St Katherine's Church burial ground, Merstham, Surrey, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
201PinkCharles Arthur Pinkfirst name on this monument19131944314505338734110

202PinkJames Joseph Pinkfirst name on this monument18701945754505338735213

203PocockCharlotte Pocockfirst name on this monument18351910754499338721254

204PocockJohn Pocockfirst name on this monument18361904684499338720118

205PocockMary Pocockfirst name on this monument18151892774500338724466
Ann Pocockdaughter of Mary Pocock1842190159
Richard Pocockhusband of Mary Pocock

206PocockRebecca Pocockfirst name on this monument18491919704499338723181

207PocockRichard Pocockfirst name on this monument18441913694499338722136

208PoperEdward Martin Poperfirst name on this monument18551909544392338610172
Henry Poperfather of Edward Martin Poper

209PotterHarry Potterfirst name on this monument1882192038440733862580

210Rae-FraserVera Rae-Fraserfirst name on this monument18961984884521338752334
William Grievefather of Vera Rae-Fraser
Margaret Grievemother of Vera Rae-Fraser

211RhodesFanny Rhodesfirst name on this monument18601947874417338633187
Olive Fanny Juppdaughter of Fanny Rhodes1906192620

212RiceF J Ricefirst name on this monument19201941214436338654107

213Richardson Richardsonfirst name on this monument19084378338595400

214RichardsonDiana Middleton Richardsonfirst name on this monument19101929194368338582161

215RichardsonHarriet Richardsonfirst name on this monument18371878414501338725176
Thomas Richardsonhusband of Harriet Richardson1840189252
Arthur Edwin Richardsonson of Harriet Richardson187218720

216RichardsonHenry Richardsonfirst name on this monument1841192483450133872893

217RichardsonJohn Topham Richardsonfirst name on this monument18501933834368338580399

218RichardsonKatharine Topham Richardsonfirst name on this monument19051924194368338581107

219RichardsonMary Richardsonfirst name on this monument18111849384503338730145
James Richardsonhusband of Mary Richardson1814188167
George Richardsonson of Mary Richardson1843188037

220RichardsonMima Richardsonfirst name on this monument18341894604347338552159
James Richardsonhusband of Mima Richardson

221RichardsonNellie Richardsonfirst name on this monument1874189622450133872679

222RobertsDavid Anthony Robertsfirst name on this monument194419440453333876684

223RobertsJennifer Frances Robertsfirst name on this monument194419440453333876784

224RobinsonG M Robinsonfirst name on this monument19251944194583338817112

225RodgersE Rodgersfirst name on this monument19101942324581338815156

226RoffeyAdah Roffeyfirst name on this monument1812191210043513385564343
Susan Farmerdaughter of Adah Roffey1847193285
Elizabeth Martindaughter of Adah Roffey1854193278
John Martinson-in-law of Adah Roffey1853193481

227RoffeyFrances Mary Roffeyfirst name on this monument1781181635454933878598
Robert Roffeyhusband of Frances Mary Roffey
Robert Roffeyson of Frances Mary Roffey181018188

228RoffeyHarold Bowyer Roffeyfirst name on this monument18761918424327338522338
George Roffeyfather of Harold Bowyer Roffey
Emma Roffeymother of Harold Bowyer Roffey

229RoffeyHenry Roffeyfirst name on this monument18091837284550338786294
Edward Roffeybrother of Henry Roffey1814185036
Robert Roffeyfather of Henry Roffey
Robert Francis Roffeyhalf brother of Henry Roffey181918201
Frances Mary Roffeymother of Henry Roffey
Mary Roffeystep mother of Henry Roffey

230RoffeyMary Roffeyfirst name on this monument17781857794553338788145

231RoffeyRobert Roffeyfirst name on this monument17771854774553338787121

232RoffeyWilliam Roffeyfirst name on this monument174418237945543387892511
Jane Roffeywife of William Roffey1756184488

233RootsGeorge James Rootsfirst name on this monument18521898464329338523146
Thomas Rootsson of George James Roots

234RootsHephzibah Rootsfirst name on this monument18751896214330338524120
William Rootsfather of Hephzibah Roots
Eliza Rootsmother of Hephzibah Roots1838189860

235RootsJames Rootsfirst name on this monument433133852682

236RootsMargaret Rootsfirst name on this monument4331338525124

237RootsMargaret Rootsfirst name on this monument18171891744333338528207
George Rootshusband of Margaret Roots1814187561

238RootsSarah Ann Rootsfirst name on this monument18731892194332338527170
William Rootsfather of Sarah Ann Roots
Eliza Rootsmother of Sarah Ann Roots

239RoseKatharine Rosefirst name on this monument1865194681436833858596

240SargantAgnes Sargantfirst name on this monument18551885304458338682203
Amelia Maria Sargantdaughter of Agnes Sargant1872190836
William Sarganthusband of Agnes Sargant
Albert Edward Sargantson of Agnes Sargant187818791
William Sargantson of Agnes Sargant187418773

241SargantDora Louiese Sargantfirst name on this monument1926445633868081

242SargantEva Sargantfirst name on this monument189719025445633867979

243SargantMabel Sargantfirst name on this monument1891190110435833856777

244SargantReginald Sargantfirst name on this monument189919001435833856693

245SargantWilliam Sargantfirst name on this monument445633867890

246ScuttAnnie Eliza Scuttfirst name on this monument18391908694432338650991

247SheffieldJohn William Bowes Sheffieldfirst name on this monument18621875134489338713135
John Charles Sheffieldfather of John William Bowes Sheffield1903
Mary Sheffieldmother of John William Bowes Sheffield1899

248ShottEva Shottfirst name on this monument19374540338774108
Robert Edward Shotthusband of Eva Shott

249SimmonsMary Simmonsfirst name on this monument17881861734561338796110
William Simmonshusband of Mary Simmons1787187184

250SimpsonAnn Simpsonfirst name on this monument17471821744497338719355
Frances Eleanor Pauldaughter of Ann Simpson1775183358
Thomas Lyonfather of Ann Simpson
John Simpsonhusband of Ann Simpson
Mary Lyonmother of Ann Simpson
John Dean Paulson-in-law of Ann Simpson1775185277

251SimpsonAnn Simpsonfirst name on this monument17471821744309338507302
Frances Eleanor Pauldaughter of Ann Simpson
Thomas Lyonfather of Ann Simpson
John Simpsonhusband of Ann Simpson
Mary Lyonmother of Ann Simpson
John Dean Paulson-in-law of Ann Simpson

252SlogroveWilliam Slogrovefirst name on this monument184419157144713386951041
Ruth Ellen Slogrovewife of William Slogrove1850193686

253SmaleWilliam Smalefirst name on this monument18401881414410338626212
William Smalefather of William Smale
Eliza Smalemother of William Smale

254SmaleWilliam Smalefirst name on this monument17901876864411338627216
Feargus O' Connor Smaleson of William Smale1852187826
Henry Smaleson of William Smale1841187736
Eliza Smalewife of William Smale1818189274

255SmithLockhart Alexander Smithfirst name on this monument19104469338693117

256SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument18001887874461338685111

257SnellingE L Snellingfirst name on this monument191943843386011691

258SpackmanNorwich Spackmanfirst name on this monument161743093385062721
Thomas Spackmanfather of Norwich Spackman
Elizabeth Spackmanwife of Norwich Spackman

259SparrowElizabeth Sparrowfirst name on this monument19054548338783159

260Stacey Staceyfirst name on this monument18571945884366338578220
William Staceyfather of Stacey
Anne Staceymother of Stacey
Sarah Staceywife of Stacey1857194689

261StaceySarah Staceyfirst name on this monument18321858264530338762105
Michael Staceyfather of Sarah Stacey1792186876
Mary Staceymother of Sarah Stacey1797187174

262StaceyWilliam Staceyfirst name on this monument18301886564367338579193
Anne Staceywife of William Stacey1830191989

263StanburyR C Stanburyfirst name on this monument18921916244438338657179

264SteevensRose Annette Steevensfirst name on this monument18751954794350338555111

265StilwellHerbert Walter Stilwellfirst name on this monument43393385351141

266StilwellMary Ann Stilwellfirst name on this monument19314339338536100

267StilwellWilliam Stilwellfirst name on this monument4339338537110

268StormontArthur Wells Stormontfirst name on this monument185719186143853386021511

269StribblingAnn Stribblingfirst name on this monument1837189457434333854676

270StribblingCharles Stribblingfirst name on this monument18611924634485338712136
Harriet Brydges Stribblingwife of Charles Stribbling1854194288

271StribblingMary Ann Stribblingfirst name on this monument448533871193
William Stribblinghusband of Mary Ann Stribbling

272StribblingWilliam Stribblingfirst name on this monument1826189367434333854589

273TargettGeorge Targettfirst name on this monument18934339338538120

274TargettMary Targettfirst name on this monument1900433933853987

275TatnallAnn Tatnallfirst name on this monument17441821774558338793126
Eleanor Tatnallsister of Ann Tatnall1741182887

276TatnallEdward Tatnallfirst name on this monument1795455933879488

277TatnallHenry Tatnallfirst name on this monument1770456033879572

278ThomasRichard Layman Thomasfirst name on this monument1831190170435633856487

279ThomsonJeanie Thomsonfirst name on this monument19034373338589107
David Thomsonfather of Jeanie Thomson
Isabella Thomsonmother of Jeanie Thomson

280ThorntonMary Thorntonfirst name on this monument18101880704388338606136
John Thorntonfather of Mary Thornton
Sarah Thorntonmother of Mary Thornton

281ThorntonWilliam Thorntonfirst name on this monument18191894754389338607106
John Thorntonfather of William Thornton
Sarah Thorntonmother of William Thornton

282TrimbleJames Trimblefirst name on this monument183819167843813385981451

283TurnerJohn Turnerfirst name on this monument181618937744063386241201
Mary Ann Turnerwife of John Turner1825188661

284UnderwoodChristina Ross Underwoodfirst name on this monument18441909654538338772397
William Underwoodhusband of Christina Ross Underwood1835191580

285UnderwoodWilliam Underwoodfirst name on this monument17601830704537338771118
Sarah Underwoodwife of William Underwood1763183370

286UnderwoodWilliam Underwoodfirst name on this monument18021860584536338770239
Thomas Underwoodson of William Underwood184018411
Mary Underwoodwife of William Underwood1807186457

287UnderwoodWilliam Percy Underwoodfirst name on this monument1871187104403338621180

288WadeJoseph Wadefirst name on this monument1852189947442733864575

289WalkerAndrew Walkerfirst name on this monument18391915764467338690585
Rosamond Nicholsondaughter of Andrew Walker1888195971
Helen Cochrane Puckledaughter of Andrew Walker1872194169
Andrew Gordon Walkerson of Andrew Walker1875194267
Douglas Walkerson of Andrew Walker1876194872
Margaret Rankin Walkerwife of Andrew Walker1848192880

290WalkerHector Stuart Walkerfirst name on this monument18821949674368338583290

291WalkerMary Walkerfirst name on this monument18361900644452338673104
William Walkerhusband of Mary Walker

292WalkerMary Walkerfirst name on this monument1865194681436833858483

293WarrenLouisa Warrenfirst name on this monument19244386338604119
John William Warrenhusband of Louisa Warren1933

294WarrenMary Warrenfirst name on this monument18221893714387338605124
William Warrenhusband of Mary Warren1819190990

295WarrenSarah A Warrenfirst name on this monument1909438633860369

296WellerMary Wellerfirst name on this monument18041831274478338702117
James Wellerfather of Mary Weller
Mary Wellermother of Mary Weller

297WestonElizabeth Westonfirst name on this monument17801809294513338742123
Martha Westondaughter of Elizabeth Weston180718092
Robert Westonhusband of Elizabeth Weston

298WestonRobert Westonfirst name on this monument1804185753451533874485
William Westonson of Robert Weston1831185221
Sarah Ann Westonwife of Robert Weston1807184942

299WestonThomas Westonfirst name on this monument18131824114523338753129
William Westonfather of Thomas Weston
Elizabeth Westonmother of Thomas Weston

300WhitakerEdith Lewis Whitakerfirst name on this monument187719204344243386413051
Bertram R Whitakerhusband of Edith Lewis Whitaker
Constance Whitakersecond wife of husband of Edith Lewis Whitaker1883195168

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