St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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601FletcherHayley Louise Fletcherfirst name on this monument1987id: 19051073

602FletcherJames Fletcherfirst name on this monument1837271864id: 3391086
Mary Ellen Fletcherdaughter of James Fletcher1852141866 d of James and Sarah
Mary Handleysister of James Fletcher1814701884 sister
Ellen Mooresister of James Fletcher1836811917 sister
Sarah Fletcherwife of James Fletcher1832331865 w of James

603FletcherJane Fletcherfirst name on this monument1882id: 48810731d of George and Jane
George Fletcherfather of Jane Fletcher1843531896
Jane Fletchermother of Jane Fletcher1844721916 w of George

604FletcherJohn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1914631977id: 15241073
Michelle Fletcher195671963

605FletcherThomas Fletcherfirst name on this monument1841281869id: 25510781
James Fletcherson of Thomas Fletcher1867 s of Thomas
Fletcherwife of Thomas Fletcher1865 w of Thomas

606FletcherWilliam Fletcherfirst name on this monument1918771995id: 18281121
Simon Wysocki1972241996

607FlitcroftJohn Willie Lancaster Flitcroftfirst name on this monument1886151901id: 11951121s of Wm and Emily Lancaster
William Flitcroftfather of John Willie Lancaster Flitcroft
Emily Lancaster Flitcroftmother of John Willie Lancaster Flitcroft1860471907 w of Wm

608FlitcroftJoseph Flitcroftfirst name on this monument1806751881id: 40011053
Joseph Parkinsonson-in-law of Joseph Flitcroft1836621898 sil
Mary Flitcroftwife of Joseph Flitcroft1810911901

609FloydAnnie Floydfirst name on this monument1925561981id: 17751074

610FoggElizabeth Foggfirst name on this monument186111862id: 36510861age 1y 2m - d of John and Caroline
Thomas Foggbrother of Elizabeth Fogg1875 age 3m - s of John and Caroline
John Foggfather of Elizabeth Fogg
Caroline Foggmother of Elizabeth Fogg
Mary Fogg
Walter Fogg1890 age 10m - s of John and Mary
Alice Foggsister of Elizabeth Fogg1875 age 3m - d of John and Caroline

611FoggNancy Foggfirst name on this monument1813621875id: 49810782w of Thomas
Thomas Fogghusband of Nancy Fogg1802741876
Jane Fogg1846801926 Jane w of Tho
Thomas Fogg1745761821

612FoggPeter Foggfirst name on this monument1855521907id: 157111111h of Elizabeth Ellen
Elizabeth Foggdaughter of Peter Fogg1884701954 d of Peter and Elizabeth Ellen
Mary Alice Foggdaughter of Peter Fogg1888641952 d of Peter and Elizabeth Ellen
Elizabeth Ellen Foggwife of Peter Fogg1855651920 w of Peter

613FoggWilliam Foggfirst name on this monument1872671939id: 141710671
Mary Ann Foggwife of William Fogg1869851954 w of William

614FoleyArthur Henry Foleyfirst name on this monument1915621977id: 181011382h of Hazel
Hazel Foleywife of Arthur Henry Foley1921822003 w of Arthur Henry

615FollittMiles Follittfirst name on this monument1852361888id: 5761074
Hannah Follittwife of Miles Follitt1856521908

616ForrestAnn Forrestfirst name on this monument1822551877id: 3941103w of John
John Forresthusband of Ann Forrest1824751899
Alice Forrestsecond wife of husband of Ann Forrest1837681905 w of John

617ForrestEsther Heelis Forrestfirst name on this monument1840211861id: 3121078d of Sylvester and Mgt
Sylvester Forrestfather of Esther Heelis Forrest
Margaret Forrestmother of Esther Heelis Forrest
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618ForrestGeorge Arthur Forrestfirst name on this monument1876id: 4521087age 4m - s of Wm and Ellen

619FosterJames Bridge Fosterfirst name on this monument1887571944id: 19981079
Frank Bottoms1886611947 h of Lillian
Lillian Bottoms1890721962 w of Frank
Mary Fosterwife of James Bridge Foster1891801971 w of James

620FosterMargaret Fosterfirst name on this monument1896551951id: 17361073
Nathan Fosterhusband of Margaret Foster1888701958 h of Margaret

621FranceJames Francefirst name on this monument1875711946id: 17261073h of Mary
Mary Francewife of James France1886661952

622FranceJames Thomas Francefirst name on this monument1884641948id: 18681079
Ronald Franceson of James Thomas France191011911 age 15m

623FranceJane Francefirst name on this monument1816id: 2671083w of John
Clarinda Francedaughter of Jane France1800161816 d of John and Jane
Sarah Francedaughter of Jane France d of John and Jane
John Francehusband of Jane France
Mary Francesecond wife of husband of Jane France w of John

624FranceJesse Francefirst name on this monument1806871893id: 351086
Daniel France
George France1905 age 8d - inf s of Daniel and Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann France
Thomas Franceson of Jesse France1854211875 s of Jesse
Mary Francewife of Jesse France1810801890 w of Jesse

625FranceJesse Francefirst name on this monument1806871893id: 3881098
Daniel Markland
George Henry Markland1905 age 8d - s of Daniel and Sarah
Sarah Markland
Thomas Franceson of Jesse France1854211875 s of Jesse
Mary Francewife of Jesse France1810801890 w of Jesse

626FranceMary Francefirst name on this monument1830671897id: 7921233
Margaret Ann Dawsondaughter of Mary France1904 d of Mary and w of Benjamin Dawson
John Forrester Craig1836601896
Mary Hulme Craig1842641906
Samuel Crompton1852491901
Arthur Hulme1942
George F Hulme1933
Sylvester Hulme1871231894
Benjamin Dawsonson-in-law of Mary France

627FranceWilliam Francefirst name on this monument1885id: 271085age 7w - s of James and Sarah
James Francebrother of William France1879131892 s of James and Sarah
James Francefather of William France1846681914
Sarah Francemother of William France1851641915 w of James
Ethel Francesister of William France188921891 d of James and Sarah

628FranksMary Elizabeth Franksfirst name on this monument1805901895id: 6681102
Amelia Franks1864461910
Clara Morgan Franks1896131909

629FrodshamFred Frodshamfirst name on this monument1896id: 7211088age 10w - s of Dan and Hannah
Dan Frodshamfather of Fred Frodsham1848711919 h of Hannah
Hannah Frodshammother of Fred Frodsham1851621913
Jane Alice Entwistle1875261901 w of Thomas
Thomas Entwistle
Elizabeth Hannah Frodshamsister of Fred Frodsham190421906 d of Dan and Hannah
Ellen Frodshamsister of Fred Frodsham1895111906 d of Dan and Hannah
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630FrostAlfred Frostfirst name on this monument1871391910id: 16261085h of Isabella
Isabella Frostwife of Alfred Frost1871621933 w of Alfred

631FrowMartha Frowfirst name on this monument1835681903id: 100510721w of George
George Frowhusband of Martha Frow1823831906

632GabrielRachel Ann Gabrielfirst name on this monument1863541917id: 80011011
William Gabrielhusband of Rachel Ann Gabriel1862571919 h of Rachel
Paul Gabrielson of Rachel Ann Gabriel1893251918 s of Rachel

633GambleHenry Gamblefirst name on this monument1851791930id: 8271069
Henry D B Gamble1890611951
Marion Jane Gamblewife of Henry Gamble1852771929 w of Henry

634GarnettMarianne Garnettfirst name on this monumentid: 11431088
Nellie Morgandaughter of Marianne Garnett1874791953
Doris Morgangrand daughter of Marianne Garnett1911101921 d of Wm and Nellie
Garnettgrand son of Marianne Garnett Welsh Regt killed in action France
William Morganson-in-law of Marianne Garnett1875671942 sil and h of Nellie

635GarstangJohn Garstangfirst name on this monument1815641879id: 6021073
Betsy Garstangdaughter of John Garstang1852841936 d of John and Elizabeth
Thomas Garstangson of John Garstang1857311888 s of John and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Garstangwife of John Garstang1819591878 w of John

636GeorgeEdith Georgefirst name on this monument1908151923id: 9091073d of Thomas and Ellen
Thomas William Georgefather of Edith George1863661929
Ellen Georgemother of Edith George1865771942 w of Thomas
Sarah Jane George1898371935

637GerrardElizabeth Gerrardfirst name on this monument1853581911id: 15581105w of lat Richard
Richard Gerrardhusband of Elizabeth Gerrard1854381892 h of Elizabeth
Emily Gerrard
Thomas Gerrard1881371918 h of Emily
Henry Stocks1885811966 h of Emily

638GibbonJames Harries Gibbonfirst name on this monument1843721915id: 26
(2 images)
Frances Hawkinsgrand daughter of James Harries Gibbon185111852 died 13.02.1852 aged 14m
Ann Jervis Gibbon1890

639GibbonsDorothy Beech Gibbonsfirst name on this monument192811929id: 83311201age 1y 8m - d of Frederick and Ethel
Frederick Barnes Gibbonsfather of Dorothy Beech Gibbons1897771974 h of Ethel
Ethel Gibbonsmother of Dorothy Beech Gibbons1896511947 w of Frederick

640GibbonsIsaac Gibbonsfirst name on this monument1847591906id: 15791088
Alice Gibbonsdaughter-in-law of Isaac Gibbons1872671939 w of John Jameson
Herbert Gibbonsgrand son of Isaac Gibbons1891211912 s of John and Alice and gs of Isaac
John Jameson Gibbonsson of Isaac Gibbons1872851957 h of Alice
Ann Gibbonswife of Isaac Gibbons1849731922 w of Isaac

641GibsonJames Gibsonfirst name on this monument1895561951id: 17921136
Bertha Rushtondaughter of James Gibson2000 w of Harold
Harold Rushtonson-in-law of James Gibson1914641978 sil of James and Bertha and H of Bertha
Bertha Gibsonwife of James Gibson1890871977 w of James

642GibsonKenneth Burton Gibsonfirst name on this monument1915882003id: 19601091

643GillLouisa Gillfirst name on this monument1864901954id: 17331069

644GillibrandMary Elizabeth Gillibrandfirst name on this monument1920671987id: 169310821
Percy Gillibrandhusband of Mary Elizabeth Gillibrand1919701989

645GillibrandThomas Gillibrandfirst name on this monument1885421927id: 8201087
Elizabeth Alice Gillibrand1907271934
Unknown Gillibrand1927 infant
Arthur Gillibrandson of Thomas Gillibrand1921 age 4m - s of Thomas and Elizabeth Alice
Thomas Gillibrandson of Thomas Gillibrand191811919 age 14m - s of Thomas and Elizabeth Alice
Elizabeth Alice Gillibrandwife of Thomas Gillibrand1887851972 w of Thomas
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646GlassbrookEllen Glassbrookfirst name on this monument1872741946id: 19701080
John Glassbrookhusband of Ellen Glassbrook1868911959 h of Ellen

647GleavesJane Gleavesfirst name on this monument1859651924id: 16401088w of James
James Gleaveshusband of Jane Gleaves1859851944 h of Jane

648GleavesRobert Gleavesfirst name on this monument1842781920id: 16631083
Howard Gleavesson of Robert Gleaves s of Robert and mary Emma
Mary Emma Gleaveswife of Robert Gleaves1844881932

649GlendenningRobert Glendenningfirst name on this monument1888521940id: 6010751
Hannah Glendenningwife of Robert Glendenning1888741962

650GloverAlice Gloverfirst name on this monument1866591925id: 13391091w of George
George Gloverhusband of Alice Glover1948

651GloverAlice Gloverfirst name on this monument1920802000id: 20251084
Norman Glover

652GloverHelen Gloverfirst name on this monument1836241860id: 2441067d of Henry and Elizabeth
Henry Gloverfather of Helen Glover1803651868 Solicitor
Elizabeth Glovermother of Helen Glover1801791880

653GloverIsaac Gloverfirst name on this monument1859421901id: 11921082h of Martha
Florence Colley
Gladys Colley191211913 age 1y 3m - d of Thomas and Florence
Thomas Colley
Matthew Glover1863651928
Martha Gloverwife of Isaac Glover

654GloverJames Gloverfirst name on this monument1873631936id: 13371078h of Rachel
Rachel Gloverwife of James Glover1946

655GoodrickPooley King Goodrickfirst name on this monument1854681922id: 206610691

656GoodwinAlice Goodwinfirst name on this monument1862521914id: 15931102
Mary Ann Stirrup1869561925 w of Thomas Arthur
Thomas Arthur Stirrup

657GothEdna Gothfirst name on this monument1913201933id: 12610831d of Wm and Bertha
William Gothfather of Edna Goth
Bertha Gothmother of Edna Goth1884771961
Charlie Atherton
Mildred Atherton
Neville R Atherton1934742008

658GoughWilliam Goughfirst name on this monument1844461890id: 8121162
Thomas Pricegrand son of William Gough190221904 gs of Wm and Alice
Hannah Goughson of William Gough1875611936 s of William and Alice
Joe Goughson of William Gough1883121895 s of William and Alice
Alice Goughwife of William Gough1849491898 w of William

659GouldingAda Gouldingfirst name on this monument1894171911id: 139711131d of Joseph and Alice
John Gouldingbrother of Ada Goulding1891211912 s of Joseph and Alice
Alice Gouldingmother of Ada Goulding1870441914 w of Joseph
Joseph Goulding1924 s of Joseph and Florence Olive
Joseph Goulding1869741943 h of Martha
Martha Goulding1880791959
Florence Hilda Lewisniece of Ada Goulding1924 age 9m - gd of Joseph and Alice

660GowerRobert Lees Gowerfirst name on this monument1871171888id: 4710921s of James and Martha
James Gowerfather of Robert Lees Gower1831841915
Martha Gowermother of Robert Lees Gower1831591890

661GradwellAlbert Edward Gradwellfirst name on this monument1869431912id: 21201083
Elsie Gradwell1898691967 w of Frank
Frank Gradwell1901851986
Sarah Gradwellwife of Albert Edward Gradwell1873411914 w of Albert Edward
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662GradwellHerbert Gradwellfirst name on this monument1890131903id: 131410981age 13y 7m - s of Jonathan and Mary Jane
Jonathan Gradwellfather of Herbert Gradwell1851801931
Mary Jane Gradwellmother of Herbert Gradwell1855701925 w of Jonathan
Elsie Bullough1895821977 SIster to Herbert, daughter of Jonathan & Mary Jane

663GradwellMaria Gradwellfirst name on this monument1852561908id: 209011091w of Thomas
Thomas Gradwellhusband of Maria Gradwell1845811926
James Ainsworth1874871961
Martha Emily Ainsworth1873821955 d of Thomas and w of James
Mary Gradwell1918 w of Thomas, second wife of Thomas after Maria's death

664GradwellSarah Gradwellfirst name on this monument1881311912id: 132010951w of Joseph
Annie Unsworthdaughter of Sarah Gradwell1816771893 d of Joseph and Elizabeth, b 25 Oct 1916, died 14 May 1993
Joseph Gradwellhusband of Sarah Gradwell1880871967
Elizabeth Gradwellsecond wife of husband of Sarah Gradwell1888401928 w of Joseph

665GrangeSarah Grangefirst name on this monument1779771856id: 1891089w of Charles
Ann Grangedaughter of Sarah Grange1819761895 d of Charles and Sarah
Mary Grangedaughter of Sarah Grange1817751892 d of Charles and Sarah
Charles Grangehusband of Sarah Grange1794771871

666GravesEsther Gravesfirst name on this monument1845501895id: 129310881nee Sanderson w of Thomas
Thomas Graveshusband of Esther Graves
James Crosthwaite Gravesson of Esther Graves1883301913 s of Thomas and Esther
John Percival Gravesson of Esther Graves1873421915 s of Thomas and Esther
Thomas Gravesson of Esther Graves1843761919 h of Esther
William Arthur Gravesson of Esther Graves1879411920 s of Thomas and Esther

667GrayWilliam Grayfirst name on this monument1852541906id: 10741084h of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Jane Whittleadopted daughter of William Gray1864521916 adopted d of Wm and Elzbth
Mary Graymother of William Gray1832771909 m of William
John Gray Hartshorn1921161937 walter and Emma
Thomas Grayson of William Gray1875431918 s of Wm and Elizbth
Elizabeth Graywife of William Gray1852671919 w of William

668GraysonAlfred Graysonfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 17561078
Hilda Marinerdaughter of Alfred Grayson1906901996
Charlotte Graysonwife of Alfred Grayson1883831966

669GraysonWalter Graysonfirst name on this monumentid: 17551066

670GreenAlice Greenfirst name on this monument1835311866id: 3531073w of Daniel
Daniel Greenhusband of Alice Green1836641900 h of Mary Ann
John Robert Greenson of Alice Green1870 age 12d - s of Daniel and Alice
Mary Alice Greenson of Alice Green1870 age 3m - s of Daniel and Alice
William Greenson of Alice Green186751872 s of Daniel and Alice
Mary Ann Greensecond wife of husband of Alice Green1835651900 w of Daniel

671GreenAlice Greenfirst name on this monument1830671897id: 7201084
Elizabeth Agnes Greendaughter of Alice Green1889621951 d of Absolem and Alice
Absolem Greenhusband of Alice Green1838601898 h of Alice
William Greenson of Alice Green1860411901 s of Absolem and Alice

672GreenEsther Greenfirst name on this monument1801501851id: 2801088w of Ralph
Margaret Pendleburydaughter of Esther Green1810541864 d of Ralph and Esther
Ralph Greenhusband of Esther Green

673GreenFrank Greenfirst name on this monument1935id: 7581067
Mary Greenwife of Frank Green1771751846 w of Frank

674GreenGeorge Greenfirst name on this monument1852711923id: 8361093
Mary Ellen Greenwife of George Green1856681924 w of George

675GreenGrace Greenfirst name on this monument1812771889id: 2291071
Jane Nightingale1818681886
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676GreenIsaac Greenfirst name on this monument1821441865id: 2841072
Emma Greendaughter of Isaac Green d of Isaac
Ann Green1814571871 w of Nathaniel
Nathaniel Green1734731807
Richard Greenson of Isaac Green s of Isaac
Thomas Greenson of Isaac Green s of Isaac
William Greenson of Isaac Green s of Isaac

677GreenWalter Greenfirst name on this monument1881681949no image1069
John Foster Green1905491954
Alice Greenwife of Walter Green1882751957

678GreenhalghAda Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1875271902id: 12721075w of Henry
Henry Greenhalghhusband of Ada Greenhalgh1874681942 h of Betsy
Betsy Greenhalghsecond wife of husband of Ada Greenhalgh1882781960 w of Henry

679GreenhalghHarold Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1902631965id: 18511077
Sarah Greenhalgh1893761969

680GreenhalghJacob Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1837581895id: 37411191
Sarah Elizabeth Greenhalghdaughter of Jacob Greenhalgh1887 age 14d - d of Jacob and Elizabeth
Alice Greenhalgh1816701886
Ralph Greenhalghson of Jacob Greenhalgh1870451915 s of Jacob and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Greenhalghwife of Jacob Greenhalgh1838821920

681GreenhalghJames Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1867651932id: 72211671
Sarah Jane Greenhalghwife of James Greenhalgh1869861955

682GreenhalghJoseph Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1867761943id: 171711291
Gladys Gaca
Joseph Andrzej Gaca1911781989 h of Gladys
Lilly Greenhalghwife of Joseph Greenhalgh1868921960 w of Joseph

683GreenhalghMargaret Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1838581896id: 6621143w of Isaac
Martha A Greenhalghdaughter of Margaret Greenhalgh1866741940 d of Isaac and Mgt
Isaac Greenhalghhusband of Margaret Greenhalgh1840651905
James Morris1886351921 h of Mary
Mary Morris

684GreenhalghMaria Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1853591912id: 155510802w of Ellis
Ellis Greenhalghhusband of Maria Greenhalgh1863591922

685GreenhalghMary Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1863601923id: 20671109
Robert Greenhalgh1856681924

686GreenhalghMary Ann Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1869741943id: 15891089w of Richard
Richard Greenhalghhusband of Mary Ann Greenhalgh

687GreenhalghPhilip Hawksworth Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1873291902id: 147111071h of Edith Lily and s of John and Rachel
John Greenhalghfather of Philip Hawksworth Greenhalgh1846771923
Rachel Greenhalghmother of Philip Hawksworth Greenhalgh1844611905
Edith Lily Greenhalghwife of Philip Hawksworth Greenhalgh
Elizabeth Greenhalghsecond wife of father of Philip Hawksworth Greenhalgh1845681913 w of John

688GreenhalghRichard Greenhalghfirst name on this monumentid: 28511421
Elizabeth Greenhalghdaughter of Richard Greenhalgh
Mary Greenhalghdaughter of Richard Greenhalgh
Thomas Greenhalghson of Richard Greenhalgh
Catherine Greenhalghwife of Richard Greenhalgh

689GreenhalghRobert Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1827721899id: 105710801h of Ellen
Eliza Greenhalghdaughter of Robert Greenhalgh1870631933 d of Rbt and Ellen
Mary Greenhalghdaughter of Robert Greenhalgh1856751931 d of Rbt and Ellen
Ellen Greenhalghwife of Robert Greenhalgh1833741907
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690GreenhalghSimon Hilton Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1876631939id: 6211066

691GreenhalghWilliam Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1888711959id: 18031086h of Gertrude
Gertude Greenhalghwife of William Greenhalgh1886841970 w of William

692GreenhalghWilliam Greenhalghfirst name on this monument1860431903id: 147411311h of Ruth
Ann Clowes1835891924
Ruth Greenhalghwife of William Greenhalgh1863781941 w of William

693GreenhaughBenjamin Greenhaughfirst name on this monument1874571931id: 16021085h of Annie
Alice Greenhaugh1877621939
Annie Greenhaughwife of Benjamin Greenhaugh

694GreenhaughMary Jane Greenhaughfirst name on this monument1848631911id: 13421084w of James
James Greenhaughhusband of Mary Jane Greenhaugh1850761926 h of Mary and Mary Louisa
Mary Louisa Greenhaughsecond wife of husband of Mary Jane Greenhaugh1866951961 w of James

695GreenhaulghEllen Greenhaulghfirst name on this monument1858771935id: 15421079w of Edwin
Edwin Greenhaulghhusband of Ellen Greenhaulgh1858811939 h of Ellen
Ethel Calderbank1966

696GreenleesThomas Greenleesfirst name on this monument1865841949id: 183710761
Sarah Jane Greenleeswife of Thomas Greenlees1880851965 w of Thomas

697GreenshawJohn Greenshawfirst name on this monument1875id: 4471132
Sophia Openshaw1852581910 w of W A
William Ashworth Openshaw1914 h of Sophia
Harriet Greenshawwife of John Greenshaw1828661894 w of John

698GreensmithWilliam Greensmithfirst name on this monument1793591852id: 2201095

699GreenwoodJane Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1826781904id: 123312141
Mary Ann Sumnerdaughter of Jane Greenwood1860421902 d of Jane
Hannah Brown1859831942
Ann Fogg1855631918 w of James
James Fogg

700GreenwoodWalter Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1859641923id: 704
(2 images)
10961h of Elizabeth
Basil Crowther1885841969 h of Lucy Ellen
Donald Crowther1921231944 s of Basil and Lucy
Lucy Ellen Crowther1889721961 w of Basil
Florence Margaret Greenwood1843881931 w of Harry
Harry F Greenwood1888651953
Elizabeth Greenwoodwife of Walter Greenwood1857781935 w of Walter

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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