St Andrew's Church burial ground, Ashburton, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AblettRobert Henry Ablettfirst name on this monument1899196667p127245287382
Louisa Rose Ablettwife of Robert Henry Ablett

2AdamsEdward Amery Adamsfirst name on this monument1878195274145245097366
John Keith Adamsbrother of Edward Amery Adams1893196572

3AdamsHester Catherine Adamsfirst name on this monument1884197086146245098401
Edward Amery Adamsbrother of Hester Catherine Adams

4AggettElizabeth Aggettfirst name on this monument181018483833244995480
Joseph Aggetthusband of Elizabeth Aggett
Maria Aggettsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Aggett1811186251

5AllenAlbert Edward Allenfirst name on this monument1920198060p199245355426
Elizabeth Ellen Allenwife of Albert Edward Allen1924198056

6AmeryPeter Fabyan Sparke Amery Ameryfirst name on this monument1907188245140255

7AndrewsMary Ann Andrewsfirst name on this monument186719528547245009296
George Henry Andrewshusband of Mary Ann Andrews1866193973

8AplinAlbert Aplinfirst name on this monument19031988851382450924583
Frederick Aplin1897196568

9AplinFrederick Aplinfirst name on this monument18641955911372450914173
Sarah Mary Aplinwife of Frederick Aplin1874196591

10AplinNichola Joan Aplinfirst name on this monument1953196714p1332452923413
Daisy May Aplinmother of Nichola Joan Aplin1911196857

11ArscottJames Francis Arscottfirst name on this monument1928199264p123245283237

12ArscottVanessa Claire Arscottfirst name on this monument1981200423p96245261581

13AshEdward Ashfirst name on this monument1883194764159245111471
Annie Maria Ashwife of Edward Ash

14AshWilliam G Ashfirst name on this monument189519626739245001317
Daisy Ashwife of William G Ash1895198489

15AshWilliam G Ashfirst name on this monument1895196267p204245360310
Daisy Ashwife of William G Ash1895198489

16AveryLaurence Averyfirst name on this monument1938199557p47245214321
Gillian Ann Averywife of Laurence Avery1945200863

17BandurskiE Bandurskifirst name on this monument1924194723128245082308

18BarkleyFred Barkleyfirst name on this monument1940197333p150245308252

19BarnettJ Barnettfirst name on this monument1910194030120245076210

20BarrettDoris Lilian Barrettfirst name on this monument1906199084p71245237685
Ethel Beatrice Barrett1904199389

21BartholomewYvonne Frances Perry Bartholomewfirst name on this monument1915199075p66245232448
Hugh James Bartholomewhusband of Yvonne Frances Perry Bartholomew1914199278

22BaskervilleAlice Baskervillefirst name on this monument18661951851492451014053
Henry Baskervillehusband of Alice Baskerville1871196291

23BattershillMartha Battershillfirst name on this monument1812187058p2002453562991
Joseph Battershillhusband of Martha Battershill1816189276

24BaumgartnerPhyllis Margaret Baumgartnerfirst name on this monument1916200488p106245270245

25BeardJohn Beardfirst name on this monument186419518778245037457

26BeardMary Elizabeth Beardfirst name on this monument186119488778245036255

27BeavenWalter George Beavenfirst name on this monument1972p143245301281
Doris Victoria Beavenwife of Walter George Beaven1900199797

28BellamyNora Bellamyfirst name on this monument1894198692p85245250416
George Bellamyhusband of Nora Bellamy1892195260

29BellamyRichard Bellamyfirst name on this monument1923199168p87245252558
Margaret Bellamywife of Richard Bellamy1917200487

30BennettKathleen Bennettfirst name on this monument1903198683p179245336471
Frederick Victor Edwards1918199577
Joyce Edwards1923200986

31BerryEmma Rosamund Berryfirst name on this monument1878196183192245143438
George Edward Berry1914197157
Mary Margaret Berry1915198065

32BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument183018895955245017339
Robert Dobell Berryson of John Berry188618904
Eleanor Berrywife of John Berry1851192877

33BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument1830188959193245144552
Emma Rosamund Berry
John Berry1976
Richard Bennett Berry1879194162
John Berryson of John Berry1878190628
Robert Dobell Berryson of John Berry188618904
Eleanor Berrywife of John Berry1851192877

34BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument187819062856245018535
Eileen Berry
Emma Rosamund Berry
John Berry1976
Richard Bennett Berry1879194162

35BerrySimeon Berryfirst name on this monument1830190878187245139293

36BickfordE Maud Bickfordfirst name on this monument188219527066245026211

37BickfordElizabeth A Bickfordfirst name on this monument1869194677163245115263
Charles Benjamin Bickfordhusband of Elizabeth A Bickford1868194880

38BirdAngela Mary Birdfirst name on this monument1950199141p69245235467

39BlackfordAnnie Blackfordfirst name on this monument187319426999245056326
John Blackfordhusband of Annie Blackford1874195783

40BlighEllen Diamond Blighfirst name on this monument1909200697p95245260312

41BlightBertram William Brown Blightfirst name on this monument18911952611332450874412
Margery Blightwife of Bertram William Brown Blight1901198988

42BlundellJohn George Blundellfirst name on this monument1915200590p190245346345
Maisee Blundell1910199484

43BondClarence Felix Bondfirst name on this monument191119887781245040327
Rita Annie Bondwife of Clarence Felix Bond1918200688

44BondKathleen Alice May Bondfirst name on this monument1909199283p632452302551

45BondRichard James Bondfirst name on this monument1856192266175245127478
Caroline Julia Theresa Bondwife of Richard James Bond1855193883

46BostonPatrick John Bostonfirst name on this monument1929198960p78245244237

47BourneReginald Alfred Bournefirst name on this monument1923200077214245162359
Iris Bournewife of Reginald Alfred Bourne

48BoveyElizabeth Cockey Boveyfirst name on this monument180918423313244980471
John Hext Boveyson of Elizabeth Cockey Bovey1840

49BowdenSarah Bowdenfirst name on this monument177618254917244984503
Elizabeth Bowdendaughter of Sarah Bowden180818102
John Bowdenhusband of Sarah Bowden
Mary Bowdensecond wife of husband of Sarah Bowden1783183653

50BowenWilliam Charles Bowenfirst name on this monument1911197463p153245311456
Ellen C Bowenwife of William Charles Bowen1916198468

51BradfordAudrey Mary Bradfordfirst name on this monument1925199267p622452293721
Henry George Bradfordhusband of Audrey Mary Bradford1921200786

52BradridgeHenry Bradridgefirst name on this monument1868195183150245102271
Clara Bradridgewife of Henry Bradridge1871195887

53BradridgeMary Bradridgefirst name on this monument1893196067224245170211

54BraileyWilliam Braileyfirst name on this monument1910198272103245060190
Elsie May Brailey1914194935

55BransonRobert Bransonfirst name on this monument1969198617p83245249261

56BroadwayBessie Broadwayfirst name on this monument1923199067p67245233191

57BrookingPamela Elizabeth Brookingfirst name on this monument1932200270p1022452673311
Stuart Brookinghusband of Pamela Elizabeth Brooking1925200378

58BrownJohn Peter Brownfirst name on this monument1934198652p86245251245
Elsie Alice Brown1912200290

59BrownJohn William Etheredge Brownfirst name on this monument1913200996215245163241

60BrowningJohn Henry Browningfirst name on this monument186531244994293
Robert Browningfather of John Henry Browning
Elizabeth Browningmother of John Henry Browning

61BuckpittLydia Buckpittfirst name on this monument1909197364p148245306220
Edward Buckpitthusband of Lydia Buckpitt1909200091

62CaunterClifford Caunterfirst name on this monument1913195441143245095200

63CaunterHenry A Caunterfirst name on this monument188819748664245024240
Kate Caunter1892197684

64CaunterSamuel Arthur John Caunterfirst name on this monument192419522865245025326
Arthur Caunterfather of Samuel Arthur John Caunter
Kate Cauntermother of Samuel Arthur John Caunter

65CaveLionel T Cavefirst name on this monument1903198380p1742453302671
Evelyn Florence Cavewife of Lionel T Cave1905199893

66ChasmarReginald Philip Chasmarfirst name on this monument1915199782p432452102831
Catherine Chasmarwife of Reginald Philip Chasmar1922201088

67ChurcherKatherine Churcherfirst name on this monument1837190063211245159287

68ClarkeSusanna W Clarkefirst name on this monument195410244977141

69CliftonWilliam Cliftonfirst name on this monument1880195373139245093304
Alice Cliftonwife of William Clifton1886196781

70CockMary Cockfirst name on this monument1904194945153245105264
David Cockhusband of Mary Cock1903198481

71ColemanHenry Colemanfirst name on this monument187819487080245039201
Gertrude Colemanwife of Henry Coleman1880195070

72ColemanJohn Thomas Colemanfirst name on this monument187419487482245041217
Thomas Colemanfather of John Thomas Coleman
Harriet Colemanmother of John Thomas Coleman

73ColemanThomas James Colemanfirst name on this monument18881940521172450732271
Elizabeth Alvena Colemanwife of Thomas James Coleman1872195179

74CookMary Cookfirst name on this monument177118437220244987148

75CooleConstance Ruth Coolefirst name on this monument19051979741312450852831
Albert Frederick Coole1903198481

76CoolePam Coolefirst name on this monument18130245084323
Albert Coolefather of Pam Coole
Ruth Coolemother of Pam Coole

77CoolePamela Constance Mary Coolefirst name on this monument1927194417129245083314

78CoonMargaret Joyce Coonfirst name on this monument1926200983p70245236415
George Vernon Coonhusband of Margaret Joyce Coon1919201192

79CortBarbara Cortfirst name on this monument2008p115245277194

80CoulstonThomas J Coulstonfirst name on this monument1905199489p155245313291
Doris V Coulston1902198583
Joyce Coulston1931197443

81CrockerJohn Lawrence Crockerfirst name on this monument196337244999302
Catherine Crockerwife of John Lawrence Crocker

82CrockerLawrence John Crockerfirst name on this monument1963p206245362250
Catherine Crockerwife of Lawrence John Crocker1971

83CruseEdward Crusefirst name on this monument1778187193p182451883743
Sarah Crusewife of Edward Cruse1789186778

84CurtisGeorge Curtisfirst name on this monument1902199391p51245218228
Maud Curtiswife of George Curtis1906199589

85DalyPamela E Dalyfirst name on this monument1920200787p93245258330
Kevin D Dalyhusband of Pamela E Daly1916200993

86DartFlorence Emily Dartfirst name on this monument188819455785245044161

87DawFrancesca Marie Dawfirst name on this monument195619604p1662453243581
Adrian Dawfather of Francesca Marie Daw
Barbara Dawmother of Francesca Marie Daw

88DawNellie Amelia Dawfirst name on this monument1909197869p162245320235
Robert Wilfred Dawhusband of Nellie Amelia Daw1909197869

89DaweFrancesca Marie Dawefirst name on this monument197619804212245160503
Adrian Dawefather of Francesca Marie Dawe
Barbara Dawemother of Francesca Marie Dawe

90DaweMary Susanna Dawefirst name on this monument1821190382189245141235
William Bennett Dawehusband of Mary Susanna Dawe1822190886
Mary Bowyer Dawesister-in-law of Mary Susanna Dawe1829189162

91DaySharon Dayfirst name on this monument1963200542p189245345271

92DenhamGladys M Denhamfirst name on this monument1907197265p145245303357
Anne Feydaughter of Gladys M Denham60
William George Denhamhusband of Gladys M Denham68

93DenhanSelena Maud Denhanfirst name on this monument1875194469104245061164

94DeslandesPhilip John Deslandesfirst name on this monument1928199466p412452082332

95DistinRaymond John Distinfirst name on this monument1932201280p39245206298

96DumbleQueenie L Dumblefirst name on this monument1931199968p59245226298
Gordon Dumble1919200081

97DunlopMary Innes Dunlopfirst name on this monument195344245006323

98DunningAlice Muriel Dunningfirst name on this monument19311192450753451

99DuttonGertrude Duttonfirst name on this monument19505244973285

100EalesFrederick Ealesfirst name on this monument1892194351111245068369
Mary Ann Ealeswife of Frederick Eales1892198694

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