Grangetown Cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

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701StainsbyJohn Stainsbyfirst name on this monument1808641872id: 1170501
(2 images)
Joseph Stainsbygrand son of John Stainsby1874251899
John Stainsbyson of John Stainsby1838401878 Farmer of Field House; Ryhope
Joseph Stainsbyson of John Stainsby1847441891 Died at Haswell
Jane Stainsbywife of John Stainsby1812711883 Died at Seaton

702StamperThomas Stamperfirst name on this monument1814521866id: 11702741098
Martha Johnson1788781866
Mary Ann Ranson1816541870
James Sanderson
William Johnson Sanderson1846361882
William Johnson Stamperson of Thomas Stamper1837471884

703SteelThomas Steelfirst name on this monument1835671902id: 12400701087
Fanny Eliza Steelwife of Thomas Steel1834791913

704StephensonAnn Stephensonfirst name on this monument1818751893id: 124018511231
Robert Cowing Stephensonhusband of Ann Stephenson of Colwell House; Hexham

705StephensonWilliam F Stephensonfirst name on this monument1830521882id: 11707851168
Ann Stephenson1836421878
John Stephenson1829301859 Eroded stone
Catherine Stephensonwife of William F Stephenson

706StilesEmily Mary Stilesfirst name on this monument1id: 117043110794Aged 20m
James William Stiles
Janet Miller Stiles1871 Aged 2m
Louisa Stiles Aged 1m

707StilesEthel Victoria Stilesfirst name on this monument187861884id: 117046210782
James J Stilesfather of Ethel Victoria Stiles

708StockdaleJohn Stockdalefirst name on this monument1784731857id: 117070812151Buried at Hartlepool
Thomas Cranston1826381864
Mary Scott1824731897
Sarah Stockdale1792731865

709StoryFrances Dagmar Storyfirst name on this monument189911900id: 12401641087
F G Storyfather of Frances Dagmar Story
M D Storymother of Frances Dagmar Story

710StoryFrederick George Storyfirst name on this monument1868561924id: 12401631075
Samuel Storyfather of Frederick George Story
Mary Dagmar Storywife of Frederick George Story1864841948

711StoryJames Storyfirst name on this monument1851551906id: 1240028
(4 images)
1084of Sunderland; Solicitor
Annie Morrison Storydaughter-in-law of James Story1885711956
Hannah Wark Storydaughter-in-law of James Story
Frank Henderson
Isabella Henderson1849891938
Elizabeth Ann Johnson1859801939
James Rowland Storyson of James Story1881671948 Solicitor
John Sydney Storyson of James Story1892251917 1st. Northumberland Hussahs; who fell before Masnieres Cambria
Mark Storyson of James Story1882-301852
William Johnson Storyson of James Story1888-751813

712StubbsPhilip Stubbsfirst name on this monument1805781883id: 11703291114
Ann Stubbswife of Philip Stubbs1803571860

713SummersJane Summersfirst name on this monument1839321871id: 123009111041
Mary Jane Summersdaughter of Jane Summers1860121872
John Summershusband of Jane Summers
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714SwainstonGeorge Swainstonfirst name on this monument1830761906id: 11705451108
Alfred Swainston186931872
Helena Swainston186751872
Henry Swainston187301873
Lilian Swainston1863101873
Christiana Swainstonwife of George Swainston1835621897

715SwainstonWilliam Swainstonfirst name on this monument1813481861id: 12300871108
Isabella Lockie1817491866
Peter Lockie
Ellen Long1805591864
George Swainston1802601862
John Swainstonson of William Swainston1840211861
Catherine Swainstonwife of William Swainston1815691884

716SwinhoeJane Ann Swinhoe Swinhoefirst name on this monument1836251861id: 117039411181
John Thurlheckfather of Jane Ann Swinhoe Swinhoe
Jane Thurlheckmother of Jane Ann Swinhoe Swinhoe

717SwinhoeJohn Swinhoefirst name on this monument1803601863no image10982Ship Owner of Sunderland
Dorothy Swinhoedaughter of John Swinhoe185161857
Dorothy Swinhoedaughter of John Swinhoe1857 4m
Emily Swinhoedaughter of John Swinhoe185521857
John Dobson Swinhoeson of John Swinhoe1830311861 Master Mariner
William Swinhoeson of John Swinhoe1856191875 Lost At sea
Jane Swinhoewife of John Swinhoe

718SykesEdward Sykesfirst name on this monument1862751937id: 124005911091Late Rector of Sedgefiled
Frances Mary Sykeswife of Edward Sykes

719SykesEdward Geoffrey Sykesfirst name on this monument1902421944id: 12400581082
Moira Sykeswife of Edward Geoffrey Sykes18021551957

720SykesFrances Elizabeth Monica Sykesfirst name on this monument189451899id: 12400601089

721TateAnnie Widdrington Tatefirst name on this monument1866371903id: 12401541125Of this town; formerly of Tynemouth
William G Tatefather of Annie Widdrington Tate1833801913
Barabra Tatemother of Annie Widdrington Tate1844791923

722TateFrank Widdrington Tatefirst name on this monument1913141927id: 124015511731
William Sims Tatefather of Frank Widdrington Tate
Angelina Tatemother of Frank Widdrington Tate

723TateJessie Dean Tatefirst name on this monument188111882no image1120
Thomas Tatebrother of Jessie Dean Tate187751882 Aged 5y 4m
Matthew Tatefather of Jessie Dean Tate Eroded stone
Thomas Deangrand father of Jessie Dean Tate
Jessie Tatemother of Jessie Dean Tate
Ethel May Tatesister of Jessie Dean Tate1892 10m

724TaylorAnn Taylorfirst name on this monument1850541904id: 124022611013
Francis Ward Taylorhusband of Ann Taylor1849721921
John William Taylorson of Ann Taylor1875621937

725TaylorElizabeth Grey Taylorfirst name on this monument1757561813id: 117060010902
Elizabeth Jane Taylordaughter of Elizabeth Grey Taylor Died in infancy
Eric Taylorgrand son of Elizabeth Grey Taylor1928732001
Norman Taylorgrand son of Elizabeth Grey Taylor1912321944 Killed at Caen; interred Hermanville Beach Cemetery; France
John Taylorhusband of Elizabeth Grey Taylor1863541917
Francis Ovington Taylorson of Elizabeth Grey Taylor Died in infancy
John George Taylorson of Elizabeth Grey Taylor1883771960
Thomas Boys Taylorson of Elizabeth Grey Taylor Died in infancy
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726TaylorEvelyn Taylorfirst name on this monument1878521930id: 12400531091
Albert Edward Taylorhusband of Evelyn Taylor1878521930

727TaylorGeorge Tinmouth Taylorfirst name on this monumentid: 117061410841
Elizabeth Taylorwife of George Tinmouth Taylor

728TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1903321935id: 11702581083
Elizabeth Taylorwife of James Taylor

729TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1815591874id: 11705441093Builder
Mary Preston Shelldaughter of John Taylor
John Taylor1857451902
John Taylorson of John Taylor1855181873 Died in Hospital at Callad Peru and interred at Bellavista cemetery
Robert Taylorson of John Taylor186431867 Aged 3y 7m
William Taylorson of John Taylor Aged 5w
Samuel Shellson-in-law of John Taylor

730TaylorJohn Wallace Taylorfirst name on this monument1867601927id: 1240051
(2 images)
Florence Annie Taylorwife of John Wallace Taylor1946

731TaylorMary Jane Taylorfirst name on this monument1843581901id: 124005011081
Betty Morrisondaughter of Mary Jane Taylor1949
John Wallace Taylorhusband of Mary Jane Taylor1843841927
Alec W Morrisonson-in-law of Mary Jane Taylor1950

732TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1830691899id: 12400941113
Isabella Waggot Taylordaughter of Thomas Taylor Died in infancy
John Waggot Taylorson of Thomas Taylor1860461906
Elinor Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1829771906

733TaylorThomas Burton Taylorfirst name on this monument1832841916id: 12401261090
Margaret Taylorwife of Thomas Burton Taylor1833831916

734ThewThomas Thewfirst name on this monument1833501883id: 1170643
(2 images)
Mary Esther Thewdaughter of Thomas Thew186121863
Mary Esther Thewdaughter of Thomas Thew Died in infancy
Mary H Thewdaughter-in-law of Thomas Thew1865861951
Greta Mary Thewgrand daughter of Thomas Thew1975
Thomas William Thewson of Thomas Thew1859241883
Margaret Jane Thewwife of Thomas Thew1833691902

735ThomasJohn Thomasfirst name on this monument1856531909id: 12402461076
Sarah Ann Thomaswife of John Thomas1861891950

736ThompsonBarbara Ridley Thompsonfirst name on this monument1861491910id: 1240145
(3 images)
Charles Richard Thompsonhusband of Barbara Ridley Thompson
Charles Milburn Thompsonson of Barbara Ridley Thompson

737ThompsonEleanor Thompsonfirst name on this monumentid: 11706541077
Matthew Thompsonhusband of Eleanor Thompson1860

738ThompsonElizabeth Crawford Thompsonfirst name on this monument1827491876id: 12302331093
Edward Thompsonhusband of Elizabeth Crawford Thompson of Richmond

739ThompsonGeorge Thompsonfirst name on this monument1817581875id: 11707471095
Isabella Thompsonwife of George Thompson1801841885

740ThompsonJoseph Thompsonfirst name on this monument1783871870id: 11702731084Builder
Joseph Thompsonson of Joseph Thompson1844231867
Robert Thompsonson of Joseph Thompson1841901931
William Thompsonson of Joseph Thompson1827521879
Dorothy Thompsonwife of Joseph Thompson1867

741ThompsonMary Thompsonfirst name on this monument1825511876id: 11706421082Died at 25 St. Vincent St.; Sunderland
Shepherd Hart Newbybrother-in-law of Mary Thompson1834701904
Henry Thompsonfather of Mary Thompson of Windlestone
Alice Thompsonmother of Mary Thompson
Henry Thompson Newbynephew of Mary Thompson1863 Aged 6w; interred in Bp. Wearmouth Cemetery
Margret Ann Newbyniece of Mary Thompson1866361902
Margret Ann Newbysister of Mary Thompson1832681900
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742ThompsonMary Jane Thompsonfirst name on this monument1800761876id: 11705411077
Francis Jane Ritsondaughter of Mary Jane Thompson
Eliza Jane Ritsongrand daughter of Mary Jane Thompson1857781935
Isabella Margaret Ritsongrand daughter of Mary Jane Thompson1854851939

743ThompsonRacheal Thompsonfirst name on this monument185721859id: 123022511101
William Thompsonfather of Racheal Thompson1825361861 Builder
Richard Thompsongrand father of Racheal Thompson1782781860 Master Mariner
Mary Thompsonmother of Racheal Thompson
Atkinson Thompsonuncle of Racheal Thompson1827391866 Killed at Sunderland Extention Dock

744ThompsonRobert Thompsonfirst name on this monument1797781875id: 123014911171
Mary Ann Foremandaughter of Robert Thompson1818761894
Alice Thompsondaughter of Robert Thompson1817171834
Richard Curryson-in-law of Robert Thompson1813511864
Charlotte Thompsonwife of Robert Thompson1786821868

745ThompsonRobert Thompsonfirst name on this monument1888id: 11707111088
Agnes Thompson1901 Damaged stone
Frederick Edwin Thompson186121863 Aged 1y 8m

746ThompsonThomas Thompsonfirst name on this monument1820381858id: 117075110962Master Mariner drowned at sea
Margaret Thompsonwife of Thomas Thompson1821491870

747ThompsonThomas Brown Thompsonfirst name on this monument1827711898id: 11707311093
James Lister Thompsonson of Thomas Brown Thompson1858471905 Interred at Newcastle
Thomas Edward Thompsonson of Thomas Brown Thompson1856211877
Margaret Lister Thompsonwife of Thomas Brown Thompson1823581881

748ThompsonWilliam Thompsonfirst name on this monument1845331878id: 11706971082

749ThompsonWilliam Thompsonfirst name on this monumentno image1075
William Thompsonson of William Thompson186551870
Eleanor Jane Thompsonwife of William Thompson1840291869 of Leeds

750ThompsonWilliam Hopper Thompsonfirst name on this monument1857401897id: 12401711082

751ThubronMary Thubronfirst name on this monument1808661874id: 117050311041
John Thubronhusband of Mary Thubron1807811888 Farmer; Ryhope

752ThurlbeckJane Thurlbeckfirst name on this monument1823441867id: 117030910941
George Thurlbeckhusband of Jane Thurlbeck

753ThurlbeckWilkinson H Thurlbeckfirst name on this monument1814571871id: 117045110803Wilkinson Hooper Thurlbeck was one of the 14 children of William Thurlbeck and Christiana Longhead. Wilkinson and his wife Mary Taylor had 7 children in all, 2 of whom died in childhood. Their eldest child was my great grandfather, William Wilkinson Thurlbeck.
Elizabeth Thurlbeckdaughter of Wilkinson H Thurlbeck185221854 Aged 21/2 ; interred in Sunderland Church Yard
John Thurlbeckson of Wilkinson H Thurlbeck184731850 Aged 31/2 ; interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Mary Thurlbeckwife of Wilkinson H Thurlbeck1818721890

754TimmRobert Timmfirst name on this monument1825601885id: 117036210821
Jane Jackson Timmdaughter of Robert Timm1861181879
Hannah Timmwife of Robert Timm1816761892

755TindleJane Elizabeth Tindlefirst name on this monument186951874id: 117055810961Aged 5y 6m
Martin Tindlefather of Jane Elizabeth Tindle1839861925
Margaret Tindlemother of Jane Elizabeth Tindle1841741915

756TinmouthAnn Tinmouthfirst name on this monument1834651899id: 12402061109
Cissie Snelgargrand daughter of Ann Tinmouth1887151902
William Tinmouthhusband of Ann Tinmouth1832731905
Ethel Snelgar
Thomas Tinmouth Snelgar1885321917 Died in Mesopotamia
Thomas Tinmouthson of Ann Tinmouth1857171874 Interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery

757TinmouthRobert Tinmouthfirst name on this monument1859501909id: 1240119
(3 images)
Ann Tinmouthwife of Robert Tinmouth

758TinmouthRobert Tinmouthfirst name on this monument1891291920id: 1240122
(2 images)
Robert Tinmouthfather of Robert Tinmouth
Ann Tinmouthmother of Robert Tinmouth
Ellen Tinmouthwife of Robert Tinmouth1977
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759TinmouthWilliam Sinclair Tinmouthfirst name on this monument1871341905id: 12402331132
Robert Tinmouthbrother of William Sinclair Tinmouth1859581917 Drowned in the Tees Bay
William Tinmouthfather of William Sinclair Tinmouth
Ann Tinmouthmother of William Sinclair Tinmouth
Isabella Davison1866851951
Sarah Whelpton1862881950

760ToddEdward Toddfirst name on this monument1850481898id: 1240212
(3 images)
Mary Addison Rossgrand daughter of Edward Todd1908 Aged 12d
Mary Toddwife of Edward Todd1851681919

761ToddRalph Toddfirst name on this monument1814521866id: 12209251113
Frances Toddmother of Ralph Todd1771931864
Anthony Gilbert1804811885
Catherine Gilbert1815751890

762ToddWilliam Toddfirst name on this monument1785571842id: 11704461070Burried in Sunderland Church Yard
Ellinor Toddwife of William Todd

763ToneWilliam Tonefirst name on this monument1901id: 11708591079
Elizabeth Clara Tone1872
Mary J Tone1918

764TonkinsonHenry Tonkinsonfirst name on this monument1833521885id: 1170562
(4 images)
Ethel Victoria Hokdaughter of Henry Tonkinson
C W Hok
William Alva Hok189411895 Age 13m
John Robert Tonkinsonson of Henry Tonkinson1867361903
Sarah Tonkinsonwife of Henry Tonkinson1834621896

765ToppingJames Birnie Toppingfirst name on this monument186561871id: 11707691131Aged 61/2y
Ada Annie Topping1872111883 Killed in the disaster at the Victoria Hall
James Birnie Topping1838341872 Drowned at sea
Nora Emily Topping187761883 Killed in the disaster at the Victoria Hall

766TowersJohn Towersfirst name on this monument1797731870no image11262
Mary Isabella Armstrongdaughter of John Towers1842641906
Elizabeth Scurr Lonsdaledaughter of John Towers1837741911
Mary Ann Armstrong1770711841
Wilfred John Armstrong1766641830
John Henry Towersson of John Towers1843491892
Samuel Carter Towersson of John Towers1846351881
James Lonsdaleson-in-law of John Towers
Margaret Towerswife of John Towers1803711874

767TullockJohn Turnbull Tullockfirst name on this monument1818731891id: 11706031085Master Mariner
Alice Tullockwife of John Turnbull Tullock1825791904

768TurnerSarah Turnerfirst name on this monument1806751881id: 117032210904
Ellen Collinggrand daughter of Sarah Turner1854791933

769UsherJames Usherfirst name on this monument1810811891id: 12309751087
Jane Allison Usherwife of James Usher1821841905

770VareyMargaret Vareyfirst name on this monument1810491859id: 11704451101
Stephen Vareyhusband of Margaret Varey1819721891 Master Mariner

771VintRobert Vintfirst name on this monument1807831890id: 117086212342
Sophia Cavemother-in-law of Robert Vint1778871865
William Frederick Vintson of Robert Vint1856711927 Mayor of sunderland 1917/1918
Elizabeth Vintwife of Robert Vint1817561873

772VowellMary Ann Vowellfirst name on this monument1813581871id: 117049810991
Michael Vowellhusband of Mary Ann Vowell1817821899
Mary Ann Vowell
Michael Vowell1837681905
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773WaddleJane Waddlefirst name on this monument1847141861id: 12209341110
Elizabeth Thompson
William Thompson1795771872 Eroded stone

774WadeMary Wadefirst name on this monument1823491872no image1066

775WakeWilliam Wakefirst name on this monument1820611881id: 117033610781

776WalkerAnnie Walkerfirst name on this monument1861291890no image1080of North Moor Farm
Louisa Walkerdaughter-in-law of Annie Walker1887841971
William Liddle Walkerhusband of Annie Walker1860651925
Norman Lee Walkerson of Annie Walker1887531940

777WalkerEleanor Walkerfirst name on this monument1866id: 12302891072
John Walkerhusband of Eleanor Walker of So. Shields

778WalkerFred Hanson R J U Walkerfirst name on this monument1899id: 12402171112
Leila Maria Leake1912
Leila Constance Walkerwife of Fred Hanson R J U Walker1900

779WandlessCharlotte Wandlessfirst name on this monument1814701884id: 11703271081
William Wandlesshusband of Charlotte Wandless1821771898

780WardellGeorge Wardellfirst name on this monument1819721891id: 11704971076
George Wardellson of George Wardell1846181864 Lost at sea
Thomas Wardellson of George Wardell184821850 Aged 2y 4m

781WardleMargaret Wardlefirst name on this monument1821731894id: 11707521146
George Wardlehusband of Margaret Wardle1820881908
Ann Thompsonsister of Margaret Wardle1815531868

782WarnerJames Warnerfirst name on this monument1807701877id: 12301401078Master Mariner
Elizabeth Warnerdaughter of James Warner184291851 Interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Margaret Warnerdaughter of James Warner1839131852 Interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Maria Warnerdaughter of James Warner1852301882
Mary Warnerdaughter of James Warner1845171862
Thomas Warnerson of James Warner Died in infancy; interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Thomas Greenwell Warnerson of James Warner Died in infancy; interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Margaret Warnerwife of James Warner1812411853 Interred in Sunderland Church Yard

783WatersMargaret Watersfirst name on this monument1837581895id: 1240002
(2 images)
John Watershusband of Margaret Waters1834631897
Ethel H Waters
John Waters1854611915 Died of the coast of Bermuda

784WatkinWilliam J L Watkinfirst name on this monument1839381877id: 117066911141Mining Engineer Pemberton; near Wigan

785WatsonCaroline Mary Watsonfirst name on this monument1864id: 11707201078
John Watsonfather of Caroline Mary Watson1815871902
Isabella Watsonmother of Caroline Mary Watson1821531874 Interred at Carisbrooke; Isle of Wight
Caroline Mary Watsonsister of Caroline Mary Watson184731850 Interred in Sunderland Church Yard
Isabella Watsonsister of Caroline Mary Watson184931852 Interred at Coniscliffe
Rose Elizabeth Watsonsecond wife of Caroline Mary Watson1882471929

786WatsonGeorge Lord Watsonfirst name on this monumentid: 1230237
(3 images)
11271Hard to read
Florence Stotharddaughter of George Lord Watson1876851961
Amy Lord Taylordaughter of George Lord Watson1874661940
Ann Potts Watsondaughter of George Lord Watson1863581921
Edith Watsondaughter of George Lord Watson1867651932
Florence Watsondaughter of George Lord Watson1897 Aged 9m
George Carr Watsonfather of George Lord Watson1910
Elizabeth Ann Watsonmother of George Lord Watson1833811914
George H Taylorson of George Lord Watson1868871955
Fred Watsonson of George Lord Watson1870261896
Stephen Stothardson-in-law of George Lord Watson1875761951
George Henry Taylorson-in-law of George Lord Watson
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787WatsonWilliam Watsonfirst name on this monument1809551864id: 123024011771Pilot
Elizabeth Alice Mathiesondaughter of William Watson1846711917
Mary A C Watsondaughter of William Watson1819681887
Mary Ann Mathiesongrand daughter of William Watson1871 Aged 10m
Guy Potts Watsonson of William Watson1787851872
David Watson Mathiesonson-in-law of William Watson1845301875
Elizabeth Watsonwife of William Watson1807751882

788WattJames Wattfirst name on this monument1816631879id: 117033510841Shipwright
Elizabeth Gibsondaughter of James Watt1834411875
James Wattson of James Watt1835111846
Alice Wattwife of James Watt1818721890

789WattJames Dodds Wattfirst name on this monument1860251885id: 117036910771
Alice Watt

790WawnMiddlemost Wawnfirst name on this monument1844721916id: 1230986
(3 images)
Dominique Wawn1871851956
Eileen Wawn1872681940
Nora Patricia Wawn1905121917
Frederick Middlemost Wawnson of Middlemost Wawn1877381915 7th DLI Reg.; killed ? Belgium
Jenny Eudora Wawnwife of Middlemost Wawn1843741917

791WaymanGeorge Waymanfirst name on this monument1845321877id: 11703821102
John Waymanbrother of George Wayman1828601888
Paul Waymanfather of George Wayman1801781879
Isabella Waymanmother of George Wayman1800831883
Isabella Wayman1833231856 Interred in Sunderland Churchyard

792WaymanHenry Waymanfirst name on this monument1841471888id: 117042010731
Paul Waymanbrother of Henry Wayman1831681899
Annie Adelaide Waymanwife of Henry Wayman1848761924

793WaymanRobert Waymanfirst name on this monument1802761878id: 117038310721Born in Blyth, Northumberland. Waterman/Keelman. Died 1878 in 23 Thomas Street, Sunderland. Father of Eleanor Lydia Wayman.
Eleanor Lydia Waymandaughter of Robert Wayman1836401876 Born 1836 Blyth Northumberland. Married Robinson/Robertson Lamb 19 August 1855 at St. John Seaham Harbour, Durham. Died 1876 at 23 Thomas Street, Sunderland.
Ellen Waymanwife of Robert Wayman1782821864 Born 1795 in Sunderland as Eleanor Pearson. Died 1874 Burleigh Street, Sunderland. Married Robert Wayman 17 September 1821 Sunderland.

794WeatherallElizabeth Weatherallfirst name on this monument1812661878id: 11703711093

795WeatherallJames Brown Weatherallfirst name on this monument1849491898id: 12301851086
Margaret Weatherallwife of James Brown Weatherall

796WeatherleyEdward J Weatherleyfirst name on this monument1843511894id: 1240018
(4 images)
Emmie E Sim1873771950
John Archibald Sim
Beatrice Weatherley1878741952
Joan Mary Weatherley1912 Infant
Percy Weatherley
Phyllis Weatherley
Phyllis Weatherley1881751956
Robert Weatherley
Arthur O Weatherleyson of Edward J Weatherley1876571933
Emma Margaret Weatherleywife of Edward J Weatherley1843

797WebsterHarriet Websterfirst name on this monument1839411880id: 11704741082
Matry Matilda Websterdaughter of Harriet Webster1858221880
George Websterhusband of Harriet Webster
Fairley Downes Webster1863751938

798WellburyWilliam Wellburyfirst name on this monument1827411868id: 117065010972
Mary Ellen Naylordaughter of William Wellbury
Mary Ellen Wellbury Naylorgrand daughter of William Wellbury1895 Aged 61/2m
John C Naylorson-in-law of William Wellbury
Mabel Wellburywife of William Wellbury1829611890
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799WellsWalter William Wellsfirst name on this monument1882id: 11704561105Aged 8m
Leonard Wellsfather of Walter William Wells
Elanor Wellsmother of Walter William Wells
Edith Annie Wellsson of Walter William Wells1883 Aged 11m

800WeltonAndrew Weltonfirst name on this monument1839541893id: 1170683
(2 images)
1094Master Mariner
Alice Weltondaughter-in-law of Andrew Welton1895 Aged 4m
John George Weltongrand son of Andrew Welton
John George Weltonson of Andrew Welton

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Grangetown Cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England.

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