Municipal Cemetery, Alford, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AblottFanny Ablottfirst name on this monument18651903381323323053365
Frank Ablotthusband of Fanny Ablott

2AllettAnn Allettfirst name on this monument180618676112423229743651
John Alletthusband of Ann Allett

3AndersonJohn Andersonfirst name on this monument18531885321187322923412
Lilly Andersondaughter of John Anderson2
Robert Edward Andersonson of John Anderson
Sarah Ann Andersonwife of John Anderson1855191863

4AtkinThomas Atkinfirst name on this monument18091892831183322919243

5AtkinsonSusanna Maria Atkinsonfirst name on this monument183318956211473228874381
George Atkinsonhusband of Susanna Maria Atkinson1828190476

6BaggleyCharles Baggleyfirst name on this monument18671901341334323064260
Emily Baggleywife of Charles Baggley

7BaggleyThomas Baggleyfirst name on this monument18191900811101322840301
Eliza Baggleywife of Thomas Baggley1818190183

8BamberDrewry Bamberfirst name on this monument181418927812193229562821
Ann Alice Bamberwife of Drewry Bamber1817190285

9BamberRobert Drewry Bamberfirst name on this monument18471923761219322957220

10BamberSamuel Frederick Bamberfirst name on this monument18441899551219322955584
Albert Bamber
Alice Bamber
George Albert Bamber

11BarkerAnn Barkerfirst name on this monument182818987010053227482311

12BarkerFrances Barkerfirst name on this monument18561936801139322879248

13BarkerFred Barkerfirst name on this monument187019184810073227501911

14BarkerJohn Barkerfirst name on this monument181118918013303230604011
Mary Ann Barkerdaughter of John Barker1840188848
Hannah Lee Barkerwife of John Barker1815184631

15BarnesMartin Barnesfirst name on this monument189410733228133731
Ann Barneswife of Martin Barnes1889

16BarnesMaude Barnesfirst name on this monument188218981611793229153111
William Martin Barnesfather of Maude Barnes
Sarah Ann Barnesmother of Maude Barnes

17BarrMary Jane Barrfirst name on this monument186318852212163229521911

18BarronFanny Jane Barronfirst name on this monument183219208810553227974641

19BatesGeorge Batesfirst name on this monument18451925801091322830392
Annie Bateswife of George Bates1850189848

20BellEllen Bellfirst name on this monument18241894701001322744199

21BickertonAnn Bickertonfirst name on this monument18191900811328323058324
Joseph Bickertonhusband of Ann Bickerton1822190987

22BickertonJoseph Bickertonfirst name on this monument187419386411263228664821
Evelyn Belgrove Bickertonwife of Joseph Bickerton1885191429

23BickertonThomas Bickertonfirst name on this monument184319126911273228674631
Emma Bickertondaughter of Thomas Bickerton2
Emma Bickertonwife of Thomas Bickerton1845192984

24BirdMary Ann Birdfirst name on this monument184818914313053230355231
John Birdfather of Mary Ann Bird

25BirkettCharles Birkettfirst name on this monument18571897401071322811388

26BishellThomas Bishellfirst name on this monument184119046312763230071993

27BlakeyBenjamin Blakeyfirst name on this monument18191893741018322761335
Emma Blakeywife of Benjamin Blakey1833189158

28BlakeyJohn Edward Blakeyfirst name on this monument18601897371157322897391

29BondFrederick Bondfirst name on this monument18501911611130322870443
Mary Foster Bondwife of Frederick Bond1852192573

30BoultonCharlotte Boultonfirst name on this monument18191898791322323052256

31BoultonElizabeth Boultonfirst name on this monument185219146211553228955721
George Boulton1856194185
Rose Boultonson-in-law of Elizabeth Boulton1872194169

32BrantFrances Susannah Brantfirst name on this monument184418874310873228262651
George Branthusband of Frances Susannah Brant1844192682

33BratleyHopkin Bratleyfirst name on this monument18321913811089322828253
Helen Bratleywife of Hopkin Bratley1840191777

34BratleyMartha Bratleyfirst name on this monument18271888611037322780332
Benjamin Bratleyhusband of Martha Bratley1828185931

35BratleyMary Bratleyfirst name on this monument18521882301038322781336
Bennet Bratleyhusband of Mary Bratley

36BreathwickJohn Breathwickfirst name on this monument183118916010683228083952
Katy Elizabeth Breathwickgrand daughter of John Breathwick188718947
Ann Breathwickwife of John Breathwick1828190173

37BrooksHarriet Brooksfirst name on this monument18651901361136322876290
John Brookshusband of Harriet Brooks

38BrownChristiana Brownfirst name on this monument18241903791289323020202

39BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument18531919661022322765224
Joseph Brownhusband of Mary Brown1843191572

40BrownRosie Brownfirst name on this monument18741895211269323000299
Mary Panton Herring1877190326

41BrownSelina Brownfirst name on this monument18541886321182322918291

42BrownWalton Joseph Brownfirst name on this monument18551927721153322893282
Eliza Brownwife of Walton Joseph Brown1862194280

43BryantElizabeth Mary Bryantfirst name on this monument18401907671121322861243
Thomas W Bryanthusband of Elizabeth Mary Bryant

44BryantLucy Hannah Bryantfirst name on this monument18571943861120322860204

45BryantRobert W Bryantfirst name on this monument18561897411118322858197

46BryantSarah Ann Bryantfirst name on this monument18281902741119322859211

47BulmerWilliam Bulmerfirst name on this monument18071887801306323036197

48BurgessHarriet Burgessfirst name on this monument184719146711003228393171
Robert Chester Burgesshusband of Harriet Burgess1847193790

49BurkittHarriet Heneage Burkittfirst name on this monument181018908011743229103494
Joseph Reynoldson Burkitthusband of Harriet Heneage Burkitt

50BurkittJ Burkittfirst name on this monument188919193010563227982481

51BurkittRichard Burkittfirst name on this monument182918845512003229363923
Annie Meek Burkittwife of Richard Burkitt1836191882

52CadeEllen Cadefirst name on this monument183119168510293227722762

53CammackAnn Cammackfirst name on this monument183418966210803228202771
Thomas Cammackhusband of Ann Cammack1830190878

54CarfitRobert Carfitfirst name on this monument18391908691252322984202
Mary Jane Carfitwife of Robert Carfit1933

55CartwrightAnnie Cartwrightfirst name on this monument18631887241243322975456
Joseph Cartwrightfather of Annie Cartwright
Ann Cartwrightmother of Annie Cartwright

56CartwrightJoseph Cartwrightfirst name on this monument18291900711251322983349
Ann Cartwrightwife of Joseph Cartwright1838192688

57ChamberlainSarah Jane Chamberlainfirst name on this monument18301883531207322943254

58ChambersJ W Chambersfirst name on this monument19231287323018254

59ChandlerJohn Stephen Chandlerfirst name on this monument183818915313243230545171
Marie Chandlerdaughter of John Stephen Chandler1875190631
Mary Ann Chandlerwife of John Stephen Chandler1835191378

60ChattertonAnthony Garlick Chattertonfirst name on this monument18421913711111322850317

61ChattertonKatherine Turgoose Chattertonfirst name on this monument1112322851302

62CheffinsJohn George Cheffinsfirst name on this monument186318912812373229693772
William Cheffinsfather of John George Cheffins1832188452
Mary Ann Cheffinsmother of John George Cheffins

63ConeyAlbert Henry Coneyfirst name on this monument18681914461141322881327
Percy Coneyson of Albert Henry Coney1899192728
Sarah Coneywife of Albert Henry Coney1868194678

64ConeyJane Coneyfirst name on this monument18491915661154322894348
Betsy Atkinsister of Jane Coney1839191879

65ConeyThomas Coneyfirst name on this monument180918898012053229412793
Susannah Coneywife of Thomas Coney1816189882

66CooperSamuel Cooperfirst name on this monument18181884661204322940182
Rebecca Cooperwife of Samuel Cooper1838188345

67CoultArthur Thomas Coultfirst name on this monument18921924321257322988182

68CrawfordZillah Crawfordfirst name on this monument184718904312503229823721
Charles Crawfordhusband of Zillah Crawford
George Crawfordson of Zillah Crawford185918667

69CunninghamBetsy Cunninghamfirst name on this monument18521906541115322855267

70CunninghamJohn Cunninghamfirst name on this monument18211891701065322805368
Jane Sizerson-in-law of John Cunningham1821188766
Charlotte Cunninghamwife of John Cunningham1824189167

71CusworthJoseph Cusworthfirst name on this monument18291891621320323050224
Ann Cusworthwife of Joseph Cusworth1821189170

72DalesAnn Dalesfirst name on this monument182718936610703228102592
Henry Daleshusband of Ann Dales1831191988

73DalesCharles Dalesfirst name on this monument181718866911933229299841

74DalesFrances Dalesfirst name on this monument189110763228162181

75DalesJames Dalesfirst name on this monument185019227210533227952321
Mary Ann Daleswife of James Dales1852191967

76DalesMary Ann Dalesfirst name on this monument184419157110273227704752
Elizabeth Dalesdaughter of Mary Ann Dales1862191553
John Daleshusband of Mary Ann Dales1839193192

77DalesSarah Dalesfirst name on this monument18251912871194322930159

78DarleyEmma Darleyfirst name on this monument18381901631099322838253
Joshua Darleyhusband of Emma Darley

79DarwinFanny Darwinfirst name on this monument18631922591046322788190
George Darwinhusband of Fanny Darwin1864194581

80DavisonEdward Davisonfirst name on this monument18361917811181322917280
Sophia Davisonwife of Edward Davison1833191582

81DayEmma English Dayfirst name on this monument18371923861295323026145

82DennisGeorge William Dennisfirst name on this monument18571918611333323063244
Louisa Dennisdaughter of George William Dennis188118832
Nellie Dennisdaughter of George William Dennis1883190522
Norman Dennisson of George William Dennis1887190316
William Dennisson of George William Dennis1889191223
Elizabeth Denniswife of George William Dennis18601963103

83DibbAnna Dibbfirst name on this monument181318948111053228442761
James Dibbhusband of Anna Dibb

84DinnisMary Dinnisfirst name on this monument18331918851138322878210
Charles Dinnishusband of Mary Dinnis

85DinnisSusannah Dinnisfirst name on this monument18331911781218322954160

86DowlmanJemima Dowlmanfirst name on this monument18481897491272323003197
John Hill Dowlmanhusband of Jemima Dowlman

87DowlmanJohn Hill Dowlmanfirst name on this monument18541918641273323004179
Betsy Ann Dowlmanwife of John Hill Dowlman

88DowlmanMary Agnes Dowlmanfirst name on this monument18761892161274323005219
John Hill Dowlmanfather of Mary Agnes Dowlman
Jemima Dowlmanmother of Mary Agnes Dowlman

89DunhamThomas Dunhamfirst name on this monument18331902691097322836250
Rebecca Dunhamwife of Thomas Dunham1833190673

90ElshamSarah Elshamfirst name on this monument18071887801228322960218
John Richard William Elshamson of Sarah Elsham1848187325

91EptonJ Eptonfirst name on this monument191910493227912311

92EvisonHenry Evisonfirst name on this monument184219096713183230482581
Mary Ann Evisonwife of Henry Evison1846192175

93EvisonSamuel Evisonfirst name on this monument184018965611633229032211
Betsy Evisonwife of Samuel Evison1841190968

94FellSarah Fellfirst name on this monument185119196810433227861921
John Fellhusband of Sarah Fell1850193787

95FinchSamuel Finchfirst name on this monument18511922711039322782203
Mary Finchwife of Samuel Finch1933

96FletcherHenry Fletcherfirst name on this monument18161892761266322997364
Ann Fletcherwife of Henry Fletcher1818189678

97FormanWilliam J J Formanfirst name on this monument18491916671290323021239
Elizabeth Formanwife of William J J Forman1852193987

98GoddardLouisa Goddardfirst name on this monument18511910591124322864203
Eli Goddardhusband of Louisa Goddard

99GoslingHenry Goslingfirst name on this monument18411912711012322755311
Charlotte Goslingwife of Henry Gosling1844192581

100GravesArthur George Gravesfirst name on this monument187719386110633228032892

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