St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
1AdigbliNina Ivanovna Adigblifirst name on this monument1945200055263359347329

2AdigbliOswald Kofi Adigblifirst name on this monument1943198037262359346323

3AlexanderGeorge Alexanderfirst name on this monument1756181963396359480229

4AlexanderRichard Thomas Alexanderfirst name on this monument1830397359481246

5AllmanMary Alice Allmanfirst name on this monument1930199767777359860591
Frederick James Allmanhusband of Mary Alice Allman1925200883

6AlltreeFrances May Alltreefirst name on this monument1893195259646359729351
Sylvia Frances Alltreedaughter of Frances May Alltree1923199370
Samuel Alltreehusband of Frances May Alltree

7AlltreeFrances May Alltreefirst name on this monument1893195259998360080380
Sylvia Frances Alltreedaughter of Frances May Alltree1923199370
Samuel Alltreehusband of Frances May Alltree

8AllwoodClifford Allwoodfirst name on this monument19111997867763598593171

9AllwoodElsie Mary Allwoodfirst name on this monument18951950559783600605041
Philip Henry Allwoodhusband of Elsie Mary Allwood1896197276
Ian Philip Allwoodson of Elsie Mary Allwood1925200580

10AllwoodJohn Allwoodfirst name on this monument1766180034322359406676
Ann Allwood1812188472
Thomas Allwood1807189891
Emma Dutton1831187342

11AllwoodJoseph Allwoodfirst name on this monument323359407349

12AllwoodSarah Louisa Allwoodfirst name on this monument18721960885963596804861
Phyliss Jacksondaughter of Sarah Louisa Allwood1908200597
John Allwoodhusband of Sarah Louisa Allwood1874196187

13AllwoodWilliam Allwoodfirst name on this monument324359408340

14AllwoodWilliam Allwoodfirst name on this monument325359409296

15AmsonKate Amsonfirst name on this monument1813188572523591364322
James Amsonhusband of Kate Amson1812189179

16AndrewsChristopher Andrewsfirst name on this monument1956200044740359823229

17AndrewsSusan Margaret Andrewsfirst name on this monument1964200541733359816471

18ArrowsmithEthel Arrowsmithfirst name on this monument1908198577861359943472
Alfred Arrowsmithhusband of Ethel Arrowsmith1905199186

19AshWilliam Ashfirst name on this monument192620007493359177205

20AshleyEric Thomas Ashleyfirst name on this monument1943199754778359861327

21AshleyErnest Ashleyfirst name on this monument1889197788911359993668
Bet Ashley2001
Joseph Henry Ashleyson of Ernest Ashley1922199169
Jessie Emma Ashleywife of Ernest Ashley1892198189

22AshleyPhilip Ashleyfirst name on this monument1855190449147359231532
Mary Ellen Chesters1884195874
Emma Ashleywife of Philip Ashley1855192671

23AshtonFrank Ashtonfirst name on this monument19171972559283600102911

24AstonAlbert Henry Astonfirst name on this monument1877195275883591724771
Bertha Ursula Aston1898197476

25AstonHerbert Harold Astonfirst name on this monument19081963559683600505132
Paul David Hardinggrand son of Herbert Harold Aston196419662
Muriel Astonwife of Herbert Harold Aston1915201196

26BaileyAnn Elizabeth Baileyfirst name on this monument1876193660180359264341
William Baileyhusband of Ann Elizabeth Bailey1865194782

27BaileyDaniel Baileyfirst name on this monument187619396364359148264

28BaileyJohn Baileyfirst name on this monument1935199661642359725261

29BaileyJohn Baileyfirst name on this monument1935199661994360076357
Lily Dobsonaunt of John Bailey1900195454

30BaileyMaggie Elizabeth Baileyfirst name on this monument1907196255572359656326
John Baileyhusband of Maggie Elizabeth Bailey1906198175

31BaileyNora Baileyfirst name on this monument1902196967950360032341
William Bailey1912199987

32BaileyPeter Charles Baileyfirst name on this monument194419517628359711386
Arthur Baileyfather of Peter Charles Bailey1910197666
Hannah Jane Baileymother of Peter Charles Bailey1912200795

33BaileyReginald Garnett Baileyfirst name on this monument1922198664181359265286
Gladys Baileysister of Reginald Garnett Bailey1910199585

34BallFrank Ballfirst name on this monument1906196559959360041351

35BarberAlfred John Barberfirst name on this monument1924200480730359813426
Edith Alice Barberwife of Alfred John Barber1930201282

36BarberAlfred John Barberfirst name on this monument1881195877580359664591
Phyliss Mary Barberdaughter of Alfred John Barber1929200172
Muriel Marie Barberwife of Alfred John Barber1903198279

37BarkerAlice Barkerfirst name on this monument19071990836359090393

38BarkerDorothy Barkerfirst name on this monument1917200689309359393344

39BarlowDolly Barlowfirst name on this monument1925200580735359818358

40BarlowMary Hannah Barlowfirst name on this monument1866193872443359527473
Alice Barlowdaughter of Mary Hannah Barlow1895195964
Charles Barlowhusband of Mary Hannah Barlow1870194777

41BarlowRichard Barlowfirst name on this monument135359219336
Emma Barlow

42BarlowSamuel Barlowfirst name on this monument1913198168267359351593
Charles Henry Poole67
Mary Elizabeth Poole1887194659
Jenny Barlowwife of Samuel Barlow1916200488

43BarnettFrank Barnettfirst name on this monument1884196177597359681336
Isabel Emily Barnettwife of Frank Barnett1883196380

44BarnettGeorge Douglas Barnettfirst name on this monument1919198970857359939415
Joanna Barnettwife of George Douglas Barnett1941200968

45BarnettJoseph Barnettfirst name on this monument1856457359541409
Richard Barnettbrother of Joseph Barnett1858
Richard Barnettfather of Joseph Barnett1826188963
Martha Barnettmother of Joseph Barnett1814190591

46BarnettRobert Barnettfirst name on this monument1853192168506359590560
Annie Elizabeth Barnett1973
John Barnett1891195362
Mary Ellen Barnettwife of Robert Barnett1862194280

47BarnettThomas Barnettfirst name on this monument1852194290430359514848
Frederick Barnettson of Thomas Barnett1896197175
John Alfred Barnettson of Thomas Barnett1900198181
Elizabeth Barnettwife of Thomas Barnett1856194387

48BartlamCynthia Mary Bartlamfirst name on this monument1936199357302359386323

49BasfordArthur Basfordfirst name on this monument1918199678784359867186
Selina Jane Basfordwife of Arthur Basford1921201089

50BateThomas Batefirst name on this monument18251913881373592215512
Jane Batewife of Thomas Bate1837191477

51BeardmoreJohn Desmond Beardmorefirst name on this monument19291987588443599262922
Pearl Beardmorewife of John Desmond Beardmore1930199565

52BebbingtonGeorge Stanley Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument19262002764253595093271
George Amos Bebbingtonfather of George Stanley Bebbington

53BebbingtonHarry Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1916194428426359510828
Frank Bebbington1898191820
Samuel Bebbington1870194777
Sarah Ann Bebbington1876196084

54BebbingtonJohn Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument18141886725193596034442
John Bebbingtonson of John Bebbington184818557
Elizabeth Bebbingtonwife of John Bebbington1815190489

55BebbingtonJohn Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1876194468131359215218
Martha Bebbingtonwife of John Bebbington1874195278

56BebbingtonKenneth Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1916197357924360006524
Maggie Bebbington1912199583
Dannily Michael Bebbingtonson of Kenneth Bebbington1938200466
Gladys Bebbingtonwife of Kenneth Bebbington1916200589

57BebbingtonLaura Annie Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument18881966789583600402611
Frederick Bebbington1883197289

58BebbingtonSamuel Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument18371917805253596092732
Martha Bebbingtonwife of Samuel Bebbington1838192890

59BeckFrances Beckfirst name on this monument190219727072359156294
William Beckhusband of Frances Beck

60BeckettArchie Beckettfirst name on this monument1920200484737359820256

61BeckettFrank Beckettfirst name on this monument1915200691719359802270
Maud Beckettwife of Frank Beckett1918200789

62BeddowJoan Beddowfirst name on this monument1931201079659359742260

63BenbowEdward Benbowfirst name on this monument1922197856879359961337
Trudy Benbowwife of Edward Benbow1928200072

64BenbowVera Catherine Benbowfirst name on this monument1920193616458359542417
John Edward Benbowfather of Vera Catherine Benbow1891196776
Emily Benbowmother of Vera Catherine Benbow1892197280

65BetteleyAlbert Betteleyfirst name on this monument1907198073889359971249
Violet May Betteleywife of Albert Betteley1912199987

66BevanArthur Onesimus Bevanfirst name on this monument1880196383971360053489
Lynette Bevanwife of Arthur Onesimus Bevan1964

67BickfordRobert Bickfordfirst name on this monument1977199922768359851235

68BillingtonArthur Billingtonfirst name on this monument1904197167508359592388
Florence May Billington1911199079

69BillingtonHarry Billingtonfirst name on this monument1893196572961360043478
Alice Elizabeth Billingtonwife of Harry Billington1901197170

70BlackburneGeorge Weaver Blackburnefirst name on this monument1859188425330359414462
William Blackburnefather of George Weaver Blackburne1827192093
Alice Weaver Blackburnemother of George Weaver Blackburne1825188661
Henry Jones1856193680
Isabella Jones1860192868
George Weaver1790186979

71Blain-ColeFrank Dennis Blain-Colefirst name on this monument1915194530176359260355
Margaret Doreen Blain-Colewife of Frank Dennis Blain-Cole1914199076

72BlakemoreCaroline Helen Blakemorefirst name on this monument1917198568862359944257
Dennis Samuel Blakemorehusband of Caroline Helen Blakemore1913200794

73BlakemoreJames Blakemorefirst name on this monument18251897721903592741076
Ann Blakemoredaughter of James Blakemore1855190954
Emma Blakemoredaughter of James Blakemore1872190937
Elizabeth Blakemorewife of James Blakemore1828190173

74BlakemoreJoseph Stanley Blakemorefirst name on this monument1920200080288359372651
Nigel Philip Blakemoreson of Joseph Stanley Blakemore1963200845
Marjorie Blakemorewife of Joseph Stanley Blakemore1924200581

75BlakemoreLawrence Benjamin Blakemorefirst name on this monument1923201087655359738259

76BlakemoreLydia Blakemorefirst name on this monument1848191668184359268224
James Blakemorehusband of Lydia Blakemore

77BlakemoreRoland Blakemorefirst name on this monument1899197778913359995271
Elsie Blakemorewife of Roland Blakemore1903199390

78BlakemoreSarah Ann Blakemorefirst name on this monument1887194861654359737284
Percy Blakemorehusband of Sarah Ann Blakemore1895196772

79BlakemoreStanley Blakemorefirst name on this monument1897194346219359303318
Stanley Wilfred Blakemoreson of Stanley Blakemore1925199671
Dorothy Blakemorewife of Stanley Blakemore1899198384

80BlakemoreThomas Blakemorefirst name on this monument1886196074575359659246
Ethel Chesters Blakemorewife of Thomas Blakemore1887197992

81BlooreJohn Bloorefirst name on this monument186618862030359114255

82BludWilliam Thomas Bludfirst name on this monument1890195565606359690315
Margaret Bluddaughter-in-law of William Thomas Blud1916199377
Wilfred Bludson of William Thomas Blud1912199078
Gertrude Annie Bludwife of William Thomas Blud1890196474

83BoardmanEdith Boardmanfirst name on this monument18811939584543595385492
Mabel Hilary Plattdaughter of Edith Boardman1910194131
Thomas Macdonald Boardmanhusband of Edith Boardman1882195876
Harold Beddows1928200981
Marion Beddows1912198775

84Boffey Boffeyfirst name on this monument34359118301
William Boffey

85BoffeyAlfred Boffeyfirst name on this monument18731924514033594872611
Francis Henry Boffey1869194475

86BoffeyAnn Boffeyfirst name on this monument1820499359583328
Samuel Boffeyhusband of Ann Boffey
Elizabeth Boffey1762183977

87BoffeyCaroline Boffeyfirst name on this monument185219247233359117419
Clara Boffeydaughter of Caroline Boffey1879193354
James Boffeyhusband of Caroline Boffey1851193281
Clara Marian Boffey1883197188
James Boffey1883196784
Lucy Boffey1877195780

88BoffeyCharles Ernest Boffeyfirst name on this monument1884195167982360064256
Mary Louisa Boffeywife of Charles Ernest Boffey1884198096

89BoffeyDorothy Mary Boffeyfirst name on this monument192519316583591423172
Edward Boffeyfather of Dorothy Mary Boffey1880196282
Elsie Boffeymother of Dorothy Mary Boffey1890195464

90BoffeyElizabeth Boffeyfirst name on this monument18421907651433592272951
William Boffeyhusband of Elizabeth Boffey1829191485

91BoffeyErnest Roland Boffeyfirst name on this monument1920199676502359586359
Frederick William Boffey
Lucy Bateman Boffey1879196788
Marjorie Freda Boffey1905199186

92BoffeyFrancis Edmund Boffeyfirst name on this monument1879195879392359476306
Dorothy Ethel Boffeydaughter of Francis Edmund Boffey1919193213
Urben John Boffey1916200286
Ethel Boffeywife of Francis Edmund Boffey1884196379

93BoffeyGeorge Boffeyfirst name on this monument1912198573860359942261
Joan Boffeywife of George Boffey1923199572

94BoffeyHerbert John Boffeyfirst name on this monument1780178443933594774602
John Boffeyfather of Herbert John Boffey
Emma Boffeymother of Herbert John Boffey
Emma Cadman1817188568
Sarah Cadman1843191673
William Cadman1814189177

95BoffeyJohn Boffeyfirst name on this monument1846191670169359253351
Ethel Boffeydaughter of John Boffey1936
John Henry Boffeyson of John Boffey1881193150
Emma Boffeywife of John Boffey1851191968

96BoffeySamuel Boffeyfirst name on this monument18845013595852864
Elizabeth Boffey1887

97BoltonAnn Boltonfirst name on this monument1945201166703359786277

98BooneRalph Boonefirst name on this monument418359502353
Ann Boonedaughter of Ralph Boone179618015
Ann Boonewife of Ralph Boone1761182160

99BootePhyliss T Bootefirst name on this monument1884190925153359237241

100BoothAnnie Boothfirst name on this monument1813190087162359246287

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