St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
501ImmerKatherine Matilda Immerfirst name on this monument193666359150159
Bertha Immer6

502IresonEva Iresonfirst name on this monument1918200789681359764121

503JacksonCharles Oliver Jacksonfirst name on this monument1894197076933360015140
Mary Blanche Jacksonwife of Charles Oliver Jackson1895198388

504JacksonElizabeth Jacksonfirst name on this monument1877192346212359296169
Daniel Jacksonhusband of Elizabeth Jackson1877196184
Sarah Jacksonsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Jackson1881195170

505JacksonElsie Jacksonfirst name on this monument1911199382796359879465
Kenneth Jacksonson of Elsie Jackson1947199952
Terry Jacksonson of Elsie Jackson1946200054

506JacksonHarry Jacksonfirst name on this monument1898195052618359701229
Derek Redvers Jackson1929199768
Dorothy Jackson60
Violet Louise Jacksonwife of Harry Jackson1899195152

507JacksonJohn Thomas Jacksonfirst name on this monument1890196373566359650132
Elizabeth Jacksonwife of John Thomas Jackson18841985101

508JacksonNorman Jacksonfirst name on this monument1910199585812359894108
Marion Frances Jacksonwife of Norman Jackson92

509JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument188318841537359621353
Samuel Jacksonbrother of William Jackson188918901
Samuel Jacksonfather of William Jackson1858194385
Elizabeth Jacksonmother of William Jackson1857193477
Alice Jacksonsister of William Jackson1892

510JenkinsHelen Jenkinsfirst name on this monument184719217417435925887
John Jenkinshusband of Helen Jenkins

511JenningsTina Jenningsfirst name on this monument1942201371690359773105

512JervisDorothy Jervisfirst name on this monument1951201362689359772129

513JervisJoseph Jervisfirst name on this monument1806188680370359454151

514JohnsonEdward Johnsonfirst name on this monument1869195081979360061378
Ann Ellen Bakerdaughter of Edward Johnson1900197373
Brian Montague Baker1929200475
Frederick Montague Bakerson-in-law of Edward Johnson1915197863
Margaret Johnsonwife of Edward Johnson1872195179

515JohnsonHannah Johnsonfirst name on this monument1845192075374359458116
John Moore Johnsonhusband of Hannah Johnson1839192990

516JohnsonHarold Percy Johnsonfirst name on this monument1917200285751359834164
Dora Johnsonwife of Harold Percy Johnson1916201195

517JohnsonJane Elizabeth Johnsonfirst name on this monument1869192556142359226121
Walter Johnsonhusband of Jane Elizabeth Johnson1864192965

518JohnsonJoseph Johnsonfirst name on this monument1891196271571359655114
Joseph Stanley Johnsonson of Joseph Johnson1920197858
Beatrice Johnsonwife of Joseph Johnson1894197884

519JohnsonThomas Johnsonfirst name on this monument180518918628135936595
Elizabeth Johnsonwife of Thomas Johnson1723180279

520JonesAnnie Jonesfirst name on this monument18531929765335913765

521JonesCharles Reginald Jonesfirst name on this monument18841953696313597142591
Laura Hayes Fearnall1912199381
Thomas Fearnall1910198272

522JonesDaniel Jonesfirst name on this monument1928200880673359756101

523JonesDavid Ernest Jonesfirst name on this monument1915200085260359344123
Hilda Joneswife of David Ernest Jones2004

524JonesFrank Jonesfirst name on this monument1905193934421359505116
Martha Agnes Joneswife of Frank Jones1902198886

525JonesFrank Jonesfirst name on this monument1932200775674359757120
Joyce Joneswife of Frank Jones

526JonesGeorge Jonesfirst name on this monument1886196074528359612193
Edna Jones
Ernest Jones
Maureen Jones1934201278
Ethel Joneswife of George Jones

527JonesGeorge Jonesfirst name on this monument1910196656939360021139
David Laermgrand son of George Jones1967197912
Gerhart Laermson-in-law of George Jones1927199770

528JonesGeorge Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1872191442213359297158
Emily Lucy Jonesdaughter of George Henry Jones1898197173
Elizabeth Joneswife of George Henry Jones1875195176

529JonesJane Emily Jonesfirst name on this monument183519097412235920683
Joseph Joneshusband of Jane Emily Jones1834191278

530JonesLeonard Jonesfirst name on this monument191119746390235998495
Margaret Joneswife of Leonard Jones1918197860

531JonesMary Matilda Jonesfirst name on this monument1875195075977360059151
Edward Price Jones1880195171

532JonesPamela Margaret Jonesfirst name on this monument1931200372743359826177
Thomas Henry Jones2009

533JonesPeter Jonesfirst name on this monument195420115768635976989

534JonesRichard Jonesfirst name on this monument1892194351424359508113
Dorothy Joneswife of Richard Jones

535JonesWilliam Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument19091983741935910395
Ethel Frances Joneswife of William Henry Jones2007

536JonesWilliam Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1904196965953360035102
Letty Joneswife of William Henry Jones1905198984

537KellyThomas Kellyfirst name on this monument1922198866850359932134
Florence Edna Kelly1929201283

538KenwrightLawrence Kenwrightfirst name on this monument1904198783263591101763
Mabel Kenwrightwife of Lawrence Kenwright1905199186

539KenyonJohn Percy Kenyonfirst name on this monument1927199265818359900141

540KershawRoger Nicholas Kershawfirst name on this monument1948200557304359388155

541KettleAnnie Kettlefirst name on this monument1866193165487359571159
James Kettlehusband of Annie Kettle1864195490

542KettleJohn Henry Kettlefirst name on this monument1877193255498359582506
Mary Constance Bebbingtondaughter of John Henry Kettle1906197973
Thomas Bebbingtonson-in-law of John Henry Kettle1907197972
Constance Kettlewife of John Henry Kettle1880195575

543KhanAfjul Khanfirst name on this monument19582005477313598142001

544KirkhamAnthony Kirkhamfirst name on this monument1967198417863359945647

545KirkhamIrene Kirkhamfirst name on this monument192419856121359105292
Herbert Kirkhamhusband of Irene Kirkham1925201287

546KirkhamMary Kirkhamfirst name on this monument191119867525359109328
William Stanley Pickmanhusband of Mary Kirkham19092009100

547KnowlesKenneth Knowlesfirst name on this monument1905198378870359952447
Sonia Jean Sherwindaughter of Kenneth Knowles1935198550
Edna Minnie Knowleswife of Kenneth Knowles1906199084

548LakinJohn Sparks Lakinfirst name on this monument188219163476359160186
Cissie Lakinwife of John Sparks Lakin1882196987

549LakinJohn Tapley Lakinfirst name on this monument19102003937243598072331

550LangfordDorothy Langfordfirst name on this monument1927199669786359869267

551LathamEsther Lathamfirst name on this monument1910197464904359986246
Frank Latham1902197977

552LathomMadge Irene Lathomfirst name on this monument1910198070891359973107
Colton Lathomhusband of Madge Irene Lathom1906198276

553LathomMillicent Lathomfirst name on this monument1919200283300359384116
Reginald William Lathomhusband of Millicent Lathom

554LatonEleanor Latonfirst name on this monument17335925782

555LawrenceHerbert William Lawrencefirst name on this monument189319637056535964990
Margery Lawrencedaughter of Herbert William Lawrence1916196751
Lily Lawrencewife of Herbert William Lawrence1894197177

556LawtonArnold Lawtonfirst name on this monument1916200185293359377132
Marion Lawton1930199060

557LawtonFred Lawtonfirst name on this monument19011986852335910797
Mary Alice Lawtonwife of Fred Lawton1900198787

558LawtonPeter Lawtonfirst name on this monument191819907283335991558

559LeaWatkin Joseph Leafirst name on this monument19001946464133594972871
Mary Leawife of Watkin Joseph Lea1892196472

560LeaWayne Peter Leafirst name on this monument1974200632716359799100

561LeaWilliam Leafirst name on this monument1925199267822359904152
Mildred Joyce Leawife of William Lea1925200580

562LedwardsErnest Ledwardsfirst name on this monument1937196326970360052120
Ernest Ledwardsfather of Ernest Ledwards1917199477
Beatrice Ledwardsmother of Ernest Ledwards1919200788

563LedwardsHarold Ledwardsfirst name on this monument193120057473935982274

564LedwardsIrene Ledwardsfirst name on this monument1928199971773359856100
Peter Ledwardshusband of Irene Ledwards1935200166

565LeeOswald Norman Leefirst name on this monument227359311166
James Lee
Mary Lee60

566Leech Leechfirst name on this monument1762182462350359434193
Samuel Leechson of Leech1793180815
Mary Leechwife of Leech1770180939

567LeechThomas Leechfirst name on this monument1799185455345359429284
Jane Leechwife of Thomas Leech1792187381

568LewisAnn Elizabeth Lewisfirst name on this monument194079359163108
John James Lewisbrother of Ann Elizabeth Lewis1942

569LewisChristine Ann Lewisfirst name on this monument1947271359355122
Robert Leonard Dudley Lewisbrother of Christine Ann Lewis1943196017

570LewisJoseph Housley Lewisfirst name on this monument184018854547535955973

571LewisPheobe Lewisfirst name on this monument1913199683788359871146
Thomas Lewishusband of Pheobe Lewis1916201195

572LiddleJohn Alexander Liddlefirst name on this monument1857191861953591793231
Lillie Liddlewife of John Alexander Liddle

573LighfootGordon Lighfootfirst name on this monument1931199867758359841123
Bessie Lighfootwife of Gordon Lighfoot1930201282

574LightfootMarion Lightfootfirst name on this monument204359288301
Robert Charles Lightfoothusband of Marion Lightfoot1851192473
Robert Charles Lightfootson of Marion Lightfoot1899191920

575LiversageDeborah Liversagefirst name on this monument1752184088336359420162
William Shorefather of Deborah Liversage
Edith Shoremother of Deborah Liversage

576LloydRowena Jane Lloydfirst name on this monument1953200350742359825161

577LockettPhilip Lockettfirst name on this monument18961969731413592256393
Margaret Ballantyne67
Hilda Lockettwife of Philip Lockett1897197578

578LokierMaria May Lokierfirst name on this monument1903197168932360014117
William Lokierhusband of Maria May Lokier

579LovattJack Lovattfirst name on this monument19091973649223600044791
Barbara Ann Lovattdaughter of Jack Lovatt1945200661
Phyliss Lovattwife of Jack Lovatt1910198575

580LovattLetita May Lovattfirst name on this monument1908199890118359202117
John Edward Lovatt2000

581LucasJoan Lucasfirst name on this monument1980201232692359775176

582LuntAgnes Elizabeth Luntfirst name on this monument191320039059535967986

583LuntThomas Luntfirst name on this monument18211909881443592283811
Thomas Lovattgrand son of Thomas Lunt1911
Margaret Luntwife of Thomas Lunt1832191280

584LyonJohn Lyonfirst name on this monument1900193232495359579490
Ada Lyonbrother of John Lyon1902194543
Ben Lyonbrother of John Lyon1907199285
Ernest Lyonbrother of John Lyon1898191820
John James Lyonfather of John Lyon1877194770
Emma Lyonmother of John Lyon1955

585MaceHenry Patrick Macefirst name on this monument1917199275820359902288

586MackayWilliam Gayar Mackayfirst name on this monument83359167113
Edith Elizabeth Mackaywife of William Gayar Mackay

587MackenzieMay Elizabeth Mackenziefirst name on this monument1911198675134359218851

588MaddockFrederick George Maddockfirst name on this monument1871195180542359626337
Jessie Maddockdaughter of Frederick George Maddock1905197368
Mary Jane Maddock
Amy Maddockwife of Frederick George Maddock1868195183

589MadeleyRuth Madeleyfirst name on this monument1946200862671359754146

590MajorFrankland Majorfirst name on this monument18901922324163595003151
Margaret Pickeringdaughter of Frankland Major1920198969
Mary Majormother of Frankland Major1848192678
John Frederick Pickeringson-in-law of Frankland Major1918198870
Edna Majorwife of Frankland Major1898197072

591MannEthel Alice Louise Mannfirst name on this monument18821924425163596001752
Evelyn Gertrude Mann1888197991

592Manning Manningfirst name on this monument186918767474359558369
Frances Manningmother of Manning1845191974
John Manning1916
John Henry Manningson of Manning1908

593ManningEdith Annie Manningfirst name on this monument187919345548435956887
John James Manninghusband of Edith Annie Manning

594ManningJames Manningfirst name on this monument1880193050482359566476
Clement Welchbrother-in-law of James Manning1894196773
John Fisher
Sylvia Fisher1910197666
Vera Harris1916200084
Hannah Manningwife of James Manning1878195880

595ManningJohn Thomas Manningfirst name on this monument1895197984884359966294
Winifred Sarah Sheen-Elliottdaughter of John Thomas Manning1918201193
Lional Baden Sheen-Elliottson-in-law of John Thomas Manning1917197760
Sarah Caroline Manningwife of John Thomas Manning1899198485

596ManningWilliam Manningfirst name on this monument1835191580483359567126
Elizabeth Manning186318652
Jane Manning1838192688

597MartinEdward Hall Martinfirst name on this monument1794186066372359456156
Clara Ann Martin1932
Rosa Martin
Hugh Martinson of Edward Hall Martin1870
Jane Martinwife of Edward Hall Martin

598MartinThomas Martinfirst name on this monument1901197069894359976104
Douglas Arrthur Martin1927199265
Mabel Martin1901198079

599MasseyHerbert A Masseyfirst name on this monument1918199375806359888167

600MatthewsSarah Jane Matthewsfirst name on this monument19711980987635995872

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