St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
101BoothDoreen Boothfirst name on this monument1930199565815359897219

102BoothLily Boothfirst name on this monument1892197684916359998171
John Thomas Boothson of Lily Booth2004

103BostockChris Bostockfirst name on this monument1946201064702359785110

104BostockEleanor Bostockfirst name on this monument1876193559238359322349
Mary Bostock
Peter Bostock1897194346

105BostockGeorge Henry Bostockfirst name on this monument1908197870551359635255
Richard Bostockgrand son of George Henry Bostock
Lilian Bostockwife of George Henry Bostock1909197869

106BostockHannah Bostockfirst name on this monument18541901471673592516041
Eva May Bostockdaughter of Hannah Bostock1911193625
Lizzie Bostockdaughter of Hannah Bostock1882
Edward Bostockhusband of Hannah Bostock
Annie Bostock1879195475
Edward Bostock1877195477
Edward Bostockson of Hannah Bostock1904

107BostockJohn Bostockfirst name on this monument1893194855536359620148
Charlotte Bostockwife of John Bostock1891196776

108BostockMary Bostockfirst name on this monument18881951634635913078

109BostockWilliam Bostockfirst name on this monument1886194761245359329130
Olive Bostockwife of William Bostock1963

110BostonAnnie Bostonfirst name on this monument1878193254380359464187
Phyliss Bostondaughter of Annie Boston
Albert Bostonhusband of Annie Boston1877194063

111BougheyGeorge Bougheyfirst name on this monument185319408739359123272
Mary Jane Bougheywife of George Boughey1853194188

112BougheyJames Bougheyfirst name on this monument1807187568359359443420
Elizabeth Bougheydaughter of James Boughey1845188742
Mary Bougheydaughter of James Boughey1834189258
Samuel Bougheyson of James Boughey1841188847
Ellen Bougheywife of James Boughey65

113BougheyJoseph Bougheyfirst name on this monument18843733594571445
Joseph Bougheyfather of Joseph Boughey1839192283
Ann Bougheymother of Joseph Boughey1916
John Boughey1917
Alice Ann Bougheysister of Joseph Boughey1914

114BournePhilip Hugh Bournefirst name on this monument193520046972835981195

115BourneSamuel Hugh Bournefirst name on this monument19001977779123599941651
Hilda Bournewife of Samuel Hugh Bourne1904199490

116BowdenRhoda Bowdenfirst name on this monument18851969849553600371151

117BoyerHarry Boyerfirst name on this monument1892194957620359703150
Evelyn Boyerwife of Harry Boyer1896197175

118BoyerJoseph Boyerfirst name on this monument18881963756033596871731
Alice Boyerwife of Joseph Boyer1884196581

119BoyerJoseph Brian Boyerfirst name on this monument1929198758845359927104

120BoyesJane Annie Boyesfirst name on this monument1875195378633359716155

121BradshawMargaret Eleanor Bradshawfirst name on this monument1847192679539359623130

122BradshawSarah Jane Bradshawfirst name on this monument18771939624333595174681
Frederick Aspinall1923198966
Jean Aspinall1933199966
John Bradshaw1870194272

123BradshawWilliam Bradshawfirst name on this monument5777359161127
Mary Alice Bradshawwife of William Bradshaw1873195986

124BrassingtonJohn Brassingtonfirst name on this monument181118847359359143325
Rebecca Brassingtonwife of John Brassington1816188670

125BrassingtonJulia Brassingtonfirst name on this monument1892211359295223
Thomas Brassingtonfather of Julia Brassington
Annie Brassingtonmother of Julia Brassington

126BreretonJane Breretonfirst name on this monument18901940501253592094871
Edith Brereton
Frank Brereton
Mary Brereton
Rosie Brereton
William Henry Brereton1883196279
William Henry Brereton1920198767

127BreretonJohn Breretonfirst name on this monument19201983638713599532341
Emily Margaret Breretonwife of John Brereton1918200688

128BreretonJohn Albert Breretonfirst name on this monument18741936624653595492771
Sarah Breretondaughter of John Albert Brereton1877195376
Annie Elizabeth Breretonwife of John Albert Brereton1906199185

129BreretonThomas Dennis Breretonfirst name on this monument19261993677983598804281
John Alfred Penlingtonbrother-in-law of Thomas Dennis Brereton1911199685
Lilian Brereton2001
Gladys Penlingtonsister of Thomas Dennis Brereton1913199582

130BrettAnn Brettfirst name on this monument5003595844911
Samuel Boffeyfather of Ann Brett
Hugh Bretthusband of Ann Brett
Ann Boffeymother of Ann Brett

131BrimelowEllen Brimelowfirst name on this monument1813188269340359424278
Edward Brimelow1814188470
Emma Brimelow1814188369
James Brimelow1855188833

132BrimelowEllen Brimelowfirst name on this monument1849190859182359266131

133BroadhurstSteve Broadhurstfirst name on this monument70935979291

134BrockbankHarry Gordon Brockbankfirst name on this monument192720017494359178106

135BrookeRoger Brookefirst name on this monument1981546359630230
Adelaide Brookewife of Roger Brooke

136BrookesAlbert Brookesfirst name on this monument1881191534149359233623
William Brookesbrother of Albert Brookes1887192538
Thomas Brookesfather of Albert Brookes
Catherine Brookesmother of Albert Brookes
Bertha Elizabeth Leighton1889194657
Daniel Leighton

137BrookesAlfred Brookesfirst name on this monument1860192464524359608340
Mary Brookes1855193580
Ann Brookeswife of Alfred Brookes

138BrookesBrian Brookesfirst name on this monument193219364480359564561
Thomas Brookesfather of Brian Brookes1901194443
Kate Helena Brookesmother of Brian Brookes1904197369

139BrookesKate Brookesfirst name on this monument1884190521146359230191
Thomas Brookesfather of Kate Brookes1836191377
Katherine Brookesmother of Kate Brookes

140BrooksAlfred Brooksfirst name on this monument1877194871240359324275
Harriet Brookswife of Alfred Brooks1881196079

141BrooksEric William Brooksfirst name on this monument193420087466635974995

142BrownStuart Holland Brownfirst name on this monument19141955419733600551341
Gladys May Brownwife of Stuart Holland Brown

143BuckleySamuel John Buckleyfirst name on this monument1886437359521258
John Buckleyfather of Samuel John Buckley
Hannah Buckleymother of Samuel John Buckley
Charles Buckley1874188410
Mary Buckleysister of Samuel John Buckley1884

144BuckleyWilliam Buckleyfirst name on this monument593983594821371
Mary Buckley1796187175

145BulgerKatherine Bulgerfirst name on this monument1892197886531359615160
Leslie Norman Bulgerhusband of Katherine Bulger1903199592

146BullockEmily Bullockfirst name on this monument1921200988706359789183
Wilfred Bullockhusband of Emily Bullock1915198166

147BunnMary Theresa Bunnfirst name on this monument19211990693359087296
George William Bunnhusband of Mary Theresa Bunn1925199671

148BurgessFrederick Thomas Burgessfirst name on this monument1872192452419359503459
Alice Griffiths1907199184
Walter Griffiths1904198581
Clara Jane Burgesswife of Frederick Thomas Burgess1871194372

149BurgessSarah Burgessfirst name on this monument1846191064123359207451
Ada Burgessdaughter of Sarah Burgess1863191047
Jane Cooperdaughter of Sarah Burgess1868194173
Samuel Burgesshusband of Sarah Burgess1843191673
John Henry Cooperson-in-law of Sarah Burgess1872192856

150BurrowsArthur Burrowsfirst name on this monument1892196573965360047207

151BurrowsJames Burrowsfirst name on this monument1821189574205359289355
Arthur Burrows188618904
Mary Burrows1829189869

152BurrowsJoan Burrowsfirst name on this monument192719835667359151171

153BurrowsJoseph Burrowsfirst name on this monument188919677894136002368

154BurrowsMary Ann Burrowsfirst name on this monument1868193567217359301404
Arthur Burrowshusband of Mary Ann Burrows1866194579
John Thomas Burrows1890195565
Sellis Burrows

155BurrowsWilliam Ernest Burrowsfirst name on this monument1898196769942360024188
Florrie Burrowswife of William Ernest Burrows1896196872

156BurtEileen Burtfirst name on this monument1926200579736359819348
Janet Burtdaughter of Eileen Burt1961201150

157CadwallerWilliam S Cadwallerfirst name on this monument1901196160561359645206
Florence Collyer1906198983
William R Collyer1914197056

158CainEdna Mary Cainfirst name on this monument1926198559866359948190
Thomas Cainhusband of Edna Mary Cain

159CaldecottAlfred Caldecottfirst name on this monument1859195596611359695208
Lily Caldecottdaughter of Alfred Caldecott1884197086
Olive Caldecottdaughter of Alfred Caldecott1897199093
Blanche Ada Caldecottwife of Alfred Caldecott1864195389

160CannonHarry Cannonfirst name on this monument1898197880568359652338
Hilda Cannondaughter-in-law of Harry Cannon1934199864
Sarah Cannongrand daughter of Harry Cannon1963
Jessie Cannonwife of Harry Cannon1911199988

161CarnallAlfred Carnallfirst name on this monument191820018329235937695

162CarrJames Reginald Carrfirst name on this monument1924200480727359810174
Lily Carrwife of James Reginald Carr1924201187

163CarrSydney Samuel Carrfirst name on this monument1899195455986360068135
Mary Carr1910198575

164CastlingThomas Castlingfirst name on this monument19961143591981531

165ChadwickAlxander Ramsay Chadwickfirst name on this monument1925201287696359779126

166ChallenorJohn Thomas Challenorfirst name on this monument1934201278687359770265

167ChallinorArthur James Challinorfirst name on this monument1940473359557901
Arthur William Challinorfather of Arthur James Challinor1910200292
Gladys Challinormother of Arthur James Challinor1914196854

168CharlesworthAnn Charlesworthfirst name on this monument18381878403643594481646
Edward Charlesworthhusband of Ann Charlesworth1840191676
Jessie Charlesworthstep daughter of Ann Charlesworth188218853
Mary Charlesworthstep daughter of Ann Charlesworth1887196073
Mary Charlesworthsecond wife of husband of Ann Charlesworth1852192371

169CharlesworthCatherine Bostock Charlesworthfirst name on this monument172359256187
Samuel Charlesworthhusband of Catherine Bostock Charlesworth

170CharlesworthHannah Charlesworthfirst name on this monument18411908671393592231019
Robert Charlesworthhusband of Hannah Charlesworth1850192070
Thomas Charlesworth1898
Charles Howell1816189074
Isabella Howell1849188940

171CheeseRichard Lane Freer Cheesefirst name on this monument186819397154359138448
Margaret Whiteford Cheesewife of Richard Lane Freer Cheese1874194672

172Chesters Chestersfirst name on this monument1723181693341359425419
Elizabeth Chesters1821
Jane Chesters181518172
Martha Chesters
William Chesters

173ChestersElizabeth Chestersfirst name on this monument1759181556342359426196
John Chestershusband of Elizabeth Chesters

174ChestersFrancis Chestersfirst name on this monument1861191756743591582161
Sissie Chestersdaughter of Francis Chesters189018944
Alice Chesters1867195588

175ChestersJohn Chestersfirst name on this monument1808186557360359444244
Mary Chesters1806187165

176ChestersThomas Chestersfirst name on this monument17381811733613594451392
Martha Chesterswife of Thomas Chesters1786186579

177ChestersThomas Chestersfirst name on this monument1758181456343359427102

178ChesworthJohn Chesworthfirst name on this monument18111856455183596025832
George Chesworthfather of John Chesworth
Maria Chesworthmother of John Chesworth
Fanny Chesworth1848187729
John Chesworth
Joseph Chesworth1837191376
Mary Ann Chesworth1815190085

179ChesworthMaria Chesworthfirst name on this monument17781835575173596012591
Ann Chesworth1821187958
George Chesworth1783185774
Henry Chesworth1846187832
Henry Chesworth1822189068

180ChesworthMary Chesworthfirst name on this monument1839189859993591833553
Charles Chesworth1840191979
Albert Henry Saunders
Mary Saunders1883198097

181ChetwoodJane Chetwoodfirst name on this monument19302007776833597661101

182ChetwoodMartha Patrica Chetwoodfirst name on this monument19201993736409187
George Hinton Chetwoodhusband of Martha Patrica Chetwood1919199879

183ChristieJohn Mckay Christiefirst name on this monument192119826189535997792
May Christiewife of John Mckay Christie1920199979

184Christie-MillerKathleen Olive Christie-Millerfirst name on this monument18861965799643600464591
Geoffrey Christie-Millerwife of Kathleen Olive Christie-Miller1884196985

185ChurchJohn Churchfirst name on this monument544359628741

186ClarkCharles Walter Clarkfirst name on this monument1904194844621359704313
Lilian Annie Clarkwife of Charles Walter Clark1894197177

187ClarkJohn Wyndham Clarkfirst name on this monument1924200783711359794100

188ClarkeJames David Clarkefirst name on this monument1890193747445359529166
Grace Clarkewife of James David Clarke

189ClarkeSarah Clarkefirst name on this monument1864194278468359552106
Thomas George William Clarkehusband of Sarah Clarke1863194784

190ClayGeorge Henry Clayfirst name on this monument1891196271564359648144
Frederick Stuart Clayson of George Henry Clay1918198668
Alice Evelyn Claywife of George Henry Clay1896196367

191CleggPeter Francis Cleggfirst name on this monument1933200976664359747143

192CliffordBrian Prescott Cliffordfirst name on this monument192919389451359535212

193CloughAlfred Cloughfirst name on this monument1901197574905359987233
Annie Clough1901198382

194CloughFrecerick Cloughfirst name on this monument192320017890359174147

195CockshottBrian Cockshottfirst name on this monument192920118270535978867

196ColemanGlbert Frederick Colemanfirst name on this monument194120127169835978194

197ColemanJames Thomas Colemanfirst name on this monument192019947480935989199
Gertrude May Colemanwife of James Thomas Coleman1923199774

198ColleyJohn Colleyfirst name on this monument1921199776781359864184
Gwen Colleywife of John Colley1922201391

199ColleyThomas James Colleyfirst name on this monument1797188588412359496146

200CollieAnnie Elizabeth Colliefirst name on this monument1911196453966360048355
John George Colliebrother of Annie Elizabeth Collie1902199795

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