St Andrew's Church burial ground, Ashburton, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101EdgecombeGeorge Edgecombefirst name on this monument55p208245364200
Melina Edgecombewife of George Edgecombe69

102EdgecombeGeorge Elias Edgecombefirst name on this monument1850187929p382452053451
Richard Edgecombefather of George Elias Edgecombe
Charlotte Edgecombemother of George Elias Edgecombe

103EdwardYvonne Winifred Edwardfirst name on this monument1925198661p81245247117

104EdwardsDouglas F Edwardsfirst name on this monument1934199864p53245220187
Phyllis Edwardswife of Douglas F Edwards

105EgbeareAladas Egbearefirst name on this monument18951945501652451171841
Albert George Egbearehusband of Aladas Egbeare1876195680

106EgbeareFrederick Egbearefirst name on this monument18701944741682451201632

107EggbeerJohn Eggbeerfirst name on this monument1767182558302449931641
Joseph Eggbeerson of John Eggbeer1800184646
Sarah Eggbeerwife of John Eggbeer1770184979

108EggbeerLucy Ann Eggbeerfirst name on this monument1854188026p49245216176
Richard Eggbeerhusband of Lucy Ann Eggbeer1847189649

109ElliottElizabeth Mary Elliottfirst name on this monument194584245043220
George Henry Buckinghambrother of Elizabeth Mary Elliott1866192559

110EllisSusan Ellisfirst name on this monument1819188263p3324520087
Robert Ellishusband of Susan Ellis1818190284

111ElsonBeatrice Elsonfirst name on this monument1947157245109109

112EndacottJohn Endacottfirst name on this monument1840192484179245131300
Mary Endacottwife of John Endacott1840193393

113FerrisAlfred Brown Ferrisfirst name on this monument1876194468155245107242
Ethel Irene Ferriswife of Alfred Brown Ferris1883196178

114FinchamPollyanna Lois Finchamfirst name on this monument198719892p170245326148

115FogatyGeorge Hooper Fogatyfirst name on this monument1897196770p132245291176
Ethel Fogatywife of George Hooper Fogaty1892196977

116FootJohn Footfirst name on this monument1775184065p12245182121

117FootP Footfirst name on this monument1789187586p14245184130
Mary Footwife of P Foot1793185966

118FootRichard Footfirst name on this monument1902197371p147245305311
Emily Footwife of Richard Foot

119FootThomas Footfirst name on this monument1809188879p13245183270
Mary Footwife of Thomas Foot75

120FosterCara Loouise Fosterfirst name on this monument198719892209245157116

121FosterGeorge Henry Fosterfirst name on this monument1901197675p15924531797

122FredianiJoseph Lawrence Fredianifirst name on this monument1989p167245325296

123FredianiJoseph Lawrence Fredianifirst name on this monument19892102451582631

124FrenchJames Frenchfirst name on this monument1872194371106245063173
Emily Beatrice Frenchwife of James French1883195774

125FrenchWilliam Frenchfirst name on this monument1821184726232449891621
Elizabeth French184518472

126FurneauxLeslie Furneauxfirst name on this monument1927196639p128245288116

127FurseJohn Fursefirst name on this monument188519456088245047143
Florence Fursewife of John Furse1880196282

128GarnerFlorence Violet Garnerfirst name on this monument1886195468132245086147
Robert Charles John Garnerhusband of Florence Violet Garner1886197690

129GeachJabez Geachfirst name on this monument1804186965p207245363140
Mary Geachwife of Jabez Geach1813187461

130GeachJabez Geachfirst name on this monument180418696541245003127
Mary Geachwife of Jabez Geach1813187461

131GermanAlice Mary Germanfirst name on this monument18811943629724505493

132GermanJohn Germanfirst name on this monument1905198883197245145142
Millicent Germanwife of John German1916200387

133GermanJohn Germanfirst name on this monument19212003829824505594

134GilbertDorothy Gilbertfirst name on this monument1924197349p149245307255
John Gilberthusband of Dorothy Gilbert1925201085

135GilbertLilian May Gilbertfirst name on this monument1921200382p105245269149
Frederick James Gilberthusband of Lilian May Gilbert1921200887

136GilbertWinifred May Gilbertfirst name on this monument190119515063245023102
George Gilbert1886195670

137GillAlfred George Gillfirst name on this monument18961939431182450742642

138GillardConstance Mary Gillardfirst name on this monument1922200482p194245350157
Edmund Gillardhusband of Constance Mary Gillard1921200988

139GillespieAnthony Joseph Gillespiefirst name on this monument1948200961p109245271197

140GoddenJoan Evelyn Goddenfirst name on this monument195818244985198

141GoodsonLucy Gertrude Goodsonfirst name on this monument1959225245171141
William Henry Goodson1963

142GoodwinTim Goodwinfirst name on this monument1944199854p44245211122

143GoslingGrantham Chanter Goslingfirst name on this monument1942200967p110245272155

144GreenwoodDaisy Winifred Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1904199389p178245335316

145GreenwoodFrederick John Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1902198684p178245334138

146HallJoseph Hallfirst name on this monument1892194250113245070242
Evelyn Elizabeth Hallwife of Joseph Hall1900197474

147HamlinGeorge Hamlinfirst name on this monument1875195883124245080175
Muriel Hamlindaughter of George Hamlin1909199990
Louisa Hamlinwife of George Hamlin1880195474

148HandMarion Louise Handfirst name on this monument1911198170p195245351200

149HanmerGabrielle Sandra Hanmerfirst name on this monument1959200849p112245274173

150HannafordSusan Jane Hannafordfirst name on this monument1896195458127245081245
William Herbert Hannafordhusband of Susan Jane Hannaford

151HardingCharles W Hardingfirst name on this monument1906198882198245146133
Frances Grace Hardingwife of Charles W Harding2000

152HarrisArthur Clive Harrisfirst name on this monument18821949671512451031791
Hilda Mary Harriswife of Arthur Clive Harris

153HarrisCuthbert John Harrisfirst name on this monument1920200686p94245259112

154HarrisRobert Henry Harrisfirst name on this monument1886197084p141245299119

155HarrisWinifred Phoebe Harrisfirst name on this monument1895197479p154245312150

156HarveyJane Harveyfirst name on this monument1952198432p18024533794

157HarveyLorna E Harveyfirst name on this monument1918200991219245166141

158HarveyWilliam John Harveyfirst name on this monument18881942541092450661442
Leonard Harveyson of William John Harvey1919194324
Ellen Harveywife of William John Harvey1882196078

159HawkinsElizabeth J Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1912198674p177245333121
George James Hawkins1987

160HaydenAnnie Haydenfirst name on this monument1877195982227245173192
Herbert John Haydenhusband of Annie Hayden1879196586

161HaywardMaurice J Haywardfirst name on this monument1928198052p1962453521301

162HernCaroline Susanna Hernfirst name on this monument1832190371p16245186125
John Hernhusband of Caroline Susanna Hern1828191486

163HernGeorge Augustus Hernfirst name on this monument182618326p17245187176
William Hernfather of George Augustus Hern
Charlotte Hernmother of George Augustus Hern

164HernLouisa Mary Hernfirst name on this monument1872191038183245135237
George Hernbrother of Louisa Mary Hern1867193568
Caroline Lucy Hernsister of Louisa Mary Hern79

165HernMarjorie Vivienne Hernfirst name on this monument1896191014184245136151
William Hernfather of Marjorie Vivienne Hern
Laura Hernmother of Marjorie Vivienne Hern

166HewartNellie Hewartfirst name on this monument1921198968p75245241128
Frederick Gordon Hewarthusband of Nellie Hewart1916199074

167HeynesEmmy Meta Mary Heynesfirst name on this monument1905197267p1522453102521
Susan Heynesdaughter of Emmy Meta Mary Heynes1993
Eric Heyneshusband of Emmy Meta Mary Heynes1993

168HillardDorothy Mary Hillardfirst name on this monument1900199090p682452342461
Charles Julian Loraine Hillardhusband of Dorothy Mary Hillard1906199589

169HoareAlan Sidney Hoarefirst name on this monument1935199964p89245254378
Janet Hoarewife of Alan Sidney Hoare1935200570

170HoareEvelyn Augusta Hoarefirst name on this monument1952147245099211

171HoareSidney John Hoarefirst name on this monument1913199279p64245231234
Beatrice Hoarewife of Sidney John Hoare1915200085

172HodgeMyra Hodgefirst name on this monument19091852451372221
Edith Blanche Hodgedaughter of Myra Hodge1940
(rev) J C Hodgehusband of Myra Hodge1921

173HoggEdith Jane Hoggfirst name on this monument1948154245106125

174HonywillJohn Hannaford Honywillfirst name on this monument184218813951245013243
Charles Honywillson of John Hannaford Honywill187318741
Frank Honywillson of John Hannaford Honywill1878190022
Elizabeth Honywillwife of John Hannaford Honywill1844191268

175HonywillJonas Honywillfirst name on this monument1800186969207245155151
Avis Anne Honywilldaughter of Jonas Honywill1838186224
Dinah Honywillwife of Jonas Honywill1809185748

176HooperBernard Hooperfirst name on this monument1929194011182245134253
Ryan Hooperbrother of Bernard Hooper

177HorrellArthur John Horrellfirst name on this monument1888194557166245118189
Florence Horrellwife of Arthur John Horrell1896197983

178HorrellHenry John Horrellfirst name on this monument188419597522624517289

179HortonAmos Hortonfirst name on this monument177318598611244978209
Mary Hortonwife of Amos Horton1783186279

180HowisCarolyn Howisfirst name on this monument1950196919p1362452951271
Queenie Selina Howis1925200075
Samuel G Howis1914197763

181HulseRichard Hulsefirst name on this monument1956200549p192245348223

182HuntAlice Huntfirst name on this monument1969p1392452972833

183HuntClara Huntfirst name on this monument188219466486245045159

184HussonWilliam Walter Hussonfirst name on this monument1842188947p1002452652391
Muriel Hussondaughter of William Walter Husson1882195775
Ellen Hussonwife of William Walter Husson1843192582

185IslipMelina Islipfirst name on this monument18851969843244971109

186IslipThomas Kendrick Islipfirst name on this monument18831953704244972207

187JarvisGerard Morland Jarvisfirst name on this monument1930200474p97245262128

188JennerBirt St Aleyn Jennerfirst name on this monument1849192475582450201971
Elizabeth Georgiana Jenner1852193684

189JohnsDaniel Paul Johnsfirst name on this monument1975199318p54245221148

190JonesDavid Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument185118521p10245180150
Mary Jane Jonesmother of David Henry Jones1822185634

191JonesGerald Arnold Balfour Jonesfirst name on this monument1905196257228245174255
Edith Margaret Joneswife of Gerald Arnold Balfour Jones1904200298

192JordanGeorge Jordanfirst name on this monument1860194383952450532441
Annie Jordanwife of George Jordan1870194878

193KeatAlfred James Keatfirst name on this monument1883196885p134245293275
Florence Elizabeth Keatwife of Alfred James Keat1876197094

194KeatErnest Keatfirst name on this monument1888194557167245119293
Olive Mary Keatwife of Ernest Keat1895199095

195KeatReg Keatfirst name on this monument1920200888p119245281120

196KempeDinah Mary Kempefirst name on this monument1921200988p182245339138

197KendallCharles Kendallfirst name on this monument1780185070p112451811611

198KennedyElsie Patricia Kennedyfirst name on this monument1925200176213245161249
Peter Carroll Kennedyhusband of Elsie Patricia Kennedy1926201084

199KennedyElsie Patricia Kennedyfirst name on this monument1925200176p165245323388
Peter Carroll Kennedyhusband of Elsie Patricia Kennedy1926201084

200KenyonJohn Newby Kenyonfirst name on this monument19272011842162451642471

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