St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
901TwissJean Twissfirst name on this monument1949199647785359868981

902TyrerJames Joseph Tyrerfirst name on this monument1913198370852359934104

903ValentineJack Valentinefirst name on this monument189619869022359106163
Alice Irene Valentinewife of Jack Valentine1916201296

904VernonNorman Vernonfirst name on this monument1910198777952360034208
Gertie Vernonwife of Norman Vernon1908199789

905VernonSarah Vernonfirst name on this monument18461863173513594352772
George Vernon1824190076
Mary Vernon1818186547

906VickersDerek Roy Vickersfirst name on this monument1953201057710359793187

907VickersJoseph Vickersfirst name on this monument1874195985555359639207
Kate Vickerswife of Joseph Vickers1877196083

908VickersSheila Kathleen Vickersfirst name on this monument1936199963255359339112
Joseph Henry Vickershusband of Sheila Kathleen Vickers1930200676

909WaiteRobinson John Waitefirst name on this monument503359587105
Nellie Waite1972

910WalleyDorothy Walleyfirst name on this monument1946233359317118
Harold Walleyhusband of Dorothy Walley

911WalleyGeorge Walleyfirst name on this monument1837188952456359540342
Annie Amy Walley1870194878
John Walleyson of George Walley1865193469
Ann Walleywife of George Walley

912WallingsCharles Norman Wallingsfirst name on this monument1913198168893359975222
Ivy Hilda Fleetson-in-law of Charles Norman Wallings
Phyliss Evelyn Wallingswife of Charles Norman Wallings1912199987

913WalmsleyPrudence Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1877192245511359595223
Richard Walmsleyhusband of Prudence Walmsley1875195984
Ernest James Walmsleyson of Prudence Walmsley191219153

914WaltonJean Ann Waltonfirst name on this monument1931199766116359200322
Brian Walton2008

915WardJessie Mary Lilian Wardfirst name on this monument1910199282816359898200
William Wardhusband of Jessie Mary Lilian Ward1909199990

916WarnerHector William Warnerfirst name on this monument1900199393801359883174
Elsie Marie Warnerwife of Hector William Warner1912200694

917WarrenderAlec James Warrenderfirst name on this monument191519988368359152353
Allen Warrender1941
Mervyn Warrender194219431
Mollie Warrenderwife of Alec James Warrender1916200185

918WattsAmy Wattsfirst name on this monument1903198784843359925414
George Wattshusband of Amy Watts1907198780

919WeaverJane Weaverfirst name on this monument187132935941386

920WelsbySamuel Welsbyfirst name on this monument17571797403553594393341
Elizabeth Bougheydaughter of Samuel Welsby1780187797
Ann Welsby1751181362
Joseph Bougheyson-in-law of Samuel Welsby1776184771

921WestDaniel Westfirst name on this monument187119134216135924595
Elizabeth Westwife of Daniel West1868192052

922WestEmma Westfirst name on this monument1863191552132359216143
Thomas Westhusband of Emma West1861193473
Thomas John West1892197785

923WestFred Westfirst name on this monument1906197064410359494596
Rosemarie Ann Westdaughter of Fred West1949
Lucy Ann Westwife of Fred West1909199586

924WestWilliam Westfirst name on this monument18411924834853595691891
Ann Westwife of William West1878

925WhalleyEvelyn Whalleyfirst name on this monument1913198976856359938278
Thomas Vincent Whalleyhusband of Evelyn Whalley1911199382

926WhalleyJohn Thomas Whalleyfirst name on this monument1867190942148359232322
Ellen Elizabeth Whalleywife of John Thomas Whalley1865193974

927WhalleyReg Whalleyfirst name on this monument2006296359380133

928WhalleySamuel Whalleyfirst name on this monument1891191928203359287213
Elsie Ledwards1896195862
Ernest Ledwards1879195071

929WheatleyFrederick Wheatleyfirst name on this monument19181996787803598632572

930WhiteJohn Whitefirst name on this monument191420038974435982778

931WhiteJohn Trevor Whitefirst name on this monument193019734392136000374

932WhiteRobert Whitefirst name on this monument192919784991535999777

933WhiteleyThomas Henry Whiteleyfirst name on this monument186219397745359129105

934WhitlowWilf Whitlowfirst name on this monument19686123596966191
John Bradshawbrother-in-law of Wilf Whitlow2006
Thomas Jackson Currybrother-in-law of Wilf Whitlow1995
Bobbie Bradshawdaughter of Wilf Whitlow2010
Muriel Currydaughter of Wilf Whitlow1980
Harold Whitlowfather of Wilf Whitlow1877195275
Effie Bradshawgrand daughter of Wilf Whitlow2010
Effie Elizabeth Whitlowmother of Wilf Whitlow1881196887
Beryl Lathom Whitlowwife of Wilf Whitlow2011

935WhittakerMarjorie Alice Whittakerfirst name on this monument19111967569433600251201
Joseph Henry Whittakerhusband of Marjorie Alice Whittaker1906198680

936WhittakerRobert Barnett Whittakerfirst name on this monument1932200775679359762107

937WhittallCyril Herbert Whittallfirst name on this monument19292343593181171

938WhittinghamEmma Whittinghamfirst name on this monument187419315761359145161

939WhittlePartrica Whittlefirst name on this monument1929195122981360063204
Tom Whittlefather of Partrica Whittle1901198584
Milicent Whittlemother of Partrica Whittle1902199088

940WicksFiona Mary Wicksfirst name on this monument1949200354723359806348
William Wicksfather of Fiona Mary Wicks
Jessie Wicksmother of Fiona Mary Wicks

941WildingRichard Wildingfirst name on this monument1862191755198359282328
Bessie Wildingdaughter of Richard Wilding189919034
Ann Wildingwife of Richard Wilding1875194671

942WilkinsonFrank Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument18881966789403600221332
Dorothy Mary Wilkinsonwife of Frank Wilkinson1899198384

943WilkinsonHannah Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument73359157138
John Wilkinsonwife of Hannah Wilkinson1865195085

944WilkinsonPattie Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1891194453460359544534
Eva Wilkinson1924197652
Sydney Wilkinson1894197278

945WilkinsonWilliam Henry Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1898191315138359222238
Norman Wilkinsonbrother of William Henry Wilkinson1914194430
William Wilkinsonfather of William Henry Wilkinson1863194481
Mary Wilkinsonmother of William Henry Wilkinson1871196089

946WilliamsBertha Williamsfirst name on this monument1882197189930360012123

947WilliamsGordon Patrick Kinmont Williamsfirst name on this monument1946198842851359933102

948WilliamsJames Walter Williamsfirst name on this monument193919955681135989391

949WilliamsJohn David Williamsfirst name on this monument1950197424901359983156
Bertram Williamsfather of John David Williams1990

950WilliamsJohn T Williamsfirst name on this monument188019628257035965479
Martha D Williamsniece of John T Williams1905199388

951WilliamsJoseph Henry Williamsfirst name on this monument1918193012401359485499
Joseph Henry Williamsfather of Joseph Henry Williams1953
Evelyn Williamsmother of Joseph Henry Williams
Leonard Kerr1932199058
Matilda Lovatt1916200387
William Lovatt1910198878

952WilliamsJoyce Mary Williamsfirst name on this monument193619382469359553191
Bernard Williamsbrother of Joyce Mary Williams2005
Walter Williamsfather of Joyce Mary Williams1909199081
Minnie Williamsmother of Joyce Mary Williams88

953WilliamsMargeret Williamsfirst name on this monument186319478465359149110
Tom Williams1862195189

954WilliamsMuriel Williamsfirst name on this monument1920198060888359970141
Derek Williamshusband of Muriel Williams1921200382

955WilliamsPauline Williamsfirst name on this monument194119945380735988963

956WilliamsPhilip Edgar Williamsfirst name on this monument1935201075658359741181

957WilliamsWilliam Williamsfirst name on this monument187319426985359169335
Bernice Rosalind Williamsdaughter-in-law of William Williams
Walter Vincent Williamsson of William Williams1920198363
Alice May Williamswife of William Williams1879195273

958WilliamsonDavid Edward Williamsonfirst name on this monument1878195577992360074164
Mary Catherine Williamsonwife of David Edward Williamson1870195080

959WilliamsonDavid Edward Williamsonfirst name on this monument1920199777640359723130
Mary Catherine Williamsonwife of David Edward Williamson

960WilliamsonElizabeth Williamsonfirst name on this monument1878190527310359394124
Sarah Williamsonmother of Elizabeth Williamson1849192071
John Williamson1854192975

961WilliamsonHarry Williamsonfirst name on this monument190519746989935998198

962WilliamsonJohn Williamsonfirst name on this monument1900191212126359210372
Charles Williamsonfather of John Williamson
Ann Williamsonmother of John Williamson
Mary Williamsonsister of John Williamson

963WilliamsonJohn Williamsonfirst name on this monument18411915746035914498

964WilliamsonJoseph Williamsonfirst name on this monument1928199971258359342257
Barbara Williamsonwife of Joseph Williamson

965WilliamsonLily Williamsonfirst name on this monument1903199592108359192141

966WilliamsonRobert Williamsonfirst name on this monument1869193869222359306104
Sarah Williamsonwife of Robert Williamson1873194370

967WilliamsonSamuel Williamsonfirst name on this monument1881195069651359734146
Elizabeth Williamsonwife of Samuel Williamson1967

968WilliamsonSamuel Williamsonfirst name on this monument1830189464311359395161
Mary Williamsonwife of Samuel Williamson1830190272

969WilliamsonSamuel Williamsonfirst name on this monument1824189369158359242100
Mary Williamsonwife of Samuel Williamson1835191277

970WilsonBetty Wilsonfirst name on this monument1927199669113359197110

971WinfieldWilliam Winfieldfirst name on this monument19888483599303461
Rose Winfield1988

972Withers Withersfirst name on this monument644233595073651
George Withers
John Withers69
Mary Withers
Mary Withers
Sarah Withers1784

973WoodAmy Woodfirst name on this monument18971984872035910479
Edgar Woodhusband of Amy Wood1895198893

974WoodArthur Jake Woodfirst name on this monument189119617057335965798
Barbara Annie Wood1904200096

975WoodEdith May Woodfirst name on this monument188319395632635941085
John Wood1877194871

976WoodEmily Woodfirst name on this monument19201986662435910897
John Joseph Woodhusband of Emily Wood1920198767

977WoodJames Woodfirst name on this monument18094435912865
Catherine Woodwife of James Wood60

978WoodMartha Ellen Woodfirst name on this monument190819827489635997864
William Henry Wood1906198276

979WoodPaul Allen Woodfirst name on this monument1966199630115359199129

980WoodcockJohn Woodcockfirst name on this monument1896197579906359988129
Olive May Woodcock1911198170

981WoodhallWilliam Woodhallfirst name on this monument1865193570512359596183
Margaret Woodhallwife of William Woodhall1872194573

982WoolleyJohn Woolleyfirst name on this monument186919296047359131284
Elizabeth Whitedaughter of John Woolley1897197679
Agnes Woolleywife of John Woolley1874195783

983WoolleyMartha Woolleyfirst name on this monument1882196482120359204215
Joseph William Grocott1903198582
Mary Elizabeth Grocott1913199986

984WoolleyNorah Woolleyfirst name on this monument1912197967883359965150
John Woolleyhusband of Norah Woolley1913199279

985WoolrichJames Henry Woolrichfirst name on this monument187519335863359147264
Elsie Sharddaughter of James Henry Woolrich1993
Alice Woolrichwife of James Henry Woolrich1876193458

986WrightEmily Wrightfirst name on this monument189119374644235952673

987WrightFrancis John Wrightfirst name on this monument1920200383738359821153
Marguerite Ann Wright2011

988WrightJack Wrightfirst name on this monument1894195258427359511541

989WrightJob Wrightfirst name on this monument1909199485104359188106
Margaret Wrightwife of Job Wright1916200387

990WycherleyAlbert Edward Wycherleyfirst name on this monument1869192455538359622181
Emily Wilson Wycherley

991YoungDorothy Alice Youngfirst name on this monument1887191831133359217154
John W Youngfather of Dorothy Alice Young1883196279
Florence Youngmother of Dorothy Alice Young

992YoungEdward Harry Youngfirst name on this monument1880191838279359363303
James Henry Jessup1901198483
Kathleen Mary Jessup19112011100
Agnes Mary Young1782187997

993YoungErnest Walter Youngfirst name on this monument18821951696483597312271
Percy Dennis Youngson of Ernest Walter Young
Dorothy Youngwife of Ernest Walter Young1886197387

994YoungStanley Dennis Youngfirst name on this monument1920198767846359928257
Nancy Youngwife of Stanley Dennis Young1924200682

995YoungThomas Youngfirst name on this monument1896163359247106
Mary Elizabeth Youngdaughter of Thomas Young1870191848
Elizabeth Youngwife of Thomas Young1841191978

996YoungWalter Youngfirst name on this monument186219125016635925064

997YoungWalter Edward Youngfirst name on this monument191519796488535996779
Doris Rubina Youngwife of Walter Edward Young1917201194

998YoungWilliam Alfred Youngfirst name on this monument1885196277602359686149
Lucy Youngwife of William Alfred Young

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