131874id: 1020431282
James Keirbrother of Richard Keir186461870
James Keirfather of Richard Keir1835711906
Elizabeth Keirmother of Richard Keir1836891925
Jane Ann Keirsister of Richard Keir186181869
Mary Elizabeth Keirsister of Richard Keir186811869

165KiddIsabella Kiddfirst name on this monument1899id: 10206454
Ethel Kidddaughter of Isabella Kidd1915
Thomas Kidd1947

166KindlerHannah Kindlerfirst name on this monument1820541874id: 1020433111
James Kindlerhusband of Hannah Kindler

167KingCharles Hyde Kingfirst name on this monument1842611903id: 10207543
Esther Kingwife of Charles Hyde King1846651911

168KingJohn Kingfirst name on this monument1821661887id: 10206011
Rachel Kingwife of John King1834801914

169KiplingJames Atkinson Kiplingfirst name on this monument1869661935id: 10204133
Alice Kipling1859771936

170KiplingSusannah Kiplingfirst name on this monument1824681892id: 10206234
John Kiplinghusband of Susannah Kipling

171KnaggAlbert Knaggfirst name on this monument1874521926id: 102079321
William Westerby Knaggson of Albert Knagg1900461946
Alice Knaggwife of Albert Knagg1879751954
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172LadlayJohn William Ladlayfirst name on this monument1856691925id: 102046323
Sarah Ann Ladlaywife of John William Ladlay1857721929

173LaidlerMary Laidlerfirst name on this monument1800741874id: 10205046
Francis Laidlerhusband of Mary Laidler1803761879

174LambEleanor Lambfirst name on this monument1813661879id: 102067412
Richard Lambhusband of Eleanor Lamb1815821897

175LambWilliam Lambfirst name on this monument1831461877id: 10204924
Ann Wallace1839611900

176LansdowneAnne Lansdownefirst name on this monument1860151875id: 1020673435Anne Lansdowne daughter of Joseph Lansdowne and Mary Ann Davis Lansdowne, born 1861 in Middlesbrough Yourkshire England
Joseph Lansdownefather of Anne Lansdowne1825781903 Joseph Lansdowne was baptised 25/2/1826 in Somerset.Father William Lansdown, mother Martha Stock. Joseph Lansdowne son of William Lansdowne (b1789 Somerset to Joseph Lansdowne & Catherine Hatch) and Martha Stock (b1795 Somerset to James Stock & Rachel ?) Joseph married Esther Evans in Jan 1880 Stockton on Tees Durham after the death of Mary Ann; thus the inscription that Joseph was 'the beloved husband of Esther Lansdowne'. Esther was born 1841 to David Evans & Maria Suthan (all from Wales).
Mary Ann Lansdownemother of Anne Lansdowne1831481879 Mary Ann Davis Lansdowne (unknown parents) born 1832 in Monmouthshire Wales, married to Joseph Lansdowne, bore 6 children; John, Ann, Jane, Elizabeth, Martha, & Eliza. Father of Mary Ann Davies was Zachariah Davies, fireman (info from her marriage certificate). Mary Ann's birth date 1829-1832 as inconsistent age info.
John Bailes1876531929 John Bailes born 20 Sep 1859 Stockton on Tees to George Bailes and Sarah (nee Stones). John married Jane Elizabeth Lansdowne, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Lansdowne 1 Jul 1882. Jane Elizabeth was the twin of Elizabeth Jane. John Bailes died 30 May 1923 age 65. (Transcription of date on gravestone incorrect and age given on gravestone incorrect.)

177LeeMary Jane Leefirst name on this monument1848351883id: 10205423
Robert Leehusband of Mary Jane Lee1852661918
Walter Leeson of Mary Jane Lee1880111891

178LengEldon Gray Lengfirst name on this monument187761883id: 102066617
Kenneth Lengbrother of Eldon Gray Leng188971896
Isabel Florence Lengsister of Eldon Gray Leng1870371907

179LengElizabeth Hannah Lengfirst name on this monument1848551903id: 1020665171
Lilian Angus Sandersondaughter of Elizabeth Hannah Leng1933
George Douglas Lenghusband of Elizabeth Hannah Leng1841781919

180LengJane Lengfirst name on this monument1803711874id: 1020667331
Jane Jemima Lengdaughter of Jane Leng1832781910
Mary Frances Lengdaughter of Jane Leng1843401883
William Lenghusband of Jane Leng1799771876

181LengMargaret Lengfirst name on this monument1874id: 102044127
Christopher Leng1877

182LesterCharlotte Lesterfirst name on this monument1858641922id: 10208042
Joseph H Lesterhusband of Charlotte Lester1857741931

183LewisAnn Lewisfirst name on this monument1860311891id: 1020778193
Lewis Lewishusband of Ann Lewis

184LewisThomas Lewisfirst name on this monument1875731948id: 102065541
Thomas Lewisson of Thomas Lewis1900871987
Jane Maria Lewiswife of Thomas Lewis1874811955

185LightfootArthur Lightfootfirst name on this monument187091879id: 102059338
William Lightfootfather of Arthur Lightfoot1842581900
Annie Lightfootmother of Arthur Lightfoot1841701911
Ada Gertrude Hicksonsister of Arthur Lightfoot1878551933
Jennie Stuart Lightfootsister of Arthur Lightfoot1875

186LightfootJane Lightfootfirst name on this monument1812781890id: 102058610
John Lightfoothusband of Jane Lightfoot1810811891

187LightfootPercy William Lightfootfirst name on this monument1874381912id: 1020397131
William Lightfootson of Percy William Lightfoot190601906

188LinfootHarold Linfootfirst name on this monument1887301917id: 102071412

189LittleArchibald Littlefirst name on this monument1878721950id: 102044410
Ethel May Littlewife of Archibald Little1883891972

190LoraineRobert Lorainefirst name on this monument1837781915id: 10205281
Elizabeth Loraine1840751915

191LoweThomas Lowefirst name on this monument1827801907id: 10207051
Elizabeth Lowedaughter of Thomas Lowe1938
Elizabeth Lowewife of Thomas Lowe1830781908
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192LydiattMabel Lydiattfirst name on this monument1951id: 10204462
D.A. Lydiattson of Mabel Lydiatt1930221952

193MacDonaldJohn MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1748721820id: 102054839
John Angus MacDonaldson of John MacDonald187411875
Alice Mellor MacDonaldwife of John MacDonald1845731918

194MacDonaldJohn MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1853371890id: 102077312
Annie MacDonalddaughter of John MacDonald1887191906
Muriel MacDonalddaughter of John MacDonald1891151906
Flora MacDonald Williamsondaughter of John MacDonald1888941982
Alexander Ernest MacDonaldson of John MacDonald1881901971
John Hector MacDonaldson of John MacDonald1883641947
Kate Scott MacDonaldwife of John MacDonald1853891942

195MacGregorWilliam John MacGregorfirst name on this monument189161897id: 10206834
William MacGregorfather of William John MacGregor1831731904
Jessie MacGregormother of William John MacGregor1854851939

196MacNairDonald MacNairfirst name on this monument1831731904id: 102075941
Roderick MacNairson of Donald MacNair1870351905
Ann MacNairwife of Donald MacNair1842671909

197MacPhersonChristina MacPhersonfirst name on this monument1861221883id: 10205403
Duncan MacPherson1853401893
Robert MacPherson1846641910

198MandaleAnn Mandalefirst name on this monument1798871885id: 10208165
Mary Wyliesister of Ann Mandale1807901897

199MandallEdward Mandallfirst name on this monument1904id: 10208183
Margaret Mandallwife of Edward Mandall1867

200ManrowJoseph Manrowfirst name on this monument1826631889id: 102055581
Sarah Jane Gardnerdaughter of Joseph Manrow1852321884
Caroline Manrowdaughter of Joseph Manrow1877471924
John Gardnerson-in-law of Joseph Manrow1849831932
Jane Manrowwife of Joseph Manrow1826751901

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Oxbridge C's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England.

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