St Helen's Church burial ground, Abbotsham, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1Robert Walpole first name on this monument572645343561

2AdamsRebecca Adamsfirst name on this monument18421904621622645933791
Thomas Adamshusband of Rebecca Adams1840192080

3AndrewJane Andrewfirst name on this monument18651913481892646014031
John Andrewhusband of Jane Andrew
William John Andrewson of Jane Andrew1903198077

4ArthurThomas Arthurfirst name on this monument18359264503262

5BaleJ Balefirst name on this monument3264497320

6BaleJames Balefirst name on this monument1791187180211264619542
Maria Nethercott1902
Mary Balewife of James Bale1795187479

7BaleJohn Balefirst name on this monument1851193382199264609261
Joseph Baleson of John Bale1883191532
Mary Jane Balewife of John Bale1857194184

8BaleJoseph Balefirst name on this monument18261881551532645863631
Grace Balewife of Joseph Bale1824190581

9BaleMary Jane Balefirst name on this monument1862193270152264585740
Joseph Balefather of Mary Jane Bale
Grace Balemother of Mary Jane Bale
Bessie Palmersister of Mary Jane Bale1860194585

10BaleSalathiel John Balefirst name on this monument1895190712200264610307
John Balefather of Salathiel John Bale
Mary Balemother of Salathiel John Bale

11BarncottFrank Charles Barncottfirst name on this monument185719357886264551246

12BarncottHarriet Barncottfirst name on this monument185719327585264550241
Frederick Barncotthusband of Harriet Barncott1858193476

13BarnesEdgar Barton Barnesfirst name on this monument18831916332192646233181
William Barnesfather of Edgar Barton Barnes
Mary Barnesmother of Edgar Barton Barnes

14BarnesMary Barnesfirst name on this monument18461918721642645952261
William Barneshusband of Mary Barnes

15BartonAnn Bartonfirst name on this monument18231889662172646214362
Barnabas Bartonhusband of Ann Barton1803188784

16BartonHenry Bartonfirst name on this monument18471895482182646224401
Barnabas Bartonfather of Henry Barton
Ann Bartonmother of Henry Barton

17BassettJ H G Bassettfirst name on this monument3264483278

18BiddulphMary Caroline Biddulphfirst name on this monument1898197274100264557239

19BirdMary Birdfirst name on this monument1798187678154264587272
James Birdhusband of Mary Bird1794187884

20BlackmoreGrace Blackmorefirst name on this monument1817188972129264572404
Mary Ann Richardsdaughter of Grace Blackmore1854188632
Richard Blackmorehusband of Grace Blackmore1822190179

21BlackmoreMartha Blackmorefirst name on this monument1861188221127264571430
Richard Blackmorefather of Martha Blackmore
Grace Blackmoremother of Martha Blackmore
William Blackmore1850191868

22BlackmoreMary E Blackmorefirst name on this monument1873191744130264573275
Grace Blackmore1855193378

23BlackmoreP E Blackmorefirst name on this monument3264492269

24BoydGertrude Honara Frances Boydfirst name on this monument185019217171264543535
Archibald Boydhusband of Gertrude Honara Frances Boyd

25BoydR G Boydfirst name on this monument3264501226

26BoydRobert Colin Boydfirst name on this monument1893191623302645154461
Archibald Boydfather of Robert Colin Boyd

27BoyesMary Catherine Boyesfirst name on this monument18461936902232646265241
Unknown Boyeshusband of Mary Catherine Boyes

28BoyleJack Boylefirst name on this monument189219435179264547244

29BraithwaiteJessie B M Braithwaitefirst name on this monument1880502645303573

30BraithwaiteMackenzie Braithwaitefirst name on this monument18531880271212645705484
Braithwaitehusband of Mackenzie Braithwaite
Richard Philip Bipon Braithwaitehusband of Mackenzie Braithwaite1849193384

31BraithwaiteP P Braithwaitefirst name on this monument32644942143

32BrantonJoshua Brantonfirst name on this monument18812362646363442
Thomas Brantonfather of Joshua Branton
Dorcas Brantonmother of Joshua Branton

33BrantonThomas Brantonfirst name on this monument18331896632352646352502

34BrendFlo Brendfirst name on this monument1892194856902645534272
J H Phillipsfather of Flo Brend
James Augustus Brendhusband of Flo Brend1886197084
M E Phillipsmother of Flo Brend

35BrimacombeRichard Brimacombefirst name on this monument18131898852102646183111
Frances Brimacombewife of Richard Brimacombe1818189981

36BrookHenry Jasper Brookfirst name on this monument1816183519292645148731
Henry Brookfather of Henry Jasper Brook1777185578
Grace Brookmother of Henry Jasper Brook1776186589

37BrooksJohn Brooksfirst name on this monument1877195174110264563259
Mary Ethel Brookswife of John Brooks1887195366

38BuckLewis William Buckfirst name on this monument17841858743326451812391
Anne Bettina Buckdaughter of Lewis William Buck1809182314
Ellen Catherine Buckdaughter of Lewis William Buck182118232
Emma Helena Buckdaughter of Lewis William Buck1817184023
Thomas Robbinsfather-in-law of Lewis William Buck
Anne Buckwife of Lewis William Buck1879

39BulmanAnn Bulmanfirst name on this monument193268264540216

40BulmanThomas Bulmanfirst name on this monument194969264541420
Audrey Longsister-in-law of Thomas Bulman1903197067
Lydia Maude Bulmanwife of Thomas Bulman1976

41BurdickElizabeth Burdickfirst name on this monument1890195666192264603294
Samuel Burdickhusband of Elizabeth Burdick

42BurdickMargaret Burdickfirst name on this monument17331784511942646052581
William Burdickhusband of Margaret Burdick

43BurdickSamuel Burdickfirst name on this monument1768183264193264604224
Elizabeth Burdickwife of Samuel Burdick

44BurdickThomas Burdickfirst name on this monument1770184474196264606251

45BurnardAnna Maria Burnardfirst name on this monument1872179264599676
Ellen Isabella Burnarddaughter of Anna Maria Burnard1837190770
James Hesldenfather of Anna Maria Burnard
William H E Burnardhusband of Anna Maria Burnard
William Burnard
John Burnardson of Anna Maria Burnard1848190961
Thomas Hesleden Burnardson of Anna Maria Burnard1842186725

46CapperClara Jane Capperfirst name on this monument194273264544332

47ChallacombeAnnie Challacombefirst name on this monument1943107264561271

48ChuggSusannah Chuggfirst name on this monument18121896841572645894552
James Kennabrother-in-law of Susannah Chugg
Joshua Chugghusband of Susannah Chugg
Lucy Kennasister of Susannah Chugg1818189779

49Churchill J Churchill first name on this monument3264490335

50ClokeW Clokefirst name on this monument3264500255

51CoeJohn Coefirst name on this monument1838193092167264597286
Serina Maria Coewife of John Coe1851193281

52CookMargaret Grace Cookfirst name on this monument187319224970264542224

53CookeFrancis Thomas Cookefirst name on this monument1834191278150264583579
Otho Francis Cookeson of Francis Thomas Cooke1941

54CookeOtho Cookefirst name on this monument18011894931512645842812

55CoppElizabeth Coppfirst name on this monument1837188952230264631403
Henry Copphusband of Elizabeth Copp1825189974

56CrewsElizabeth Crewsfirst name on this monument1833189360228264629244

57CruckshankCatherine Mary Cruckshankfirst name on this monument1932169264598217
J D Cruckshankhusband of Catherine Mary Cruckshank

58CruckshankJ D Cruckshankfirst name on this monument1876189216160264592188
Catherine Cruckshankwife of J D Cruckshank

59DanseyEdward Danseyfirst name on this monument18101875651012645583151
John Danseyfather of Edward Dansey
Harriet Heywood Danseymother of Edward Dansey

60DoeFlorence Caroline Doefirst name on this monument18911940491052645604061

61EscottHenry Clarke Escottfirst name on this monument186419296577264546221
Grace Escottwife of Henry Clarke Escott1861194887

62EsseryRobert Esseryfirst name on this monument18481868202022646123871
Thomas Esseryfather of Robert Essery
Mary Esserymother of Robert Essery

63FitzgeraldEmma Amelia Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1861190948234264634461
Gerald Vesey Fitzgeraldhusband of Emma Amelia Fitzgerald
William Herbert Leslie Vesey Fitzgeraldson of Emma Amelia Fitzgerald1890191626

64FriendshipElizabeth Ann Friendshipfirst name on this monument18701919492042646142671
Thomas Frederick Friendshiphusband of Elizabeth Ann Friendship1873194976

65FriendshipJohn Friendshipfirst name on this monument18381915772032646132651
Emma Friendshipwife of John Friendship1847193386

66FussellWinifred Fussellfirst name on this monument189219313999264556267
Henry S Fussell1890198898

67GloverJames Gloverfirst name on this monument18171892752312646322002

68GrahamHelen Bridget Grahamfirst name on this monument1803187673155264588268
Thomas Grahamhusband of Helen Bridget Graham

69GuyWilliam Guyfirst name on this monument1780185979131264574158

70HareAnthony John Robin Harefirst name on this monument1935194510114264566450
Rex Harefather of Anthony John Robin Hare
Hugh Lefroygrand father of Anthony John Robin Hare
Helen Lefroygrand mother of Anthony John Robin Hare
Mary Haremother of Anthony John Robin Hare

71HareReginald Charles Harefirst name on this monument1902198078116264567269
Anthony J R Hareson of Reginald Charles Hare
Mary Euphemia Harewife of Reginald Charles Hare1904198884

72HarrisArthur John Harrisfirst name on this monument1882193351111264564252
Beatrice Mary Harriswife of Arthur John Harris1885196277

73HatherleyHenrietta Josepha Hatherleyfirst name on this monument187725264511297

74HatherlyCaroline Honor Hatherlyfirst name on this monument5555264532307
William Henry Hatherlyfather of Caroline Honor Hatherly
Elizabeth Fortesque Hatherly
Henrietta Josepha Hatherlysister of Caroline Honor Hatherly

75HatherlyHenrietta Josepha Hatherlyfirst name on this monument1877136264577252
William Henry Hatherlyfather of Henrietta Josepha Hatherly

76HatherlyWilliam Henry Hatherlyfirst name on this monument1754184591472645277801
Edmund Fortesquebrother-in-law of William Henry Hatherly
Augusta Hatherlydaughter of William Henry Hatherly
Caroline Honor Hatherlydaughter of William Henry Hatherly1794184753
Elizabeth Fortesque Hatherlydaughter of William Henry Hatherly1785186176
Josepha Wells Hatherlydaughter of William Henry Hatherly
Mary Hatherlydaughter of William Henry Hatherly
Alicia Hatherlydaughter-in-law of William Henry Hatherly1790187383
Catherine Dorothy Hatherlydaughter-in-law of William Henry Hatherly1783183451
Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly
Charles Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly
Henry Wells Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly1782180523
Thomas Wells Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly1785180015
William Collins Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly
William Fortesque Hatherlyson of William Henry Hatherly1794181824
Elizabeth Fortesque Hatherlywife of William Henry Hatherly1761183877

77HearnJ Hearnfirst name on this monument3264493242

78HearnWilliam Hearnfirst name on this monument1822188563201264611285
Ann Hearnwife of William Hearn1826189367

79HeavenDe Bonniot Spencer Heavenfirst name on this monument602645362781

80HeavenLucy Constance Heavenfirst name on this monument1865192459622645372881
De Bonniot Spencer Heavenfather of Lucy Constance Heaven

81HeavenSelina Fanny Heavenfirst name on this monument1883191128232264633298
Deb Spencer Heavenhusband of Selina Fanny Heaven

82HeavenViolet Dora Heavenfirst name on this monument582645353151
Deb Spencer Heavenfather of Violet Dora Heaven
Selina Fanny Heavenmother of Violet Dora Heaven

83HedgelandWilliam Hedgelandfirst name on this monument1850191060135264576223

84Heriz SmithViolet Alethea Heriz Smithfirst name on this monument1882189917226264628190
C T Heriz Smithfather of Violet Alethea Heriz Smith
E A S Heriz Smithmother of Violet Alethea Heriz Smith

85Heriz-SmithA J C Heriz-Smithfirst name on this monument32644992001

86Heriz-SmithAmbrose J C Heriz-Smithfirst name on this monument1879191637272645123792
J C T Heriz-Smithfather of Ambrose J C Heriz-Smith

87HeywoodWalter Charles Heywoodfirst name on this monument184939264524185

88HeywoodWalter Charles Heywoodfirst name on this monument1766185488352645204872
Mary Ann Heywooddaughter of Walter Charles Heywood
Georgiana Heywoodwife of Walter Charles Heywood

89HonyAnthony Honyfirst name on this monument1620163919492645293093

90HookC Hookfirst name on this monument3264484278

91HooperRuth Hannah Hooperfirst name on this monument186519437864264538321
Charles Hooperhusband of Ruth Hannah Hooper1870196393

92HutchinsRobert Hutchinsfirst name on this monument1724180076198264608204

93HutchinsSarah Hutchinsfirst name on this monument1731178453197264607273
Robert Hutchinshusband of Sarah Hutchins

94JackmanAnna Maria Jackmanfirst name on this monument1872192654209264617271
George Jackmanhusband of Anna Maria Jackman1863194784

95JackmanElizabeth Mary Jackmanfirst name on this monument1892191220241264640688
George Jackmanfather of Elizabeth Mary Jackman
Mary Jackmanmother of Elizabeth Mary Jackman
Gwendoline Jackmansister of Elizabeth Mary Jackman1914

96JamesBoucher C Jamesfirst name on this monument82264549316
John Oliver C James
Sammy Jameswife of Boucher C James1945

97JamesRichard Bucher Jamesfirst name on this monument185019237380264548194

98LefroyHugh Lefroyfirst name on this monument1875193156112264565264
Helen Lefroywife of Hugh Lefroy1877194770

99LeyMary Jane Leyfirst name on this monument1873195885138264578477
John Leyhusband of Mary Jane Ley1866196195
William John Leyson of Mary Jane Ley1909198475

100LeyPenry Leyfirst name on this monument13134264575232
John Leyhusband of Penry Ley
Mary Leymother of Penry Ley

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