St Leonard at the Hythe's Church burial ground, Colchester, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AngierPaul Angierfirst name on this monument1734Col Slen p0212902834761
Sarah Morleyhusband of Paul Angier1790

2AryJohn Aryfirst name on this monument1758182365Col Slen p085290340380
Mary Arywife of John Ary1752182371

3BW Bfirst name on this monument1764Col Slen p091290345345
S B1767

4BaptistMary Baptistfirst name on this monument180518061Col Slen p034290292378
John Baptistbrother of Mary Baptist180018011
John Baptistfather of Mary Baptist
Mary Baptistmother of Mary Baptist

5BarnesHannah Barnesfirst name on this monument1781187493Col Slen p073290329325
John Barneshusband of Hannah Barnes1768184274
George Barnes1814184228
Thomas Hardy Barnes1815182813

6BarnesJohn Barnesfirst name on this monumentCol Slen p0102902734142
John Stuck Barnesson of John Barnes
Hannah Barneswife of John Barnes

7BarnesSarah Barnesfirst name on this monument1810Col Slen p075290331360
John Barnesfather of Sarah Barnes
Hannah Barnesmother of Sarah Barnes
Elizabeth Mary Barnesson of Sarah Barnes180418128

8BarnesThomas Barnesfirst name on this monument1735180166Col Slen p074290330268
Mary Barneswife of Thomas Barnes1740179555

9BarronMary Barronfirst name on this monument1787184154Col Slen p0592903163941
John Tweed Barronhusband of Mary Barron
George Henry Barronson of Mary Barron1807182821

10BartholomewJohn Bartholomewfirst name on this monument1711178271Col Slen p122290375310

11BartlettTamerzin Bartlettfirst name on this monument1704177672Col Slen p120290373365
William Bartletthusband of Tamerzin Bartlett

12BatemanJane Cliff Batemanfirst name on this monument180218042Col Slen p123290376563
James Batemanfather of Jane Cliff Bateman
Jane Batemanmother of Jane Cliff Bateman

13BeardSarah Beardfirst name on this monument1631170675Col Slen p013290276264

14BeckwithSarah Ann Beckwithfirst name on this monument1788184254Col Slen p101290354735
Joseph Beckwithhusband of Sarah Ann Beckwith1785184964
William Joseph Beckwithson of Sarah Ann Beckwith1814183925

15BellAlice Bellfirst name on this monument1646Col Slen p020290282316
Robert Bellhusband of Alice Bell

16BingleyHannah Bingleyfirst name on this monument1800187070Col Slen p009290272286

17BoareMary Boarefirst name on this monument1664173369Col Slen p121290374266
Mary Boaredaughter of Mary Boare1755
James Boarehusband of Mary Boare

18BowesPatrick Bowesfirst name on this monument1777180730Col Slen p045290302372

19BoxElizabeth Boxfirst name on this monument1795184348Col Slen p0572903145511
John Boxhusband of Elizabeth Box

20BroomGeorge Broomfirst name on this monument1769179122Col Slen p053290310413
Ann Broom1753183178
Thomas Broom1750183282

21BrownEliza Brownfirst name on this monument1724174622Col Slen p087290341294
John Mannfather of Eliza Brown
Charles Brownhusband of Eliza Brown

22BurrowJohn Burrowfirst name on this monument1775181035Col Slen p093290347242

23CambersMary Cambersfirst name on this monument1755181661Col Slen p070290326253
John Cambershusband of Mary Cambers1752182068

24CantEdward Cantfirst name on this monument1798183133Col Slen p0422902996461
John Murrells1791185362
Peggy Laver Murrells1800186868

25CantJoseph Cantfirst name on this monument1763183370Col Slen p051290308438
Frances Cantwife of Joseph Cant1767183568

26CarterMoses Carterfirst name on this monument1782183856Col Slen p055290312258

27ChamberlainJames Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1775184368Col Slen p027290286399
Sarah Chamberlainwife of James Chamberlain1783182845

28ChapMaria Chapfirst name on this monument1825185530Col Slen p103290356219

29ChignellJohn Chignellfirst name on this monument1713177158Col Slen p1152903683142
Mary Chignellwife of John Chignell1703179895

30ChignellRobert Chignellfirst name on this monument1692173644Col Slen p113290366326
Sarah Chignellwife of Robert Chignell1690173949

31ChithamMary Chithamfirst name on this monument1783182845Col Slen p090290344397
Robert Chithamhusband of Mary Chitham1780183959

32ClayEdward Clayfirst name on this monument1690176474Col Slen p02929028810733
Emma Carter1813
Mary Carter1727181386
Charles Clay1731181382
Charles Jun Clay1729176940
John Clay1747177528
Mary Clay1743182885
Mary Stevens Clay1804
Hannah Cranmer1758
Sarah Youngs1718180183
Hannah Claywife of Edward Clay1690177383

33CockeDaniel Cockefirst name on this monument1661170039Col Slen p038290295402
Sarah Cockewife of Daniel Cocke1659173273

34CookHenry Cookfirst name on this monument1790181020Col Slen p036290294376
Susanna Cook1752181058
William Cook1748182779

35CookWilliam Cookfirst name on this monument1779183657Col Slen p0412902983561
William Cookfather of William Cook
Frances Cookwife of William Cook1784184359

36DaviesWilliam Daviesfirst name on this monument1808Col Slen p076290332347
James Daviesbrother of William Davies180618082
William Daviesfather of William Davies
Jane Daviesmother of William Davies

37DayJames Dayfirst name on this monument1765180035Col Slen p089290343383
Peggy Baalham1769184879
William Baalham1776183256

38DentonThomas Dentonfirst name on this monument1732181179Col Slen p0802903353371
Thomas Dentonson of Thomas Denton1767181346

39DixonJane Dixonfirst name on this monument1755178631Col Slen p088290342262
Thomas Dixonhusband of Jane Dixon

40EvansElizabeth Evansfirst name on this monument180518083Col Slen p033290291349
Thomas Evansfather of Elizabeth Evans
Jane Evansmother of Elizabeth Evans

41EverettFrederick Walter Everettfirst name on this monument1911Col Slen Window1290380464
Edith Alice Everettdaughter of Frederick Walter Everett1899
Alice Maria Everettwife of Frederick Walter Everett1890
Kitty Mary Everettsecond wife of Frederick Walter Everett1892

42FenningJane Fenningfirst name on this monument1788183749Col Slen p105290358346
Robert Fenning

43FullerPhilip Fullerfirst name on this monument1779184364Col Slen p1002903534111

44GilsonElizabeth Gilsonfirst name on this monument1731179463Col Slen p102290355332
Charles Gilsonson of Elizabeth Gilson1765180742

45GlendiningMary Ann Glendiningfirst name on this monument1795183641Col Slen p043290300385
Mary Ann Eve Glendiningdaughter of Mary Ann Glendining182018277
Adam Glendininghusband of Mary Ann Glendining

46GlendiningSusannah Glendiningfirst name on this monument1785183954Col Slen p0492903063341
James Glendininghusband of Susannah Glendining
James Glendining1801184039

47GoodeyJames Goodeyfirst name on this monument1708Col Slen p0122902753582

48GreaselyJacob Greaselyfirst name on this monument1776180832Col Slen p056290313350
Jane Vilet Emslie180718081

49HallK M Hallfirst name on this monumentCol Slen p011290274251
G C M Hall

50HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument180718169Col Slen p125290378559
William Harveyfather of William Harvey1783182239
Ann Harveymother of William Harvey1785183348
Maria Harveyson of William Harvey1811183019

51HarwoodNaomi Harwoodfirst name on this monument1832185523Col Slen p107290360381
Frederick Harwoodfather of Naomi Harwood
Susannah Harwoodmother of Naomi Harwood

52HawkinsJudith Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1757181558Col Slen p068290324329
James Hawkinshusband of Judith Hawkins

53HawkinsWilliam Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1759181253Col Slen p017290279351
Mary Ann Hawkinsdaughter-in-law of William Hawkins
John Alfred Hawkinsgrand son of William Hawkins
Octavius Hawkinsgrand son of William Hawkins
Thomas Cooper Hawkinsgrand son of William Hawkins
William Hawkinsson of William Hawkins
Lucy Hawkinsfirst wife of William Hawkins1761180241
Martha Hawkinssecond wife of William Hawkins1768180739

54HawkinsWilliam Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1759181253Col Slen p0942903483282
Lucy Hawkinsdaughter of William Hawkins1763183976
Thomas Pageson-in-law of William Hawkins1770184979
Lucy Hawkinswife of William Hawkins1761180241
Martha Hawkinssecond wife of William Hawkins1768180739

55HitchmanMary Hitchmanfirst name on this monument1724176743Col Slen p114290367392
John Chignellfather of Mary Hitchman
Thomas Hitchmanhusband of Mary Hitchman

56HowesCatherine Howesfirst name on this monument1784181026Col Slen p081290336398
William Howeshusband of Catherine Howes

57JeffreyRose Jeffreyfirst name on this monument1635171883Col Slen p014290277218
John Jeffreyhusband of Rose Jeffrey

58JenkinsThomas Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1757183982Col Slen p039290296251

59JohnsonMatthew Johnsonfirst name on this monument1813184633Col Slen p097290350178

60KendallEdward Kendallfirst name on this monument1753178027Col Slen p031290289278

61KingTimothy Kingfirst name on this monument1785182540Col Slen p0962903492451

62LeshiJames Leshifirst name on this monument180718081Col Slen p032290290313
James Leshifather of James Leshi
Jennet Leshimother of James Leshi

63LewisEdward Copping Little Lewisfirst name on this monument1820183515Col Slen p116290369307
Francis Lewisfather of Edward Copping Little Lewis
Mary Lewismother of Edward Copping Little Lewis

64MannMartin Keeling Mannfirst name on this monument1874Col Slen p126290379588

65MannThomas Mannfirst name on this monument1783184461Col Slen p0842903392371
Constantia Ann Mannwife of Thomas Mann1787185467

66ManningFrederick James Manningfirst name on this monument1902Col Slen Window4290383202

67ManningJohn Manningfirst name on this monument1789181122Col Slen p067290323342
Thomas Manningfather of John Manning
Ann Manningmother of John Manning

68MayhewWilliam Mayhewfirst name on this monument1706176458Col Slen p0182902803301
Elizabeth Mayhewdaughter of William Mayhew
William Mayhewson of William Mayhew
Elizabeth Mayhewwife of William Mayhew1707177972

69MayhewWilliam Mayhewfirst name on this monument1737178750Col Slen p019290281213

70MaynardElizabeth Maynardfirst name on this monument1699Col Slen p023290284533
Thomas Maynardhusband of Elizabeth Maynard1638170769

71MinterMary Minterfirst name on this monument1729177344Col Slen p035290293344
John Minterhusband of Mary Minter1733180774
Mary Mintersecond wife of husband of Mary Minter1728179365

72MordenMary Mordenfirst name on this monument1796182933Col Slen p063290319722
Joseph Mordenhusband of Mary Morden
Ann Elizabeth Morden
J E Morden1828
James Morden1763182764
Joseph Mordenson of Mary Morden1795182833

73MorleySusan Morleyfirst name on this monument1715174429Col Slen p008290271830
Edward Morleyhusband of Susan Morley1712178674
Hannah Onyon1684176682
Thomas Onyon1678175476
Edward Morleyson of Susan Morley1742178644

74MorleyThomas Morleyfirst name on this monument177017711Col Slen p007290270214
Thomas Morleyfather of Thomas Morley

75MunsonRichard Munsonfirst name on this monument1794184955Col Slen p052290309286
Mary Ann Powselldaughter of Richard Munson1821184322

76NewtonPhilip Newtonfirst name on this monument1724176339Col Slen p047290304245

77NewtonWilliam Newtonfirst name on this monument1699178283Col Slen p048290305268

78NichollEmily Nichollfirst name on this monument1917Col Slen Window3290382265

79OathwaiteJohn Oathwaitefirst name on this monument1721178867Col Slen p040290297372
Daniel Blythe1754179945

80PageElizabeth Mary Pagefirst name on this monument1810185040Col Slen p119290372286
Thomas Pagehusband of Elizabeth Mary Page
Edard Mortimer Page183718469
Ellen Mary Page1834184612

81PageHenry Pagefirst name on this monument1726179973Col Slen p108290361290
Ann Pagewife of Henry Page1736180973

82PamplinJohn Pamplinfirst name on this monument1666171953Col Slen p0252902859061
Ann Hinsumdaughter of John Pamplin1709175647
Elizabeth Pamplindaughter of John Pamplin1704174743
Margaret Pamplindaughter of John Pamplin1697175659
Sarah Pamplindaughter of John Pamplin1703175956
Margaret Merreyfather-in-law of John Pamplin1644172783
James Hinsongrand son of John Pamplin1738176628
Robert Merreymother-in-law of John Pamplin1658172769
Jemima Hinsum1762180442
John Hinsum1742180260
Mary Pamplin1711178776
James Hinsumson-in-law of John Pamplin
Sarah Pamplinwife of John Pamplin1685175570

83ParkerMary Parkerfirst name on this monument1765182964Col Slen p0662903222821
Charles Parkerhusband of Mary Parker1769183364

84PayneElizabeth Paynefirst name on this monument1786182135Col Slen p065290320455
James Mordenfather of Elizabeth Payne
Elizabeth Mordenmother of Elizabeth Payne

85PhillipsThomas Phillipsfirst name on this monument1714177763Col Slen p110290363301
Thomas Phillipsson of Thomas Phillips1756178731
Ann Phillipswife of Thomas Phillips1714178167

86RamHannah Ramfirst name on this monument1747179144Col Slen p0152902784831
Hannah Keymoredaughter of Hannah Ram1773179320
John Kingfather of Hannah Ram
John Ramhusband of Hannah Ram
William Keymoreson-in-law of Hannah Ram

87ReevesSarah Charlotte Reevesfirst name on this monument183718469Col Slen p117290370243
James Sachgrand father of Sarah Charlotte Reeves

88RichardsThomas Francis Richardsfirst name on this monument180718081Col Slen p028290287391
Richardsfather of Thomas Francis Richards

89RolfeWilliam Rolfefirst name on this monument1773180734Col Slen p0712903274911
Eliza Rolfedaughter of William Rolfe180218031
James Rolfeson of William Rolfe1808

90RolpheJohn Rolphefirst name on this monument1806183428Col Slen p104290357237
John Rolphefather of John Rolphe1769185182
Elizabeth Rolphemother of John Rolphe

91RouseWilliam Rousefirst name on this monument174617548Col Slen p1122903656171
Thomas Rousebrother of William Rouse174917545
John Rousefather of William Rouse1717175639
Frances Rousemother of William Rouse
John Key
Mary Key1742178644

92RusherAnn Rusherfirst name on this monument1739178142Col Slen p060290321253
George Rusherhusband of Ann Rusher
George Rusher178317929
George Rusher
Mary Rusher

93RusherGeorge Rusherfirst name on this monument1738180163Col Slen p058290315253
Mary Mannwife of George Rusher1757180447

94RussellAnn Mary Russellfirst name on this monument182518305Col Slen p0692903253851
Mary Ann Pannifer1795184651
William Pannifer

95SachIsabella Sachfirst name on this monument1789184354Col Slen p118290371201
James Sachhusband of Isabella Sach

96StamersHannah Louise Stamersfirst name on this monument1817184932Col Slen p061290317585
Thomas Douglas Nunnbrother of Hannah Louise Stamers1817184326
Hannah Louise Nunnfather of Hannah Louise Stamers1791183948
Thomas Nunnmother of Hannah Louise Stamers

97StantonArthur Henry Stantonfirst name on this monument1913Col Slen Window2290381226

98Summers Summersfirst name on this monument1719Col Slen p124290377334

99SummersElizabeth Summersfirst name on this monument1781181029Col Slen p098290351350
Thomas Summershusband of Elizabeth Summers

100SwainJames Swainfirst name on this monument1732179967Col Slen p050290307276

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