Oxbridge C's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list

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1AldersonJohn Aldersonfirst name on this monument1831id: 1020578283
Edith Aldersondaughter of John Alderson1952
Frances A. Scottdaughter of John Alderson1860681928
Gilbert C. Scott1918
Lionel Keith Scott1916
John E. Aldersonson of John Alderson1869241893
Catherine Aldersonwife of John Alderson1834861920

2AldersonWilliam Aldersonfirst name on this monument1818831901id: 10204097
Sarah Parrott Aldersonwife of William Alderson1842751917

3AllenGeorge Allenfirst name on this monument1866231889id: 10205312
William Allenfather of George Allen1834631897

4AmesEdward Amesfirst name on this monument1884411925id: 10206499
Nellie Hobsondaughter of Edward Ames1909281937
Amelia Ameswife of Edward Ames1865871952

5AndersonReginald Andersonfirst name on this monument1876401916id: 1020588161
Hereward Laidlaw Andersonson of Reginald Anderson
Margaret E Andersonwife of Reginald Anderson

6AndersonWilliam Andersonfirst name on this monument1836741910id: 102059261
Lizzie Ethel Andersondaughter of William Anderson187311874
John Bertram Andersonson of William Anderson1873141887
William Henry Andersonson of William Anderson1865251890
Elizabeth Andersonwife of William Anderson1835831918

7AndrewElizabeth Gledhill Andrewfirst name on this monument1857261883id: 1020553813
George Andrewfather of Elizabeth Gledhill Andrew1834811915
Rachel Andrewmother of Elizabeth Gledhill Andrew1833751908
Annie Rachel Andrewsister of Elizabeth Gledhill Andrew1877221899

8AnglinFrances Anglinfirst name on this monument1920id: 10208211
Samuel M Anglinhusband of Frances Anglin1934

9ApplebyWilliam Applebyfirst name on this monument1838781916id: 1020407201
Alice Applebywife of William Appleby1845771922

10AppletonJoseph Appletonfirst name on this monument1861111872id: 102046642

11BeltThomas Beltfirst name on this monument1844281872id: 102046642
Edith Emma Beltdaughter of Thomas Belt1873151888
Joseph Appleton1835561891
Elizabeth Beltwife of Thomas Belt1844761920

12AshmoreEliza Ashmorefirst name on this monument1830601890id: 102054491
William Ashmorehusband of Eliza Ashmore1829751904

13AtkinsonFrancis James Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1872301902id: 102046110
Annie Ethel Dobinsondaughter of Francis James Atkinson1950
Robert Kay Atkinson1842351877
Mary Ann Atkinsonwife of Francis James Atkinson1837821919

14AubreyWilliam Aubreyfirst name on this monument1829661895id: 1020662291
Price William Aubreyson of William Aubrey1884171901
Margaret Aubreywife of William Aubrey1829771906

15AytounRobert Aytounfirst name on this monument1846711917id: 1020819231
F. Ernest Aytounson of Robert Aytoun1916

16BainbridgeMary Elizabeth Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1848301878id: 10204583
Robert Robinson Bainbridgehusband of Mary Elizabeth Bainbridge1844761920
Mary Bainbridge1850371887
Robert Wilfrid Bainbridgeson of Mary Elizabeth Bainbridge1884161900
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17BakerLaura Bakerfirst name on this monument188671893id: 102074022
Robert Bakerfather of Laura Baker1849491898
Mary Jane Bakermother of Laura Baker1847521899

18BallAlbert Edward Ballfirst name on this monument1867571924id: 10206875
Margaret Jane Ballwife of Albert Edward Ball1867601927

19BarkerJoseph Barkerfirst name on this monument1828501878id: 10205521

20BatemanMildred Florence Batemanfirst name on this monument188941893id: 10204569
Wilson Batemanfather of Mildred Florence Bateman
E Batemanmother of Mildred Florence Bateman

21BatemanWilliam Batemanfirst name on this monument1856211877id: 1020455174
William Batemanfather of William Bateman1827711898
Sythie Batemanmother of William Bateman1828701898

22BeansJohn R J Beansfirst name on this monument1858441902id: 102071141
Ellen A P Beanswife of John R J Beans

23BeansWilliam Johnson Beansfirst name on this monument1863291892id: 10205987
J.E Waltonbrother-in-law of William Johnson Beans1865741939
Charles Wilson Johnson Waltonnephew of William Johnson Beans189091899

24BeeMary Anne Beefirst name on this monument1863391902id: 102068865

25AppletonJoseph Appletonfirst name on this monument1861111872id: 102046642

26BeltThomas Beltfirst name on this monument1844281872id: 102046642
Edith Emma Beltdaughter of Thomas Belt1873151888
Joseph Appleton1835561891
Elizabeth Beltwife of Thomas Belt1844761920

27BickerdikeJames Bickerdikefirst name on this monument1846651911id: 1020781231ST WIFE JANE TUNSTALL OR TURNSTILL 1849-1874 2ND WIFE MARIA BOLTON 1850-1877 3RD WIFE WAS RUTH THACKRAY 1849-1927 HIS PARENTS WERE WILLIAM BICKERDIKE 1822-1887 AND ANN HARDBOTTLE 1824-1864
Mary Mohun1822841906
James Henry Bickerdikeson of James Bickerdike1884101894
John William Bickerdikeson of James Bickerdike1871471918
Ruth Bickerdikewife of James Bickerdike1848791927

28BlackburnGeorge Blackburnfirst name on this monument1838711909id: 10207312
Eleanor Blackburnwife of George Blackburn1853561909

29BlackburnMary Ann Blackburnfirst name on this monument1845431888id: 102053311

30BlandMargaret Blandfirst name on this monument1861271888id: 102058515
John William Blandhusband of Margaret Bland

31BlenkinsopWilliam Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1802821884id: 1020719242
Ann Blenkinsopwife of William Blenkinsop1816831899

32BoltonMary Boltonfirst name on this monument1919id: 10206779
Stella Broughton1904151919

33BondAnn Bondfirst name on this monument1857371894id: 102063841
James Bondhusband of Ann Bond18531001953

34BoyesBen William Boyesfirst name on this monument1928id: 10206828
Alice Marion Boyes1933

35BrightEliza Brightfirst name on this monument1822611883id: 10208108
Richard Brighthusband of Eliza Bright

36BrittonThomas Brittonfirst name on this monument1814651879id: 102080722
Mary Ann Oxleydaughter of Thomas Britton1857581915
Walter Oxley1891171908
Thomas Brittonson of Thomas Britton1855291884
Mary Brittonwife of Thomas Britton1811881899

37BroomeMary Broomefirst name on this monument1820571877id: 102042871
Sarah Boyledaughter of Mary Broome1803761879

38BrothertonFrederick Brothertonfirst name on this monument1940id: 10206687
Daisy Brothertonwife of Frederick Brotherton1978
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39BrownJohn Henry Brownfirst name on this monument1852691921id: 10207204
Edith Ellen Browndaughter of John Henry Brown187911880
Grace Browndaughter of John Henry Brown1899311930
Elizabeth Brownwife of John Henry Brown1862771939

40BryanBetsy Bryanfirst name on this monument1860551915id: 10207086
Abraham Bryanhusband of Betsy Bryan1858741932
David Bryanson of Betsy Bryan1893251918

41BuckhamGeorge Buckhamfirst name on this monument1820831903id: 102072496
Jane Buckhamwife of George Buckham1816861902

42BullockCharlie Bullockfirst name on this monument1894221916id: 1020402281
Clifford Bullockbrother of Charlie Bullock1907211928
Harry Bullockbrother of Charlie Bullock1891281919
John Bullockfather of Charlie Bullock
Harriet Bullockmother of Charlie Bullock

43BullockEdward Bullockfirst name on this monument1889651954id: 1020659112
Ethel Bullockwife of Edward Bullock1884821966

44BurtonIsabella Burtonfirst name on this monument1842391881id: 10203924
Lavinia Burtondaughter of Isabella Burton
Zachariah T Burtonhusband of Isabella Burton1831751906
Mark Burtonson of Isabella Burton1875301905
Zachariah Trattles Burtonson of Isabella Burton1877211898
Zachariah Trattles Burtonson of Isabella Burton

45BurtonWilliam Ward Burtonfirst name on this monument1877171894id: 102077151
William Ward Burtonfather of William Ward Burton1839831922
Elizabeth Burtonmother of William Ward Burton1840641904

46ButterfieldWilliam Robert Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1861391900id: 102076723

47CallenderFlorence Callenderfirst name on this monument190021902id: 102072227
Arthur Callenderfather of Florence Callender1872711943
Mary Jane Callendermother of Florence Callender1872651937

48CameronEwen Cameronfirst name on this monument1860221882id: 102047733
Alex Cameron1923
Alexandrina Cameron1908
D.A. Cameron1940

49CampbellGeorge Archibald Campbellfirst name on this monument1871511922id: 10206145
Lilian Campbelldaughter of George Archibald Campbell1872211893
George William Campbellson of George Archibald Campbell1894241918
Mary Ann Campbellwife of George Archibald Campbell1871601931

50ChamneyWilliam Denis Chamneyfirst name on this monument1916201936id: 1020571132
Elizabeth Ann Chamney1946
Robert Mascall Chamney1965

51CleggGertrude Mary Cleggfirst name on this monument1890321922id: 10203886
Robert Wrightfather of Gertrude Mary Clegg
Herbert Clegghusband of Gertrude Mary Clegg
Mary Wrightmother of Gertrude Mary Clegg

52ClephanGeorge Clephanfirst name on this monument1812651877id: 102074512
Elizabeth Clephanwife of George Clephan181571822

53ClubleyFrances Clubleyfirst name on this monument1874151889id: 102053213
Robert Henry Clubleybrother of Frances Clubley1884331917
Lucy Esther Kerrdaughter of Frances Clubley1945
Henry Clubleyfather of Frances Clubley1859601919
Rachel Clubleymother of Frances Clubley1850791929
Louisa Clubley1927
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54ClubleyJohn Clubleyfirst name on this monument1828691897id: 102057624
William Clubley1850701920

55CoombsEssie Coombsfirst name on this monument1866141880id: 10208012
Freda Coombssister of Essie Coombs187731880

56CooperMargaret Cooperfirst name on this monument1837531890id: 10205821
Edward Cooperhusband of Margaret Cooper

57CopelandMary Ann Copelandfirst name on this monument1845431888id: 10207879
John Copelandhusband of Mary Ann Copeland1840661906
Christiana Kirtleymother of Mary Ann Copeland1821631884

58CossinsLucy Cossinsfirst name on this monument1829441873id: 102044021
Benjamin Cossinshusband of Lucy Cossins1830511881
Hilda Cossinsniece of Lucy Cossins188691895
Benjamin Cossinsson of Lucy Cossins1876181894

59CottleElizabeth Cottlefirst name on this monument1855221877id: 10204626
Edwin Cottlehusband of Elizabeth Cottle

60CowleyThomas Cowleyfirst name on this monument1833591892id: 102077913
Esther Cowleywife of Thomas Cowley1835581893

61CreaserHenrietta Creaserfirst name on this monument1947id: 10206179
J W Creaserhusband of Henrietta Creaser

62CreaserJames Creaserfirst name on this monument1847451892id: 1020621271
Maud Lilian Simmons189321895

63CumminsEllen Cumminsfirst name on this monument1814721886id: 10205237
Thomas Cumminshusband of Ellen Cummins1823661889

64CunninghamEthel Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1868id: 102050511
Mary Cunninghamsister of Ethel Cunningham187141875

65CurchinJohn Curchinfirst name on this monument1810481858id: 1020583181
Jane Curchinwife of John Curchin1811791890

66CurnowJohn Curnowfirst name on this monument1859741933id: 102055642
Mary Curnowwife of John Curnow1857821939

67CurnowThomas Curnowfirst name on this monument1817691886id: 102055741
John Curnow Placegreat grand son of Thomas Curnow190941913
Amelia Curnowwife of Thomas Curnow1821641885

68CuthbertHugh Cuthbertfirst name on this monument1833491882id: 10205067
Annie Cuthbertwife of Hugh Cuthbert1838791917

69DalbyAlbert Dalbyfirst name on this monument1892id: 102062071
John Dalbyfather of Albert Dalby1847461893

70DanbyJohn Danbyfirst name on this monument1841531894id: 102044291
John Edwin Danbyson of John Danby187121873
Ann Danbywife of John Danby1841361877
Mary Maria Danbywife of John Danby1846361882

71DarlingCharles Barrett Darlingfirst name on this monument1840381878id: 102047126
Eliza Darlingdaughter of Charles Barrett Darling1878
Carol Alfred Darlingson of Charles Barrett Darling1879
Charles Darlingson of Charles Barrett Darling2
Alice Mary Darlingwife of Charles Barrett Darling1849851934

72DaviesHannah Isabella Daviesfirst name on this monument1891651956id: 10207026
G W Davieshusband of Hannah Isabella Davies

73DaviesHenry Daviesfirst name on this monument1853391892id: 10207411

74DaviesSarah Ann Daviesfirst name on this monument1848461894id: 10206462
Thomas Davieshusband of Sarah Ann Davies1839801919

75DavisThomas Davisfirst name on this monument1849321881id: 10208001
Elizabeth Daviswife of Thomas Davis1858331891
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76DavisonAnne Davisonfirst name on this monument1835541889id: 10206299
Charles Leonard Davisonson of Anne Davison187131874
Robert William Davisonson of Anne Davison187211873

77DavisonJames Davisonfirst name on this monument1883671950id: 1020416101
Gertrude Davisonwife of James Davison1885901975

78DayThomas Jones Dayfirst name on this monument1830861916id: 10204291
George Day1887361923
Harry Day187831881
Harry Day188551890
Mary Elizabeth Daywife of Thomas Jones Day1854841938

79DeaconThomas Allan Deaconfirst name on this monument1905id: 102076222
Harry Deaconfather of Thomas Allan Deacon1868641932
Emily Deaconmother of Thomas Allan Deacon1870631933
Emily Deaconsister of Thomas Allan Deacon1907
Sarah Deaconsister of Thomas Allan Deacon1893211914

80DeatonJohn Deatonfirst name on this monument1892271919id: 102076111

81DentWilliam Dentfirst name on this monument1840851925id: 102053591
Lily Amelia Dentdaughter of William Dent1890351925
Mary Ann Dentwife of William Dent1858761934

82DinsdaleElizabeth Dinsdalefirst name on this monument1856601916id: 1020587111
George Dinsdalehusband of Elizabeth Dinsdale1851701921
William Dinsdaleson of Elizabeth Dinsdale1889271916

83DoddsAgnes Doddsfirst name on this monument1864271891id: 1020772161
Jessie Doddsdaughter of Agnes Dodds189131894

84DowneyThomas Downeyfirst name on this monument1828511879id: 1020486211
Elizabeth Downeywife of Thomas Downey1826721898

85DudleyHannah Dudleyfirst name on this monument1830661896id: 1020642261
William Dudleyhusband of Hannah Dudley1830761906

86EdwardsAbraham Edwardsfirst name on this monument1829661895id: 102078317
Treza Edwardsdaughter of Abraham Edwards1877791956
Edward Edwards188551890
Edward Edwards1855511906
Emily Edwards1888691957
Winifred Edwards188471891
Ishmael Edwardsson of Abraham Edwards1861581919
William Edwardsson of Abraham Edwards1859521911
Mary Ann Edwardswife of Abraham Edwards1837841921

87EdwardsFrances Lily Edwardsfirst name on this monument1882221904id: 10207562

88EldersIsabella Eldersfirst name on this monument1856751931id: 102053861
Jane Stewartdaughter of Isabella Elders1867231890
Henry Eldershusband of Isabella Elders1857761933

89EldersJohn Eldersfirst name on this monument1815631878id: 10208134
Elizabeth Elderswife of John Elders1816691885

90EllisElizabeth Ellisfirst name on this monument1847301877id: 102080820
Annie Isabel Allisondaughter of Elizabeth Ellis1871641935
Ada Wardell Ellisdaughter of Elizabeth Ellis1878
Florence Dodds Ellisdaughter of Elizabeth Ellis1876651941
Joseph Ellishusband of Elizabeth Ellis1842671909
John Henry Ellisson of Elizabeth Ellis1877611938

91FarrerGeorge Farrerfirst name on this monument1848511899id: 102041016
Jane Alice Farrerdaughter of George Farrer187621878
Norman Farrerson of George Farrer187811879
Eliza Riley Farrerwife of George Farrer1848601908
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92FeatherstoneJohn Featherstonefirst name on this monument1835551890id: 102056215
John William Featherstoneson of John Featherstone1865281893
Joseph Featherstoneson of John Featherstone186191870

93FennyJames Fennyfirst name on this monument1829551884id: 102054397
Alice Jane Fennydaughter of James Fenny1872591931
Elizabeth Dabron Fennydaughter of James Fenny1870871957
Mary Isabel Fennydaughter of James Fenny1876181894
Frederick Oliver Fennyson of James Fenny1868681936
Jane Fennywife of James Fenny1845701915

94FennySarah Fennyfirst name on this monument1935id: 10207124
Joseph Fennyhusband of Sarah Fenny

95FinchAlfred Finchfirst name on this monument1862761938id: 102059671
Tereza Finchwife of Alfred Finch1858811939

96FinchElizabeth Finchfirst name on this monument1843531896id: 102048571
Edwin Finchhusband of Elizabeth Finch1826811907
Amelia Finch1843911934

97FishburnJohn Henry Fishburnfirst name on this monument188281890id: 10207172
John Fishburnfather of John Henry Fishburn1838791917
Mary Fishburnmother of John Henry Fishburn1844791923

98FletcherMary Fletcherfirst name on this monument1838611899id: 102042510
George Fletcherhusband of Mary Fletcher1835691904
Ada Annie Fletcher1875731948
Alfred Fletcher186831871
Anne Craddock Fletcher1907
Maurice Stanley Fletcher1962
May L. Fletcher1961

99FlocktonThomas Boston Flocktonfirst name on this monument1862471909id: 102070612

100FordJohn Fordfirst name on this monument1865461911id: 10207232
Ellen Fordwife of John Ford1866691935

101FordWilliam Fordfirst name on this monument1816721888id: 10204532
William Livigstone Fordgreat grand son of William Ford1910211931
Mary Menzie Fordwife of William Ford1817601877

102FosterEllen Fosterfirst name on this monument1834601894id: 102063915
John Fosterbrother-in-law of Ellen Foster1833761909
Thomas Fosterhusband of Ellen Foster1836661902

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Oxbridge C's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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