St Katherine's Church burial ground, Merstham, Surrey, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AdamsFrederick Adamsfirst name on this monument18561913574470338694224
Louisa Adamswife of Frederick Adams1856194589

2AlcockRutherford Alcockfirst name on this monument180918978844903387145301
Lucy Alcockwife of Rutherford Alcock1899

3AldridgeWilliam C Aldridgefirst name on this monument18661921554464338687240

4ArnoldJoseph Arnoldfirst name on this monument1892189754444338664202

5AshbyAnnie Ashbyfirst name on this monument19374437338655271

6AshbyMark Ashbyfirst name on this monument187319659244373386563171

7AtkinsAlfred Atkinsfirst name on this monument18771906294426338644330

8AtkinsMary Ann Atkinsfirst name on this monument18751890154426338643247

9AugardeHenrietta Augardefirst name on this monument19234370338586243

10AylettGeorge Aylettfirst name on this monument18791906274371338587665
George Aylettfather of George Aylett1853193279
Sarah Aylettmother of George Aylett1853192370

11BaileyJames Saffrey Baileyfirst name on this monument1917191704383338600177

12BaileyLilian Baileyfirst name on this monument18981919214465338688427
John Baileyfather of Lilian Bailey1861193170
Sophia Baileymother of Lilian Bailey1867195487

13BakerSamuel Bakerfirst name on this monument18521907554335338531226

14BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument18171906894335338530178

15BatcockCatherine Batcockfirst name on this monument17721834624565338802262
John Batcockhusband of Catherine Batcock1768183769

16BatcockJohn Batcockfirst name on this monument1799180124571338807421
John Batcockfather of John Batcock
Katharine Batcockmother of John Batcock
Hannah Batcocksister of John Batcock180118021

17BattiscombeP Battiscombefirst name on this monument19131945324584338818308
William Harold Battiscombefather of P Battiscombe
Irene Beatrice Battiscombemother of P Battiscombe1946

18BellPeter Bellfirst name on this monument15814325338520251
Robert Bellbrother of Peter Bell1587

19BennettJohn Bennettfirst name on this monument17561808524512338741192

20BennettMarshal Bennettfirst name on this monument184919227343343385293471
Harold Valentine Bennettgrand son of Marshal Bennett191819191
Ellen Bennettwife of Marshal Bennett

21BensonMartin Bensonfirst name on this monument17621833714310338505224

22BensonMary Bensonfirst name on this monument17571813564320338518525
Louisa Bensondaughter of Mary Benson1794181218
Mary Anne Bensondaughter of Mary Benson1787181225
Martin Bensonhusband of Mary Benson

23BeswickEric Harold Beswickfirst name on this monument1896190044359338568265

24BeswickFlorence E C Beswickfirst name on this monument18571942854359338569221

25BetchleyMary Betchleyfirst name on this monument182518977244253386423502
George Betchleyhusband of Mary Betchley1838190264

26BignallElizabeth Bignallfirst name on this monument18361909734443338663462
Charles Bignallhusband of Elizabeth Bignall1833191582
Mark William Bignallson of Elizabeth Bignall1861194281

27BirtlesArthur Birtlesfirst name on this monument18651920554477338701224

28BishopBlossom Bishopfirst name on this monument1891189764348338553369
George Robert Bishopfather of Blossom Bishop1861192665
Rosa Bishopmother of Blossom Bishop

29BlackWilliam Augustus Blackfirst name on this monument18421918764382338599231
Louisa Blackwife of William Augustus Black1852192270

30BlakerOlive Blakerfirst name on this monument18281881534439338658345
John Blakerhusband of Olive Blaker1822190078

31BlakerThomas F Blakerfirst name on this monument19354439338659291

32BlatcherArthur Walter William Blatcherfirst name on this monument19364355338562231

33BlatcherWinifred Rose Blatcherfirst name on this monument1903190634355338563255

34BorrerMary Ann Eliza Borrerfirst name on this monument18531912594380338597342
William Borrerhusband of Mary Ann Eliza Borrer1855193782

35BownJames Bownfirst name on this monument1814181404546338781637

36BowyerWilliam Thomas Bowyerfirst name on this monument18461907614419338635302
Henry William Bowyerson of William Thomas Bowyer1877191639

37BoxallElizabeth Boxallfirst name on this monument18411913724346338551296

38BoxallFrederick G Boxallfirst name on this monument18731897244346338549294

39BoxallJohn G Boxallfirst name on this monument18401910704346338550279

40BrayJacob Brayfirst name on this monument185819347644223386394311
Douglas Bertie Brayson of Jacob Bray1884195167
Mary Braywife of Jacob Bray1859191253

41BridgewaterArthur Gerald Bridgewaterfirst name on this monument1908191024532338764247

42BridgewaterFrancis Franklin Bridgewaterfirst name on this monument18761922464532338765317
Winifred Maude Lowwife of Francis Franklin Bridgewater1885193954

43BriggsHenry Briggsfirst name on this monument18041895914518338747282
Mary Briggswife of Henry Briggs1871

44BriggsMary Briggsfirst name on this monument18601907474518338748428
Edward Briggsfather of Mary Briggs
Maria Briggsmother of Mary Briggs

45BroadEvelyn Geraldine Broadfirst name on this monument19384475338700321
Mabel Constance Broad1944

46BroadMildred Elsie Broadfirst name on this monument19324475338699281

47BrookerEliza Brookerfirst name on this monument18481930824421338638320

48BrookerFlorence Mary Brookerfirst name on this monument1887189034428338646673
John Brookerfather of Florence Mary Brooker
Eliza Brookermother of Florence Mary Brooker

49BrookerJohn Brookerfirst name on this monument18521908564421338637224

50BrookmanLillian Alice Augusta Brookmanfirst name on this monument185819307244743386984381
Florence Jane Brookmandaughter of Lillian Alice Augusta Brookman1943
Ethel Maud Kirkpatrickdaughter of Lillian Alice Augusta Brookman1950
Benjamin Brookmanhusband of Lillian Alice Augusta Brookman1855193277

51BrownEleanor Hettie Brownfirst name on this monument18851924394344338547241
Alfred William Brownhusband of Eleanor Hettie Brown

52BrownGeorge Henry William Brownfirst name on this monument18851905204375338591170

53BrownW A Brownfirst name on this monument191644533386741821

54BruceMay Cecil Turing Brucefirst name on this monument18701890204342338544197

55BucklandWilliam Bucklandfirst name on this monument18071886794547338782388
Maria Bucklanddaughter of William Buckland1840186626
Edward Bucklandson of William Buckland1849189142
John Bucklandson of William Buckland1833188249
Maria Bucklandwife of William Buckland1811189786

56BucklandWilliam Bucklandfirst name on this monument18561922664442338662189

57BundellHenry Bundellfirst name on this monument1858186794515338745159

58BurgessElizabeth Burgessfirst name on this monument17841857734534338768187
William Burgesshusband of Elizabeth Burgess

59BurgessThomas Burgessfirst name on this monument1809181454535338769254
William Burgessfather of Thomas Burgess
Elizabeth Burgessmother of Thomas Burgess

60BurrowsJohn Burrowsfirst name on this monument18601902424450338668197
Maria Louisa Burrowswife of John Burrows1855192469

61BurtonHannah Elizabeth Burtonfirst name on this monument18591952934511338740277

62BurtonMary Burtonfirst name on this monument182618835745113387393061
Emily Burtondaughter of Mary Burton186318663
John Burtonhusband of Mary Burton1828190779

63BylettDavid Bylettfirst name on this monument180418858144333386512113

64CecilT M Cecilfirst name on this monument182719057844953387172891
Cecilfather of T M Cecil

65ChalmersAndrew Chalmersfirst name on this monument18571917604505338732246

66ChalmersJeannie Chalmersfirst name on this monument18591887284505338733210

67ChapmanElizabeth Chapmanfirst name on this monument17921849574576338811206
Thomas Chapmanhusband of Elizabeth Chapman1790186878

68ChapmanMary Ann Chapmanfirst name on this monument1817181924575338810253
Thomas Chapmanfather of Mary Ann Chapman
Elizabeth Chapmanmother of Mary Ann Chapman
Eliza Chapmansister of Mary Ann Chapman182918290

69ColecomJames Colecomfirst name on this monument18021870684569338805279
Susan Colecomdaughter of James Colecom1849187223
Alfred Parton Colecomson of James Colecom1840187030
Elizabeth Colecomwife of James Colecom

70ColecomJames Colecomfirst name on this monument17721823514570338806535
Elizabeth Colecomdaughter-in-law of James Colecom
Elizabeth Elliott Colecomgrand daughter of James Colecom182718347
Mary Colecomgrand daughter of James Colecom183018344
George Colecomgrand son of James Colecom1836185721
Gideon Ellson Colecomgrand son of James Colecom1842185816
James Holliday Colecomgrand son of James Colecom183218342
James Holliday Colecomgrand son of James Colecom
James Colecomson of James Colecom
William Colecomson of James Colecom180718158
Elizabeth Colecomwife of James Colecom1779181940

71CooperMary Ann Cooperfirst name on this monument19154404338623191

72CornellMary Cornellfirst name on this monument17981880824545338780327

73CoxArethusa Dora Coxfirst name on this monument18781899214362338573183

74CoxErnest Miles Coxfirst name on this monument18781900224362338574301

75CrossMary Ann Crossfirst name on this monument18261911854379338596233
Reginald Arthur Crossgrand son of Mary Ann Cross1899191819

76CummingNora Cummingfirst name on this monument18941918244504338731342
James Cummingfather of Nora Cumming
Annie Cummingmother of Nora Cumming

77CuttsHenry Cuttsfirst name on this monument1808180914573338808403
William Cuttsfather of Henry Cutts
Margaret Cuttsmother of Henry Cutts

78CuttsMargaret Cuttsfirst name on this monument17861820344574338809791
William Cuttshusband of Margaret Cutts

79DavisCharles Davisfirst name on this monument181618988243363385321732
Mary Ann Daviswife of Charles Davis1828186840

80DavisCharles Davisfirst name on this monument182619047843743385901532

81DavisJames Davisfirst name on this monument177118578645253387542473
Patience Davisdaughter-in-law of James Davis1805187974
William Davisson of James Davis1799187172
Fanny Daviswife of James Davis1772185785

82DavisMary Ann Davisfirst name on this monument186119115043533385584993
Annie Davisdaughter of Mary Ann Davis1887191326
Alice Mabel Randalldaughter of Mary Ann Davis1883196582
Thomas Davishusband of Mary Ann Davis1849193182

83DavisWilliam Davisfirst name on this monument184245253387551901

84DavisWilliam Davisfirst name on this monument185645253387561931

85DawsEdward Dawsfirst name on this monument18374563338800299

86DawsGeorge Dawsfirst name on this monument18354563338799293

87DawsSamuel Dawsfirst name on this monument18491918694557338792213

88DawsSamuel Dawsfirst name on this monument177018235345623387972602
Susannah Dawswife of Samuel Daws1772184977

89DawsWilliam Thomas Dawsfirst name on this monument18251845204563338798408
William Dawsfather of William Thomas Daws
Elizabeth Dawsmother of William Thomas Daws1846

90De SalavilleAugusta C De Salavillefirst name on this monument18191901824357338565209

91DeightonDavid Deightonfirst name on this monument18684528338760506

92DeightonMark Deightonfirst name on this monument18391860214528338759441
Edward Deightonbrother of Mark Deighton1844186824

93DeightonThomas Deightonfirst name on this monument17971877804529338761271
Elizabeth Deightonwife of Thomas Deighton1806188276

94DumsdayCaroline Dumsdayfirst name on this monument18081888804431338649181

95DuncanGeorge Duncanfirst name on this monument18601931714395338612162

96DuncanIsabella Duncanfirst name on this monument18631954914395338613192

97EalesThomas Ealesfirst name on this monument17821859774506338737461
Mary Ealeswife of Thomas Eales

98EamesMary Ann Eamesfirst name on this monument176318407745553387907092
William Eameswife of Mary Ann Eames1764185086

99EdingerWilliam Henry Edingerfirst name on this monument18571914574372338588276
Hannah Ruth Violet Edingerwife of William Henry Edinger1874193763

100EdwardsMary Edwardsfirst name on this monument17401827874480338707260
Sarah Wellersister of Mary Edwards1746182983

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