St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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1701SmethhurstJohn Thomas Smethhurstfirst name on this monument1861751936id: 15271089h of Alice
James Sewartgrand son of John Thomas Smethhurst1924201944 gson of John Thomas and Alice
Harry Vauseson-in-law of John Thomas Smethhurst1889591948 sil of John Thomas and Alice
Alice Smethhurstwife of John Thomas Smethhurst1863761939

1702SmethhurstSusan Ellen Smethhurstfirst name on this monument1869511920id: 7481068w of Charles William
Charles William Smethhursthusband of Susan Ellen Smethhurst1869851954
Ethel Smethhurst

1703SmethurstElizabeth Smethurstfirst name on this monument1898781976id: 18091096w of Fred
Fred Smethursthusband of Elizabeth Smethurst1900781978 h of Elizabeth
Gordon James Smethurstson of Elizabeth Smethurst1933752008 s of Fred and Elizabeth

1704SmethurstJames Smethurstfirst name on this monument1919721991id: 18561068h of Florence
Florence Smethurstwife of James Smethurst

1705SmithAlice Ann Smithfirst name on this monument1850471897id: 8761074w of Thomas
Thomas Smithhusband of Alice Ann Smith1853781931 h of Emma
Emma Smithsecond wife of husband of Alice Ann Smith1864871951 w2 of Thomas

1706SmithCharlotte Smithfirst name on this monument1840551895id: 13791074w of John
John Smithhusband of Charlotte Smith1842871929
Nancy Smithson-in-law of Charlotte Smith1853711924 sister of John

1707SmithChristopher Smithfirst name on this monument1840581898id: 14431100h of Sarah
Miriam Alice Dewsnap1898701968 w of William
William Dewsnap1904461950 h of Miriam
Sarah Smithwife of Christopher Smith1859751934 w of Christopher

1708SmithEdward Smithfirst name on this monument1802711873id: 3151127
Margaret Smithdaughter of Edward Smith1861 d of Edw and Hannah
Hannah Cross1820551875 w of Wm Cross
William Cross
Hannah Smithwife of Edward Smith1866 w of Edward

1709SmithEdward Vincent Smithfirst name on this monument1908661974id: 18831087
Annie Bertha Smithsister of Edward Vincent Smith1898771975 sister of edward
Edith L Smithwife of Edward Vincent Smith1912922004 w of Edward Vincent

1710SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1822821904id: 9981088

1711SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1873451918id: 10441083
Arthur Smithhusband of Elizabeth Smith h of Elizabeth

1712SmithEmily Gertrude Smithfirst name on this monument1885621947id: 19541107
Doris Pooledaughter of Emily Gertrude Smith2005 d of Walter and Emily and w of Harry
Walter Smithhusband of Emily Gertrude Smith1881731954 h of Emily
Edith Poole1908962004
Harry Poole1908942002

1713SmithGeoffrey W Smithfirst name on this monument1940481988id: 17651079

1714SmithHannah Smithfirst name on this monument1879761955id: 190410721w of James
James Smithhusband of Hannah Smith1881781959 h of Hannah

1715SmithHannah Smithfirst name on this monument1860761936id: 20281078

1716SmithHannah Smithfirst name on this monument1880id: 4101093w of William
William Smithhusband of Hannah Smith1922
Alice Walmesley
Margaret Walmesley d of Rbt and Alice
Robert Walmesley
Esther Eliza Smithsecond wife of husband of Hannah Smith1841751916 w of William

1717SmithHelen Smithfirst name on this monument1895671962id: 18621071

1718SmithHenry Smithfirst name on this monument1861661927id: 15811093
Catherine Marshdaughter of Henry Smith1882301912 w of Frederick
Stanley Barkessgrand son of Henry Smith1929 age 3w - gs of Henry
Frederick Marshson-in-law of Henry Smith1878641942 h of Catherine
Emma Smithwife of Henry Smith1862791941
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1719SmithIan Roy Smithfirst name on this monument195881966id: 18051079
Eric M Smith1920471967

1720SmithJane Smithfirst name on this monument1849711920id: 6381077
Mary Smithdaughter of Jane Smith1874751949 d of Jane

1721SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1813681881id: 1561087
Helen Smithdaughter of John Smith186111862 d of John

1722SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1835421877id: 4791090h of Eliza
John Powellsecond husband of wife of John Smith1836731909 h of Eliza
Eliza Powellwife of John Smith1845861931 w of John

1723SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1906751981id: 17771070h of Olive
Olive Smithwife of John Smith1904881992 w of John

1724SmithJoseph Smithfirst name on this monument1802571859id: 18310811
Susannah Smithdaughter of Joseph Smith1848221870 d of Joseph and Mary
Mary Smithwife of Joseph Smith1807721879 w of Joseph

1725SmithMargaret Smithfirst name on this monument1826741900id: 14601069w of John
John Smithhusband of Margaret Smith1829871916

1726SmithMary Elizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1873611934id: 76010781w of Adam
Adam Smithhusband of Mary Elizabeth Smith1872751947 h of mary Elizabeth

1727SmithRichard Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1850741924id: 6921071

1728SmithRichard William Allen Smithfirst name on this monument1858641922id: 711
(2 images)
Charles Ernest Mill1863681931 h of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Mill1884441928
George Frederick Smith1878171895
Eliza Smithwife of Richard William Allen Smith1849741923 w of Richard

1729SmithRobert Smithfirst name on this monument1838661904id: 10041073h of Esther
Esther Ann Smithwife of Robert Smith1838691907

1730SmithRosehannah Smithfirst name on this monument1828531881id: 5061076w of Thomas
Rebekkah Smithdaughter of Rosehannah Smith1853641917 d of Thomas and Rosehannah
Thomas Smithhusband of Rosehannah Smith1826791905
George Turner Richardson1853671920
Mary Richardson1850981948 w of George Turner

1731SmithSarah Jane Smithfirst name on this monument1845291874id: 3931081d of John and Alice
John Smithfather of Sarah Jane Smith1807751882
Alice Smithmother of Sarah Jane Smith1817911908 w of John
Alice Smithsister of Sarah Jane Smith1846361882 d of John and Alice

1732SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1896id: 62210991age 4m - s of Adam and Mary Elizabeth
Fred Smithbrother of Thomas Smith1902261928 s of Adam and Mary Elizabeth
Adan Smithfather of Thomas Smith
Mary Elizabeth Smithmother of Thomas Smith
Harry Wood
Phyliss Wood1907251932 w of Harry
Mary Jane Smithsister of Thomas Smith1900191919 d of Adam and Mary Elizabeth

1733SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1848831931id: 13941082
Mary Elizabeth Smithdaughter of Thomas Smith1877261903 d of Thomas and Jane
Thomas Smithson of Thomas Smith1890171907 s of Thomas and Jane
Jane Smithwife of Thomas Smith1855561911 w of Thomas

1734SmithVernon Hesketh Smithfirst name on this monument1903831986id: 18641087
Ethel Smithwife of Vernon Hesketh Smith1908881996 w of Vernon

1735SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1860641924id: 12491073h of Alice
Alice Smithwife of William Smith1869651934

1736SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1888id: 4111096age 4m - s of Wm and Annie
William Smithfather of William Smith
Annie Smithmother of William Smith
Elizabeth Eves
Philmer Eves
Philmer Smith Eves1861721933 s of Philmer and Elizabeth and gs of Wm and Alice
Alice Smith1834841918
Robert Smith1823851908
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1737SouthernElijah Southernfirst name on this monument1855691924id: 7701091
Myra Jane Southernwife of Elijah Southern1855861941 w of Elijah

1738SouthernJames Southernfirst name on this monument1872291901id: 16721088h of Elizabeth
Norman Southern1917
Elizabeth Southernwife of James Southern1882871969 w of James

1739SouthernPercy Southernfirst name on this monument1886641950id: 183210931
Irene Alice Southerndaughter of Percy Southern1911861997
Steven John Southerngrand son of Percy Southern1951 age 3m
Elizabeth Southernwife of Percy Southern1887931980

1740SouthernPercy Southernfirst name on this monumentid: 6991079
Alice Southern

1741SouthworthElizabeth Ann Southworthfirst name on this monument187341877id: 20501120age 4y 11m - d of Ralph and Mary Ann
Ralph Southworthfather of Elizabeth Ann Southworth1846661912
Mary Ann Southworthmother of Elizabeth Ann Southworth1845751920 wid of Robert
Elizabeth Ann Southworth1820771897

1742SparlingThomas Henry Sparlingfirst name on this monument189961905id: 13641088age 6y 9m - s of Fanny
James Henry Sparlingfather of Thomas Henry Sparling1859471906
Fanny Sparlingmother of Thomas Henry Sparling1861821943 w of James Henry

1743SpelziniMay Spelzinifirst name on this monument1915661981id: 18531075
Frederick Charles Spelzinihusband of May Spelzini1915671982 h of May

1744SpencerClara Emma Spencerfirst name on this monument1862481910id: 145110921
Ada Carlderbank1889961985
Ralph Carlderbank1883721955

1745SpencerSarah Spencerfirst name on this monument1884931977id: 18191076

1746SpringHarold Springfirst name on this monument189111892id: 9311070age 1y 7m - s of Sydney Herbert and Alice
Sydney Herbert Springfather of Harold Spring
Alice Springmother of Harold Spring

1747StaceyWilliam Edgar Staceyfirst name on this monument185991868id: 20291113s of Edmund James and Henrietta
Edmund James Staceyfather of William Edgar Stacey
Henrietta Staceymother of William Edgar Stacey

1748StaffordHannah Staffordfirst name on this monument1846671913id: 16171100w of John
Nancy Stafforddaughter of Hannah Stafford1873631936 d of John and Hannah
John Staffordhusband of Hannah Stafford1847691916 h of Hannah

1749StanleyBradshaw Dymond Stanleyfirst name on this monument1863611924id: 6911084
Edward Stanleyson of Bradshaw Dymond Stanley1895211916 s of Bradshaw and Agnes
Agnes Stanleywife of Bradshaw Dymond Stanley1868811949 w of Bradshaw

1750StanleyCatherine J P Fiske Stanleyfirst name on this monument1897561953id: 19591144
Cyril George Stanleygrand son of Catherine J P Fiske Stanley gs of Wm and Catherine
Duncan Edward Stanleygrand son of Catherine J P Fiske Stanley gs of Wm and Catherine
William Stanleyhusband of Catherine J P Fiske Stanley1898561954 h of Catherine
Margaret M Fiske2010

1751StanleyHilda Stanleyfirst name on this monument1892731965id: 14061107
William Marsh80
Hannah Jordansister of Hilda Stanley1883601943 sister of Hilda
Annie Marshsister of Hilda Stanley sister of Hilda
Alice Hales Stanleysister of Hilda Stanley1875461921 sister of Hilda

1752StanningElizabeth Stanningfirst name on this monument1912521964id: 416
(2 images)
Elizabeth Henrietta Stanningdaughter of Elizabeth Stanning1838331871 d of John and Elizabeth
John Stanninghusband of Elizabeth Stanning1806681874

1753StanningHerbert Dutton Stanningfirst name on this monument1914id: 159111381
Emma Stanningmother of Herbert Dutton Stanning1928 mother of Herbert
Richard Carter Stanning1935 h of Rosanah
Rosanah Stanning
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1754StanningJoseph Heaton Stanningfirst name on this monument1835721907id: 136
(3 images)
Mary Henrietta Stanningdaughter of Joseph Heaton Stanning1875341909 d of Joseph and Mary
Elizabeth Stanning1812521864 w of John
Elizabeth Henrietta Stanning1838331871 d of John and Elizabeth
John Stanning1906681974
Mary Stanningwife of Joseph Heaton Stanning

1755StantonThomas N Stantonfirst name on this monument1910881998id: 17321072

1756StephensonAnnie Stephensonfirst name on this monument1874541928id: 11281090w of Sam
Eva Lily Stephensondaughter of Annie Stephenson1906 age 5w
Sam Stephensonhusband of Annie Stephenson1771741845 w of Eliza and late Annie
Walter Stephensonson of Annie Stephenson1899201919 s of Sam and Annie
Eliza Stephensonsecond wife of husband of Annie Stephenson

1757StephensonErnest Stephensonfirst name on this monument187811879id: 6091104s of Wm and Mgt
Norman Stephensonbrother of Ernest Stephenson188711888 age 1y 9m - s of Wm and Mgt
William Henry Stephensonbrother of Ernest Stephenson1877451922 s of Wm and Mgt
William Stephensonfather of Ernest Stephenson1851521903
Margaret Stephensonmother of Ernest Stephenson1847751922 w of Wm

1758StephensonLincoln Stephensonfirst name on this monument29id: 12911086
Emma Stephensondaughter of Lincoln Stephenson3 d of Lincoln
James Stephenson1826751901
Louisa Stephenson1870651935
Martha Stephenson1831751906 w of James

1759SteptoeIsobel Steptoefirst name on this monument1884161900id: 11351069d of George and Annie
George Steptoefather of Isobel Steptoe
Annie Steptoemother of Isobel Steptoe

1760StewardElizabeth Alice Stewardfirst name on this monument1878661944id: 19491076w of John William
Mary Alice Stewarddaughter of Elizabeth Alice Steward1892621954 d of John Wm and Elizabeth Alice
John William Stewardhusband of Elizabeth Alice Steward1878371915 h of Elizabeth Alice

1761StewartMary Ann Stewartfirst name on this monument1868731941id: 6561071
William Stewartfather of Mary Ann Stewart1868501918 father of Mary Ann

1762StilwellEdward John Stilwellfirst name on this monument1916801996id: 74310781
Lilian Stilwell1931802011

1763StokesElizabeth Ann Stokesfirst name on this monument1857661923id: 14181081w of George Stephen
George Stephen Stokeshusband of Elizabeth Ann Stokes1856731929
Mary Stokesson-in-law of Elizabeth Ann Stokes1855701925 sister of George

1764StoneHarry Greenhalgh Stonefirst name on this monumentid: 10861167h of Alice
Alice Stonewife of Harry Greenhalgh Stone

1765StonesJames Stonesfirst name on this monument1934662000id: 1111113
Sylvia Wolstencroft Stoneswife of James Stones1941592000

1766StonesMarian Stonesfirst name on this monument1898id: 10081133age 8m - d of Edmund and Mary
Edmund Stonesfather of Marian Stones
Mary Stonesmother of Marian Stones1871471918 w of Edmund
Harriet Morris1874771951 w of Philip
Philip Hornby Morris1874681942 h of Harriet

1767StonesMary Jane Stonesfirst name on this monument1881691950id: 18291092
Charles William Stoneshusband of Mary Jane Stones1884761960 h of Mary Jane

1768StottPercy Stottfirst name on this monument1867631930id: 1201088
Louisa Roberta Stottwife of Percy Stott1866831949 w of Percy

1769StottinElizabeth Stottinfirst name on this monument1840371877id: 3761080
Alice Stottin1844711915
Oliver Stottin1839661905
Oliver Stottin1878561934
Sarah Stottin1817741891
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1770StreddarWalter Streddarfirst name on this monument1877831960id: 18341079
Isabella Streddardaughter of Walter Streddar1999
Jane Streddarwife of Walter Streddar1869841953

1771StreetLouise Emma Streetfirst name on this monument1856541910id: 20971087
Emma Taylorniece of Louise Emma Street1869681937 d of Eliza
Eliza Taylorsister of Louise Emma Street1848851933 sister of Louise

1772StrickletonAnn Strickletonfirst name on this monument1841531894id: 20551073w of John
Thomas Strickletonhusband of Ann Strickleton

1773StringerGeorge Stringerfirst name on this monument1852401892id: 8681101
Mary Ann Stringerdaughter-in-law of George Stringer1883591942 w of William
William Stringerson of George Stringer1880771957
Elizabeth Stringerwife of George Stringer1854671921

1774StringerJames Stringerfirst name on this monument1822621884id: 5711132
Elizabeth Partington1870711941 d of Thomas and Ruth
Ruth Partington1844621906
Thomas Partington1845621907 h of Ruth
Elizabeth Stringerwife of James Stringer1820781898 w of James

1775StubbsAnnie Ella May Stubbsfirst name on this monument1878id: 3911077age 7m - d of Thomas Orson and Annie Elizabeth
Thomas Orson Stubbsfather of Annie Ella May Stubbs1838761914
Annie Elizabeth Stubbsmother of Annie Ella May Stubbs1851701921

1776SturlandThomas Sturlandfirst name on this monument1884591943id: 17081078
Thomas Henry Sturland1915671982
Elizabeth Sturlandwife of Thomas Sturland1882821964 w of Thomas

1777SuttonElizabeth Suttonfirst name on this monument1806671873id: 2091084

1778SuttonMaria Suttonfirst name on this monument1823431866id: 3521119w of Thomas
Thomas Suttonhusband of Maria Sutton1820641884
John Thomas Suttonson of Maria Sutton1848181866 s of Tho and Maria
Mary Suttonsecond wife of husband of Maria Sutton1833641897 w of Thomas

1779SwailesEthel Swailesfirst name on this monument1892101902id: 5221085d of Charlotte
Thomas Swailesfather of Ethel Swailes
Charlotte Swailesmother of Ethel Swailes1851811932 w of Thomas
Elizabeth Ann Swailessister of Ethel Swailes1874681942 d of Thomas and Charlotte
Mary Alice Swailessister of Ethel Swailes1878891967 d of Charlotte

1780SwiftAlice Swiftfirst name on this monument1824611885id: 5541090

1781SwiftElizabeth Swiftfirst name on this monument1851651916id: 9151146
Henry Swifthusband of Elizabeth Swift1940 age 1886 - h of Elizabeth

1782SyddallThomas Syddallfirst name on this monument1816701886id: 781104
Gertrude Syddallgrand daughter of Thomas Syddall188731890 gd of Thomas
Thomas Syddallson of Thomas Syddall1863431906 s of Thomas
Nancy Syddallwife of Thomas Syddall1821781899 w of Thomas

1783SykesNorman Sykesfirst name on this monument1899id: 6191077age 6m
George Sykesfather of Norman Sykes1860811941 f of Norman and h of Martha
Martha Sykesmother of Norman Sykes

1784TaggartGeorge Taggartfirst name on this monument1840761916id: 91411241
Ann Scott Scott-Taggartdaughter of George Taggart1863611924 w of Wm Scott
William Scott Scott-Taggartson-in-law of George Taggart1865721937
Lydia Taggartwife of George Taggart1842741916 w of George

1785TattonJoseph Tattonfirst name on this monument1845761921id: 5441079
Sarah Ann Tattonwife of Joseph Tatton1846901936

1786TattonSamuel Tattonfirst name on this monument1840731913id: 12591085
Ellen Tattondaughter-in-law of Samuel Tatton1882951977
Hilda Tattondaughter-in-law of Samuel Tatton1994
Harold Tattonson of Samuel Tatton1910851995
Walter Tattonson of Samuel Tatton1877461923
Helen Tattonwife of Samuel Tatton1843861929
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1787Taylor Taylorfirst name on this monument95id: 4351152
Mary Elizabeth Taylorwife of Taylor1805851890

1788TaylorBetty Taylorfirst name on this monument1780741854id: 4591097
Alice Duxbury1798821880
Mary Ann Morris1902231925 w of Albert
Ann Taylor1863801943 w of Thomas
Mary Taylor1889 d of Thomas and Ann
Richard Taylor1883 age 6m - s of Thomas and Ann
Thomas Taylor1861641925
Thomas David Taylor1897211918 s of Thomas and Ann

1789TaylorCharles Harold Taylorfirst name on this monument1899171916id: 9671073

1790TaylorDorothy Olive Taylorfirst name on this monument1912761988id: 19611088
William Taylor1915912006

1791TaylorEleanor Taylorfirst name on this monument1818571875id: 4651091w of Matthew
Mary Jane Taylordaughter of Eleanor Taylor1846641910 d of Matthew and Eleanor
Sarah Ellen Taylordaughter of Eleanor Taylor1857601917 d of Matthew and Eleanor
Frances Taylordaughter-in-law of Eleanor Taylor
Elizabeth Taylorgrand daughter of Eleanor Taylor inf d of John and Frances
Matthew Taylorhusband of Eleanor Taylor1809721881
James Taylorson of Eleanor Taylor1850581908 s of Matthew and Eleanor
John Taylorson of Eleanor Taylor1855491904 s of Matthew and Eleanor
Matthew Taylorson of Eleanor Taylor1848531901 s of Matthew and Eleanor

1792TaylorElizabeth Taylorfirst name on this monument1836561892id: 8711073w of Samuel
Samuel Taylorhusband of Elizabeth Taylor1836621898 h of Elizabeth
John Taylorson of Elizabeth Taylor1861431904 s of Samuel and Elizabeth and h of Mary Elizabeth
Sam Taylorson of Elizabeth Taylor1899 age 8d - s of Samuel and Elizabeth

1793TaylorEllis Taylorfirst name on this monument189121893id: 8531088s of Ellis and mary
Mary Taylorfather of Ellis Taylor1866651931 w of Ellis
Ellis Taylormother of Ellis Taylor1863611924 h of mary

1794TaylorEmma Taylorfirst name on this monument1841541895id: 14641089w of Thomas
Elizabeth Mellordaughter of Emma Taylor1868721940 d of Thomas and Emma Edward Tyson
Alice Taylordaughter of Emma Taylor1872231895 d of Thomas and Emma
Thomas Taylorhusband of Emma Taylor1843571900
Josephine Taylor
William Taylor1894181912 s of Wm and Josephine
William Taylor

1795TaylorFrances Taylorfirst name on this monument1857801937id: 4641091w of John
John Taylorhusband of Frances Taylor
James Mangnall1881641945

1796TaylorFrederick C Taylorfirst name on this monument1878571935id: 21181080
Mary Taylor1881691950

1797TaylorGeorge Harold Taylorfirst name on this monument1882id: 5621086age 4m - s of George and Elizabeth Ann
George Taylorfather of George Harold Taylor1848441892
Elizabeth Ann Taylormother of George Harold Taylor1913 wid of George

1798TaylorHarry Taylorfirst name on this monument1893id: 9371129age 10m - s of Levinus and Sarah Jane
Levinus Taylorfather of Harry Taylor1862601922
Sarah Jane Taylormother of Harry Taylor1870301900
Annie Hart1895561951
Walter Hart1895371932

1799TaylorHerbert Taylorfirst name on this monument1876391915id: 92010772
Edith Ellen Taylorwife of Herbert Taylor1875771952 w of Herbert
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1800TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1936id: 6981079h of Clara
Clara Taylorwife of James Taylor

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