St Margaret of Antioch's Church burial ground, Tanfield, Durham, England

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201RidleyGeorge Ridleyfirst name on this monumentid: 65111011Details unclear
Ann Ridleydaughter of George Ridley died in Infancy - details unclear
John Ridleyson of George Ridley1832 Details unclear
Isabella Ridleywife of George Ridley88 details unclear

202RileyThomas Rileyfirst name on this monument1898551953id: 7921084
Thomas Rileyfather of Thomas Riley
Rachel Rileymother of Thomas Riley
Mary Riley1890811971

203RipponWilliam Charles Ripponfirst name on this monument1831681899id: 7061091of Dene Cottage Burnopfield
Mary Ann Ripponsister of William Charles Rippon1828781906

204RobinsonAndrew Robinsonfirst name on this monument1774781852id: 61211172
Elizabeth Robinsonwife of Andrew Robinson1775651840

205RobinsonGeorge H Robinsonfirst name on this monument1797651862id: 67111201of Burnopfield
Margaret Ann Robinsondaughter of George H Robinson1831591890
Dinah Robinsonwife of George H Robinson1811631874

206RobinsonJohn Robinsonfirst name on this monument1838371875id: 63111031
Joseph Robinsonfather of John Robinson details not clear
Jane Robinsonmother of John Robinson

207RobinsonJoseph Robinsonfirst name on this monument1777691846id: 67311152of Leazes
Isabella Robinsonwife of Joseph Robinson1783641847

208RobinsonJoseph Robinsonfirst name on this monument1801651866id: 61311062
Esther Jane Robinsondaughter of Joseph Robinson1845
Thomas Robinson1865101875
Andrew Robinsonson of Joseph Robinson1831221853
Joseph Robinsonson of Joseph Robinson183411835
Esther Robinsonwife of Joseph Robinson1884 interred at Acocks Green Birmingham

209RobinsonThomas Robinsonfirst name on this monument1871341905id: 75611272
Elsie Shawdaughter of Thomas Robinson1899521951
George Robinson
Joseph Shawson-in-law of Thomas Robinson
Isabella Robinsonwife of Thomas Robinson1871751946 George 2nd husband - cremated at Newcastle

210RobsonMargaret Ann Robsonfirst name on this monument1856441900id: 7081092
Eleanor Robsondaughter of Margaret Ann Robson188721889
Hannah Elizabeth Robsondaughter of Margaret Ann Robson1885
Joseph Robsonhusband of Margaret Ann Robson1857751932 of Shield Row Lodge
A E Robson 2nd Wife of Joseph
George Robsonson of Margaret Ann Robson1891221913

211RobsonRobert Robsonfirst name on this monument1844301874id: 5701087Third son
Joseph Robsonfather of Robert Robson late of Medomally
Mary Robsonmother of Robert Robson

212RoddamGeorge Roddamfirst name on this monument1802681870id: 68010842of Low KYO

213RodhamJohn Rodhamfirst name on this monument1799671866id: 58211402of Tanfield Moor
John Erodson of John Rodham183211833 eldest son
John Rodhamson of John Rodham183711838 second son
Ann Rodhamwife of John Rodham1803621865

214RodhamJoseph Rodhamfirst name on this monument1842591901id: 74111001of White-Le-Head
Minnie Rodham
Thomas Rodham1881431924
Hannah Rodhamwife of Joseph Rodham1847721919

215RowellJacob Rowellfirst name on this monument1817751892id: 76510842of Clough Dene
Mary Rowellwife of Jacob Rowell1822781900
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216RustMary Jane Rustfirst name on this monument1874711945id: 7981108
Robert Rusthusband of Mary Jane Rust1951 age obscured

217RutherfordSyelalla Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1827501877id: 6401081christian name not clear
Jane Ann Rutherforddaughter of Syelalla Rutherford185461860
William Rutherfordhusband of Syelalla Rutherford
John Rutherfordson of Syelalla Rutherford186531868

218SandersonJames Sandersonfirst name on this monument1882341916id: 79710771Reported missing in France
Elizabeth Sandersonwife of James Sanderson1879661945

219SandersonJohn Sandersonfirst name on this monument1846651911id: 71810761
Jane Ann Sandersonwife of John Sanderson1851621913

220ScottCharles Scottfirst name on this monument1864641928id: 8031078
Jane A Scottwife of Charles Scott1859761935

221ShippenWilliam George Shippenfirst name on this monument1835381873id: 5951121of the Low Teams
Jane Shippenmother of William George Shippen1805741879
Jane Shippenwife of William George Shippen1839561895

222ShortJane Shortfirst name on this monument1850471897id: 7031074
Thomas Shorthusband of Jane Short1852581910 of Tantobie

223SimpsonBarbara Simpsonfirst name on this monument1819541873id: 5731096
Alice Simpsondaughter of Barbara Simpson1846 age not clear
Catherine Simpsondaughter of Barbara Simpson died in Infancy year not clear
Catherine Simpsondaughter of Barbara Simpson1832241856
Joseph Simpsonhusband of Barbara Simpson1817651882 of Stanley Hall
Anthony Simpsonson of Barbara Simpson1849

224SimpsonElizabeth Simpsonfirst name on this monument1769541823id: 6231098
Joseph Simpsonhusband of Elizabeth Simpson1756741830 Curate of Tanfield for over 30 years
Margaret Simpson Details unclear
Mary Simpson1832 daughter of William and Margaret
William Simpson Husband of Margaret Details unclear

225SimpsonHall Simpsonfirst name on this monument1898641962id: 7881084
Florence Simpsonwife of Hall Simpson

226SimpsonSarah Simpsonfirst name on this monument1830641894id: 7541077
William Simpsonhusband of Sarah Simpson1833821915

227SlaterStephen John Slaterfirst name on this monument1791781869id: 6281073of Tantobie
Mary Slaterwife of Stephen John Slater1797731870

228SmaileJane Smailefirst name on this monument1723461769id: 6771075
John Smailehusband of Jane Smaile of Bryons

229SmithFrances Smithfirst name on this monument1841351876id: 6411082
Martha Smithdaughter of Frances Smith1875
Mary Emma Smithdaughter of Frances Smith1873
Mary Jane Smithdaughter of Frances Smith1874
John Christer Smithhusband of Frances Smith of Tantobie

230SmithJane Smithfirst name on this monument194051945id: 7961074accidently killed
William Smithfather of Jane Smith
Elizabeth Smithmother of Jane Smith

231SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1797711868id: 5861079
Thomas Smithhusband of Mary Smith1796751871 of Burnopfield

232SmithRichardson Smithfirst name on this monument1826641890id: 73612524of Tanfield Farm
Anthony Shotton Smithson of Richardson Smith died in infancy
Ralph Smithson of Richardson Smith died in infancy
Thomas Smithson of Richardson Smith died in infancy
Barabara Smithwife of Richardson Smith1835711906 year not clear but is 19 Nov 1906
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233SmithRobert Smithfirst name on this monument1814631877id: 6391080High Bushlade
Hannah Brysondaughter of Robert Smith1854241878
Margaret Dixondaughter of Robert Smith1843291872
Jane Isabella Smithgrand daughter of Robert Smith187181879
Robert Smithson of Robert Smith1851
Ann Smithwife of Robert Smith1814641878

234SmithThomas Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1862621924id: 8071075
Mary Jane Smithwife of Thomas Henry Smith1867801947

235SoulsbyJane Soulsbyfirst name on this monument1745471792id: 58810711
Michael Soulsbyhusband of Jane Soulsby1749771826 of Dipton

236StokelMary Stokelfirst name on this monument1853551908id: 71410792
Mary E Reynoldsondaughter of Mary Stokel1874231897 Mary Elizabeth born 14 Feb 1874 died 17 Aug 1897 just 4 months after she was married
Ada Stokeldaughter of Mary Stokel1878361914
Alice Stokeldaughter of Mary Stokel1887221909
Frances Stokeldaughter of Mary Stokel188911890
Lessette Stokeldaughter of Mary Stokel189291901
George Stokelhusband of Mary Stokel1849741923

237SwannRobert Swannfirst name on this monument1854611915id: 72910811

238SwinburneWilliam Alfred Swinburnefirst name on this monument1884421926id: 8311090of Beamish who died from injuries at Tanfield Colliery
Margaret Swinburnewife of William Alfred Swinburne

239SymeWilliam Robert Symefirst name on this monument1901601961id: 7851077

240ThirlawayMargaret A Thirlawayfirst name on this monument1858761934id: 8021082
William Thirlaway1849871936

241ThirlwellJane Thirlwellfirst name on this monument1835551890id: 7711093
Mary Ann Thirlwelldaughter-in-law of Jane Thirlwell
Jane Annie Thirlwellgrand daughter of Jane Thirlwell1893
William Thirlwellhusband of Jane Thirlwell1828711899
Thomas Thirlwellson of Jane Thirlwell1870261896 died of injuries received at East Tanfield Colliery

242ThompsonGeorge Sept Thompsonfirst name on this monument1838281866id: 62210923Seventh Son. Surgeon of Burnopfield
John Thompsonfather of George Sept Thompson of the Green; Bishopwearmouth

243ThorburnCha? Thorburnfirst name on this monument1809321841id: 6101128First name not clear Cha??
John Thorburnhusband of Cha? Thorburn

244TinnThomas Tinnfirst name on this monument1737621799id: 65010977
Martha Tinndaughter of Thomas Tinn176281770

245ToddGeorge Toddfirst name on this monument1801771878id: 5871090
William Walter Toddson of George Todd1815191834 son of George and Jane
Jane Toddfirst wife of George Todd1809351844
Ann Toddsecond wife of George Todd1817581875

246TurnbullLuke Turnbullfirst name on this monument1779181797id: 59010841
Robert Turnbullfather of Luke Turnbull year and age not clear

247TurnbullThomas Turnbullfirst name on this monument1816131829id: 59811091
William Turnbullfather of Thomas Turnbull1761791840
Margaret Turnbullmother of Thomas Turnbull1767711838
Thomas Turnbullnephew of Thomas Turnbull1831231854
Christian Turnbull1807811888
Joseph Turnbull1802691871

248TurnbullThomas Turnbull Turnbullfirst name on this monument1700801780id: 6481082of Beamish - Gardener
Mary Turnbullwife of Thomas Turnbull Turnbull1692961788

249TweddleJane Tweddlefirst name on this monument1827451872id: 61111664
Margaret Tweddledaughter of Jane Tweddle185481862
Mary Ann Tweddledaughter of Jane Tweddle1855151870 died at Sheep Hill
Margaret Elizabeth Lidslegrand daughter of Jane Tweddle188311884
Joseph Tweddlehusband of Jane Tweddle1823631886
James Tweddleson of Jane Tweddle1863 died in Infancy
Joseph Tweddleson of Jane Tweddle1870 died in Infancy
William Tweddleson of Jane Tweddle1865 died in Infancy
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250WalkerLaura Walkerfirst name on this monument1877501927id: 8061080
James Forsterbrother of Laura Walker details obscured

251WatsonErnest Watsonfirst name on this monument1934id: 8011076age obscured
Joseph Watsonfather of Ernest Watson of South Causey
Annie Watsonmother of Ernest Watson

252WatsonGeorge Watsonfirst name on this monument1807511858id: 57810891
Burton Watsonson of George Watson185331856
Isabella Watsonwife of George Watson1810801890

253WatsonGeorge Watsonfirst name on this monument1846441890id: 7721075of Tanfield Lane farm
Elizabeth Henderson1894151909 Daughter of John and Sarah
John Henderson1866481914 Husband of sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Henderson1858801938
Sarah Watsonwife of George Watson

254WatsonJohn Nicholas Toward Watsonfirst name on this monument1866id: 5961079
Henry William Watsonfather of John Nicholas Toward Watson of Burnopfield
Mary Elizabeth Watsonmother of John Nicholas Toward Watson

255WatsonMartin Reaveley Watsonfirst name on this monument1832421874id: 63610931
Catherine Hannah Watsondaughter of Martin Reaveley Watson185011851
Eleanor Watsondaughter of Martin Reaveley Watson1858281886
Charles Watsonson of Martin Reaveley Watson1855151870 met his death by accident
Martin Watsonson of Martin Reaveley Watson186541869
Mary Ann Watsonwife of Martin Reaveley Watson details missing

256WeightmanJane Weightmanfirst name on this monument1818751893id: 76410821
Mary Jane Weightmandaughter of Jane Weightman1851261877
John Weightmanhusband of Jane Weightman1815611876

257WichamWilliam Wichamfirst name on this monument1794691863id: 5801120of Burnopfield
John William Thompsongrand son of William Wicham186831871
William Adam Thompsongrand son of William Wicham186411865
William John Thompsongrand son of William Wicham1863
Sarah Wichamwife of William Wicham1796601856

258WighamEdward Wighamfirst name on this monument1833771910id: 74710731of Low Barcus Close Farm
Mary Isabella Wighamdaughter of Edward Wigham1868811949
Robert Wighamson of Edward Wigham1862811943 eldest son
Thomas Wighamson of Edward Wigham1863661929 second son
Barabara Wighamwife of Edward Wigham1832791911

259WighamRobert Wighamfirst name on this monument1803751878id: 63711334of Byer Moor
Mary Ann Wigham1838221860 wife of William - died at Sheep Hill
William Wigham
George Wighamson of Robert Wigham1838311869
Thomas Wighamson of Robert Wigham1845121857
Isabella Wighamwife of Robert Wigham1806881894

260WilliamsonJohn Williamsonfirst name on this monument1788611849id: 6631075of the Waggon Hill
Jane Williamsondaughter of John Williamson1825231848
Meggy Grace Swinburnegrand daughter of John Williamson186091869
John Robinson Swinburnegrand son of John Williamson1859
Elizabeth Williamsonwife of John Williamson year and age not clear 1835? 47?

261WilsonElizabeth Wilsonfirst name on this monument1895251920id: 80910752
John Wilsonhusband of Elizabeth Wilson of Manor Road Stanley

262WinshipAmos Winshipfirst name on this monument1816531869id: 62911341died at Hebburn. He married Margaret Slater on 31 August 1840 at All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne. They both appear in the 1841 England Census as married and are in the 1851 census they appear with their children Margaret Jane and Elizabeth and in 1861 youngest son John is included. His occupation was engineman in Tanfield Lea Colliery. He died in 1869, age 53.
Margaret Jane Whittakerdaughter of Amos Winship1852231875
Margaret Winshipwife of Amos Winship1821621883 Margaret Slater was her maiden name. She married Amos on 31 August 1840 at All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is a widow in the 1871 and 1881 England Censuses living with her son John. She died, age 62, in the last quarter of 1883. According to LDS she was christened on 16 Sept 1821 in Tanfield and her parents were Stephen John Slater and Mary.
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263WinshipAmos Winshipfirst name on this monument1786781864id: 63010862He was born in 1786 based on England Census records and christened on 2 July 1786 in Longbenton, Northumberland. His father's name on the christening record is Amos and his mother Elisabeth. He married Margaret Wilson on 22 August 1807 in Longbenton. Based on information from LDS they had 7 children: Amos, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Margaret, and Jane. Amos and Margaret and various children appear in the 1841 and 1851 England Census living in Tanfield Lea. In 1861 Census, Amos appears with his daughter Ann, his son John and grand-daugher Hannah. He died on 10 August 1864, age 78. He left a will, probate date 16 September 1864.
Ann Winshipdaughter of Amos Winship1858331891 Eldest Daughter died at Tanfield lea interred at Tanfield 1892. Ann was born on 9 August 1808 in Longbenton and christened on 9 October. She is living with her niece Hannah Raisbeck (Winship), her grand-niece Mary and a servant/butler Robert Henderson in the 1891 census, age 82. Her age at death should read 83, not 33.
Margaret Winshipwife of Amos Winship1787681855 Maiden name was Wilson. She was baptised on 16 July 1786 in Longbenton andmarried Amos on 22 August 1807 in Longbenton. She died in the third quarter of 1855.

264WinshipAnthony Winshipfirst name on this monument1818531871id: 5771139
Mary Jane Winshipdaughter of Anthony Winship1852
Anthony Winshipson of Anthony Winship1847
Anthony Winshipson of Anthony Winship185711858
William Winshipson of Anthony Winship1848 died in Infancy
Sarah Winshipwife of Anthony Winship

265WittyRichard Wittyfirst name on this monument1837651902id: 7461087
Mary Wittywife of Richard Witty1839761915

266WondersRebekah Wondersfirst name on this monument1741id: 6461081
Robert Wondersfather of Rebekah Wonders
Dorothy Wondersmother of Rebekah Wonders
Elizabeth Wonderssister of Rebekah Wonders year not clear
Margaret Wonderssister of Rebekah Wonders year not clear

267WoodsDorothy Woodsfirst name on this monument1916id: 8111110no age given
Alice Woodssister of Dorothy Woods1916 no age given

268WrayGeorge Wrayfirst name on this monument1793731866id: 6681084of Pelton Fell
Elizabeth Graygrand daughter of George Wray185151856 interred at Pelton
William Graygrand son of George Wray1866 age missing
George Wrayson of George Wray184011841
Elizabeth Wraywife of George Wray

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