Municipal Cemetery, Alford, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101GravesCharles Gravesfirst name on this monument18061883771238322970190
Mary Graveswife of Charles Graves1802187472

102GravesGeorge Gravesfirst name on this monument18351896611239322971317
Emma Jane Graveswife of George Graves

103GrebbyFrederick Grebbyfirst name on this monument184919156610173227602442
Ann Grebbywife of Frederick Grebby1851194493

104GreenMary Ann Greenfirst name on this monument18471916691059322801142
George Greenhusband of Mary Ann Green1852192371

105GreenMary Hannah Greenfirst name on this monument184219137110413227841613
Titus Greenhusband of Mary Hannah Green1840192484

106GreenwoodWilliam Smith Greenwoodfirst name on this monument187919153610133227562121
Alice Maud Greenwoodwife of William Smith Greenwood1872195583

107GregoryHenry Gregoryfirst name on this monument18221900781277323008112
Mildred Emery Gregorywife of Henry Gregory

108GregoryTheophilus Sidney Gregoryfirst name on this monument186119024111173228573721
Theodora Gregorydaughter of Theophilus Sidney Gregory1905191914

109GriffithsMary Griffithsfirst name on this monument18101889791296323027172
Richard Griffithshusband of Mary Griffiths

110HackneyHenry Hackneyfirst name on this monument18581899411278323009159

111HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument18431909661016322759124
Richard Hallhusband of Elizabeth Hall1846192276

112HarlockAnn Harlockfirst name on this monument18081889811191322927154

113HarrisonEvelyn Minnie Harrisonfirst name on this monument1898190351285323016540
Ae Harrisonfather of Evelyn Minnie Harrison
M Harrisonmother of Evelyn Minnie Harrison

114HarrisonMinnie Harrisonfirst name on this monument18701903331284323015418
A E Harrisonhusband of Minnie Harrison

115HartleyCreasey Hartleyfirst name on this monument18471906591281323012204
Harriet Hartleywife of Creasey Hartley1846191569

116HartleyGeorge Creasey Hartleyfirst name on this monument18731892191279323010424
Creasey Hartleyfather of George Creasey Hartley
Harriet Hartleymother of George Creasey Hartley

117HarwoodHenry Harwoodfirst name on this monument184419136910113227542281

118HasnipA J Hasnipfirst name on this monument18441900561165322905162
E W Hasnipwife of A J Hasnip1845190358

119HasnipBetsy Hasnipfirst name on this monument18341908741108322847190
William Wright Hasniphusband of Betsy Hasnip1838191981

120HasnipEdward Hasnipfirst name on this monument18191887681210322946126

121HasnipMary Hasnipfirst name on this monument18411891501161322901203

122HasnipPaul Christopher Hasnipfirst name on this monument184518995411603229001691

123HasnipSarah Hasnipfirst name on this monument18201891711209322945200
Edward Hasniphusband of Sarah Hasnip

124HasnipSarah Lizzie Hasnipfirst name on this monument18731916431162322902131

125HasnipWilliam Hasnipfirst name on this monument181418877312123229481241

126HayesAnn Hayesfirst name on this monument18291907781258322989321
William M Hayeshusband of Ann Hayes1826187549
Christopher Hayesson of Ann Hayes1869188011
Thomas Hayesson of Ann Hayes1861187716

127HibbittBrewster Hibbittfirst name on this monument18451899541314323044156

128HibbittEdith Jane Hibbittfirst name on this monument1882188641313323043134

129HildredEdith Mary Hildredfirst name on this monument18781914361110322849287
Charles J Hildredfather of Edith Mary Hildred
Ellen Hildredmother of Edith Mary Hildred

130HildredLydia Hildredfirst name on this monument19191054322796241
Stafford Hildredhusband of Lydia Hildred1944

131HillEliza Anna Hillfirst name on this monument18221897751309323039162
William Hillhusband of Eliza Anna Hill

132HillJohn Hillfirst name on this monument18261904781286323017218
A M Mackfall

133HilldredSarah Ann Hilldredfirst name on this monument18471930831109322848106

134HodgsonPeter Hodgsonfirst name on this monument18621947851060322802313
Arthur Hodgsonson of Peter Hodgson1894191824
Diana Hodgsonwife of Peter Hodgson1866194276

135HolahGeorge Victor Holahfirst name on this monument18871307323037116

136HoneyballHarry C Honeyballfirst name on this monument182918966711343228741571
Nelly Honeyballdaughter of Harry C Honeyball1864189733
Annie Honeyballwife of Harry C Honeyball1829190172

137HoodMary Sarah Hoodfirst name on this monument184718894211063228452431
Barnabas Hood1837192790

138HornSarah Hornfirst name on this monument18291905761014322757133

139HornbyJoseph Hornbyfirst name on this monument182118826110333227763601
Sarah Hornbywife of Joseph Hornby

140HornbyMaria Hornbyfirst name on this monument182818835511853229213712
Elizabeth Hornbydaughter of Maria Hornby185318596
Simcoats Hornbyhusband of Maria Hornby1827188962

141HornbySarah Hornbyfirst name on this monument18211890691034322777149
Joseph Hornbyhusband of Sarah Hornby

142HornbySophia Hornbyfirst name on this monument18461894481030322773163
Handsley Hornbyhusband of Sophia Hornby1842191472

143HornbyThomas Hornbyfirst name on this monument1851191160114032288087
Selina Hornbywife of Thomas Hornby1852193785

144HornbyThomas Hornbyfirst name on this monument18141891771184322920149
Lucinda Hornbywife of Thomas Hornby1814188773

145HornbyWilliam Hornbyfirst name on this monument18141903891327323057176
Lucy Hornbywife of William Hornby1815189075

146HornbyWilliam Hornbyfirst name on this monument18521927751081322821305
Elsie Muriel Hornbydaughter of William Hornby189118987

147HouldenGeorge Houldenfirst name on this monument18521915631025322768208

148HubbertSabina Hubbertfirst name on this monument18691897281006322749342
S Hubbertfather of Sabina Hubbert
E Hubbertmother of Sabina Hubbert

149HunterBetsy Hunterfirst name on this monument1844193490100332274686

150JacklinElizabeth Jacklinfirst name on this monument18261894681137322877215
Cm Jacklinhusband of Elizabeth Jacklin1832187745

151JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument18431885421231322963133
Louise Jacksondaughter of William Jackson

152JohnsonErnest H Johnsonfirst name on this monument18531885321028322771156
Sidney Hayden Johnson

153JonesRobert Jonesfirst name on this monument18311902711169322908103

154JordanMaria Jordanfirst name on this monument18721900281248322980202
J E Jordanhusband of Maria Jordan

155KeefMaria Keeffirst name on this monument18961315323045213
John Keefhusband of Maria Keef1857190750

156KeightleyElijah Keightleyfirst name on this monument18141892781189322925165
Elizabeth Keightleywife of Elijah Keightley1804188682

157KeightleyFrancis Keightleyfirst name on this monument182418957112413229731341

158KellAnn Kellfirst name on this monument18251896711294323025161

159KempPhoebe Bancroft Kempfirst name on this monument184219157310323227751741
George Kemphusband of Phoebe Bancroft Kemp1845191974

160KeyJoseph Keyfirst name on this monument184018864612713230022791
Jane Keywife of Joseph Key

161KirmanEliza Kirmanfirst name on this monument18371908711144322884217
John Kirmanhusband of Eliza Kirman

162LadleyHenry Ladleyfirst name on this monument18361922861090322829303
Mary Ladleywife of Henry Ladley1833191077

163LakeFrancis Dowse Lakefirst name on this monument18441905611263322994263
Eleanor Lakewife of Francis Dowse Lake1846190660

164LambSamuel Lambfirst name on this monument18441908641256322987151

165LambertFrederick Lambertfirst name on this monument19231040322783339
Charles William Lambertson of Frederick Lambert1916
Susannah Lambertwife of Frederick Lambert1938

166LeusbyHenry M Leusbyfirst name on this monument182318886513023230331311
Martha Leusbydaughter of Henry M Leusby1861190342
Mary Ann Leusbywife of Henry M Leusby1823190582

167LewisCharles Edward Lewisfirst name on this monument18711916451261322992127

168LewisJoseph Lewisfirst name on this monument18391898591260322991172
Jane Elizabeth Lewiswife of Joseph Lewis1838189456

169LongdenGeorge Longdenfirst name on this monument18891177322913143

170LongdenMary Amelia Longdenfirst name on this monument18241908841178322914172
G Longdenhusband of Mary Amelia Longden

171LonsdaleSusan Lonsdalefirst name on this monument18241889651297323028268
Smith Lonsdalehusband of Susan Lonsdale1826190680

172LoughtonMary Loughtonfirst name on this monument18251885601245322977108
Phillip Loughtonhusband of Mary Loughton

173LoughtonPhillip Loughtonfirst name on this monument18251889641244322976104
Mary Loughtondaughter of Phillip Loughton1851189948

174LowCharlotte Lowfirst name on this monument18241912881078322818146

175LowChristopher Lowfirst name on this monument18541923691052322794515
Sarah Ann Lowwife of Christopher Low1855194085

176LowGeorge Lowfirst name on this monument18161884681079322819111

177LuffmanMary Thompson Luffmanfirst name on this monument185219328012883230191011

178MabbottJemima Mabbottfirst name on this monument18231904811098322837242
Dinah Hadwicksister of Jemima Mabbott1829191081
Mary Hadwicksister of Jemima Mabbott1824190480

179MarkhamJohn Markhamfirst name on this monument18261899731246322978332
Caroline Markhamwife of John Markham1833191279

180MarshallSusan Marshallfirst name on this monument18401902621180322916167
William Marshallhusband of Susan Marshall

181MasonEliza Masonfirst name on this monument181619018511073228461761
Robert Masonhusband of Eliza Mason

182McFallCaroline Emily McFallfirst name on this monument188712363229682141
Edmund McFallhusband of Caroline Emily McFall

183MiddletonGeorge Middletonfirst name on this monument184519237810313227741721
Lizzie Middletonwife of George Middleton1868192254

184MiddletonKate Middletonfirst name on this monument187519164110353227781131
John Middletonhusband of Kate Middleton

185MiddletonLucy Middletonfirst name on this monument185119227110363227794401
Charles Middletonhusband of Lucy Middleton1857195093
Bert Middletonson of Lucy Middleton
Herbert Middletonson of Lucy Middleton
John Middletonson of Lucy Middleton

186MillgateJulia Millgatefirst name on this monument182818987010043227471553

187MosesRuth Mosesfirst name on this monument18021892901159322899244
John Moseshusband of Ruth Moses1800187474

188MountainAnnie Mountainfirst name on this monument18751901261254322985235
Frank Mountainhusband of Annie Mountain

189MountainJoseph Mountainfirst name on this monument186419033912643229951861
Catherine Mabel Mountaindaughter of Joseph Mountain

190MustonSamuel Mustonfirst name on this monument18411922811048322790146
George Gladstone Mustonson of Samuel Muston1874194773
Lucy Mustonwife of Samuel Muston1837193497

191NicholsGeorge Edward Nicholsfirst name on this monument1902190311232322964307
W H Nicholsfather of George Edward Nichols

192NobbsAnn Nobbsfirst name on this monument18071883761198322934569
John Nobbshusband of Ann Nobbs

193NobbsJohn Nobbsfirst name on this monument18101889791199322935122

194NortheySarah Northeyfirst name on this monument18481897491316323046216
William Henry Northeyhusband of Sarah Northey1841190059

195OvertonSusanna Overtonfirst name on this monument18071884771190322926131
Robert Overtonhusband of Susanna Overton

196PaceyLucy Paceyfirst name on this monument18451917721084322823161

197PaddisonEllen Paddisonfirst name on this monument18491921721008322751121
Edward Paddisonhusband of Ellen Paddison

198ParkerDorothy May Parkerfirst name on this monument1909191121150322890207
David Parkerfather of Dorothy May Parker
Mary Louisa Parkermother of Dorothy May Parker

199ParkerJoseph Parkerfirst name on this monument185019085811513228912211
Fred Parkerson of Joseph Parker1883192340
Eliza Parkerwife of Joseph Parker1853193481

200ParkerLizzie Mary Parkerfirst name on this monument1902190531102322841146

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