St Michael's Church burial ground, Colchester, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
301KilbyHenry Percy Kilbyfirst name on this monument1862189735Kilby 1335567109

302KingRodney Allen Kingfirst name on this monument1924196945King133579879

303KnottYvonne E Knottfirst name on this monument1924198460Knott1335658192
David Knotthusband of Yvonne E Knott1919199475

304LambertDoris Lambertfirst name on this monument1905196863Lambert133577192

305LawranceCharles Lawrancefirst name on this monument1861191756Lawrance133564774

306LawranceCharlotte Jane Lawrancefirst name on this monument1864194682Lawrance 2335648121

307LeatherdaleJohn Leatherdalefirst name on this monument1887196679Leatherdale1335817139

308LennartzHildegard Johanna Lennartzfirst name on this monument1912200189Lennartz1335675104

309LeveridgeEmily Alice Leveridgefirst name on this monumentLeveridge1335760362

310LewisDoreen-jane Lewisfirst name on this monument1935199863Lewis1336005168

311LewseyLouisa Ann Lewseyfirst name on this monument1847192780Lewsey1336012105

312LoatesGeorge Samuel Loatesfirst name on this monument1920200383Loates1352813120
Violet Pamela Loateswife of George Samuel Loates1921201089

313LoatesGeorge Samuel Loatesfirst name on this monument1920200383Loates1335983122
Violet Pamela Loateswife of George Samuel Loates1921201089

314LockMichael James Lockfirst name on this monument1936200165Lock233599393

315LockTracey Jane Lockfirst name on this monument1964198016Lock1335625149

316LockwoodJanet Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1984Lockwood1335659289
Ralph Arthur Lockwoodfather of Janet Lockwood1909199081
Vera Ada Lockwoodmother of Janet Lockwood1910198979

317LongAnnie Longfirst name on this monument1871193665Long3336003233
Charles Frederick Long1874193965
Judith Edith Long1881197291

318LongDorothy Lillian Longfirst name on this monument1896197276Long2335784127

319LongOliver Longfirst name on this monument1892197381Long1335646150
Ivy R Long1902197573

320LordHubert George Lordfirst name on this monument1905198378Lord1335680173
Cicely Lord1905199691

321MackFrederick W Mackfirst name on this monument1911197160Mack1335755215
Muriel Mackwife of Frederick W Mack1914200389

322ManningCharles Manningfirst name on this monument1831189766Manning 13355942551
Zilpah Manning1833189865

323MarsdenArnold Marsdenfirst name on this monument1902199290Marsden1335900361
Florence Maud Marsdenwife of Arnold Marsden1906200094

324MasonCharlotte Victoria Masonfirst name on this monument199419940Mason1335923132

325MattockFrank Ernest Mattockfirst name on this monument1905197469Mattock 1335596148
May Lillian Mattockwife of Frank Ernest Mattock1898198587

326McDonaldW D McDonaldfirst name on this monument1893191825McDonald133569857

327McFarlaneRichard Grahame McFarlanefirst name on this monument1934198955McFarlane1335903218
Maureen Mary McFarlane Blore1937200972

328MeadAlice Meadfirst name on this monument1902Mead 1335611222
George Meadhusband of Alice Mead

329MeadowcroftGwen Meadowcroftfirst name on this monument1917198770Meadowcroft13356861081
Douglas Claude Meadowcrofthusband of Gwen Meadowcroft1916199983

330MeldrumAngelina Meldrumfirst name on this monument1881196382Meldrum133586496
George Thomas Meldrumhusband of Angelina Meldrum1884196783

331MingayArthur Mingayfirst name on this monument1887196275Mingay1335857160

332MinnikinRoy Minnikinfirst name on this monument1926200175Minnikin133569592

333MitchellSuzanne Collette Mitchellfirst name on this monument1952200048Mitchell13359972041

334MoorbyMargaret Moorbyfirst name on this monument1931Moorby13360541451
Robert Moorbyhusband of Margaret Moorby1856193680

335MorrisAmy Edith Morrisfirst name on this monument1914199379Morris2335720232
Robert W Morrishusband of Amy Edith Morris1914199480

336MorrisAmy Edith Morrisfirst name on this monument1914199379Morris2352803268
Robert W Morrishusband of Amy Edith Morris1914199480

337MorrisEliza Morrisfirst name on this monument1840191979Stephens 1335574239
338StephensClifford Stephensfirst name on this monument1912197260Stephens 1335574239
Ethel May Stephenswife of Clifford Stephens1914200995

339MorrisFrancis Henry Morrisfirst name on this monument1890198797Morris5335890120
Florence Ellen Morriswife of Francis Henry Morris1891198897

340MorrisFrederick Charles Morrisfirst name on this monument1892196876Morris4335791120
Mary Eliza Morris1891197382

341MorrisWilliam G Morrisfirst name on this monument1848189749Morris3335750256
Daisy Selina Morris1887198598
Ethel M Morris1885197590
Susannah E Morris1854193985
Elizabeth Osborne1834191985
Joseph Osborne1829189869

342MullettLucy Mullettfirst name on this monument1982Mullett13356411451
Richard Percy Mulletthusband of Lucy Mullett1990

343MunsonEmma Munsonfirst name on this monument1852191159Munson13356651052

344MunsonEmma Munsonfirst name on this monument1852191159Munson233566682

345MunsonJames Munsonfirst name on this monument1841187938Munson53358811241

346MunsonJames Munsonfirst name on this monument1834190066Munson33357451201
Ann Munsonwife of James Munson1832190674

347MunsonRobert Munsonfirst name on this monument1853190047Munson43357702252
Matilda Maria Munsonwife of Robert Munson1858192769

348MurphyJoseph Christopher Murphyfirst name on this monument1922199472Murphy1335924380
Eileen Josephine Murphywife of Joseph Christopher Murphy1923200178

349NevardCharles Nevardfirst name on this monument1849188940Nevard6335876173
Elijah Nevardfather of Charles Nevard
Elizabeth Nevardmother of Charles Nevard

350NevardElijah Nevardfirst name on this monument1825190277Nevard73358771521
Elizabeth Nevardwife of Elijah Nevard1823190178

351NevardEllen Nevardfirst name on this monument1858187113Nevard2335736231
Elizabeth Grovesaunt of Ellen Nevard
Henry Grovesuncle of Ellen Nevard

352NevardEsther Ellis Nevardfirst name on this monument1865192964Nevard11336040245
Albert Edward Nevardhusband of Esther Ellis Nevard1864194076

353NevardEsther Ellis Nevardfirst name on this monument1929Nevard1335650100

354NevardHenry Nevardfirst name on this monumentNevard10336034164
Elizabeth Nevardwife of Henry Nevard

355NevardHephzibah Nevardfirst name on this monument1831190877Nevard3335769127
Samuel Nevardhusband of Hephzibah Nevard1826190882

356NevardJohn Nevardfirst name on this monument1845191368Nevard9335932252
Susannah Nevardwife of John Nevard1849193687

357NevardSarah Nevardfirst name on this monument1860188929Nevard8335905195
Elijah Nevardfather of Sarah Nevard
Elizabeth Nevardmother of Sarah Nevard

358NevardSidney Rowland Nevardfirst name on this monument1891196574Nevard4335811227

359NevardWalter Elijah Nevardfirst name on this monument1863191653Nevard5335852128
Alice Ann Nevardwife of Walter Elijah Nevard1931

360NevilleDerek Frank Harold Nevillefirst name on this monument1925198863Neville1335888104

361NewF A Newfirst name on this monument1889191728New 23355571901

362NewJohn Newfirst name on this monument1839191576New 13355561761

363NichollsVivienne Nichollsfirst name on this monument193219331Nicholls1336035238
Stanley Walter Nichollsfather of Vivienne Nicholls1899199495
Marjorie Annie Nichollsmother of Vivienne Nicholls1904198278

364NightingaleMarie Louise Nightingalefirst name on this monument1907196659Nightingale1335805382

365NoyCharles M Noyfirst name on this monument1896196973Noy13357951151
Charlotte E Noy1896197882

366NoyCharles M Noyfirst name on this monument1896196973Noy135280978
Charlotte E Noy1896197882

367NunnFrederick George Nunnfirst name on this monument1894197278Nunn135280886
Muriel Nunnwife of Frederick George Nunn1892197381

368NunnFrederick George Nunnfirst name on this monument1894197278Nunn1335783132
Muriel Nunnwife of Frederick George Nunn1892197381

369OliverAda Oliverfirst name on this monument1905197469Oliver 1335579204

370OsborneDenis Osbornefirst name on this monument1932199058Osborne1335882205

371PanksElizabeth Panksfirst name on this monument1921199574Panks1335931281
Fernley Pankshusband of Elizabeth Panks1922200179

372ParisFlorence Elizabeth Parisfirst name on this monument1904199086Paris1335895152
Stanley Parishusband of Florence Elizabeth Paris1905199388

373ParkerSybil Blanche Parkerfirst name on this monument1928200880Parker1335963161

374ParslowMay Parslowfirst name on this monument1897196871Parslow1335792201
Robert R Parslowhusband of May Parslow1898198183

375PaveleyEdith Paveleyfirst name on this monument1883196279Paveley1335872246

376PeacheyFrank Peacheyfirst name on this monument1904197369Peachey 1335569187
Ethel Maud Peacheywife of Frank Peachey1911199281

377PeacheySusannah Peacheyfirst name on this monument1846191670Peachey2335939248
John Alfred Peacheyhusband of Susannah Peachey1849193182

378PipeLillia Pipefirst name on this monument1894196672Pipe1335819172
Walter Ernest Pipehusband of Lillia Pipe1896197074

379PipeReginald George Pipefirst name on this monument1931196130Pipe2335848139

380PitchellMatilda Pitchellfirst name on this monument1839190869Pitchell1335855122
Emily Sarah Pitchelldaughter of Matilda Pitchell1861194281
William Pitchellhusband of Matilda Pitchell1834188046

381PittTerence Arthur Pittfirst name on this monument1940198242Pitt13356401551

382PolleyCharles Edmund Polleyfirst name on this monument1910198575Polley1335634188
David Leslie Polleyson of Charles Edmund Polley1934200874
Marjorie Elizabeth Polleywife of Charles Edmund Polley1908198880

383PowellMargaret Mary Powellfirst name on this monument1947200053Powell23359991161

384PowellPercy William Powellfirst name on this monument1900196363Powell1335865118
Florence Emily Powellwife of Percy William Powell1904199591

385PreddyBertha Janet Preddyfirst name on this monument1901196463Preddy1335831131
George Leslie Preddyhusband of Bertha Janet Preddy1905198580

386PrestonMarjorie Florence Prestonfirst name on this monument1921198766Preston1335756137
Samuel Preston1921199372

387PriorArthur Foster Priorfirst name on this monument1862188119Prior1335946182
David Priorfather of Arthur Foster Prior
Elizabeth Priormother of Arthur Foster Prior

388PriorArthur Foster Priorfirst name on this monument1897193437Prior6335977148

389PriorElizabeth Priorfirst name on this monument1848189850Prior5335951262
David Priorhusband of Elizabeth Prior

390PriorGladys Dorothy Priorfirst name on this monument1895Prior3335949304
William Priorfather of Gladys Dorothy Prior
Agnes Priormother of Gladys Dorothy Prior
Elizabeth Violet Priorsister of Gladys Dorothy Prior1891

391PriorMarjorie Priorfirst name on this monument1903199390Prior2335948226
David Priorhusband of Marjorie Prior

392PriorRosa Flora Priorfirst name on this monument1924Prior4335950314
Christine Amelia Priorbrother of Rosa Flora Prior1925
William Priorfather of Rosa Flora Prior
Agnes Priormother of Rosa Flora Prior

393PriorWilliam David Priorfirst name on this monument1859191960Prior2335947183
William David Prior1892198795
Agnes Priorwife of William David Prior

394PrykeGladys H Prykefirst name on this monument1911198877Pryke1335685161
Frederick J Prykehusband of Gladys H Pryke1911198978

395PughFrederick James Pughfirst name on this monument1897197073Pugh1335751263
Ada Pughwife of Frederick James Pugh1901198584

396RabyWilliam C Rabyfirst name on this monument1889196677Raby1335840198
Amy Rabywife of William C Raby1891197281

397RamplingWilliam Ramplingfirst name on this monument1813187158Rampling13359913251
Margaret Ramplingwife of William Rampling

398RansonPercy Ransonfirst name on this monument1901197170Ranson1335778166
Bessie Caroline Ranson1900198989

399RavenLeonard Ernest Ravenfirst name on this monument1914200086Raven13360001771
Eileen Lenora Ravenwife of Leonard Ernest Raven1920200686

400RaynerGeorge Frederick Raynerfirst name on this monument1886191529Rayner13357613581
Joseph Raynerfather of George Frederick Rayner1858193274
Sarah Raynermother of George Frederick Rayner1861194584

401ReadDavid Michael Readfirst name on this monument1944199955Read13359981171

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