St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
701GregoryElizabeth Gregoryfirst name on this monument1833711904id: 986
(one image)
John Gregoryhusband of Elizabeth Gregory1833791912
702GregoryEllen Gregoryfirst name on this monument1846481894id: 714
(one image)
Robert Gregoryhusband of Ellen Gregory
703GregoryJohn Gregoryfirst name on this monument1864131877id: 337
(one image)
Ralph Gregorybrother of John Gregory1866271893
William Gregorybrother of John Gregory1874201894
Elizabeth Ann Gregorysister of John Gregory1870201890
Ellen Gregorywife of John Gregory
704GregoryJoseph Gregoryfirst name on this monument1851721923id: 384
(2 images)
Mary Annie Gregorydaughter of Joseph Gregory
May Rainer1884381922
James Gregoryson of Joseph Gregory
Frances Gregorywife of Joseph Gregory1852721924
705GregoryMargaret Gregoryfirst name on this monument1850571907id: 1607
(one image)
Ann Jane Gregorydaughter of Margaret Gregory1873641937
706GregoryWilliam Gregoryfirst name on this monument1838641902id: 1432
(one image)
Ellen Gregorywife of William Gregory1841781919
707GriffithsJane Griffithsfirst name on this monument1879791958id: 1531
(one image)
Dorothy Griffithsdaughter of Jane Griffiths191081918
James Griffithshusband of Jane Griffiths1879801959
Joseph Griffithsson of Jane Griffiths1905131918
708GrimshawC G Grimshawfirst name on this monument1925201945id: 1971
(one image)
709GrundyEmmanuel Grundyfirst name on this monument1875681943id: 997
(one image)
Albert Grundybrother of Emmanuel Grundy1885631948
Alice Grundymother of Emmanuel Grundy1842621904
Eliza Grundywife of Emmanuel Grundy1877601937
710GrundyRalph Grundyfirst name on this monument1867651932id: 1635
(one image)
Annie Grundydaughter of Ralph Grundy1911841995
Albert Grundyson of Ralph Grundy190471911
Ada Alice Grundywife of Ralph Grundy1877771954
711GrundyRichard Grundyfirst name on this monument1840591899id: 1468
(2 images)
Annie Grundydaughter-in-law of Richard Grundy
Rachel Crew1888421930
William Crew
Frances Doyle1921902011
John Doyle1922782000
Alice Hamilton1879731952
Clara Hamilton1912761988
Ernest G Hamilton1917821999
Harry Hamilton1881581939
Harry Hamilton2003
John R Hamilton1944491993
Margaret Hamilton1915942009
Miriam Hamilton1913902003
Richard Grundyson of Richard Grundy1897211918
Sarah Grundywife of Richard Grundy1847561903
712GrundyTamer Grundyfirst name on this monument1869381907id: 1606
(one image)
Matilda Taylorcousin of Tamer Grundy1866441910
Lois Grundy1858641922
Marinia Grundy1923711994
Simeon Grundy1883671950
713GuestRichard Guestfirst name on this monument1831701901id: 864
(one image)
John Guest1864781942
Nancy Guest1865661931
Jane Guestwife of Richard Guest
714GuthrieGeorge Guthriefirst name on this monument1854821936id: 1035
(one image)
Jean Guthriewife of George Guthrie1856801936
715HackingJames Hackingfirst name on this monument1818761894id: 809
(one image)
Margaret Hackingdaughter of James Hacking1850581908
James Hacking190241906
Sarah Jane Hacking
Thomas Hacking
Elizabeth Hackingwife of James Hacking1827691896
716HackneyAlfred Hackneyfirst name on this monument1847581905id: 1281
(one image)
William Hackneyson of Alfred Hackney1872511923
Mary Hackneywife of Alfred Hackney1849851934
717HadcroftSusan Hadcroftfirst name on this monument1944582002id: 94
(one image)
718HaddockHannah Haddockfirst name on this monument1858491907id: 29
(one image)
Alice Jane Haddockdaughter of Hannah Haddock188121883
Gertrude Leachdaughter of Hannah Haddock1886361922
Richard Haddockwife of Hannah Haddock1852841936
719HaddockThomas Haddockfirst name on this monument1805521857id: 274
(one image)
Betsy Haddockdaughter of Thomas Haddock
Ellen Haddockdaughter of Thomas Haddock185291861
Robert Thornley
John Thomas Haddockson of Thomas Haddock184841852
Rebeka Haddockwife of Thomas Haddock1821521873
720HaddockThomas Haddockfirst name on this monument1837581895id: 738
(one image)
Maria Haddock1835741909
721HadfieldThomas Hadfieldfirst name on this monument1878421920id: 774
(one image)
Ada Hadfieldwife of Thomas Hadfield1880401920
722HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1855481903id: 1357
(one image)
Ellen Sandiforddaughter of Ann Hall1885301915
Mary Elizabeth Halldaughter-in-law of Ann Hall1889461935
William Hallhusband of Ann Hall1856551911
William Hallson of Ann Hall1891321923
A W Sandifordson-in-law of Ann Hall
723HallCharles Edward Hallfirst name on this monument1905771982id: 1940
(one image)
Norah Hallwife of Charles Edward Hall1912731985
724HallFrederick Hallfirst name on this monument1882671949id: 1842
(one image)
Kenneth Gray1920862006
Margaret Lilian Hallwife of Frederick Hall1889951984
725HallJames Hallfirst name on this monument1886id: 537
(one image)
Mary Ellen Halldaughter of James Hall
Thomas Hallson of James Hall1893
Elizabeth Hallwife of James Hall1820691889
726HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1903691972id: 1922
(one image)
Gertrude Hall1906901996
727HallMaria Hallfirst name on this monument1861691930id: 1678
(one image)
John Hallhusband of Maria Hall
728HallNorah Hallfirst name on this monument1913731986id: 1921
(one image)
729HallSarah Ann Hallfirst name on this monument1850541904id: 1002
(one image)
Ellis Hallhusband of Sarah Ann Hall1844891933
Ellis Sarah Arrandale1875701945
John Samuel Arrandale1870681938
730HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1869721941id: 1700
(one image)
Alice Hallwife of Thomas Hall1871801951
731HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1822541876id: 475
(one image)
Mary Hall1844591903
Thomas Hall1850811931
Hannah Hallwife of Thomas Hall1821771898
732HallidayWinifred Hallidayfirst name on this monument1910761986id: 182
(one image)
Eric Hallidayhusband of Winifred Halliday1907921999
733HalliwellAnn Halliwellfirst name on this monument1862721934id: 858
(one image)
William Halliwellhusband of Ann Halliwell1934
James Halliwellson of Ann Halliwell1946
734HalliwellArthur Halliwellfirst name on this monument1909751984id: 1933
(one image)
Alice Mary Halliwell1905841989
735HalliwellEmma Edith Halliwellfirst name on this monument1877561933id: 719
(one image)
Albert Halliwellhusband of Emma Edith Halliwell1865771942
Florence Halliwellsecond wife of husband of Emma Edith Halliwell
736HalliwellHiram Halliwellfirst name on this monument1845651910id: 1623
(one image)
Frances Ann Halliwell1872781950
Joseph Halliwell1926
Alice Halliwellwife of Hiram Halliwell1882331915
737HalliwellJohn Halliwellfirst name on this monument1835421877id: 493
(one image)
William Halliwellgrand son of John Halliwell190011901
Edward Halliwellson of John Halliwell1870601930
Ellen Halliwellwife of John Halliwell1836611897
738HalliwellMoses Halliwellfirst name on this monument1832441876id: 454
(one image)
Ellen Halliwell1879261905
Alice Southern
Ralph Southern187841882
Ralph Southern
Alice Halliwellwife of Moses Halliwell1829961925
739HalliwellSarah Halliwellfirst name on this monument1828701898id: 811
(one image)
Clara E Halliwelldaughter of Sarah Halliwell1831631894
Mary Annie Halliwelldaughter of Sarah Halliwell1864491913
Joseph Halliwellhusband of Sarah Halliwell1830761906
Joseph Percy Kirk Halliwellson of Sarah Halliwell188861894
740HalliwellSarah Halliwellfirst name on this monument1832641896id: 492
(one image)
Lucy Halliwell
Mary Halliwell1827841911
741HalsteadJackie Halsteadfirst name on this monument1912111923id: 1676
(one image)
John Halsteadfather of Jackie Halstead1882761958
Margaret Alice Halsteadmother of Jackie Halstead1886781964
George Halstead1913
742HamenJane Hamenfirst name on this monument2id: 271
(one image)
743Hamer Hamerfirst name on this monument1848171865id: 366
(one image)
Jonathan Hamerbrother of Hamer186511866
Jonathan Hamerfather of Hamer
744HamerColin Hamerfirst name on this monument1928812009id: 1738
(one image)
Mildred Hamerwife of Colin Hamer
745HamerDavid Hamerfirst name on this monument1856691925id: 23
(3 images)
Elizabeth Barcroft1864761940
Jesse Leigh1822641886
Miriam Hamerwife of David Hamer1859661925
746HamerEdward Hamerfirst name on this monument1820701890id: 496
(one image)
Mary Ogdendaughter of Edward Hamer1850691919
Elzabeth Hamerwife of Edward Hamer1817831900
747HamerFred Hamerfirst name on this monument1890621952id: 1737
(one image)
Frederick Alan Hamer1920791999
Joan Hamer1925752000
Ethel Hamerwife of Fred Hamer1803921895
748HamerGeorge Hamerfirst name on this monument1838641902id: 717
(one image)
749HamerJohn Hamerfirst name on this monument1791761867id: 336
(one image)
Mary Ann Hamerdaughter of John Hamer1833751908
Ann Hamerwife of John Hamer1797641861
750HamerJohn Entwistle Hamerfirst name on this monument1869491918id: 1389
(one image)
Hannah Bullough1882701952
Annie Hamerwife of John Entwistle Hamer1872721944
751HamerMary Ann Hamerfirst name on this monument1826611887id: 564
(one image)
Emma Hamerdaughter of Mary Ann Hamer1857201877
Thomas Hamerhusband of Mary Ann Hamer1820701890
James Hamer1844261870
James Edward Hamer1876151891
752HamiltonSarah Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1855721927id: 935
(one image)
Clara Hamiltondaughter of Sarah Hamilton1886591945
Frances Hamiltondaughter of Sarah Hamilton1883851968
George Hamiltonhusband of Sarah Hamilton1853751928
753HammondJohn Hammondfirst name on this monument1878241902id: 1193
(one image)
James Hammondfather of John Hammond1926
Hannah Hammondmother of John Hammond1843751918
Alice Hammondsister of John Hammond1871481919
Helen Hammondsister of John Hammond1880551935
754HammondMartha Hammondfirst name on this monument1898id: 1007
(one image)
Mary Hammondmother of Martha Hammond1900
Esther Hammond
Mary Hammond1839701909
Thomas Hammond1815681883
William Hammond
755HammondMary Lloyd Hammondfirst name on this monument1884id: 589
(one image)
Thomas Lloyd Hammondfather of Mary Lloyd Hammond1850751925
Laura Hammondmother of Mary Lloyd Hammond1845541899
Helen Hammond1770721842
Sarah Ellen Hammondsister of Mary Lloyd Hammond1878141892
756HammondRichard Hammondfirst name on this monument1855421897id: 39
(one image)
Alice Emily Hammonddaughter of Richard Hammond188511886
Mary Alice Hammondwife of Richard Hammond1852761928
757HamnettHannah Hamnettfirst name on this monument185871865id: 363
(one image)
James Hamnettfather of Hannah Hamnett
Hannah Hamnettmother of Hannah Hamnett44
Edwin Hamnettsister of Hannah Hamnett1847201867
Eleanor Hamnettsecond wife of father of Hannah Hamnett1836681904
758HampsonFred Hampsonfirst name on this monument1884761960id: 1348
(one image)
Harry Hampsonson of Fred Hampson1914
Beatrice Hampsonwife of Fred Hampson1883801963
759HampsonFred Hampsonfirst name on this monument1880231903id: 1393
(one image)
Hannah Hampson1888681956
Herbert Hampson1867841951
Mary Ann Hampson1851591910
Thomas Hampson1851841935
760HampsonJames Hampsonfirst name on this monument1851551906id: 1095
(one image)
George Hampson1956331989
Mary Ellen Hampson
Harold Hampsonson of James Hampson1903
James Hampsonson of James Hampson1899
Grace Hampsonwife of James Hampson1852741926
761HampsonMary Jane Hampsonfirst name on this monument1877301907id: 1392
(2 images)
William Hampsonhusband of Mary Jane Hampson1877671944
Eva Hampson1840641904
Robert Thompson1895671962
Sophia Thompson1955
Alice Hampsonstep sister of Mary Jane Hampson1905
Evdakia Hampsonsecond wife of husband of Mary Jane Hampson1880781958
762HardgraveRichard Michael Hardgravefirst name on this monument1980232003id: 123
(one image)
763HardingT S F Hardingfirst name on this monument1917281945id: 2018
(one image)
764HardistyJohn Hardistyfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 926
(one image)
Eliza Hardistydaughter of John Hardisty1850421892
Louisa Jane Hardistydaughter of John Hardisty1859391898
Mary Ann Hardistydaughter of John Hardisty1844691913
Sarah Hardistydaughter of John Hardisty1846471893
Jane Hardistywife of John Hardisty1823421865
765HardmanBrenda Sybil Hardmanfirst name on this monument1925id: 835
(one image)
Stanley Hardmanfather of Brenda Sybil Hardman
Marian Hardmanmother of Brenda Sybil Hardman
766HardmanElizabeth Hardmanfirst name on this monument1874171891id: 1465
(one image)
John Hardmanfather of Elizabeth Hardman1851611912
Lavinia Hardmanmother of Elizabeth Hardman1849671916
Emma Nicholson Booth
Annie Jane Hardman1867791946
Frederick Hardman1873911964
767HardmanFred Hardmanfirst name on this monument1886651951id: 1788
(one image)
Marie Telforddaughter of Fred Hardman1916862002
Harry Telfordson-in-law of Fred Hardman
Florence Annie Hardmanwife of Fred Hardman1890691959
768HardmanFrederick Jonathan Hardmanfirst name on this monument1840631903id: 1212
(one image)
Eliza Hardmandaughter of Frederick Jonathan Hardman1867631930
James Hardman1863711934
Martha Hardman
Sarah Ellen Hardmanwife of Frederick Jonathan Hardman1840651905
769HardmanJohn Hardmanfirst name on this monument1881601941id: 2009
(one image)
John Hardmanson of John Hardman1901421943
770HardmanJohn Hardmanfirst name on this monument1873591932id: 902
(one image)
Alice Hardmanwife of John Hardman1876721948
771HardmanJoseph Hardmanfirst name on this monument1829531882id: 84
(one image)
Sarah Hardmandaughter of Joseph Hardman1931
William Hardmandaughter of Joseph Hardman1872191891
Nancy Hardmanwife of Joseph Hardman1832741906
772HardmanMaria Hardmanfirst name on this monument1877681945id: 1661
(one image)
Clarice Hardmandaughter of Maria Hardman1909491958
Roy Michael Hardmangrand son of Maria Hardman
Albert Hardmanson of Maria Hardman1903691972
Harold Hardmanson of Maria Hardman1901181919
George Hardmanwife of Maria Hardman1876791955
773HardmanMartha Hardmanfirst name on this monument1853681921id: 1188
(one image)
Ann Crompton
Elizabeth Crompton1879791958
William Crompton1856761932
774HardmanSamuel Hardmanfirst name on this monument1882601942id: 1913
(one image)
Amy Hardmanwife of Samuel Hardman1883861969
775HardmanSarah Hardmanfirst name on this monument1804621866id: 184
(one image)
776HardyBenjamin Hardyfirst name on this monument1885611946id: 629
(one image)
Charles Evans
Eve Evans
Elizabeth Mayoh
Maria Mayoh
Mary Ellen Mayoh
Peter Mayoh
Samuel Mayoh
Hannah Hardywife of Benjamin Hardy
777HardyVictor Hardyfirst name on this monument1880471927id: 1178
(2 images)
Edward Hardy
Edward Hardy1911501961
Elizabeth Hardy75
Ellen Hardy
Jean Rycroft Hardy193411935
778HareSusan Jane Harefirst name on this monument1857341891id: 929
(one image)
Olive Louisa Haredaughter of Susan Jane Hare189021892
William Harehusband of Susan Jane Hare
779HargeavesGeorge Hargeavesfirst name on this monument1843661909id: 1627
(one image)
George E Dixon
James Dixon1868671935
Jane Dixon
Mary Dixon1867661933
William Dixon1896211917
Ann Hargeaveswife of George Hargeaves1841731914
780HargreavesCharles Duckitt Hargreavesfirst name on this monument185551860id: 142
(2 images)
Charles Hargreaves1853361889
Charles Duckitt Hargreaves1820561876
781HargreavesElizabeth Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1862591921id: 1224
(one image)
Graves Hargreaveshusband of Elizabeth Hargreaves
William Hargreavesson of Elizabeth Hargreaves1888301918
782HargreavesEsther Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1836711907id: 1565
(one image)
Esther Alice Walsh1883841967
Thomas Walsh1881721953
783HargreavesFrancis William Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1873341907id: 993
(one image)
Florence Adelaide Hargreaveswife of Francis William Hargreaves1872731945
784HargreavesMary Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1872641936id: 1115
(one image)
Robert Hargreaveshusband of Mary Hargreaves1873841957
Mary Naughton1806421848
Michael Naughton
785HargreavesMary Ellen Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1876361912id: 1651
(one image)
Wiinie Hargreavesdaughter of Mary Ellen Hargreaves1907121919
Percy Hargreaveshusband of Mary Ellen Hargreaves1876611937
Ann Hargreaves1922
William Hargreaves1844481892
Frank Hargreavesson of Mary Ellen Hargreaves1902191921
786HargreavesStanley Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1905621967id: 1806
(one image)
Edna Hargreaveswife of Stanley Hargreaves
787HargreavesWilliam Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1832601892id: 2058
(2 images)
Catherine Hargreaves1941
Henrietta Hargreaves1934
788HarleyEdith Alice Harleyfirst name on this monument1879281907id: 1575
(one image)
Ebenezer Gilliway Harleybrother of Edith Alice Harley186051865
John Harleyfather of Edith Alice Harley1840711911
Alice Harleymother of Edith Alice Harley1842801922
789HarlowAlfred Harlowfirst name on this monument1875561931id: 1522
(one image)
Mary Ann Harlowwife of Alfred Harlow
790HarrisDerek Smith Harrisfirst name on this monument1925251950id: 1830
(one image)
Ellis Thomas Harrisfather of Derek Smith Harris1897591956
Gertrude Harrismother of Derek Smith Harris1893671960
791HarrisEdith Ethel Harrisfirst name on this monument1876501926id: 834
(one image)
George Harrishusband of Edith Ethel Harris1856721928
792HarrisonEdna Harrisonfirst name on this monument1919281947id: 1917
(one image)
793HarrisonNellie Harrisonfirst name on this monument1861291890id: 499
(one image)
Robert Harrison1890
794HartCaroline Hartfirst name on this monument1855581913id: 1322
(one image)
Alice May Hartdaughter of Caroline Hart1896291925
Alice Hartdaughter-in-law of Caroline Hart
Robert Harthusband of Caroline Hart1857611918
James Hartson of Caroline Hart1883341917
795HartEdith Hartfirst name on this monument1770511821id: 707
(one image)
Walter Harthusband of Edith Hart1860741934
796HartErnest Hartfirst name on this monument1901491950id: 1995
(one image)
Louisa Hart1904751979
Walter Hart1907681975
797HartFanny Hartfirst name on this monument1892id: 805
(one image)
Robert Harthusband of Fanny Hart
798HartFrederick Hartfirst name on this monument1876421918id: 657
(one image)
Edith Blundell1919181937
Emily Blundell1880771957
Joseph Blundell1921581979
Emily Hart1906
Martha Ann Hartwife of Frederick Hart
799HartGeorge Hartfirst name on this monument1874681942id: 1948
(one image)
Agnes Annie Hartwife of George Hart1881771958
800HartIsaac Hartfirst name on this monument1848681916id: 782
(one image)
Isaac Hartson of Isaac Hart1886661952
James Hartson of Isaac Hart1893241917
Richard Hartson of Isaac Hart1881471928
Thomas Hartson of Isaac Hart1874211895
Sarah Hartwife of Isaac Hart1849721921

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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