All Saints' Church burial ground, Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1ArrowsmithJohn Arrowsmithfirst name on this monument1797751872id: 1323
Jenny Arrowsmithsister of John Arrowsmith83

2AtkinsonElizabeth Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1767331800id: 11
(2 images)
Elizabeth Atkinsondaughter of Elizabeth Atkinson
George Atkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Atkinson

3AtkinsonGeorge Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1817511868id: 155
Elizabeth Atkinsonwife of George Atkinson1829651894

4AtkinsonGeorge Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1755671822id: 121
(2 images)
William Atkinsonson of George Atkinson1792611853

5AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1867191886id: 429

6AtkinsonJohn Henry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1850361886id: 11931

7AtkinsonMary Elizabeth Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1863id: 43311
William Atkinsonfather of Mary Elizabeth Atkinson
Margaret Atkinsonmother of Mary Elizabeth Atkinson
Margaret Isabel Atkinson186411865

8AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1825671892id: 1135
Margaret Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1825911916

9AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1841461887id: 96
(2 images)
Mary Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1852861938

10AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1826561882id: 318
Emma Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1831741905

11AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1781691850id: 3011
Ann Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1787821869

12BatesonFrancis Batesonfirst name on this monument1816741890id: 785

13BatesonHenry Batesonfirst name on this monument1849141863id: 4521
Charles Batesonfather of Henry Bateson
Susan Batesonmother of Henry Bateson

14BatesonSusan Batesonfirst name on this monumentid: 4636
Charles Batesonhusband of Susan Bateson1810811891

15BeethamJane Beethamfirst name on this monument1686881774id: 205
Nathan Beethamhusband of Jane Beetham

16BellerbyWilliam Bellerbyfirst name on this monument1789761865id: 613
Thomas Bellerbyson of William Bellerby1819361855
Hannah Bellerbywife of William Bellerby1787661853

17BickerdikeMary Bickerdikefirst name on this monument1803id: 68
(3 images)
George Bickerdikehusband of Mary Bickerdike1808

18BurnanJohn Burnanfirst name on this monument1842261868id: 2362
Richard Tatebrother-in-law of John Burnan
William Burnanfather of John Burnan
Mary Ann Tatesister of John Burnan1848261874

19BurnanJohn Burnanfirst name on this monument1772761848id: 28
(4 images)
Sarah Burnandaughter-in-law of John Burnan1807581865
Elizabeth Burnan
William Burnanson of John Burnan
Elizabeth Burnanwife of John Burnan1773391812
Ellen Burnanwife of John Burnan1766811847

20BurrellMary Burrellfirst name on this monument1828711899id: 12010
Edward Peter Burrellhusband of Mary Burrell1822811903

21CarassSarah Carassfirst name on this monument1825721897id: 90102
John Mountainbrother of Sarah Carass1828701898
Timothy Carasshusband of Sarah Carass
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22CattleyJoesph Cattleyfirst name on this monument1815651880id: 11751
Ann Cattleywife of Joesph Cattley1807931900

23ClarkAnn Clarkfirst name on this monument1753311784id: 6212
Benjamin Clarkhusband of Ann Clark

24ClarkWilliam Clarkfirst name on this monument69id: 66
(2 images)

25CooperJohn Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: 9223
Annie Cooperdaughter of John Cooper
Jane Cooperdaughter of John Cooper184631849
Francis Cooper1834191853
Jane Cooper
William Cooperson of John Cooper
Mary Cooperwife of John Cooper

26CooperMary Cooperfirst name on this monument1805681873id: 441
Annie Seymourdaughter of Mary Cooper1844301874
John Cooperhusband of Mary Cooper1802811883
William Seymourson-in-law of Mary Cooper

27CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: 77
(2 images)
61William DEATH 17 February 1874 William BURIAL 21 February 1874 William BIRTH Dec 1810 Wife Elizabeth BURIAL 5 JULY 1847 Wife Eliza - DEATH between 1881 & 1891

28DalbyPeter Dalbyfirst name on this monument1772841856id: 12145
Maria Dalbydaughter of Peter Dalby181781825
Maria Rhodesgrand daughter of Peter Dalby1831111842
Sarah Dalbywife of Peter Dalby1784901874

29DinsdaleAnn Dinsdalefirst name on this monument1827641891id: 11471
John Dinsdalehusband of Ann Dinsdale1827751902

30DresserChristopher Rhodes Dresserfirst name on this monument1879151894id: 944

31DuncanSusannah Duncanfirst name on this monument1821711892id: 1033
William Duncanhusband of Susannah Duncan

32DuncanWilliam Duncanfirst name on this monument1803841887id: 487
Mary Duncanwife of William Duncan1836

33DunwellRachel Dunwellfirst name on this monument1766id: 59
(2 images)

34DunwellRuth Dunwellfirst name on this monument1842521894id: 898
William Dunwell1846701916

35ElsworthRichard Elsworthfirst name on this monument1781731854id: 32131
Ellen Elsworthwife of Richard Elsworth1788771865

36FarrarWilliam Farrarfirst name on this monument67id: 10
(2 images)

37FarrerDavid Farrerfirst name on this monument1783561839id: 1481

38FothergillAnn Fothergillfirst name on this monument1819771896id: 9191

39GauntRichard Gauntfirst name on this monument1707541761id: 698
Richard Gauntson of Richard Gaunt1738531791
Ann Gauntwife of Richard Gaunt1707851792

40GeldartJames William Geldartfirst name on this monumentid: 40
(4 images)
Anne Buxton Geldartwife of James William Geldart1847331880
Mary Rosa Geldartwife of James William Geldart1957

41GeldartMary Rachel Geldartfirst name on this monument1808821890id: 41
(4 images)
William Desboroughfather of Mary Rachel Geldart
James William Geldarthusband of Mary Rachel Geldart1785911876
Elizabeth Maria Desboroughmother of Mary Rachel Geldart

42GreavesAnn Greavesfirst name on this monument185861864id: 26193
Thomas Greavesfather of Ann Greaves1806621868
Sarah Greavesmother of Ann Greaves

43GreavesRobert Greavesfirst name on this monument1745741819id: 2553
George Greavesson of Robert Greaves1801861887
John Greavesson of Robert Greaves1795671862
Ann Greaveswife of Robert Greaves1755961851
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44GreavesRobert Greavesfirst name on this monument1793551848id: 24142
Sarah Ann Greavesgrand daughter of Robert Greaves185681864
Ann Greaveswife of Robert Greaves1800641864

45GreavesRobert Greavesfirst name on this monument1796741870id: 2941

46GreavesWilliam Greavesfirst name on this monument1772711843id: 27155
Ann Greaveswife of William Greaves1774731847

47GreenwoodJohn Greenwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 123
(4 images)
John Greenwood
Mary Ann Greenwood
William Greenwoodson of John Greenwood1838
Mary Greenwoodwife of John Greenwood

48GrovesJames Lund Grovesfirst name on this monument1839551894id: 10212
Francis Groveswife of James Lund Groves1830861916

49GrovesMary Grovesfirst name on this monument1843241867id: 6412
Hebdon Grovesfather of Mary Groves
Elizabeth Grovesmother of Mary Groves1813581871

50HallHannah Hallfirst name on this monument1814691883id: 8841
William Hallhusband of Hannah Hall1813811894

51HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1822501872id: 9521
Emily Halldaughter of John Hall1895
Mary Ellen Halldaughter of John Hall1882
Jane Hall1825771902
George Hallson of John Hall1854
George James Hallson of John Hall1858311889

52HannamRobert Hannamfirst name on this monument1767801847id: 1821
Robert Hannamson of Robert Hannam1806291835
Ellen Hannamwife of Robert Hannam1766831849

53HannamWilliam Hannamfirst name on this monument1797561853id: 17181
Elizabeth Hannamwife of William Hannam1798721870

54HoggCharles Hoggfirst name on this monument1762631825id: 222

55HoggWilliam Hoggfirst name on this monument1777301807id: 2116
Ann Hoggwife of William Hogg1779491828

56HornbyHenry Hornbyfirst name on this monument1831561887id: 118
(2 images)

57JaggerMary Jaggerfirst name on this monument1839341873id: 826
William Jaggerhusband of Mary Jagger1821521873

58JansonJane Jansonfirst name on this monumentid: 199
Robert Hannambrother-in-law of Jane Janson
Elinor Hannamsister of Jane Janson

59JewittAnn Jewittfirst name on this monument1820661886id: 116452
John Jewitthusband of Ann Jewitt1821721893

60JohnsonHenry Johnsonfirst name on this monument1812221834id: 22

61KendallJohn Kendallfirst name on this monument1809761885id: 11022
Mary Kendallwife of John Kendall1815811896

62KendallMary Arabella Kendallfirst name on this monument1846731919id: 11122
Matthew Kendallhusband of Mary Arabella Kendall1850781928

63LofthouseEdward Lofthousefirst name on this monument1746641810id: 71
(2 images)
251According to the will of Edward Lofthouse of Kirk Deighton he was married to an Elizabeth and had a son also named Edward and a daughter Sarah Dunwell.

64LundAnn Lundfirst name on this monument1814141828id: 6722
Thomas Lundbrother of Ann Lund1833
James Lundfather of Ann Lund
Mary Lundmother of Ann Lund
Helen Lundsister of Ann Lund1829
Mary Lundsister of Ann Lund1819251844
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65LundJames Lundfirst name on this monument1784751859id: 60
(2 images)
Mary Lundwife of James Lund1790851875

66LundJane Lundfirst name on this monument1822581880id: 105
(2 images)
Mary Ann Smith1827781905
William Allan Smith

67MachinGeorge Machinfirst name on this monument1752661818id: 12210

68MawsonElizabeth Mawsonfirst name on this monument1776671843id: 719
John Mawson1779691848

69MawsonJames Mawsonfirst name on this monument1780441824id: 83
John Mawsonbrother of James Mawson
Elizabeth Mawsonsister of James Mawson

70McCrowChristopher McCrowfirst name on this monument1694951789id: 165
Mary McCrowwife of Christopher McCrow1714771791

71MillerThomas Millerfirst name on this monument1765561821id: 7052

72MillerWilliam Millerfirst name on this monument77id: 5472
Elizabeth Millerdaughter of William Miller
Mary Millerwife of William Miller1868

73PageSarah Pagefirst name on this monument1764771841id: 588
Henry Pagehusband of Sarah Page

74ParkinsonElizabeth Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1785521837id: 5710
Thomas Parkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Parkinson

75PickardJoseph Pickardfirst name on this monument1783911874id: 5615

76PickardJoseph Pickardfirst name on this monument1813501863id: 5071

77PlaceChristiana Placefirst name on this monument1755331788id: 57
Francis Placehusband of Christiana Place
William Placeson of Christiana Place1776211797

78PlaceMary Placefirst name on this monument1775251800id: 341
Francis Placehusband of Mary Place

79PoolGeorge Poolfirst name on this monument1841251866id: 5312

80PreciousGeorge Preciousfirst name on this monument1828781906id: 8319
Elizabeth Preciousdaughter of George Precious1852841936
Ann Preciouswife of George Precious1822841906

81RadcliffeJames Radcliffefirst name on this monument1821641885id: 104
(2 images)
Mary Radcliffewife of James Radcliffe1818891907

82RhodesAbraham Rhodesfirst name on this monument1777521829no image19
Martha Rhodeswife of Abraham Rhodes1774681842

83RhodesAnn Rhodesfirst name on this monument1807341841id: 747
John Rhodeshusband of Ann Rhodes

84RhodesPeter Rhodesfirst name on this monument1833671900id: 93
(2 images)
Mary Rhodeswife of Peter Rhodes1837901927

85RidsdaleFrank Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1866241890id: 108211
Matthew Ridsdalefather of Frank Ridsdale
Jane Ridsdalemother of Frank Ridsdale

86RidsdaleJoseph Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1844411885id: 109
(2 images)

87RidsdaleMary Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1828631891id: 11551
James Ridsdalehusband of Mary Ridsdale

88RimmingtonHenry Rimmingtonfirst name on this monument1823721895id: 101
(2 images)
Elizabeth Rimmingtonwife of Henry Rimmington1843571900

89RimmingtonMary Anne Rimmingtonfirst name on this monument1821331854id: 5117
William Rimmingtonhusband of Mary Anne Rimmington

90RodgerElizabeth Ellen Rodgerfirst name on this monument1865271892id: 92141
Edith Anna Rodgerdaughter of Elizabeth Ellen Rodger
John Thomas Rodgerhusband of Elizabeth Ellen Rodger
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91SadlerWalter Thomas Sadlerfirst name on this monument1878231901id: 10711

92SmithBetty Smithfirst name on this monument1791851876id: 446
Edward Smithhusband of Betty Smith

93SmithEdward Smithfirst name on this monument1784751859id: 474
Henry Smithson of Edward Smith1822221844
Robert Smithson of Edward Smith1835251860

94SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1822551877id: 398

95SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1828541882id: 1063
William Allan Smith1832811913

96SnowdonMary Snowdonfirst name on this monument57id: 33
(2 images)
Richard Snowdonhusband of Mary Snowdon30

97SnowdonRichard Snowdonfirst name on this monument1791681859id: 3851
Richard Snowdonfather of Richard Snowdon
Mary Snowdonmother of Richard Snowdon

98SnowdonRobert Snowdonfirst name on this monument1809801889id: 3581
Joshua Malloryfather-in-law of Robert Snowdon
Mary Mallorymother-in-law of Robert Snowdon
Ann Snowdonwife of Robert Snowdon1807361843
Mary Snowdonwife of Robert Snowdon1806831889

99SnowdonRobert Snowdonfirst name on this monumentid: 34
(5 images)
Ann Eliza Snowdondaughter of Robert Snowdon53
Elizabeth Snowdonwife of Robert Snowdon1784821866

100SwannJohn Henry Swannfirst name on this monument1855421897id: 9713
Ellen Swannwife of John Henry Swann1855561911

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