St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
401GriffithsFrederick Griffithsfirst name on this monument1911196958463359547263
Bessie Griffithswife of Frederick Griffiths1916200791

402GriffithsJames Allan Griffithsfirst name on this monument1941199150828359910213
Joyce Mary Griffithswife of James Allan Griffiths1945200560

403GriffithsRichard Griffithsfirst name on this monument1878194870466359550285
Gladys Griffithsdaughter of Richard Griffiths1910193121
Annie Griffithswife of Richard Griffiths1880195373

404GriffithsThomas Griffithsfirst name on this monument1902197371920360002279
Beatrice Ellen Ada Griffithswife of Thomas Griffiths1908198678

405GriffithsWilliam Griffithsfirst name on this monument78980360062339
Alice Griffiths1873195986

406GriffithsWilliam B Griffithsfirst name on this monument1905197570908359990144
Mildred Griffithswife of William B Griffiths1908199587

407HabberleyWilliam Edward Habberleyfirst name on this monument1894195864587359671127
Elizabeth Habberleywife of William Edward Habberley1894197480

408HadfieldElizabeth Margaret Hadfieldfirst name on this monument19302013836913597742971

409HaleEllin Halefirst name on this monument1791339359423206
Thomas Halehusband of Ellin Hale

410HaleThomas Halefirst name on this monument35335943765

411HaleWilliam Fisher Halefirst name on this monument18111882713583594421671
Ann Fisher Halewife of William Fisher Hale1813189784

412HallEric Hallfirst name on this monument1921199877759359842117
Marjorie May Hallwife of Eric Hall1922201088

413HallHannah Hallfirst name on this monument182918323356359440233
James Twemlowbrother-in-law of Hannah Hall
Thomas Hallfather of Hannah Hall1782185876
Elizabeth Hallmother of Hannah Hall1792185866
Elizabeth Hallsister of Hannah Hall
Sarah Hallsister of Hannah Hall1812183422
Martha Twemlowsister of Hannah Hall1828186032

414HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1824190278357359441109
Ann Hallwife of Henry Hall1830188050

415HallMary Hallfirst name on this monument1801185756349359433129
John Hallhusband of Mary Hall1802186664
Edwin Hallson of Mary Hall1843185815

416HammondLesley Hammondfirst name on this monument1906199286823359905325
Sarah Hammondwife of Lesley Hammond1908199486

417HamnettWilliam Willett Hamnettfirst name on this monument75352359436153
Susannah Hamnett

418HardingBert Hardingfirst name on this monument1907199285102359186219
Sarah Harriet Hardingwife of Bert Harding

419HardingJames Arthur Hardingfirst name on this monument1922199068834359916193

420HardingJane Ellen Hardingfirst name on this monument187719396278359162119
George Robert Hardinghusband of Jane Ellen Harding1880194262

421HardingLena Hardingfirst name on this monument1915199883765359848133

422HardingPercy Hardingfirst name on this monument1899196869599359683125
Maggie Hardingwife of Percy Harding1899197879

423HardyFrederick Albert Hardyfirst name on this monument1919197354438359522423
Ernest Ridgeway1884195874
Flora Elizabeth Ridgeway1878194971
Irene Lucy Hardywife of Frederick Albert Hardy1920197858

424HareMary Harefirst name on this monument268359352218
Albert Owen Harehusband of Mary Hare1953
Florence Hare1880197090

425HarrisonBessie Harrisonfirst name on this monument1915195136615359698258
Gladys Sumnersister of Bessie Harrison1915199378

426HarrisonGeorge Harrisonfirst name on this monument1872195583636359719119
Ann Harrisonwife of George Harrison1877195881

427HarrisonGeorge Harrisonfirst name on this monument1909198778990360072154
Blanche Harrisonwife of George Harrison1919200788

428HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1840191474547359631961
Ellen Harrisonwife of John Harrison1842193290

429HarrisonLouie Harrisonfirst name on this monument1910198676639359722168
Archie Harrisonhusband of Louie Harrison1912199078

430HarrisonMary Harrisonfirst name on this monument1876194266375359459226
Ruth Harrisondaughter of Mary Harrison1906198175
Christina Margaret Harrisondaughter-in-law of Mary Harrison1900198888
Frederick James Harrisonhusband of Mary Harrison1880195676
James Henry Harrisonson of Mary Harrison1911196857

431HaslipJean Haslipfirst name on this monument194320106771335979693
Edward Hasliphusband of Jean Haslip

432HassallElizabth Hassallfirst name on this monument1824189874214359298235
Joseph Hassallhusband of Elizabth Hassall1823190077

433HassallJohn William Hassallfirst name on this monument192719325507359591185
John Hassallfather of John William Hassall1903196158
Frances Elizabeth Hassallmother of John William Hassall1904196965

434HayesJames Hayesfirst name on this monument18841944605433596271061
Ethel Hayeswife of James Hayes1898195961

435Head-RapsonRosina Head-Rapsonfirst name on this monument191020019129435937892

436HeathMarjorie Heathfirst name on this monument4623595461681
John Randle Heath1872193967
Pattie Heath1872195684

437HeathRichard Heathfirst name on this monument17983853594693891
Ann Raggdaughter of Richard Heath
Thomas Heathfather of Richard Heath
Thomas Ragggrand son of Richard Heath
Ellen Heathmother of Richard Heath
James Raggson-in-law of Richard Heath

438HeatonAngus Heatonfirst name on this monument805359887276
Cora Heatonmother of Angus Heaton
Alanah Heatonsister of Angus Heaton
Keeley-ann Heatonsister of Angus Heaton

439HenshallWilliam Henshallfirst name on this monument1755181762431359515354
Mary Whalleydaughter of William Henshall1892
James Whalleyson-in-law of William Henshall1816190185
Elizabeth Henshallwife of William Henshall1783184966

440HerbertWinifred Mabel Herbertfirst name on this monument1906195549637359720122

441HerrimanElizabeth Herrimanfirst name on this monument18901965752423593261711
John Herrimanhusband of Elizabeth Herriman1833191784
Eric Herrimanson of Elizabeth Herriman1925

442HerrimanEmma Herrimanfirst name on this monument33241359325146
William Herrimanhusband of Emma Herriman

443HeskethArthur Edmund Heskethfirst name on this monument1941363359447201
Phyliss Heskethdaughter of Arthur Edmund Hesketh1976
Elizabeth Heskethwife of Arthur Edmund Hesketh1963

444HeskethMartha Heskethfirst name on this monument366359450486
Ann Hesketh
William Hesketh

445HeskethWilliam Heskethfirst name on this monument1807185952365359449343
Emma Hesketh1844191672
William Hesketh1840190060
Fanny Heskethwife of William Hesketh1819190990

446HewittJames George Hewittfirst name on this monument1907195245614359697247
Catherine Hewitt1870196292
James Hewitt1873195784
John Henry Hewitt1901193231

447HewittSarah Jane Hewittfirst name on this monument1891193948479359563235
Arthur Hewitthusband of Sarah Jane Hewitt1882195876

448HilditchCharles Edwin Hilditchfirst name on this monument186019195915735924180

449HillRoger Wilbraham Hillfirst name on this monument188319627956235964692
Mary Ann Hillwife of Roger Wilbraham Hill1888197183

450HillierConatance May Hillierfirst name on this monument101359185160

451HineEleanor Mary Hinefirst name on this monument1850193484407359491657
John R W Hine1888195971
Lilian Alice Hine1953

452HiscockFred Hiscockfirst name on this monument194284359168134
Bertha Hiscock1878196385

453HitchenHannah Morten Hitchenfirst name on this monument188719354846435954890
George Lewis Hitchenhusband of Hannah Morten Hitchen1883194562

454HitchenLucy Adelaide Hitchenfirst name on this monument192020048412735921164

455HitchenThomas Bebbington Hitchenfirst name on this monument1926199165610359694256
Panelope Mary Hitchen

456HockenhallSarah Hockenhallfirst name on this monument1770181040394359478138
Eleanor Hockenhall1787186578
John Hockenhall1789183647

457HockenhullBrian Hockenhullfirst name on this monument195120075668235976583

458HockenhullPercy Hockenhullfirst name on this monument1923200077774359857157
Sheila Hockenhullwife of Percy Hockenhull1922201290

459HockenhumJoseph Hockenhumfirst name on this monument16435924880

460HocknellOlive Rachel Hocknellfirst name on this monument1905198883762359845199
Edward Hocknellhusband of Olive Rachel Hocknell1911200695

461HodgkinsonHenry Harry Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument1887195366632359715175
Mary Jane Hodgkinsonwife of Henry Harry Hodgkinson1890198696

462HodgkinsonPhoebe Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument1830188555522359606549
James Hodgkinsonbrother of Phoebe Hodgkinson1847193184
John Hodgkinsonfather of Phoebe Hodgkinson1797188487
Ann Hodgkinsonmother of Phoebe Hodgkinson1806188983
Mary Hodgkinsonson-in-law of Phoebe Hodgkinson1846193892

463HodgkinsonWilliam John Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument18681938704323595162151
Leonard Hodgkinson1894196773
Elizabeth Ellen Hodgkinsonwife of William John Hodgkinson1867194578

464HodgkissJoyce Hodgkissfirst name on this monument1939199960299359383179
Brian Hodgkisshusband of Joyce Hodgkiss1938201375

465HodsonGoerge Pickering Hodsonfirst name on this monument18481910621653592492341
Henry Hodson1903198279
George Pickering Pickering1863

466HodsonThomas Pickering Hodsonfirst name on this monument19364553595392631
Ethel May Hodson1890198797

467HoffeChristopher Julian Hoffefirst name on this monument1951197423919360001144

468HoldingIsabella Holdingfirst name on this monument1814189379387359471159
Hannah Wynne Holdingdaughter of Isabella Holding1841190766
William Holdinghusband of Isabella Holding1823189572

469HollandAnn Hollandfirst name on this monument1746181165395359479257
James Holland1744183288

470HollandCarrie M Hollandfirst name on this monument1883198097997360079359
Robert Hollandhusband of Carrie M Holland1880195373
Margaret Carrie Cookson1917200891

471HollandFrank Hollandfirst name on this monument1907198679378359462234
Marguerite Hollandwife of Frank Holland1912199684

472HollandFrank Hollandfirst name on this monument1871194069376359460339
Dorothy Moore Hollanddaughter of Frank Holland1908194234
William Hollandfather of Frank Holland
Emily Hollandwife of Frank Holland1884195874

473HollandMark John Hollandfirst name on this monument1975199318802359884129

474HollandMary Hollandfirst name on this monument1841190867282359366116
John Hollandhusband of Mary Holland

475HollandOlive Hollandfirst name on this monument1912197361826359908200
William Hollandhusband of Olive Holland1910199181

476HollandSamuel Hollandfirst name on this monument1866195488377359461144
Katie Hollandwife of Samuel Holland1886198195

477HollandThomas Hollandfirst name on this monument1862193674449359533385
Caroline Bowman1878194466
John Henry Holland1876194468

478HollandWilliam Hollandfirst name on this monument1824188258382359466130
Mary Ellen Hollanddaughter of William Holland1881191837
Sarah Hollandwife of William Holland1837189154

479HollinsRoger Hollinsfirst name on this monument19232005827213598042441
Betty Hollinswife of Roger Hollins1923201289

480HopwoodRobert Hopwoodfirst name on this monument1879195273983360065219
Ivy Rachel Hopwood

481HornbyAlbert Neilson Hornbyfirst name on this monument18471925783813594656832
Ada Sarah Hornby1854192773
George V Hornby1905
Georgie Hornby1990
Henrietta Hornby1961
John Hornby1927
Walter I Hornby1918

482HortonThomas Hortonfirst name on this monument1885195671549359633165
Bessie Stockton1915200590
Sarah Ann Hortonwife of Thomas Horton1893198693

483HoughJohn Allen Houghfirst name on this monument1923199976770359853173

484HousemanConstance Housemanfirst name on this monument1919200081261359345142

485HowsonAlbert Howsonfirst name on this monument1897196871957360039106

486HughesAmy Hughesfirst name on this monument1886195670586359670251
Herbert Thomas Hugheshusband of Amy Hughes1885197085

487HughesElizabeth Hughesfirst name on this monument489359573159
Joseph Hugheshusband of Elizabeth Hughes1856192569
Clara Hughes1959

488HughesRichard Bryan Hughesfirst name on this monument1939196829948360030308
Albert Hughesfather of Richard Bryan Hughes1919199677
Mary Louisa Hughesmother of Richard Bryan Hughes1916198165

489HughesWilliam Hughesfirst name on this monument1863193673447359531109
Mary Jane Hugheswife of William Hughes1855193782

490HullFlorence Diane Hullfirst name on this monument1889196980999360081122

491HullMary Constance Hullfirst name on this monument1876195882592359676183
Henry Hullhusband of Mary Constance Hull1898198486

492HullMay Hullfirst name on this monument1906196155600359684199
Edgar Ernest Hullhusband of May Hull1901198382

493HullSarah Ann Hullfirst name on this monument1847191669237359321122
Richard Norman Mooregrand son of Sarah Ann Hull7
Richard Hullhusband of Sarah Ann Hull79

494HulseElizabeth Hulsefirst name on this monument17531826733213594054081
Elizabeth Hulsedaughter of Elizabeth Hulse1795183338
Samuel Hulsehusband of Elizabeth Hulse1762184482

495HuntChorlotte Huntfirst name on this monument1872189119476359560232
Mary Cooper1870195585
Sidney Cooper1871193463
Lottie Hunt1894192430

496HuntElizabeth Huntfirst name on this monument43359127190
James Hunthusband of Elizabeth Hunt1888
Mary 71

497HuntHenry Huntfirst name on this monument1834191076185359269313
Ann Huntwife of Henry Hunt1831191281

498HuntHenry Huntfirst name on this monument1869194273415359499191
Norah Wilfred Hunt
Elizabeth Huntwife of Henry Hunt1867195689

499HuntRebecca Huntfirst name on this monument1875194772246359330139
John Hunthusband of Rebecca Hunt1874195076

500IkinJohn Ikinfirst name on this monument1910198070163591002971
Dorothy Ikinwife of John Ikin1912198270

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