St Mary's Church burial ground, Atherington, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AlfordWillie Alfordfirst name on this monument18851966811562864643301
Ellen Alfordwife of Willie Alford1886196781

2AndrewGeorge Reginald Thorne Andrewfirst name on this monument1963180286489445
Daisy Andrewwife of George Reginald Thorne Andrew1966

3AndrewIrene Lilian Andrewfirst name on this monument19061907158286380297
J L Andrewfather or mother of Irene Lilian Andrew
L W Andrewfather or mother of Irene Lilian Andrew

4AndrewJohn Andrewfirst name on this monument1833191784179286488218

5AndrewJohn Ernest Andrewfirst name on this monument1904199187226286533299
Florence Grace Andrewwife of John Ernest Andrew1911200089

6AndrewJohn Lovering Andrewfirst name on this monument1867194073223286530407
Lily Wayman Andrewwife of John Lovering Andrew1871194978

7AndrewsMabel Annie Andrewsfirst name on this monument1899194950241286548302
Fred Andrewshusband of Mabel Annie Andrews1896197680

8ArmstrongWilliam Armstrongfirst name on this monument1932201078303286610267

9ArthurAnn Arthurfirst name on this monument18371904671102864245721
George Arthurhusband of Ann Arthur1835191176

10ArthurFlorence Blanche Mary Arthurfirst name on this monument18601913531762864843941
William Wills Arthur

11ArthurJames Arthurfirst name on this monument17971878811152864268231
James Burnard Arthurson of James Arthur182718347
John Brent Arthurson of James Arthur183718403
William Arthurson of James Arthur1830188656
Mary Arthursister of James Arthur1794186369
Mary Judd Brent Arthurwife of James Arthur1796188488

12ArthurJean Rae Arthurfirst name on this monument19011951501762864855121
James Start Wills Arthur1881195574

13ArthurMary Jane Elizabeth Arthurfirst name on this monument18361915791132864254361
William Arthurhusband of Mary Jane Elizabeth Arthur

14AshfordDorothy Grace Ashfordfirst name on this monument1899197475281286588413
George Ashfordhusband of Dorothy Grace Ashford1897196366

15BedfordJohn Bedfordfirst name on this monument1854191460161286469334
Bessie Bedfordwife of John Bedford1858193476

16BedfordWinifred Tryphena Bedfordfirst name on this monument1882195270259286566263
John Bedfordhusband of Winifred Tryphena Bedford1884198399

17BeerElizabeth Beerfirst name on this monument179118667522286343512
Thomas Beerhusband of Elizabeth Beer

18BeerElizabeth Beerfirst name on this monument1870193666195286504397
Frederick Harris Beerhusband of Elizabeth Beer1870194777

19BeerEveline Beerfirst name on this monument1886195973275286582248
Fred Beerhusband of Eveline Beer1889196374

20BeerFrederick H Beerfirst name on this monument19041947432342865412201

21BeerGeorge Beerfirst name on this monument1870190636320286627213

22BeerJ W Beerfirst name on this monument25286346261

23BeerJames Beerfirst name on this monument17651820553172866242422

24BeerJohn Beerfirst name on this monument1791185463319286626229

25BeerJohn Beerfirst name on this monument1850189545101286415401
William Beerfather of John Beer
Mary Beerhusband of John Beer
Grace Beermother of John Beer

26BeerNora Beerfirst name on this monument1854187420104286418344
James Beerbrother of Nora Beer1854187420

27BeerPatsy Ann Beerfirst name on this monument1940195414256286563571
Richard Beerbrother of Patsy Ann Beer
John Beerdaughter of Patsy Ann Beer
Ruby Beerdaughter of Patsy Ann Beer

28BeerPercy John Beerfirst name on this monument1902195654271286578311
Florence May Beerwife of Percy John Beer1898199395

29BeerRuby Caroline Beerfirst name on this monument1914200187255286562359
John Beerhusband of Ruby Caroline Beer1912200391

30BeerSamuel Beerfirst name on this monument1833190774132286442207

31BeerThomas Beerfirst name on this monument1799188081212863422032

32BeerThomas Beerfirst name on this monument1877195275237286544204

33BeerWilliam Beerfirst name on this monument1832192391177286486329
Martha Beerdaughter of William Beer1861194988
Mary Beerdaughter of William Beer1861192968

34BeerWilliam Beerfirst name on this monument1836186024103286417281
William Beerfather of William Beer
Grace Beermother of William Beer

35BeerWilliam Beerfirst name on this monument1813187966102286416335
Ellen Beerdaughter of William Beer14
Grace Beerwife of William Beer1813189380

36BerryDeborah Berryfirst name on this monument152863383252
William Berryhusband of Deborah Berry

37BirdNorman Curtis Birdfirst name on this monument1906196458284286591344
Mary Elizabeth Birdwife of Norman Curtis Bird1913200289

38BlackmoreGeorge Blackmorefirst name on this monument182618835781286399290
Fanny Blackmorewife of George Blackmore1832192290

39BlackmoreLily Louisa Blackmorefirst name on this monument187918971861286382380
William Blackmorefather of Lily Louisa Blackmore
Sarah Blackmoremother of Lily Louisa Blackmore

40BlackmoreMaud Blackmorefirst name on this monument19111989782212865282941
Thomas Blackmorehusband of Maud Blackmore1911200190

41BlackmoreWilliam Blackmorefirst name on this monument185118994862286383232

42BoatfieldElizabeth Boatfieldfirst name on this monument1841190261294286601604
Ann Boatfielddaughter of Elizabeth Boatfield1867189124
Elizabeth Boatfielddaughter of Elizabeth Boatfield1864189935
Mahala Jane Boatfielddaughter of Elizabeth Boatfield1879188910
Martha Boatfielddaughter of Elizabeth Boatfield1878189618
John Boatfieldhusband of Elizabeth Boatfield1840192585
John Boatfieldson of Elizabeth Boatfield186918756
Elizabeth Boatfieldsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Boatfield1852191361

43BoundyAmos Boundyfirst name on this monument1896196367276286583298

44BoundyMary Boundyfirst name on this monument1863194784239286546335
Richard Boundyhusband of Mary Boundy

45BoundyRichard Boundyfirst name on this monument1875195176240286547326
Mary Ann Boundywife of Richard Boundy1885197085

46BowdenMary Bowdenfirst name on this monument176618356942863332822
John Bowdenhusband of Mary Bowden1763184077

47BowdenWilliam Bowdenfirst name on this monument1830189262105286419240

48BroomePhilip John Broomefirst name on this monument1948199951262286569434

49BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument182618876177286396316
John Brownhusband of Mary Brown

50BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument1830190070126286436330
Agustus (sic) Brownhusband of Mary Brown

51BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1868195587216286523234
Florence Annie Brownwife of Thomas Brown1873195784

52BrownscombeEdwin Brownscombefirst name on this monument18321838651286373316
Thomas Brownscombefather of Edwin Brownscombe
Elizabeth Brownscombemother of Edwin Brownscombe

53BrownscombeElizabeth Brownscombefirst name on this monument1818184426318286625322
Charles Brownscombehusband of Elizabeth Brownscombe

54BrownscombeJohn Brownscombefirst name on this monument184019046464286385276

55BurgessWilliam Burgessfirst name on this monument1821188160119286429220

56BurgessWilliam Thomas Burgessfirst name on this monument1850189242118286428249
Sophia Burgesswife of William Thomas Burgess1853190047

57ButlerDavid John Butlerfirst name on this monument1928200678167286475229

58CampbellJohn Malcolm Campbellfirst name on this monument1935198853266286573252

59CawseyAnn Cawseyfirst name on this monument1885392863632484

60CawseyJohn Cawseyfirst name on this monument1803186259362863602582

61CawseyRobert Cawseyfirst name on this monument1801186968382863622322

62CawseyRobert Cawseyfirst name on this monument1764183975562863783602
Mary Cawseywife of Robert Cawsey1770184272

63ChampionBartholomew Marshall Championfirst name on this monument182918378282863534703
William Championfather of Bartholomew Marshall Champion
William Championfather of Bartholomew Marshall Champion
Maria Championmother of Bartholomew Marshall Champion
William Championmother of Bartholomew Marshall Champion
Bartholomew John Champion1858

64ChampionElizabeth Championfirst name on this monument1769183768472863707391
William Championhusband of Elizabeth Champion

65ChampionHonour Championfirst name on this monument1796180812292863543281
William Championfather of Honour Champion
Maria Championmother of Honour Champion

66ChampionWilliam Championfirst name on this monument1765184782302863552023

67ClarkWilliam Clarkfirst name on this monument1778185981106286420199

68ClarkeAlice Mary Clarkefirst name on this monument18851957722092865161941

69ClarkeElla Clarkefirst name on this monument18861927411712864792211

70ClarkeHelen Clarkefirst name on this monument18931970772102865172811

71ClarkeSarah Tucker Clarkefirst name on this monument18581933752062865132521

72ClarkeThomas Henry Clarkefirst name on this monument18891962732112865182501

73ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument18781905271452864534871
Geoffrey Fordgrand son of William Clarke
Mary Ellen Clarkewife of William Clarke1880193858

74CoatesNora Coatesfirst name on this monument18801919391512864593011
William John Coatesson of Nora Coates1901191918
Sidney Coateswife of Nora Coates

75CoatesRobert E J Coatesfirst name on this monument1885195570249286556170

76ColesElizabeth Jane Colesfirst name on this monument2202865274303
Alfred John Coleshusband of Elizabeth Jane Coles

77CongramMary Congramfirst name on this monument182318957296286410241
Thomas Congramhusband of Mary Congram1823190380

78CongramRichard Congramfirst name on this monument178618587295286409245

79DavisMary Jane Davisfirst name on this monument1864194379214286521230
William Davishusband of Mary Jane Davis1870194676

80DayeAlice Dayefirst name on this monument1861195594138286447241
Douglas Dayefather of Alice Daye

81DayeDouglas Dayefirst name on this monument1362864464402
Kate Joan Traillgrand daughter of Douglas Daye1897193740
H N Robertsonwife of Douglas Daye

82DelbridgeAnn Delbridgefirst name on this monument181718957853286375256
William Delbridgehusband of Ann Delbridge

83DelbridgeGeorge Delbridgefirst name on this monument179218465444286367207

84DelbridgeSarah Delbridgefirst name on this monument178118547343286366212

85DelbridgeSarah Ann Delbridgefirst name on this monument1851452863682601
Ann Delbridgedaughter of Sarah Ann Delbridge
William Delbridgedaughter of Sarah Ann Delbridge

86DelbridgeSarah Ann Delbridgefirst name on this monument185319176431286356216

87DelbridgeThomas Delbridgefirst name on this monument1785184156422863653551
Sarah Guarddaughter of Thomas Delbridge1824187854
John Guardson-in-law of Thomas Delbridge

88DelbridgeWilliam Delbridgefirst name on this monument1816190488522863742081

89DownAda Gwendoline Millman Downfirst name on this monument1891193746194286503421
Mary Doreen Downdaughter of Ada Gwendoline Millman Down1928200779
Rachel Downdaughter of Ada Gwendoline Millman Down
Charles Downhusband of Ada Gwendoline Millman Down1890196474
Harold Downhusband of Ada Gwendoline Millman Down

90DownAnnie Emmeline Downfirst name on this monument1902198886267286574254
Edward Henry Downbrother of Annie Emmeline Down1902197674

91DownEllen Downfirst name on this monument18571899421072864215691
Alice Downdaughter of Ellen Down1881191029
Elizabeth Downdaughter of Ellen Down1886190317
Emma Tuckerdaughter of Ellen Down1878190527
William Henry Downhusband of Ellen Down
Alfred Ernest Downson of Ellen Down1882190826

92DownGladys Mary Downfirst name on this monument1903195653258286565416
Mary Downdaughter of Gladys Mary Down1932199765
Samuel John Downhusband of Gladys Mary Down1900197474

93DownJohn Downfirst name on this monument1825190378742863943451
Jane Downwife of John Down1835191378

94DownJohn Downfirst name on this monument1866193569199286507279
Sarah Ann Downwife of John Down1866195589

95DownJoshua Thomas Downfirst name on this monument1894198086305286612286
Winifred Beatrice Downwife of Joshua Thomas Down1895198287

96DownW H Downfirst name on this monument25286351211

97DownWinifred J Downfirst name on this monument1891196473270286577172

98DrivonWilliam Drivonfirst name on this monument316286623196

99EarleJames Bendyshe Earlefirst name on this monument19041993893022866093471

100EastmanBeatrice May Manning Eastmanfirst name on this monument1906198478189286498420
William John Eastmanhusband of Beatrice May Manning Eastman1908198678

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