St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
201CollierAnn Collierfirst name on this monument1869193869446359530195
Melville Collier1865194782

202ConwayHenry Conwayfirst name on this monument1919200081755359838336
Doris Conwaywife of Henry Conway1927200578

203CookRoy John Cookfirst name on this monument193020108066035974390

204CookTom Cookfirst name on this monument191620018575335983699

205CookeBarbara Cookefirst name on this monument1952200856667359750249

206CookeBernice Rosalind Cookefirst name on this monument1942201068657359740214

207CookeEmma Cookefirst name on this monument18361858224173595011781
Joseph Cookehusband of Emma Cooke
Joseph Edgar Cookeson of Emma Cooke1853

208Cooks PittFrederick George Hitchin Cooks Pittfirst name on this monument1917197356923360005100

209CooksonEdmund Ashton Cooksonfirst name on this monument19181990724359088183
Marjorie Joan Cooksonwife of Edmund Ashton Cookson1920200686

210CooksonJohn Cooksonfirst name on this monument19001957575523596361701
Edith Evelyn Cooksonwife of John Cookson

211CooksonMargaret Carrie Cooksonfirst name on this monument1917200891645359728363
Clarrie M Holland1883198097
Robert Holland1874195379

212CoomerElizabath Coomerfirst name on this monument1945248359332540
Jane Birchallsister of Elizabath Coomer1951

213CooperArthur Cooperfirst name on this monument1892194957974360056203
Mary Clare Cooperdaughter-in-law of Arthur Cooper
Richard Brian Cooperson of Arthur Cooper35
Ethel Cooperwife of Arthur Cooper1914198066

214CooperBrenda Cooperfirst name on this monument193519427429359513246
John Henry Cooper1894197278
Nellie Cooper1900199090

215CooperDerrick Arthur Cooperfirst name on this monument192719997297536005792

216CooperFreda Christina Cooperfirst name on this monument1914196652937360019107
Ernest Leslie Cooper1907199689

217CooperHarry Cooperfirst name on this monument190719948712435920865

218CooperHerbert Cooperfirst name on this monument1924194723247359331110
Mary Jane Coopermother of Herbert Cooper1880196888

219CooperMartha Cooperfirst name on this monument1866195589436359520365
Alice Cooperdaughter-in-law of Martha Cooper1986
Dudley Coopergrand son of Martha Cooper1910198676
Frank Cooperson of Martha Cooper1956

220CooperRaymond Cooperfirst name on this monument194419451477359561166
Jack Cooper1906197973

221CooperSheila Cooperfirst name on this monument19402006669235917674

222CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monument1875194368251359335155
Elsie Mary Cooper1898198486
Frank Cooper
Ellen Ada Cooperwife of William Cooper1872194876

223CooperWilliam Donald Cooperfirst name on this monument191219827087835996093
Martha Ann Cooperwife of William Donald Cooper1911200190

224CopeAllan Copefirst name on this monument1944199147824359906117

225CopeEdna Copefirst name on this monument1919200687622359705173
Ernest Cope1917201295

226CopeRobert Copefirst name on this monument1830191080187359271167
Hannah Copedaughter of Robert Cope1863192764
Mary Copewife of Robert Cope1839191879

227CopeThomas Massie Copefirst name on this monument1883192845193359277172
James Cope1921199271
Mary Cope1872194371

228CorbettMuriel Corbettfirst name on this monument190819091409359493229
Walter Corbettfather of Muriel Corbett
Annie Corbettmother of Muriel Corbett

229CorbettSamuel Corbettfirst name on this monument1833189865406359490129
Sarah Corbettwife of Samuel Corbett1806189084

230CordesElizabeth Cordesfirst name on this monument184018915128335936790

231CorkThomas Corkfirst name on this monument178518577241135949592
Mary Corkwife of Thomas Cork1788185870

232CornesCharles Cornesfirst name on this monument186219276552635961093
Annie Cornes77

233CornesEdward Cornesfirst name on this monument1872194573521359605225
Violet Simpson1900192727
William Simpson
Fred Cornesson of Edward Cornes1908192416
Annie Corneswife of Edward Cornes1878193961

234CornesElizabeth Cornesfirst name on this monument18471871244703595543672
Samuel Cornesfather of Elizabeth Cornes
Martha Cornesmother of Elizabeth Cornes

235CornesHugh Cornesfirst name on this monument184119096870359154168
Mary Corneswife of Hugh Cornes1832192088

236CornesJohn Cornesfirst name on this monument18481922744413595253501
Cyril Charles Cornes1903197875
Fred Neville Cornesson of John Cornes1890197181
Herbert Cornesson of John Cornes1894197177
Louisa Corneswife of John Cornes1859194687

237CornesMary Cornesfirst name on this monument17791852733443594281001
Thomas Corneshusband of Mary Cornes1779186990

238CornesPhyliss May Cornesfirst name on this monument1928194921619359702137
Frank Cornesfather of Phyliss May Cornes1902196462
Lucy Cornesmother of Phyliss May Cornes

239CornesRobert Cornesfirst name on this monument1948196012558359642198
Herbert Cornesfather of Robert Cornes1921199978

240CornesSarah Ann Cornesfirst name on this monument18681932644673595511701
Thomas Gibson Corneshusband of Sarah Ann Cornes1870196999

241CornesThomas Cornesfirst name on this monument19001954549933600751321
Denis Claridge Cornesson of Thomas Cornes1922194422
Violet Corneswife of Thomas Cornes1900195656

242CornesThomas Cornesfirst name on this monument1900195454641359724148
Denis Claridges Cornesson of Thomas Cornes1922194422
Violet Corneswife of Thomas Cornes1900195656

243CornesThomas Cornesfirst name on this monument1835192590218359302731

244CornesThomas Cornesfirst name on this monument18851962779843600661061
Sophia Elizabeth Corneswife of Thomas Cornes1875196186

245CorneyElizabeth Corneyfirst name on this monument1837189659280359364125
John Corneyhusband of Elizabeth Corney

246CoryGordon Coryfirst name on this monument1928199163829359911284
Olwen Margaret Corywife of Gordon Cory1930199868

247CoupeJack Coupefirst name on this monument192520007525935934390

248CreweMary Ann Crewefirst name on this monument1844190864221359305449
Lizzie Crewedaughter of Mary Ann Crewe1879190021
John Crewehusband of Mary Ann Crewe1840191575

249CreweRobert Baden Crewefirst name on this monument1964967360049264
Peter Reginald Crewe2008
Alice Crewewife of Robert Baden Crewe1979

250CuerdenSusan Cuerdenfirst name on this monument1999257359341175
Philip Cuerdenhusband of Susan Cuerden

251DainesJames Mccubbin Dainesfirst name on this monument1865194580497359581152
Herbert Simpson Dainesbrother of James Mccubbin Daines1857194891

252DaintyEva Millicent Daintyfirst name on this monument1923200582734359817103

253DarabiKaikosrow Darabifirst name on this monument191820028430535938983

254DarlingtonAlbert Darlingtonfirst name on this monument1887195770535359619135
Sarah Darlingtonwife of Albert Darlington1897199295

255DarlingtonDavid Parton Darlingtonfirst name on this monument1916195943556359640215
Conctance Darlingtonwife of David Parton Darlington1916197963

256DarlingtonEdith Darlingtonfirst name on this monument1916199882763359846259
George Herbert Darlingtonhusband of Edith Darlington1919200384

257DavenportCharles Davenportfirst name on this monument1878196890949360031242
Elizabeth Davenportwife of Charles Davenport1884197187

258DavenportHelen Davenportfirst name on this monument193920016297359181146

259DavenportLeslie Stuart Davenportfirst name on this monument197298359182902
Reg Davenportbrother of Leslie Stuart Davenport
Hilda Davenportwife of Leslie Stuart Davenport1900197979

260DavenportPercy Davenportfirst name on this monument1918200486729359812141

261DavenportReginald Pace Davenportfirst name on this monument188619678196359180140

262DavenportRonald Davenportfirst name on this monument1926200781680359763230
Dorothy Davenportwife of Ronald Davenport1927201083

263DavenportThomas Davenportfirst name on this monument1862195896225359309118
Elizabeth Davenportwife of Thomas Davenport

264DaviesAlice Caldecott Daviesfirst name on this monument1861193473348359432471
John Daviesfather of Alice Caldecott Davies
Eliza Daviesmother of Alice Caldecott Davies

265DaviesBetsy Daviesfirst name on this monument1883194764244359328288
Ellen Minnie Davies1900198484
James Harold Davies1909197364
John Thomas Davies1887195467

266DaviesE Daviesfirst name on this monument189919181920235928694

267DaviesElizabeth Daviesfirst name on this monument18491924754003594842011
Lucy Daviesdaughter of Elizabeth Davies1879195475
Henry Davieshusband of Elizabeth Davies1856193781
Edith Davies1888196981

268DaviesInez Ann Daviesfirst name on this monument1944200763675359758101

269DaviesRobert Daviesfirst name on this monument1852193482347359431195
John Daviesfather of Robert Davies1821188261
Eliza Daviesmother of Robert Davies1870193363

270DaviesRoyden Daviesfirst name on this monument1933200370725359808214

271DaviesSamuel Daviesfirst name on this monument1838192082195359279287
Honor Davieswife of Samuel Davies1855193378

272DaviesWilfred Arthur Daviesfirst name on this monument1923198764273591114201
Alice Davieswife of Wilfred Arthur Davies1921199776

273DaviesWilliam Daviesfirst name on this monument1845190863168359252113
Sarah Davieswife of William Davies1838191274

274DelaneyRichard Delaneyfirst name on this monument1922200078290359374186

275DelvesNoreen Delvesfirst name on this monument1921198564859359941149
George Delveshusband of Noreen Delves1916199377

276DenningSandra J Denningfirst name on this monument19501990405359089196
Bert Denninghusband of Sandra J Denning1992

277DennisW A Dennisfirst name on this monument810359892117
D F E Dennis

278DentithCharles Finlow Dentithfirst name on this monument18851950656243597073521
Margaret Irene Fielddaughter of Charles Finlow Dentith1923198764
Esther Dentithwife of Charles Finlow Dentith1887197285

279DentithThomas Dentithfirst name on this monument186418673513591352311
George Dentithfather of Thomas Dentith1839192182
Martha Dentithmother of Thomas Dentith1842189452
Hannah Davies1812189078
Thomas Davies1809188677

280DevenportCharles Devenportfirst name on this monument187519558050535958975

281DickensonJames Dickensonfirst name on this monument1806188983272359356382
Alice Dickenson1869194273
George Ernest Dickenson1867191649
Catherine Dickensonwife of James Dickenson1823190582

282DickinJohn Dickinfirst name on this monument1872195886593359677170
Hannah Dickinwife of John Dickin1871196291

283DingleJohn Dinglefirst name on this monument1856192670520359604259
Ruth Dingledaughter of John Dingle1928196436
Annie Dinglewife of John Dingle1855193580

284DixonJohn Frank Dixonfirst name on this monument196450359134117
Jennie Dixonwife of John Frank Dixon1881196584

285DobbellRichard Dobbellfirst name on this monument184448359132179
Samuel Dobbellfather of Richard Dobbell1803187572
Hannah Dobbellmother of Richard Dobbell1813185845
Jane Dobbell
John Dobbell11

286DoddAlbert Doddfirst name on this monument1928200173291359375215
Alice Dodd1922200987

287DoddAlfred Doddfirst name on this monument1877192952327359411241
Alice Weaver Dodd1893196269

288DoddAnnie Darlington Doddfirst name on this monument1892319359403589
Edward Darlington Doddfather of Annie Darlington Dodd1836192791
Anne Doddmother of Annie Darlington Dodd1846192175
Ellen Doddsister of Annie Darlington Dodd1875194671

289DoddDora Doddfirst name on this monument1873194572100359184239
William John Doddfather of Dora Dodd1868194678

290DoddElizabeth Doddfirst name on this monument270359354173
Herbert Doddhusband of Elizabeth Dodd

291DoddHarold Doddfirst name on this monument1906196054557359641212
Annie Doddwife of Harold Dodd1910200090

292DoddJames Doddfirst name on this monument18301910804883595721111
Martha Doddwife of James Dodd1829192192

293DoddRebecca Doddfirst name on this monument15635924096

294DoneMary Donefirst name on this monument18341858243903594744031
William Donehusband of Mary Done1835186227
Elizabeth Done1809187768
Thomas Done1804188278

295DudleyJoseph Dudleyfirst name on this monument1879188892063592902401
Annie Dudley188118887
Annie Dudley1852191664
Frank Dudley1895
Joseph Dudley1851189544

296DuffittAudrey Florence Duffittfirst name on this monument19301942122503593341781
Florence Gertrude Johnson1884195369

297DulsonHelen Dulsonfirst name on this monument1924200884672359755237
George Dulsonhusband of Helen Dulson1915201196

298DulsonWilfred Dulsonfirst name on this monument1912199684790359873162
Jane Elizabeth Hewitt1921200786

299DuncalfMary Adelaide Duncalffirst name on this monument1911199887119359203110

300DurkinMichael Anthony Durkinfirst name on this monument67712359795262
June Durkinwife of Michael Anthony Durkin

Grave Monument Photographs

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