St Michael's Church burial ground, Colchester, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AbrahamAudrey Rona Abrahamfirst name on this monument1900196666Abraham1335804248

2AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1930Adams13360523591
Irwin Robert Adamsson of William Adams1896191620
Mary Ann Adamswife of William Adams1863195188

3AlexanderCharles William Alexanderfirst name on this monument1897196770Alexander2335757359
Louisa Annie Alexanderwife of Charles William Alexander1895197681

4AlexanderKate Alexanderfirst name on this monument1873193562Alexander4336059237
William Alexanderhusband of Kate Alexander

5AlexanderMartha Alexanderfirst name on this monument1839191475Alexander 1335582282
Thomas Alexanderhusband of Martha Alexander1838191779

6AlexanderSarah Ann Alexanderfirst name on this monument1866194074Alexander5336083391
Charles Alexanderhusband of Sarah Ann Alexander1868194476

7AlexanderWilliam Alexanderfirst name on this monument1872192755Alexander3336038210

8AllanGwendoline Maud Allanfirst name on this monument1907199588Allan1335612321

9AllenEllen Allenfirst name on this monument1838193092Allen1336080283

10AllstonJoseph Allstonfirst name on this monument1827189164Allston13357442881

11AlstonEllen Norah Alstonfirst name on this monument1878191638Alston1335651298

12AmosAlfred Edward Amosfirst name on this monument1930198151Amos3352805417
Richard Alfred Amosfather of Alfred Edward Amos1904198783
Lillian Rose Amosmother of Alfred Edward Amos1903200097

13AmosAlfred Edward Amosfirst name on this monument1930198151Amos3335727467
Richard Alfred Amosfather of Alfred Edward Amos1904198783
Lillian Rose Amosmother of Alfred Edward Amos1903200097

14AmosDennis Ronald Amosfirst name on this monument1934200167Amos2335692354

15AmosRichard Michael Amosfirst name on this monument1971200433Amos1335688299

16ApplebyGeorgina Applebyfirst name on this monument1824Appleby2336027376

17ApplebyHenrietta Applebyfirst name on this monument1805186661Appleby352812248
Joseph Applebyhusband of Henrietta Appleby1801187271

18ApplebyHenrietta Applebyfirst name on this monument1805186661Appleby335937384
Joseph Applebyhusband of Henrietta Appleby1801187271

19AshcroftJustin Leon Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1975200227Ashcroft1336011390

20AtkinsonElizabeth Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1816188468Atkinson1335906262
James Atkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Atkinson1820189272

21BaconJohn Baconfirst name on this monument1896196266Bacon1335874455
Edith Annie Baconwife of John Bacon1898197375

22BainesCharles Harold Bainesfirst name on this monument1899195455Baines13356324471
Gertrude M Baineswife of Charles Harold Baines1893197986

23BakerColin Norman Bakerfirst name on this monument1962200543Baker1335955387

24BallsHarry Ballsfirst name on this monument1897196467Balls1335835254

25BanhamAbraham Banhamfirst name on this monument1817189780Banham1335721496
Susannah Eleanor Banhamwife of Abraham Banham1836190064

26BanhamEleanor Banhamfirst name on this monument1862193876Banham4336081363
James George Banhamhusband of Eleanor Banham1861194584

27BanhamEliza Eleanor Banhamfirst name on this monument1873189522Banham2352804411
Willie Banhambrother of Eliza Eleanor Banham186918789
Abraham Banhamfather of Eliza Eleanor Banham
Susannah Banhammother of Eliza Eleanor Banham

28BanhamEliza Eleanor Banhamfirst name on this monument1873189522Banham2335722460
Willie Banhambrother of Eliza Eleanor Banham186918789
Abraham Banhamfather of Eliza Eleanor Banham
Susannah Banhammother of Eliza Eleanor Banham

29BanhamSarah Banhamfirst name on this monument1866189327Banham3335768249

30BanyanHerbert Banyanfirst name on this monument1876193054Banyan1336050240

31BarrettJack Philip Barrettfirst name on this monument1910197060Barrett1335765665
Barbara Barrettwife of Jack Philip Barrett1911200998

32BatesC A Batesfirst name on this monument1971Bates1335782448
Ruby Winifred Bateswife of C A Bates1973

33BattersbyElizabeth Battersbyfirst name on this monument1882197997Battersby1335615401

34BattersbyViolet Battersbyfirst name on this monument1909199687Battersby2335616319

35BeanMabel Agnes Beanfirst name on this monument1895Bean 1335600249

36BeattyHarold Edward Beattyfirst name on this monument1909200596Beatty1335841372

37BeddingfieldChristiana Beddingfieldfirst name on this monument1869Beddingfield1335614304
Harriet Ann Daisy Wass1897

38BeevisJulia Ann Beevisfirst name on this monument19051870-35Beevis1335622229

39BennardThomas Benjamin Bennardfirst name on this monument1857193679Bennard1336064212

40BentleyHerbert Bentleyfirst name on this monument1915198974Bentley1335886239

41BethellAlbert Edward Bethellfirst name on this monument1925200075Bethell1335690655
Jean Bethellwife of Albert Edward Bethell1928200274

42BibbyVera Bibbyfirst name on this monument1912198674Bibby1335669270
Henry Bibbyhusband of Vera Bibby1911199887

43BishopElsie Laura Bishopfirst name on this monumentBishop1335739498
Joan Beltrone

44BlackmoreChristina Joan Blackmorefirst name on this monument1946200256Blackmore13359796631

45BlakeErnest Albert Blakefirst name on this monument1897197982Blake 1335609488
Ada Harriet Blakewife of Ernest Albert Blake1900198181

46BlakeLilian Mercy Saxby Blakefirst name on this monument1903199895Blake2352801239

47BlakeLilian Mercy Saxby Blakefirst name on this monument1903199895Blake2335681196

48BlakePaul J Blakefirst name on this monument1964199531Blake3335929241

49BobbieDouglas Cleland Bobbiefirst name on this monument19211919-2Dobbie1335704278

50BolingbrokeEva Mary Bolingbrokefirst name on this monument1930Bolingbroke1336043302

51BolingbrokeWilliam Bolingbrokefirst name on this monument1930Bolingbroke2336044290

52BolsinBeatrice Doreen Bolsinfirst name on this monument1918198264Bolsin1335676243
Cyril Edward Bolsin1910199787

53BorgesMargaret Anne Borgesfirst name on this monument1945199550Borges2335971348

54BorgesP O J Borgesfirst name on this monument1905197974Borges1335776301
Ethel May Borgeswife of P O J Borges1900198585

55BoulterHarry Boulterfirst name on this monument1911198069Boulter1335728523
Irene Boulter1916199175

56BowersWilliam James Bowersfirst name on this monument1905198984Bowers1335729215
Vera Eliza Bowers1905200095

57BowersWilliam James Bowersfirst name on this monument1905198984Bowers2352806217
Vera Eliza Bowers1905200095

58BowersWilliam James Bowersfirst name on this monument1905198984Bowers2335738202
Vera Eliza Bowers1905200095

59BowlesCecil Bowlesfirst name on this monument1965Bowles2335813329
Elizabeth Bowles1986

60BowlesThomas Frank Bowlesfirst name on this monument1972Bowles 1335570262

61BoydenHarriet Boydenfirst name on this monument1832190270Boyden13357803421
Alice Boydendaughter-in-law of Harriet Boyden
Samuel Boydenhusband of Harriet Boyden
William Arthur Boydenson of Harriet Boyden1872191644

62BradburyEvelyn Alice Bradburyfirst name on this monument1910197767Bradbury 1335603397
Harold Arthur Bradburyhusband of Evelyn Alice Bradbury1908198981

63BranchAlbert Henry Branchfirst name on this monument1916200286Branch3336009258

64BranchGertrude Florence Branchfirst name on this monument1905197873Branch1335604277
William Henry Branchhusband of Gertrude Florence Branch1905199994

65BranchMaria Branchfirst name on this monument1926200175Branch2335986265

66BrayElizabeth Moss Brayfirst name on this monument18701974104Bray 13355953132

67BridgesAlice Maud Bridgesfirst name on this monument1898196466Bridges23358324521
Reginald Bridgeshusband of Alice Maud Bridges1892196573

68BridgesDora Lucy Bridgesfirst name on this monument1976Bridges 13355895671
George Leonard Bridges1981
Roger Edward Bridges2005

69BriggsFlora Nellie Briggsfirst name on this monument1898198890Briggs1335887241

70BrogdenGraham Hirstwood Brogdenfirst name on this monument1905198075Brogden1335737272

71BrookeAda E Brookefirst name on this monument1905196358Brooke2335859268

72BrookeWilliam Joseph Brookefirst name on this monument1878195476Brooke1335741372
Ada Brookewife of William Joseph Brooke1883195673

73BrownFlorence May Brownfirst name on this monument20101997-13Brown1335626218

74BryantWilliam Bryantfirst name on this monument1895196368Bryant1335863289
Lilian Bryantwife of William Bryant1899198586

75BullAnnie Rose Bullfirst name on this monument1890197080Bull1335787414

76BuntingHarriet Buntingfirst name on this monument1837191881Bunting1335747223
Julia E Bunting1841192483

77BurchamElsie Beatrice Burchamfirst name on this monument1885196681Burcham1335820287
Josiah William Burchamhusband of Elsie Beatrice Burcham1894197682

78BurgessFrederick J Burgessfirst name on this monument1892196573Burgess1335826235
Mary E Burgesswife of Frederick J Burgess1897198588

79BurgoyneJessie Burgoynefirst name on this monument1906198781Burgoyne1335674249

80BurtGeorge Burtfirst name on this monument1902196967Burt1335788334
Mabel Burt1902198684

81BurtonFred Burtonfirst name on this monument1900197373Burton 1335578202

82ButcherWilliam Walter Butcherfirst name on this monument1894196167Butcher1335849267
Florence May Butcherwife of William Walter Butcher1895198893

83ByronBeatrice Annie Byronfirst name on this monument1891196473Byron13358302181
Arthur Charles Byronhusband of Beatrice Annie Byron1896196569

84ByshLaura Sophia Byshfirst name on this monument1860193979Bysh1336072254

85CadeClaude Cadefirst name on this monument1901197271Cade 1335573426
Hilda Cadewife of Claude Cade1900198787

86CaneyEsther M Caneyfirst name on this monument1895197681Caney 13355882893

87CaneyFrank Hector Caneyfirst name on this monument1925199368Caney13359133031

88CanhamSusannah Canhamfirst name on this monument1853191663Canham1335629198

89CansdaleKatie Alice Cansdalefirst name on this monument82Cansdale2335754237

90CansdalePhoebe Cansdalefirst name on this monument1876192246Cansdale1335753308
George Cansdalehusband of Phoebe Cansdale

91CantBenjamin Revett Cantfirst name on this monument1827190073Cant13359154761
Elizabeth Cantwife of Benjamin Revett Cant1839191980

92CantElizabeth Kate Cantfirst name on this monument1903Cant2335921464
Benjamin Revett Cantfather of Elizabeth Kate Cant
Elizabeth Cantmother of Elizabeth Kate Cant

93CantGeorge Harvey Cantfirst name on this monument1823188562Cant3335987376
Ellen Cantdaughter of George Harvey Cant
Frank Cantson of George Harvey Cant
Louisa Martha Cantwife of George Harvey Cant1914

94CantLouisa Cantfirst name on this monument1932Cant5336002463
George Henry Cantfather of Louisa Cant
Louisa Martha Cantmother of Louisa Cant
Jane Cantsister of Louisa Cant1940

95CantWalter Cantfirst name on this monument1926Cant4336001437
George Henry Cantfather of Walter Cant
Louisa Martha Cantmother of Walter Cant

96CardyCharles Cardyfirst name on this monument1899196667Cardy1335824275
Beatrice Hilda Cardywife of Charles Cardy1988

97CarterPeter Osmond Carterfirst name on this monument1929200980Carter1335973325

98CarwoodJohn Samuel Carwoodfirst name on this monument1838191678Carwood13359183353
James Carwoodbrother of John Samuel Carwood1848187729
John Carwoodfather of John Samuel Carwood1809187768
Maria Carwoodmother of John Samuel Carwood1804187571

99CatchpoolLionel Edmund Isaac Catchpoolfirst name on this monument1883191229Catchpool1335928260

100CattonJohn Edward Cattonfirst name on this monument1918200183Catton1336008410
Phyllis Ruth Cattonwife of John Edward Catton1921200685

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