St Michael's Church burial ground, Colchester, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
401ReadmanKeith Robert Readmanfirst name on this monument1927200881Readman1335974132

402ReichterElsie Mary Reichterfirst name on this monument188818968Reichter1335945641

403ReidJoseph Reidfirst name on this monument1921198059Reid1335624164
Dulcie Reidwife of Joseph Reid1922198664

404ReidPatrick James Reidfirst name on this monument1927199265Reid2335910150

405ReillyMichael Joseph Reillyfirst name on this monument1944199349Reilly1335912298

406RibbansArchdale Leonard Ribbansfirst name on this monument1881194160Ribbans1336041191
Lily Margaret Christabel Ribbansdaughter of Archdale Leonard Ribbans1915199782
Rose Lily Ribbanswife of Archdale Leonard Ribbans1879196586

407RibbansArchdale Leonard Ribbansfirst name on this monument1881194160Ribbans1352817203
Lily Margaret Christabel Ribbansdaughter of Archdale Leonard Ribbans1915199782
Rose Lily Ribbanswife of Archdale Leonard Ribbans1879196586

408RichardsonMaria Richardsonfirst name on this monument1844191066Richardson 1335561151
George Henry Richardsonhusband of Maria Richardson1843192683

409RichesJonathan Richesfirst name on this monument1960199838Riches133601395

410RichesJonathan Richesfirst name on this monument1960199838Riches1352815103

411RogersAlfred Edward Rogersfirst name on this monument1898196668Rogers2336032276

412RogersGeorge Rogersfirst name on this monument1867193871Rogers2336031146
George W Rogersson of George Rogers1918

413RogersJames Russell Rogersfirst name on this monument1943198138Rogers1335638164

414RouseCatherine Mary Deborah Rousefirst name on this monument1927199972Rouse2336006335
Albert Rouse1923200683

415RouseJames Rousefirst name on this monument1882196886Rouse13357932111
Mary Anna Rousewife of James Rouse

416RoweArthur F Rowefirst name on this monument1898196264Rowe2335869240

417RoweEliza Rowefirst name on this monument1879196687Rowe13358081641
William Henry Rowehusband of Eliza Rowe1977

418RudkinLily Rose Rudkinfirst name on this monument1890196373Rudkin1335860200
Joseph Robert Rudkinhusband of Lily Rose Rudkin1891196473

419SabinEric Douglas Sabinfirst name on this monument1931200271Sabin1336010233

420SadlerHenry George Sadlerfirst name on this monument1900197272Sadler 13355712201
Grace Victoria Sadlerwife of Henry George Sadler1898198385

421SadlerRuth E Sadlerfirst name on this monument1961Sadler2335853150

422SalmonDavid Arthur Salmonfirst name on this monument1937198952Salmon13358832591
Stephen Salmonson of David Arthur Salmon1966198923

423SavageHerbert Henry Savagefirst name on this monument1878195072Savage1335966207
Mary Janet Savagewife of Herbert Henry Savage1953

424SaxbyDorothy Irene Saxbyfirst name on this monument1908199789Saxby1335935122
William George Saxbyhusband of Dorothy Irene Saxby1908199890

425SayerMary Ann Sayerfirst name on this monument1833190572Sayer 13355622031
Alfred Sayerhusband of Mary Ann Sayer1822191088

426ScottBernard Frederick Scottfirst name on this monument1919200384Scott2335982164
Doris Maud Scottwife of Bernard Frederick Scott1929200980

427ScottJohn Hervey Scottfirst name on this monument1829189364Scott1335759146
Mary Elizabeth Scottwife of John Hervey Scott1909

428SealeyGeorge Sealeyfirst name on this monument1864193975Sealey1336053267
James Percival Goodman1901197776
Susannah Sealeywife of George Sealey1871194372

429SestakOttilie Sestakfirst name on this monument1923199471Sestak1335922363
Ladieslaw Sestakhusband of Ottilie Sestak1924200076

430SestakRoy John Sestakfirst name on this monument1953200451Sestak2335956149

431SextonBertie Edward Sextonfirst name on this monument1885196277Sexton1335870436
Beatrice Jane Sexton1896197074

432ShanksConal Shanksfirst name on this monument1974198915Shanks1335885135

433SharpNellie E Sharpfirst name on this monument1890197787Sharp 13356101731
Bessie Wright1915198974

434SheppardEdith Mary Sheppardfirst name on this monument1863193067Sheppard1335989174

435ShipwayFrederick J Shipwayfirst name on this monument1902196462Shipway1335837129
Violet Ruth Shipwaywife of Frederick J Shipway1905199186

436ShorterMervyn John Shorterfirst name on this monument1927200881Shorter13359721151

437ShuryWilliam Shuryfirst name on this monument1802187876Shury1335875116
Maria Shurywife of William Shury

438SibleyGrace Sibleyfirst name on this monument1909198677Sibley1335671213

439SibleyKendrick Warry Sibleyfirst name on this monument1905196560Sibley2335827202
Patricia Sibleywife of Kendrick Warry Sibley1905199287

440SimonsCharles Henry Simonsfirst name on this monument1913196451Simons1335833204
Effie Francis Vera Simonswife of Charles Henry Simons1915199883

441SlaterDorothy Elizabeth Slaterfirst name on this monument1895198691Slater1335670193
Louisa Walter19042006102

442SmartWilliam Samuel Smartfirst name on this monument1848192779Smart1336033141

443SmeatonDavid Smeatonfirst name on this monument1816189175Smeaton1335914138
David B G B Smeatonson of David Smeaton1862188927
Barbara Smeatonwife of David Smeaton1817189679

444SmithBeaufrey Alice Smithfirst name on this monument1911197059Smith6335763143
Herbert George Smithhusband of Beaufrey Alice Smith1910198171

445SmithCecil Smithfirst name on this monument1912196351Smith1033586791
Muriel Smithwife of Cecil Smith1916200286

446SmithEmily Smithfirst name on this monument1870196191Smith9335845107
Enoch Smithwife of Emily Smith1879197596

447SmithEmma Jane Smithfirst name on this monument1888196678Smith8335806109
James Smithhusband of Emma Jane Smith1893197178

448SmithEmma Rebecca Smithfirst name on this monument1859192364Smith11336029160
George Smithhusband of Emma Rebecca Smith1855193681
Frank Smithson of Emma Rebecca Smith1889191728

449SmithEthel Smithfirst name on this monument1882190119Smith 1335606120
James Joseph Smithfather of Ethel Smith
Louisa Smithmother of Ethel Smith

450SmithHarry Edward Smithfirst name on this monument1905198176Smith233563072

451SmithMontague Alfred Smithfirst name on this monument1909200192Smith4335691207
Beryl Iris Smithwife of Montague Alfred Smith2010

452SmithSidney Frederick Smithfirst name on this monument1904196561Smith733580165

453SmithWalter Smithfirst name on this monument1913197057Smith5335762119
Elsie Irene Smithwife of Walter Smith1909198879

454SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1912198775Smith333567276
Marie Smithwife of William Smith1913199582

455SneddenCatherine Quick Sneddenfirst name on this monument1904197773Snedden 13356021621

456SparrowHarriet Sparrowfirst name on this monument1839190970Sparrow2335563110
John Ellis Sparrowhusband of Harriet Sparrow

457SparrowJohn Ellis Sparrowfirst name on this monument1836191175Sparrow333556486

458SparrowSophia Sparrowfirst name on this monument1846191064Sparrow1335559139
Charles Ellis Sparrowhusband of Sophia Sparrow1845191671

459SquireDorothy Amy Elizabeth Squirefirst name on this monument1890198090Squire13356213292
Gwendoline Duckett1923199875
Stanley Norman Duckett1905191914

460StainesMary Ann Stainesfirst name on this monument1885Staines1335962195

461StammersMichael Stammersfirst name on this monument1945200055Stammers1335696118

462StanfordGerald Charles Stanfordfirst name on this monument1883195471Stanford1335940212
Dorothy Helen Stanfordwife of Gerald Charles Stanford1896198387

463StannardAlfred Stannardfirst name on this monument1849187930Stannard1335902279
Emily Stannardwife of Alfred Stannard1851193281

464StentonSidney Stentonfirst name on this monument1917200285Stenton1335689911

465MorrisEliza Morrisfirst name on this monument1840191979Stephens 1335574239
466StephensClifford Stephensfirst name on this monument1912197260Stephens 1335574239
Ethel May Stephenswife of Clifford Stephens1914200995

467StoreyEliza Emily Storeyfirst name on this monument1865188217Storey1335878320
E Storeyfather or mother of Eliza Emily Storey
R Storeyfather or mother of Eliza Emily Storey

468StrowlgerDavid Strowlgerfirst name on this monument1841190261Strowlger 13355681282
Edith Strowlgerdaughter of David Strowlger1890191929
Jane Strowlgerwife of David Strowlger1846193589

469StrowlgerSarah Strowlgerfirst name on this monument1844191874Strowlger2335707136
John Strowlgerhusband of Sarah Strowlger1852193280
John Strowlgerhusband of Sarah Strowlger1852193280

470StuddCharles Studdfirst name on this monument1842190664Studd 1335590268
Rosina Studdwife of Charles Studd1849192778

471StuddJoseph Studdfirst name on this monument1903Studd2335936195
Janet Studdwife of Joseph Studd1812187866

472SturleyFrederick James Sturleyfirst name on this monument1912197866Sturley 13356051861
Doris May Sturley1937200770
Sarah Sturleywife of Frederick James Sturley1910199686

473SucklingArthur Sucklingfirst name on this monument1861192766Suckling1336039154
Louisa May Sucklingdaughter of Arthur Suckling
Emma Sucklingwife of Arthur Suckling1854193177

474SucklingArthur Sucklingfirst name on this monument1861192766Suckling1352816120
Louisa May Sucklingdaughter of Arthur Suckling
Emma Sucklingwife of Arthur Suckling1854193177

475SuttonBertha May Suttonfirst name on this monument1899197172Sutton1335779254
Donald Joseph Mills1994
William Percy Mills1893197683

476SuttonRoland Thomas Glendy Suttonfirst name on this monument1895198489Sutton2335664154

477SuttonRoland Thomas Glendy Suttonfirst name on this monument1895198489Sutton1335663271

478SymesJamie Christopher Symesfirst name on this monument199119954Symes1335927368
Leonard Evans1945199954

479SymondsRobert Cyril Symondsfirst name on this monument1896199094Symonds133589480
Violet Mabel Symondswife of Robert Cyril Symonds1910199888

480TantonJohn E Tantonfirst name on this monument1906199286Tanton1335899129
Elsie Tantonwife of John E Tanton1909199586

481TaylorAlan Taylorfirst name on this monument1942195917Taylor1335842380
Leonard Taylor1914199682
Mirim Taylor1914199985

482ThackerMary Helen Thackerfirst name on this monument1871191645Thacker1335639163

483ThomasStanley William George Thomasfirst name on this monument1897191821Thomas1335919114
George Alfred Thomasfather of Stanley William George Thomas1851193079
Mary Ann Thomasmother of Stanley William George Thomas1897191821
George Alfred Thomas1898

484ThompsonDerek Thompsonfirst name on this monument1932197947Thompson133579488

485ThompsonKay Thompsonfirst name on this monument196119709Thompson233579968

486ThompsonKay Thompsonfirst name on this monument196119709Thompson235281072

487TillettBertie Tillettfirst name on this monument189218986Tillett 1335598263
Blanche Alice Tillett1898
Walter E Tillett1890191727

488TownesAlice Townesfirst name on this monument1883196784Townes1335777224
Evelyn Marjorie Townesdaughter-in-law of Alice Townes1912201199
Raymond Maurice Townesson of Alice Townes1912199078

489TownsCicely Townsfirst name on this monument1909198576Towns1335667254
Leslie Townshusband of Cicely Towns1911199584

490TownsJohn Robert Townsfirst name on this monument1910194131Towns3352818104

491TownsJohn Robert Townsfirst name on this monument1910194131Towns3336066103

492TownsLydia Jane Townsfirst name on this monument1883196481Towns23358562421
Alfred Henry Taylorbrother of Lydia Jane Towns1873196289

493TownsonEmily Betty Townsonfirst name on this monument1909198172Townson1335637157
Frank Townsonhusband of Emily Betty Townson1903198986

494TukeFrancis Alfred Tukefirst name on this monument1878193759Tuke1336024154
Zetta Tukewife of Francis Alfred Tuke1878193759

495TurnerSidney P Turnerfirst name on this monument1905197065Turner13357642361
Edith H Turnerwife of Sidney P Turner1905199590

496UpsonEthel Mary Upsonfirst name on this monument1884194157Upson1336077141
George James Upsonhusband of Ethel Mary Upson

497UpsonGeorge James Upsonfirst name on this monument1877194871Upson233607888

498WadeJoseph William Wadefirst name on this monument1905196459Wade1335829222
Lillie Catherine Seaman Wadewife of Joseph William Wade1908197870

499WadleyCharles Wadleyfirst name on this monument1846192074Wadley13360191481
Eliza Wadley1849192576

500WalkerE C Walkerfirst name on this monument1890191929Walker133570876

501WandDonald Wandfirst name on this monument1938198345Wand1335655140

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