St Helen (pt 2)'s Church burial ground, Abbotsham, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1A'CourtAnnie A'Courtfirst name on this monument18611946853342648934171
Charles Albert A'Courthusband of Annie A'Court1951

2AcklandJames Acklandfirst name on this monument1819187253922647114441
Elizabeth Acklandwife of James Ackland1823190481

3AcklandJohn Acklandfirst name on this monument1855187722942647134401
James Acklandfather of John Ackland
Elizabeth Acklandmother of John Ackland

4AcklandJohn Acklandfirst name on this monument1735183297932647123241

5AcklandJohn Acklandfirst name on this monument18471857101922647974851
James Acklandbrother of John Ackland185118576
William Acklandfather of John Ackland
Mary Acklandmother of John Ackland

6AcklandMargaret Acklandfirst name on this monument1753182067902647097071
Sarah Gloverdaughter of Margaret Ackland1762180038
John Acklandhusband of Margaret Ackland
Andrew Gloverson-in-law of Margaret Ackland

7AcklandRobert Acklandfirst name on this monument18401857171932647986031
William Acklandfather of Robert Ackland
Mary Acklandmother of Robert Ackland
Mary Acklandsister of Robert Ackland1935195722

8AcklandSarah Ann Acklandfirst name on this monument1863188623952647144451
James Acklandfather of Sarah Ann Ackland
Elizabeth Acklandmother of Sarah Ann Ackland

9AcklandWilliam Acklandfirst name on this monument1848186012912647104781
James Acklandfather of William Ackland
Elizabeth Acklandmother of William Ackland

10AcklandWilliam Acklandfirst name on this monument18091874651962648013572
Mary Acklandwife of William Ackland1807188477

11AdamsSarah Adamsfirst name on this monument1789185667127264744258
Thomas Adamshusband of Sarah Adams

12AlfordSarah Alfordfirst name on this monument179818616317264655541
Henry Alfordhusband of Sarah Alford
Henry Alfordhusband of Sarah Alford1795186166

13AndersonJonah Gordon Andersonfirst name on this monument1879194768344264901322
Doris Ravina Andersonwife of Jonah Gordon Anderson1900199191

14AndrewElizabeth Andrewfirst name on this monument1850102264721438
John Andrewfather of Elizabeth Andrew
Elizabeth Andrewmother of Elizabeth Andrew

15AndrewsJohn Andrewsfirst name on this monument1819189576155264767437
John Colwillfather-in-law of John Andrews
Elizabeth Andrewswife of John Andrews1907

16ArgyllAnnie Elizabeth Argyllfirst name on this monument1904200197466264995295
William Joseph Argyllhusband of Annie Elizabeth Argyll1904199187

17AuthersThomas Authersfirst name on this monument1820185636288264864252

18BadcockAlice Maud Badcockfirst name on this monument1905196257324264884245
Edward John Badcockhusband of Alice Maud Badcock1893196976

19BadcockReginald Thomas Badcockfirst name on this monument1903197269447264980246

20BagawayErnest John Bagawayfirst name on this monument1898197577351264907271
Winifred Bagawaywife of Ernest John Bagaway1906198680

21BagloleWilliam Baglolefirst name on this monument1783186582104264723354
Elizabeth Bagloledaughter of William Baglole1827
Helen Bagloleson-in-law of William Baglole182818302
Mary Baglolewife of William Baglole1787187386

22BaleAda Balefirst name on this monument1916199579468264996317

23BaleBessie Balefirst name on this monument1870193565218264815357
Samuel Balefather of Bessie Bale
Mary Balemother of Bessie Bale

24BaleEmma Harriet Jessie Balefirst name on this monument1893189412772648533641
John Balefather of Emma Harriet Jessie Bale
Emma Balemother of Emma Harriet Jessie Bale

25BaleFanny Elizabeth Balefirst name on this monument18891940512812648574921
Frederick Charles Balehusband of Fanny Elizabeth Bale1887195164

26BaleJohn Balefirst name on this monument18551914592762648523131
Emma Balewife of John Bale1853193481

27BaleJohn Henry Balefirst name on this monument18791927482782648544471
John Balefather of John Henry Bale
Emma Balemother of John Henry Bale
Louisa Esther Balewife of John Henry Bale1882195068

28BaleRebecca Balefirst name on this monument17881858702732648494301
Edward Balehusband of Rebecca Bale
John Bale

29BaleSamuel Balefirst name on this monument1827188861275264851292
Mary Balewife of Samuel Bale1831190675

30BaleSamuel Edward Balefirst name on this monument18801954742792648553041

31BassettElizabeth Bassettfirst name on this monument180818746662264686530
William Bassetthusband of Elizabeth Bassett

32BaylisSurtees Baylisfirst name on this monument19031970673722649263181

33BeadleSusan Beadlefirst name on this monument1871195887454264986386

34BennetElizabeth Bennetfirst name on this monument17391816771892647942681
John Bennethusband of Elizabeth Bennet

35BicklyMargaret Bicklyfirst name on this monument1760184888206264807477
Mary Jonesdaughter of Margaret Bickly
John Bicklyhusband of Margaret Bickly
Mary Amelia Gain1805188580
William Gain1815187863

36BlanchardJane Blanchardfirst name on this monument176418124829264658627
Silas Hiscuttfather of Jane Blanchard
Richard Blanchardhusband of Jane Blanchard

37BlightFrances Blightfirst name on this monument1895198287451264983275

38BlightHenry Blightfirst name on this monument1863193875222264818379
Charlotte Jane Blightwife of Henry Blight1867194982

39BlightMary Ann Blightfirst name on this monument1812183725296264871424
Samuel Blightfather of Mary Ann Blight
Elizabeth Blightmother of Mary Ann Blight

40BondMary Bondfirst name on this monument17251787621602647712801
William Bondhusband of Mary Bond

41BooneCharlotte Dorothy Boonefirst name on this monument1897196770426264961443
Marjorie Ivy Dorothy Leworthydaughter of Charlotte Dorothy Boone1919198566
Sherbourne Marcus Boonehusband of Charlotte Dorothy Boone1805190297

42BraddonEdith Braddonfirst name on this monument1878194062682646903691
Thomas Braddonhusband of Edith Braddon1882195876

43BraundDerek Braundfirst name on this monument1938195416329264889614

44BraundHarold James Braundfirst name on this monument18911977862892648653251
Flossie Braundwife of Harold James Braund1900197777

45BraundRalph Braundfirst name on this monument1904198379464264993354
Amy Braundwife of Ralph Braund1987

46BrayMary Agnes Brayfirst name on this monument1887197285428264963589
Alfred John Brayhusband of Mary Agnes Bray
George Brayson of Mary Agnes Bray
Jim Brayson of Mary Agnes Bray
Sid Brayson of Mary Agnes Bray

47BrendKenneth James Brendfirst name on this monument1915197358357264912500
Diane Brenddaughter of Kenneth James Brend
Pauline Brenddaughter of Kenneth James Brend
Daisy Margaret Brendwife of Kenneth James Brend1987

48BrockConstantine Brockfirst name on this monument1876191842130264746402
Ann Brockwife of Constantine Brock1866194276

49BrockThomas Brockfirst name on this monument1833191380187264792339
Mary Brockwife of Thomas Brock1832191482

50BrookHenry Brookfirst name on this monument17771855782252648203211
Grace Brookwife of Henry Brook1776186589

51BrooksHector John Brooksfirst name on this monument1911197867356264911246
Dorothy May Brookswife of Hector John Brooks1907198881

52BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument184218945298264717274
James Brownhusband of Ann Brown1839192687

53BrownArthur Brownfirst name on this monument188118941397264716328
James Brownfather of Arthur Brown
Ann Brownmother of Arthur Brown

54BrownJohn Heywood Brownfirst name on this monument1870188919100264719282
James Brownfather of John Heywood Brown
Ann Brownmother of John Heywood Brown

55BrownSylvia Elizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument19191995762802648562411
Thomas George Rex Brownhusband of Sylvia Elizabeth Brown

56BurdickElizabeth Burdickfirst name on this monument177018366635264663203
Samuel Burdickhusband of Elizabeth Burdick

57BurdickMargaret Burdickfirst name on this monument1733178451372646652201
William Burdickhusband of Margaret Burdick

58BurdickSamuel Burdickfirst name on this monument178818526436264664213
Elizabeth Burdickwife of Samuel Burdick

59BurdickThomas Burdickfirst name on this monument1770184474382646662221

60BurdickWilliam Burdickfirst name on this monument18762042648062921
William Edward Burdickson of William Burdick1850188131
Jane Burdickwife of William Burdick1814187763

61CannSidney William Cannfirst name on this monument19091957484552649875811
Dora Louise Cannwife of Sidney William Cann1910198171

62CardewSydney Robert Cardewfirst name on this monument1877194164420264957385
Nina Seton Cardewwife of Sydney Robert Cardew1879195879

63CawseyCatherine Cawseyfirst name on this monument177818406241264669332
Robert Williamsfather of Catherine Cawsey
George Cawseyhusband of Catherine Cawsey
Catherine Williamsmother of Catherine Cawsey

64ChampionMargaret Championfirst name on this monument1885190621105264724762
M Championfather of Margaret Champion
J Championmother of Margaret Champion

65ChapmanGertrude Ellen Chapmanfirst name on this monument1905199994361264917212

66ChapmanPhyllis Barbara Lena Chapmanfirst name on this monument1896198084460264991328
Edward Thomas Chapman1890198191

67ChubbRichard Chubbfirst name on this monument1793185865154264766319
Elizabeth Chubbwife of Richard Chubb1803188077

68ClarkMary Elizabeth Clarkfirst name on this monument1833286264862302
George Clarkfather of Mary Elizabeth Clark
Sarah Clarkmother of Mary Elizabeth Clark

69ColeFanny Turner Colefirst name on this monument1839186021254264839374
John Colefather of Fanny Turner Cole
Fanny Colemother of Fanny Turner Cole
Elizabeth Colesister of Fanny Turner Cole1846186317

70ColwillCharles Colwillfirst name on this monument1785182641145264757234
Grace Colwillwife of Charles Colwill

71ColwillCharles Colwillfirst name on this monument17521829771412647532351

72ColwillElizabeth Colwillfirst name on this monument17911841501512647632683
J Colwillhusband of Elizabeth Colwill

73ColwillElizabeth Colwillfirst name on this monument17961861651352647483361
Philip Colwillhusband of Elizabeth Colwill1791188493

74ColwillFrances Colwillfirst name on this monument17521826741422647542493
Charles Colwillhusband of Frances Colwill

75ColwillGrace Colwillfirst name on this monument1788186274146264758344
Charles Colwillhusband of Grace Colwill

76ColwillJohn Colwillfirst name on this monument17931861681522647642321

77ColwillJohn Colwillfirst name on this monument183418417137264749500
Philip Colwillfather of John Colwill
Elizabeth Colwillmother of John Colwill
Fanny Colwillsister of John Colwill183918456
Frances Colwillsister of John Colwill182818302

78ColwillJoseph Colwillfirst name on this monument1814183218150264762337
John Colwillfather of Joseph Colwill
Elizabeth Colwillmother of Joseph Colwill

79ColwillWilliam Colwillfirst name on this monument18181855371532647652111

80ColwillWilliam Colwillfirst name on this monument1782183351147264759175

81CookFrederick Charles Cookfirst name on this monument1904198076369264923302
Norah Cookwife of Frederick Charles Cook1906198377

82CookJohn Cookfirst name on this monument17941832389264649228
Elizabeth Cookwife of John Cook

83CorkGrace Corkfirst name on this monument1890195464195264800244
John Corkhusband of Grace Cork1795187681

84CorkJohn Pickard Corkfirst name on this monument18841958743452649023201
Edith Mary Corkwife of John Pickard Cork1886196781

85CoryJohn Coryfirst name on this monument1840192484176264785265
Grace Corywife of John Cory1841192988

86CoryJohn Coryfirst name on this monument1874192854227264821264

87CoryThomas Coryfirst name on this monument1876189721175264784335
John Coryfather of Thomas Cory
Grace Corymother of Thomas Cory

88CraigAnn Craigfirst name on this monument1753182976229264823373
William Craighusband of Ann Craig

89CraigWilliam Craigfirst name on this monument1762183169228264822196

90CruseFanny Crusefirst name on this monument18221847251382647504191
Elizabeth Shepherdaunt of Fanny Cruse
Thomas Shepherduncle of Fanny Cruse

91CurticeJane Curticefirst name on this monument1860187616179264786238
Thomas Curticefather of Jane Curtice
Eliza Curticemother of Jane Curtice

92CurtisJane Curtisfirst name on this monument1783184865163264774212

93CurtisThomas Curtisfirst name on this monument1809187061180264787195

94DanielJames Danielfirst name on this monument84165264776239
Mary Ann Danielwife of James Daniel

95DareElla Margret Darefirst name on this monument1900199595443264976347
Reginald Arthur husband of Ella Margret Dare

96DaveySamuel Daveyfirst name on this monument183519158055264682503
Ann Daveywife of Samuel Davey1832191583

97DaviesFrederick Charles Daviesfirst name on this monument19161999834422649752671
Marjorie Kathleen Davieswife of Frederick Charles Davies1919200081

98DaviesSamuel Richard Daviesfirst name on this monument18921965733582649132452
Winifred Annie Davieswife of Samuel Richard Davies1889196980

99DennisFanny Dennisfirst name on this monument1859191960194264799327
William Dennishusband of Fanny Dennis1857193174
Agnes Corkniece of Fanny Dennis1880197393

100DosseterWilliam James Dosseterfirst name on this monument1913197562371264925256
Frances Dorothy Dosseterwife of William James Dosseter1920200787

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