St Helen (pt 2)'s Church burial ground, Abbotsham, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101DownJohn Chugg Downfirst name on this monument1907199588444264977312
Joanna Sylvia Downwife of John Chugg Down1921200483

102DrummondEdmund Traherne Drummondfirst name on this monument1935337264895163
Isabel Drummondwife of Edmund Traherne Drummond1956

103Du CaneEdmund Arthur Du Canefirst name on this monument18721950783872649361491
Edmund Du Canefather of Edmund Arthur Du Cane
Edith Du Canewife of Edmund Arthur Du Cane1980

104EastmanMatilda Ann Eastmanfirst name on this monument1867194376542646811401

105EastonCharles Eastonfirst name on this monument1884195773381264930303
Annie Eastonwife of Charles Easton1884197187

106EastonEmily Eastonfirst name on this monument1883196178382264932114

107EastonThomas Eastonfirst name on this monument188119577638226493186

108EdgleyMary Joyce Edgleyfirst name on this monument1912195442326264886409
Claire Brooksdaughter of Mary Joyce Edgley
Elaine Brooksdaughter of Mary Joyce Edgley
John Brooksfather of Mary Joyce Edgley
M C Edgleyhusband of Mary Joyce Edgley
Ethel Brooksmother of Mary Joyce Edgley
Martin John Brooksson of Mary Joyce Edgley

109EgfordHorace Homer Egfordfirst name on this monument1874196490459264990170

110EnglishDorothy Ann Englishfirst name on this monument185014264654314
Unknown Englishfather of Dorothy Ann English
Dorothy Ann English19
Thomas English

111EyreAnn Eyrefirst name on this monument180018525211264651276
Samuel Eyrehusband of Ann Eyre

112EyreEliza Eyrefirst name on this monument182918441588264707313
Samuel Eyrefather of Eliza Eyre
Ann Eyremother of Eliza Eyre

113EyresMaria Eyresfirst name on this monument89264708293
Samuel Eyresfather of Maria Eyres
Ann Eyresmother of Maria Eyres

114FaulknerFrederick Faulknerfirst name on this monument1884196379452264984149
Magdalen Elizabeth Faulknerwife of Frederick Faulkner1890196777

115FaulknerNorah Faulknerfirst name on this monument1896197175448264981107

116FaulknerPhyllis Emily Faulknerfirst name on this monument1913197562446264979330
Anne Faulknersister of Phyllis Emily Faulkner
Rene Faulknersister of Phyllis Emily Faulkner

117FaunthorpeAmy Frances Faunthorpefirst name on this monument18761957813252648853642
Bertram Ryves Faunthorpeson of Amy Frances Faunthorpe

118FriendshipJohn Frederick Lewis Friendshipfirst name on this monument18971957604562649882802
Ivy Dorcas Friendshipwife of John Frederick Lewis Friendship1896196165

119FugeFrances Ellen Fugefirst name on this monument18961955594122649526933
Patricia Fugedaughter of Frances Ellen Fuge
Patricia Evelyn M Nicholsondaughter of Frances Ellen Fuge1919199980
Richard Chaworth Levingefather of Frances Ellen Fuge
Frances Levingemother of Frances Ellen Fuge
Brian Fugeson of Frances Ellen Fuge

120FulfordWilliam Fulfordfirst name on this monument1814189480109264727155
Elizabeth Fulfordwife of William Fulford1817189578

121GandlandHerbert William Gandlandfirst name on this monument1869195182407264948143

122GiffordChristian Giffordfirst name on this monument176518397432264660195
Ezekiel Giffordhusband of Christian Gifford1760185090

123GloverAlfred W Gloverfirst name on this monument1881194463332646614462
Annie Gloverwife of Alfred W Glover1879195172

124GloverAlfred W Gloverfirst name on this monument1881194463762646973821
Annie Gloverwife of Alfred W Glover1879195172

125GloverAnn Gloverfirst name on this monument177118507972646472952
Thomas Gloverhusband of Ann Glover1775187297

126GloverAnn Gloverfirst name on this monument181718776062646463553
William Gloverhusband of Ann Glover1817190083

127GloverCharles Gloverfirst name on this monument18791955764112649513444
Annie Gloverwife of Charles Glover1881197190

128GloverCharles Gloverfirst name on this monument185119126175264696269
Emily Gloverwife of Charles Glover1856193175

129GloverCharles Gloverfirst name on this monument1851191261342646623463
Emily Gloverwife of Charles Glover1856193175

130GloverThomas Henry Gloverfirst name on this monument18291895661132647312362
Jane Gloverwife of Thomas Henry Glover1831190978

131GlynnJohn Edmund Glynnfirst name on this monument316264881766
Maria Elizbeth Glynndaughter of John Edmund Glynn1841191675
Harriet Catherine Hatherlydaughter of John Edmund Glynn
N H Hatherlyfather-in-law of John Edmund Glynn
John Glynnson of John Edmund Glynn1849185910
Harriet W Glynnwife of John Edmund Glynn

132GoodliffeJohn Brownson Goodliffefirst name on this monument1962376264929219
Frances Goodliffewife of John Brownson Goodliffe1969

133GrantRobert Grantfirst name on this monument18171889721822647891571
Elizabeth Grantdaughter of Robert Grant185018588
Sarah Ann Grantdaughter of Robert Grant185418584
George Grantsister of Robert Grant186618704
Elizabeth Grantwife of Robert Grant1827189669

134GrantWilliam Colwill Grantfirst name on this monument183618404148264760102
John Grantfather of William Colwill Grant
Mary Ann Grantmother of William Colwill Grant

135GriggAda Mry Griggfirst name on this monument1897196467432264967164
Willaim Richard Grigghusband of Ada Mry Grigg1894196571

136GriggBeatrice Maud Griggfirst name on this monument19041990863552649101781
Frederick Grigghusband of Beatrice Maud Grigg1996

137GriggPercy John Griggfirst name on this monument1902198179354264908163
Bertha Griggwife of Percy John Grigg2005

138HaddowAlexander Gordon Haddowfirst name on this monument1910197464463264992158
Anne Mary Haddowwife of Alexander Gordon Haddow1913200592

139HallArthur Hepworth Hallfirst name on this monument1866192963522646802171
Harriott Laura Hallwife of Arthur Hepworth Hall1859193980

140HardingWilliam Hardingfirst name on this monument177518376228726486372

141HaswellBernard William Haswellfirst name on this monument1908199385465264994294
Hilda Haswellwife of Bernard William Haswell1913199582

142HatherlyElizabeth Fortesque Hatherlyfirst name on this monument178518617623264657707
William Fortesque Hatherlyfather of Elizabeth Fortesque Hatherly
Elizabeth Hatherlymother of Elizabeth Fortesque Hatherly
Alice Hatherly Collins
Catherine Collins70
William Collins
William Collins
Louisa Hatherly1836190771
Unknown Unknown1774183965
Unknown Unknown1890

143HawesFanny Hawesfirst name on this monument180618403443264671314
Louisa Hawesdaughter of Fanny Hawes183518405
George Cawseyfather of Fanny Hawes
William Haweshusband of Fanny Hawes
Catherine Cawseymother of Fanny Hawes

144HayLenox Theobald Hayfirst name on this monument1951385264935124

145HealeEliza Healefirst name on this monument1815183621149264761299
Eliza Healedaughter of Eliza Heale
Mary Healedaughter of Eliza Heale183418373
William Colwillfather of Eliza Heale
Charles Healehusband of Eliza Heale
Ann Colwillmother of Eliza Heale

146HearnDoris Hearnfirst name on this monument1903196259346264903142
John Hearnhusband of Doris Hearn1903197976

147HearnFaith Hearnfirst name on this monument1914198773430264965227
Dennis Hearnhusband of Faith Hearn

148HenryLilian Augusta Henryfirst name on this monument1960139264751133
Lichfield Henryhusband of Lilian Augusta Henry
Patrick Henryson of Lilian Augusta Henry
Ronald Henryson of Lilian Augusta Henry

149HeywoodEdward Heywoodfirst name on this monument18381840281264702486
Joseph Heywoodfather of Edward Heywood
Maria Heywoodmother of Edward Heywood

150HeywoodJames Heywoodfirst name on this monument185318681599264718166
Joseph Heywoodfather of James Heywood
Maria Heywoodmother of James Heywood

151HeywoodMaria Heywoodfirst name on this monument5679264700249
Joseph Heywoodhusband of Maria Heywood

152HeywoodMary Jane Heywoodfirst name on this monument184919166777264698213
George Heywoodhusband of Mary Jane Heywood

153HeywoodMary Jane Heywoodfirst name on this monument184118834278264699591
George Heywoodhusband of Mary Jane Heywood1834191783

154HeywoodWalter Heywoodfirst name on this monument18361841580264701131
Joseph Heywoodfather of Walter Heywood
Maria Heywoodmother of Walter Heywood

155HiscuttJane Hiscuttfirst name on this monument180612264652113

156HiscuttSilas Hiscuttfirst name on this monument175813264653204
John Hiscuttbrother of Silas Hiscutt178417851
Silas Hiscuttfather of Silas Hiscutt
Jane Hiscuttmother of Silas Hiscutt

157HockinAlfred Hockinfirst name on this monument18921964723592649141351
Mabel Hockinwife of Alfred Hockin1892198593

158HockinEllen Hockinfirst name on this monument18811949684062649471811
James Edward Hockinhusband of Ellen Hockin1883195370

159HockinJohn Thomas Hockinfirst name on this monument18881968804532649851781
Effie Hockin1888195870

160HockinLilian Emelein Hockinfirst name on this monument1910199282441264974178
William Hockinhusband of Lilian Emelein Hockin1910200393

161HolmanAnn Holmanfirst name on this monument1821188059126264743523
Thomas Chapple Holmanhusband of Ann Holman1816189983

162HolmanBetsey Holmanfirst name on this monument179818333587264706345
Edward Holmanhusband of Betsey Holman1796183741

163HolmanEliza Holmanfirst name on this monument18311920892622648422761

164HolmanGrace Holmanfirst name on this monument1790186373284264844290
Joseph Holmanhusband of Grace Holman

165HolmanJohn Holmanfirst name on this monument177718315496264715117

166HolmanJohn Holmanfirst name on this monument1749179748239264829282
Ann Holmanwife of John Holman1752181765

167HolmanJohn Holmanfirst name on this monument185218722012526474295

168HolmanJoseph Holmanfirst name on this monument1783183148285264845161

169HolmanMary Holmanfirst name on this monument1814240264830348
William Holmanfather of Mary Holman
Mary Holmanmother of Mary Holman

170HolmanRichard Holmanfirst name on this monument182319058226326484397

171HolmanThomas Holmanfirst name on this monument1781182645242264832170

172HolmanWilliam Holmanfirst name on this monument4083264703367
Unknown Coatsfather-in-law of William Holman
Margaret Holmanwife of William Holman1799188182

173HolwillJames Holwillfirst name on this monument183118387161264772263
William Holwillfather of James Holwill
Mary Holwillmother of James Holwill

174HooperAnn Hooperfirst name on this monument1860193979221264817264
John Hooperhusband of Ann Hooper1862194482

175HopperMoses Hopperfirst name on this monument184819025458264684131

176HoughtonHoward Bernard Playfair Houghtonfirst name on this monument19001915151152647337181
Sydney Houghtonaunt of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton18871856-31
Bernard Houghtonfather of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton
Charles James Houghtongrand father of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton
Eliza Mary Houghtongrand mother of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton
Isabel Edith Houghtonmother of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton
Sidney Alexander Houghtonuncle of Howard Bernard Playfair Houghton1864193470

177HutchinSarah Ann Hutchinfirst name on this monument1898198385429264964185

178HutchinsRobert Hutchinsfirst name on this monument172418007640264668117

179HutchinsSarah Hutchinsfirst name on this monument173117845339264667170
Robert Hutchinshusband of Sarah Hutchins

180HuxtableJoseph Huxtablefirst name on this monument1858193880219264816111
Mariana Huxtablewife of Joseph Huxtable1939

181HuxtableMary Elizabeth Huxtablefirst name on this monument1898197779415264954133

182HuxtableRichard Huxtablefirst name on this monument181819018344264672122
Sarah Huxtablewife of Richard Huxtable1823190178

183IrwinRebecca Ann Irwinfirst name on this monument1799188485300264875167
Edward Urch Vidalemployer of Rebecca Ann Irwin

184JackmanFlorence May Jackmanfirst name on this monument1906199488431264966328
Arthur Jackman1915199580

185JackmanMargery Jackmanfirst name on this monument330264890128

186JackmanMinnie Jackmanfirst name on this monument1872193967395264940132
George Jackmanhusband of Minnie Jackman

187JamesAnnie Jamesfirst name on this monument1888197789370264924196
Edith Ellen Jamessister of Annie James1892198189

188JamesEdwin Jamesfirst name on this monument18551928737326469499
Esther Annie Jameswife of Edwin James1857192871

189JamesElizabeth Jamesfirst name on this monument185319095672264693154
Mabel Jamesdaughter of Elizabeth James1886193246
Joseph Jameshusband of Elizabeth James1855191863

190JamesMartin William Jamesfirst name on this monument181618826674264695931
Elizabeth Jameswife of Martin William James1899

191JamesTryphina Jamesfirst name on this monument1882195472383264933124
William Jameshusband of Tryphina James1886196882

192JewellPatrick John Jewellfirst name on this monument18981971734342649692501
Kathleen Jewellwife of Patrick John Jewell1903197269

193JewellPhillipi Jewellfirst name on this monument17891831422242648193922
Hugh Jewellhusband of Phillipi Jewell

194JohnsFrederick John Johnsfirst name on this monument190419888450264678174
Daisy Johnswife of Frederick John Johns1915200388

195JonesMatilda Sarah Jonesfirst name on this monument1845208264808173
John William Jonesfather of Matilda Sarah Jones1783185067
Mary Jonesmother of Matilda Sarah Jones1788186880

196JordanHumfrey Robertson Jordanfirst name on this monument188519637836026491592

197KeenHenry George Keenfirst name on this monument1855191560291264867144

198KempeEmily Mary Kempefirst name on this monument1845192984244264834203
Edith Unknown

199KempeFrancis Bernard Kempefirst name on this monument1928248264836138

200KempeJames Arthur Kempefirst name on this monument1848193385246264835201
Frances Flora Kempewife of James Arthur Kempe1855193782

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