Grangetown Cemetery, Sunderland, Durham, England

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301HaigGeorge Haigfirst name on this monument1868471915id: 1240260
(2 images)
1078Master Mariner
Emmaline Mary Haigwife of George Haig1772851857

302HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1798701868id: 11702611075of Monkwearmouth

303HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1788771865id: 11707061154
Thomas Battygrand son of Thomas Hall1864 Drowned while bathing at ? Damaged stone
John Hallson of Thomas Hall Shipowner of Elwen terrace; Bishopwearmouth
Mary Hallwife of Thomas Hall1789621851

304HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1808721880no image10871Colliery Viewer
Isabella Fairbairn Hallwife of Thomas Hall1808831891

305HallWilliam Hallfirst name on this monument1801611862id: 122098310762died at Ishburn Cottage
Mary Jane Halldaughter-in-law of William Hall1841341875
John Stokell Hallgrand son of William Hall187311874 Aged 14m
Mathew Hallgrand son of William Hall1875 Aged 3m
Thomas Hallson of William Hall1827401867
William Hallson of William Hall1832481880
Jane Hallwife of William Hall1805651870

306HallWilliam Longstaff Hallfirst name on this monument1826421868id: 1170663
(4 images)
Harriet Mary Halldaughter of William Longstaff Hall184191850
Thomas Hallfather of William Longstaff Hall1799331832
Thomas Hallfather of William Longstaff Hall1799331832
John C Smith1787411828
Mary Smith1787751862
Samuel Smith1822591881
Thomas Hedley Hallson of William Longstaff Hall1853 Aged 10w
Harriet Hallwife of William Longstaff Hall

307HallidayThomas Henry Hallidayfirst name on this monument1820561876id: 1220962
(2 images)
Annie Darneydaughter of Thomas Henry Halliday1855361891
Stanley Alexander Darneygrand son of Thomas Henry Halliday1892 Aged 11m
John George Darneyson-in-law of Thomas Henry Halliday
Mary Ann Hallidaywife of Thomas Henry Halliday1825711896

308HamiltonJohn Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1821621883id: 117035411141
Lilian Eccles1884911975
Nathaniel Eccles1886681954
Thomas Tapling Hamiltonson of John Hamilton1857251882
Sarah Hamiltonwife of John Hamilton

309HamiltonJoseph Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1818471865no image10991
Margaret Armstrongdaughter of Joseph Hamilton1853631916 Interred at Kangaroo Valley Cemtry. Sydney
Stanley Simpsongreat grand son of Joseph Hamilton191421916 Aged 2y 10m
John Michael Hamiltonson of Joseph Hamilton1848421890
Ralph Beal Hamiltonson of Joseph Hamilton1854151869 Lost at sea near Genda
Jane Hamiltonwife of Joseph Hamilton1819751894

310HansenN G Hansenfirst name on this monument1828421870id: 11707711073

311HarrisonAnn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1797751872id: 117067710721
John Harrisonhusband of Ann Harrison1787941881

312HarrisonCuthbert Watkin Harrisonfirst name on this monument1817731890id: 123096210903
Elizabeth Harrisonwife of Cuthbert Watkin Harrison1817811898

313HarrisonJane Ann Harrisonfirst name on this monument1838471885id: 11704711072
John Harrisonhusband of Jane Ann Harrison1834561890 Master Mariner

314HarrisonRobert Ovington Harrisonfirst name on this monument1822381860id: 12302081077

315HarrisonThomas Harrisonfirst name on this monument1744631807id: 11706621077
James Brosby Duncan Eroded stone
Margaret Harrison1784651849 Buried in Sunderland Church Yard
Mary Harrison1772691841 Buried in Sunderland Church Yard
Margaret Harrisonwife of Thomas Harrison1747691816
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316HarveyIsabella Harveyfirst name on this monument1842701912id: 1170476
(3 images)
Ada Isabella Harveydaughter of Isabella Harvey1868781946
Paul Harveyhusband of Isabella Harvey1841801921
James Masterton Harveyson of Isabella Harvey1863211884
John Stephenson Harveyson of Isabella Harvey187181879

317HavelockElizabeth Havelockfirst name on this monument1843491892id: 11704191114
Henry Havelockhusband of Elizabeth Havelock1832871919

318HavelockJohn Havelockfirst name on this monument1789851874id: 117028110891
James Dowellhusband of John Havelock1812571869
Mary Havelock1886 Badly damaged stone

319HazardElizabeth Beatrice Hazardfirst name on this monument1872151887id: 1230990
(4 images)
Johnson Hazardfather of Elizabeth Beatrice Hazard1842551897
Jane Hazardmother of Elizabeth Beatrice Hazard1844751919
Elizabeth Hazard1813891902
John Hazard1815731888 Master Mariner
Arnold Johnson Smith190221904
Edith M Smith
John Hazard Smith189561901
John R Smith
John Whiteley
Mary Blanche Whiteley
Wesley Whiteley1914

320HeardThomas Heardfirst name on this monument1808581866id: 12300931068of Sunderland

321HeatonJohn Heatonfirst name on this monument190101901id: 12302241069
John Heatonfather of John Heaton1872551927
Lucy Ann Heatonmother of John Heaton1872821954

322HeckelsRichard Heckelsfirst name on this monument1821561877no image10802

323HedleyMargaret Eveline Hedleyfirst name on this monument188451889id: 11704251090Aged 41/2
John Hunt Hedleybrother of Margaret Eveline Hedley1898201918 Killed in action; buried Hooge Crater Cemetery; Ypres
Theodore Fenwick Hedleybrother of Margaret Eveline Hedley1886431929
J H Hedleyfather of Margaret Eveline Hedley
M E Hedleymother of Margaret Eveline Hedley
Wilhelmina Mary Doxford Hedleyson of Margaret Eveline Hedley189501895

324HeemrskerkJan Adrian Heemrskerkfirst name on this monument1812601872no image1078
Mary Heemrskerkwife of Jan Adrian Heemrskerk1810731883

325HendersonAnn Hendersonfirst name on this monument1800721872id: 11705831081
William Hendersonhusband of Ann Henderson1800781878

326HendersonRobert Hendersonfirst name on this monument1849371886id: 11703251079
Ida Florence Hendersondaughter of Robert Henderson1885 Aged 7m
Lily Morton Hendersondaughter of Robert Henderson188011881 Aged 1y 7m
Caroline Hendersonwife of Robert Henderson1852791931

327HenshallEdward Henshallfirst name on this monument1812811893id: 11702691087
Annie Mills Henshalldaughter of Edward Henshall186911870 Aged 15m
Elizabeth Henshallwife of Edward Henshall1828631891

328HenzellAdam H Henzellfirst name on this monument1815551870id: 117031710772
Isabella Henzellwife of Adam H Henzell1804651869

329HeppelMary Ann Heppelfirst name on this monument1825591884id: 11702751091
Thomas Whitebrother of Mary Ann Heppel1831371868
Isabella Heppeldaughter of Mary Ann Heppel1866 Aged 3w
Percy Beethamgrand son of Mary Ann Heppel1881 Aged 8w
John Heppelhusband of Mary Ann Heppel1817871904
John Heppelson of Mary Ann Heppel1851341885
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330HerringAnn Herringfirst name on this monument1844611905id: 123021410901
John Herringhusband of Ann Herring1841761917

331HeslopMatthew Hutchinson Heslopfirst name on this monument1882id: 117067010791Aged 6m
John Thomas Heslopbrother of Matthew Hutchinson Heslop1866271893
William Heslopbrother of Matthew Hutchinson Heslop1862191881
Matthew Hutton Heslopfather of Matthew Hutchinson Heslop

332HeslopMatthew Hutton Heslopfirst name on this monument1819721891id: 11707171088
Eleanor Heslopdaughter of Matthew Hutton Heslop1860781938
Mary Annie Heslopwife of Matthew Hutton Heslop1831871918

333HillBenjamin Hillfirst name on this monument1840401880id: 12302981079
Sarah Harrisondaughter of Benjamin Hill1863621925
William Harrisonson-in-law of Benjamin Hill
Jemima Hillwife of Benjamin Hill1843851928

334HillJohn George Hillfirst name on this monument1826781904id: 117054310903
Sophia Hilldaughter of John George Hill185681864
Edward Lewis Hillson of John George Hill1862291891
Walter Hillson of John George Hill1862261888
William Hillson of John George Hill1854 Aged 8m; interred in the Gill cemetery
William Henry Hillson of John George Hill1856241880
Mary Hillwife of John George Hill1828801908

335HindmarchWilliam Hindmarchfirst name on this monument1771621833id: 123013010841
Elizabeth Margaret Hindmarch1806731879
John Walter Hindmarch1807531860
Sarah Sophia Matthewson Hindmarch1804571861
Maria Elenora Hindmarchwife of William Hindmarch1767741841

336HindsonTom Ebdill Hindsonfirst name on this monument1854551909id: 12402501094
David H Birse1847821929
Eliza Mary Birse1851641915

337HodgeElizabeth Ann Hodgefirst name on this monument1822421864id: 11705661089

338HodgsonElanor Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1787851872id: 122099710751
Michael Hodgsonhusband of Elanor Hodgson

339HodgsonElizabeth Lumsdon Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1811541865id: 11706711089
Richard Hodgsonhusband of Elizabeth Lumsdon Hodgson
Hannah Ord Hodgson1823771900
Richard Hodgson1817731890 Died at Dumfries

340HodgsonFrederick Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1834371871id: 12302061070Late Clerk to the Board of Guardians

341HodgsonRobert Lister Hodgsonfirst name on this monument185851863no image1079
Robert Listergod father of Robert Lister Hodgson
Mary Ann Hodgson1862 Aged 10m
Sarah Jane Hodgson1857171874

342HodgsonWilliam Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1803631866id: 11706181070
Richard Bell Hodgsonson of William Hodgson1828211849 Lost At sea
Jane Hodgsonwife of William Hodgson1804751879

343HolmesMaryanne Holmesfirst name on this monument1791701861id: 123019010911
Stephen Pembertonfather of Maryanne Holmes of Bainbridge Holme; Bishopwearmouth
J H H Holmeshusband of Maryanne Holmes judge Advocate to the forces of Demerara at which place his remains are interred in the Military Cemetery

344HomeMary Homefirst name on this monument1810521862id: 11702791114
John Homehusband of Mary Home Clerk of Inland Revenue Sunderland

345HopperJohn Hopperfirst name on this monumentid: 117061610832of Sunderland
Sarah Jane Hopperdaughter of John Hopper4 Aged 4y 6m interred in Sunderland Church Yard
James Hopperson of John Hopper1865171882 Lost at sea with all hands in the barque ? of Glasgow; aged 17y 7m
Richard Hopperson of John Hopper1843151858 Aged 15y 6m
Jane Hopperwife of John Hopper1823571880
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346HopperMargaret Hopperfirst name on this monument1840691909id: 12400541121
John Hopperhusband of Margaret Hopper1832781910

347HopperRichard Hopperfirst name on this monument1825781903id: 11706721072

348HopwoodWilliam Henry Hopwoodfirst name on this monument1828441872id: 11705591143
Eliza Matilda Hopwooddaughter of William Henry Hopwood184841852
Janet Miller Hopwooddaughter of William Henry Hopwood185611857
Margaret Hopwooddaughter of William Henry Hopwood185111852
Mary Ann Hopwooddaughter of William Henry Hopwood185211853
John William Hopwoodson of William Henry Hopwood185441858
William Henry Hopwoodson of William Henry Hopwood186121863

349HornJames Hornfirst name on this monument1850511901id: 1240043
(3 images)
Ethel Horndaughter of James Horn1888471935
Anthony Hornson of James Horn1881321913
Frederick W Hornson of James Horn1877331910
William Hornson of James Horn1886491935
Ann H Hornwife of James Horn1855791934

350HorsfieldHannah Markham Horsfieldfirst name on this monument1790821872no image1170
Mary Horsfielddaughter-in-law of Hannah Markham Horsfield1815841899
John Horsfieldhusband of Hannah Markham Horsfield
James Horsfieldson of Hannah Markham Horsfield1815651880

351HoweSanderson John Howefirst name on this monument1797731870id: 117067410871
Susannah Brownless Howedaughter of Sanderson John Howe1830801910
Robert Sanderson Howeson of Sanderson John Howe1835461881 Interred at Leeds
Mary Ann Howewife of Sanderson John Howe1793791872

352HowittJane Howittfirst name on this monument1838361874id: 11703131070
Emma May Howittdaughter of Jane Howitt1871 Aged 3m
James Howitthusband of Jane Howitt

353HudsonAlfred George Milbanke Hudsonfirst name on this monument1856521908id: 12400361114

354HudsonCharles Hudsonfirst name on this monument1849271876no image1090
Mary Jane Hudsondaughter of Charles Hudson1840401880 of West Cliff; Whitby

355HudsonLucinda Elizabeth Hudsonfirst name on this monument190221904id: 1240034
(2 images)
John Hedges Becher Hudsonbrother of Lucinda Elizabeth Hudson190201902
Alfred Hudsonfather of Lucinda Elizabeth Hudson
Amy Hudsonmother of Lucinda Elizabeth Hudson

356HudsonRalph Milebanke Hudsonfirst name on this monument1813951908id: 1240032
(2 images)
Florence Septina Hudsondaughter of Ralph Milebanke Hudson1914
Eliza Westropp Hudson1862841946
Ralph Milbanke Hudson1850881938
Elizabeth Hudsonwife of Ralph Milebanke Hudson1818741892

357HudsonRobert Heightley Hudsonfirst name on this monument1871id: 117070410951Born 16 Sep 1816 died 26 Nov 1871 Wife Margaret Hudson (nee Breckon) born 25 Sep 1824 in Sunderland, Co. Durham, England died 22 Sep 1895 in Sunderland, Co. Durham, England
Ma? Hudsonwife of Robert Heightley Hudson1900 Broken stone Wife Margaret Hudson (nee Breckon) born 25 Sep 1824 in Sunderland, Co. Durham, England died 22 Sep 1895 in Sunderland, Co. Durham, England

358HudspeithGeorge Hudspeithfirst name on this monument1821451866id: 11706491075
Mary Jane Redpathdaughter of George Hudspeith1847241871
Ellen Hudspeithwife of George Hudspeith1823681891

359HudspethWilliam Hudspethfirst name on this monument1843221865no image1074

360HugallAnn Hugallfirst name on this monument1852141866id: 117062011122
Jane Hetheringtondaughter of Ann Hugall1850501900
Jane Hugalldaughter-in-law of Ann Hugall1826811907
James Hugallfather of Ann Hugall1822571879
Ann Doreen Gibsongrand daughter of Ann Hugall190311904
Jane Hugall Hetheringtongrand daughter of Ann Hugall188511886 Aged 18m
Jane Hugallmother of Ann Hugall
James Cockburn Hugall Hugallson of Ann Hugall
William C Hetheringtonson-in-law of Ann Hugall1847541901
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361HugallEdward Dunn Hugallfirst name on this monument1796621858id: 11706151072
Mary Hugalldaughter of Edward Dunn Hugall1843841927
Mary Hugallwife of Edward Dunn Hugall1780881868

362HugallGeorge Hugallfirst name on this monument187151876id: 1170299
(3 images)
11091Aged 5y 4m
Michael C Hugallbrother of George Hugall
George A Hugallfather of George Hugall
Catherine Hugallmother of George Hugall
Edward Hedleynephew of George Hugall1898 infant
George A Hugallnephew of George Hugall1884 Aged 8m
Thomas Hedleyson-in-law of George Hugall
Isabella D; Hedleysister of George Hugall1863351898
Amelia Hugall of George Hugall

363HugallJohn Hugallfirst name on this monument1847721919id: 11706051123
Ann E Hugalldaughter of John Hugall1883661949
Jane H Hugalldaughter of John Hugall187511876 Aged 7m
Edward G Hugallson of John Hugall188911890 Aged 22m
Ralph H Hugallson of John Hugall1874791953
Robert D Hugallson of John Hugall186881876 Aged 81/4
Ann E Hugallwife of John Hugall1848791927

364HugallThomas Hugallfirst name on this monument1790771867id: 117029810892
George A Hugallson of Thomas Hugall1819711890

365HullWilliam Henry Hullfirst name on this monument1836681904id: 1170631
(7 images)
Samuel Roland Bevangrand son of William Henry Hull1890211911
Elizabeth Jane Bevan1868841952
George ? Bevan1895491944
William Henry Hull Bevan1892531945
Elizabeth C Hull1843811924
Lavinia Riding1947-701877

366HumbleJane Humblefirst name on this monument1821781899id: 117042311181
Ada L Humbledaughter of Jane Humble1861461907
Richard Humblehusband of Jane Humble1818961914

367HumbleMary Jane Humblefirst name on this monument1859851944id: 12209331078
Richard Humblehusband of Mary Jane Humble

368HumbleSusannah Humblefirst name on this monument1848441892id: 11705551078
William Humblefather-in-law of Susannah Humble1815721887
William Humblehusband of Susannah Humble1845711916

369HumpheryEmma Humpheryfirst name on this monument1838311869id: 11704051077
Robert Humpherywife of Emma Humphery1836601896

370HumpheryJohn Lee Humpheryfirst name on this monumentid: 1170396
(2 images)
Dand Lee Humpherybrother of John Lee Humphery1850191869
Thomas Humpherybrother of John Lee Humphery
John Humpheryfather of John Lee Humphery1812651877 For 25 years Relieving Officer of Sunderland Parish
Mary Humpherymother of John Lee Humphery1813471860

371HumphreyJames Humphreyfirst name on this monumentid: 117039510932
Blanche Elizabeth Humphreydaughter of James Humphrey187021872 Aged 2y 8m
Thomas Thurlbeck Humphreyson of James Humphrey186711868 Aged 20m
Margaret M Humphreywife of James Humphrey1841341875

372HunterElizabeth Hunterfirst name on this monument1774901864id: 1230257
(3 images)
Henry Smithhusband of Elizabeth Hunter
John Hunter1777911868

373HunterGeorge Hunterfirst name on this monument79id: 11704591077
John Richton Hunterson of George Hunter
Mary Ann Hunterwife of George Hunter72
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374HunterJane Hunterfirst name on this monument1819481867id: 117038710911
Jane Eveline Hunter1875 Aged 6m
Robert Surtees Hunter188011881 Aged 1y 7m

375HunterMary Hunterfirst name on this monument1825521877id: 11707421069
Christiana Hunterdaughter of Mary Hunter186031863 Aged 3y 5m
John Hunterhusband of Mary Hunter

376HunterMichael Hunterfirst name on this monument1831481879id: 11707861104
Jane S Hunterdaughter of Michael Hunter1874181892
William Stephensonfather-in-law of Michael Hunter1796711867
Jane E Humphriesgrand daughter of Michael Hunter1891 Aged 11m
Jane Hunterwife of Michael Hunter1839521891

377HunterThomas Hunterfirst name on this monument1806811887id: 11703321099Shipowner
Elizabeth Hunterwife of Thomas Hunter1810821892

378HuntlySarah Huntlyfirst name on this monument1816461862id: 1230228
(3 images)
Daniel Huntlyhusband of Sarah Huntly1812641876
Charles Huntly1850351885 Burried at Davos Platz Switzerland
Sarah Huntly1847811928 Died at London
Stephen Oswald Huntly1841811922 Died at Bournemouth
Daniel Huntlyson of Sarah Huntly1852661918
Richard Errington Huntlyson of Sarah Huntly1840431883

379HuntlySarah Catherine Huntlyfirst name on this monument1828621890id: 123019811211
Fanny Horsfielddaughter of Sarah Catherine Huntly1851421893
Muriel Wrightsongrand daughter of Sarah Catherine Huntly1881201901
David Palin Huntlyhusband of Sarah Catherine Huntly1822741896
David Huntlyson of Sarah Catherine Huntly185451859
Catherine Huntlywife of Sarah Catherine Huntly1831891920

380HutchinsonElizabeth Ann Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1862631925id: 117046611122
Thomas Hutchinsonhusband of Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson1859711930
Thomas D Hutchinson1883491932
Edward Hutchinsonson of Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson189921901
John C Hutchinsonson of Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson189021892

381HutchinsonThomas Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1833691902id: 117046710911

382HutsonJessie Kemsey Hutsonfirst name on this monument1896id: 12401871075
Mary Ann Hutson1900

383HuttonMary Frances Huttonfirst name on this monument1829701899id: 124009311521
Ada Bowes Huttondaughter of Mary Frances Hutton1863691932
Alice Maude Huttondaughter of Mary Frances Hutton1861791940
Ann Heath Huttondaughter of Mary Frances Hutton1858411899
Thomas George Huttonhusband of Mary Frances Hutton1827761903 The Cedars

384IliffConstance Ilifffirst name on this monument1947id: 12401731090

385IliffEdward Ilifffirst name on this monument1834321866id: 1230012
(2 images)
10901edward was the son of frederick and sarah iliff also at grangetown cemetery.
Mary Jane Iliffwife of Edward Iliff1836751911

386IliffFrederick Ilifffirst name on this monument1790791869id: 122096511172
Arthur Iliffson of Frederick Iliff1840321872
Sarah Iliffwife of Frederick Iliff1805751880

387InglisG Inglisfirst name on this monument1914271941id: 117033910861S.S. “Isle”

388InglisGeorge Inglisfirst name on this monument1914271941id: 117033811881Born in December 1913 in Gillingham, Kent, the third child of Arthur and Elizabeth Inglis (nee Thurlbeck). The family returned to Sunderland before George's first birthday. Died on board Merchant Navy ship SS Ilse when it hit a mine coming into port in Hartlepool. He was the only member of the ship's company to die in the incident.
Arthur Inglisfather of George Inglis Arthur Inglis was born on 15th August 1883 in Southwick, Durham. He married Elizabeth Harrison Thurlbeck on 5th February 1911 in Sunderland. He died in Sunderland in 1951.
George Thurlbeckgrand father of George Inglis George Miller Thurlbeck was born in 1834. He married Mary Jane Howden in October 1869. He died in October 1914.
Mary J Thurlbeckgrand mother of George Inglis Mary Jane Howden was born on 3rd December 1843 to James Howden and Elizabeth Watt. She married George Miller Thurlbeck in October 1869. She died in Sunderland in September 1916.
Elizabeth Inglismother of George Inglis Elizabeth Harrison Thurlbeck was born in January 1883 in Whitby, Yorkshire. She married Arthur Inglis on 5th February 1911 in Sunderland. She died on 9th October 1949.
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389InnesRobert Innesfirst name on this monument1796661862id: 11707581133
Ann Innesdaughter of Robert Innes182781835
Jane Innesdaughter of Robert Innes Died in infancy
Jane Ann Innesdaughter of Robert Innes1844271871
Robert Innesson of Robert Innes1837311868
William Innesson of Robert Innes Died in infancy
Jane Inneswife of Robert Innes1805821887

390InskipEdward Hastings Inskipfirst name on this monument1864id: 12300891087Aged 9m
G H Inskipfather of Edward Hastings Inskip
M L Inskipmother of Edward Hastings Inskip

391IrwingSarah Irwingfirst name on this monument185931862id: 117047210892
Susannah Thompsondaughter of Sarah Irwing1865551920 Interred at Westgate Cemetery Newcastle-on-Tyne
Anthony Irwingfather of Sarah Irwing1827791906
Susannah Irwingmother of Sarah Irwing1835851920

392IrwingWilliam Deeley Irwingfirst name on this monument1842531895id: 1170592
(2 images)
Janet Thompson Irwingwife of William Deeley Irwing1845661911

393JacksonThomas Jacksonfirst name on this monument1844541898id: 11705901077
Nancy Jacksondaughter-in-law of Thomas Jackson
Ernest Jacksonson of Thomas Jackson1917 Lost at sea through enemy action
Anne Jacksonwife of Thomas Jackson1847861933

394JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument1823541877id: 11704651074
Louisa R Jacksonwife of William Jackson

395JamesMary Ann Jamesfirst name on this monument1884611945id: 124012710891
Joseph Jameshusband of Mary Ann James1880761956

396JamesRichard Ellis Wilkinson Jamesfirst name on this monument186831871id: 11706231089Aged 3y 9m
George Mosley James1839821921
Mary Ann James1866191885

397JamesonJohn T Jamesonfirst name on this monument1841551896id: 1240087
(2 images)
John Jamesonson of John T Jameson1889291918 Killed in action interred in Vaulx Hill Cemetery; N.E. Of Bapaume
Sydney Jamesonson of John T Jameson1891251916 8th. Canadian Battalion (90th. Winnipeg Rifles) Killed in action near Messines; Belgium

398JeffersonElizabeth Jeffersonfirst name on this monument1773931866no image10961
Agnes Dixdaughter of Elizabeth Jefferson1813571870
Thomas William Dixgrand son of Elizabeth Jefferson1839351874

399JeffersonElizabeth Jeffersonfirst name on this monument1805791884id: 11707781088

400JenkinsJane Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1817631880no image1068Formerly of Mount Pleasant; Swansea
William Jenkinshusband of Jane Jenkins

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